Where to Find Content for Instagram When You Have Nothing to Post

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Kim, you know you haven’t shared anything to Instagram in like five days, right?

Yes, I know. I can’t find anything to post. I’ve lost all of my Insta-mojo.

Aren’t you just writing a blog post about that …

He’s right, you know. I hate it when my boyfriend is right. It happens much more frequently than I’d like to admit, but this time, he at least has a point. There is NO excuse for not posting to Instagram, despite all of my protestings, because there are so many places in which you can find Instagrammable images. Not just photos, but graphics and other cool things too.

(Instagram is still my LEAST favourite social media platform right now.)

1 – Free Stock Photos

Do you use free stock photos? There are both pros and cons for using them, of course. To start with, you’re going to be using an image that other people are using, and this can make your blog look much the same as everyone else’s. What’s the alternative, though? Not blogging at all because you don’t think your own images are quite good enough?

(Your images are probably just fine but I relate to this a lot so I won’t give you a hard time.)


Where to Find Content for Instagram 1

Image Source: colorubold.blogspot.com


There are so many websites with free stock photos on them, you are actually a little spoilt for choice. You don’t need to use the same stock image that everyone else is using and I share a few (75+!) really cool little places to find them in this blog post:

Take a peek at them — some of them feature older blog posts + stock photos (2015, for example), but they contain absolutely stunning free stock images that I definitely haven’t seen anywhere else. And I’ve read a lot of blogs!

2 – Ripl /Slideshow Videos

Have you got lots of the same images on your memory card/phone? If you’re like me, you’ll take 150 photos of the same thing, from almost exactly the same angle, in the hope that at least one of them will turn out half okay.

Rather than picking the ONE that looks best and discarding the rest, you could turn the remainder of your photos into a slideshow or mini video, using apps just like Ripl. There are free and paid versions, the free one leaving a ‘Ripl’ watermark over the finished design, but you could also just use iMovie or similar. (I’m a Mac/Apple user.)

What’s the point in having those potentially usable images if you’re not going to jump on the opportunity to use them?

3 – EDITED Free Stock Photos

You know, as much as I love free stock photos (and rely on them a little too much, probably), there are times when even the best stock image won’t fit the feel of the blog post or social media post I have planned. For those times, Adobe Lightroom is an absolute winner, but there are plenty of editing apps that you could use to jazz up that image and make it look a little like your own. I use a combination of PicMonkey and Canva, Adobe Lightroom, VCSO, Moldiv … In fact, there are quite a few I use to edit my images. I should probably write a list of those apps and websites, too … I sense a future blog post!


Where to Find Content for Instagram 2

Image Source: Wonderlass.com


ADVICE: Make sure you check the terms of use before playing around with other people’s images, but if they say it’s okay, you’re free to crop it, edit it, colour it, filter it, or even turn it upside down if you want to. You would be surprised by all the ways you can change a stock image to make it look nothing like the original.

(Trust me … It’s a trick I’ve relied on for a while! I’m DEFINITELY not a photographer …

4 – Share Someone Else’s Content …

… But make sure you ask for permission first, and always give credit if it’s requested. Always. Without fail.

It is NOT cool to just grab someone’s image from the internet and use it without credit. Certain social media accounts will have a little statement in the bio that says something along the lines of: “Please feel free to repost, but tag and credit me.”


Where to Find Content for Instagram 6

Image Source: instagram.com/amyshamblen


If it doesn’t say that, ask. Should the person says no to you using the image, don’t use the image. If they say yes, use the image, but make sure you give credit if they want it. Some people might ask for a tag, others might be happy with a mention in the comments, and a few might not even want you to share their image at all.

It’s their right.

They do own the image.

You can’t just steal people’s images.

(Oh, the legalities!) 

5 – Create a Quote/Graphic on Canva

Canva is a great place to play around when you get stuck for things to post on your social media accounts. I also use Canva for pretty much every Pinterest graphic I create, and every featured image that has words emblazoned across it, too.


Where to Find Content for Instagram 7

Image Source: instagram.com/ukwordgirl


There are not only templates to pick from to make your designing life a lot easier, but you can also add ‘bits and pieces’ to the graphics. You can pay for items, or upgrade to a premium Canva account, but the freebie version has plenty of stuff to get you started on, with social media logos and icons, makeup and beauty-themed doodles, overlays, text, and loads more besides.

Canva is one of those websites that I wish I knew about a few years back. My life would have been so much easier. You could also use other editing apps/websites, including PicMonkey.

6 – Edit/Alter/Rotate/Crop Your Old Images

Who said you couldn’t do this? I’ve cropped some of my own images down once or twice, and given them a good edit-up. And the finished product, with brightness increased, usually ends up looking absolutely nothing like the original. Technically, I’ve managed to get two really good images — usable images — from just the one photo.

Recycling. Like. A. Champ.


7 – Look Through Your Camera Roll

Sometimes, when I’m bored and I have nothing else to do, I’ll have a peek through my camera roll and look at images that I can get creative with. Some of my really poor-quality iPhone images have been brightened up and made ‘bloggable’ with the help of a filter or some brightening. A grain or grainy filter always helps to cover up a load of imperfections, too.


Where to Find Content for Instagram 3

Image Source: My Camera Roll!


Don’t be afraid to think your own iPhone images are good enough. They ARE good enough. You just haven’t found the right brightening level or filter yet … 😉

8 – Get Artistic

With apps like Procreate, you can create little masterpieces without having any artistic experience behind you. I’m not saying that the app will make you a professional artist, but I am saying that it comes in mighty useful if you’re a dab hand with a pencil or paintbrush and feel like getting creative.

Watercolours and flowers are a HUGE hit right now, as well as fashion illustrations. The world is your oyster, though; paint what YOU want to paint. Doodle the first thing that comes into your head. Learn how to do fancy lettering …


Where to Find Content for Instagram 4

Image Source: instagram.com/ukwordgirl


… and then show me how to do it, please.

Alternatively, do what I do and ask my actual artist boyfriend to come up with something artistic and creative for me. That’s not blog-graphics-cheating at all.

9 – Take Some Damn Photos

Grab your phone. Get your camera. Reach for whatever is to hand and just get snapping.


Head into your backyard and take photos of flowers, close-ups of blades of grass with dew on them, the sky, a tree, birds, your cat …

What about your desk? Is it a mess? An artistic mess? Take photos of it. Even the worst mess in the world has a filter that can fix it. I’m sure of it. If a filter doesn’t do it, some brightening/lightening/tweaking in Lightroom will sort it right out. Just add some grain to it. That sorts everything out.

Chuck some stuff on the floor. Organise it so it looks like you just threw it there. Practice your flatlay photography and DON’T delete them like you usually do, out of frustration.


Where to Find Content for Instagram 5

Image Source: instagram.com/ukwordgirl


Honestly, your photos probably aren’t half as bad as you think they are. Plus, who cares? Aren’t you learning this stuff? Don’t you want to see your process — and progress — right there on your Insta page? From start to finish, your photography evolution.

I love looking back at other blogger’s Instagram feeds to see how their images used to look versus how they look now. It’s actually really beautiful to see how far someone has come, and it also gives hope to those who aren’t that good yet.

You’re probably more of an inspiration to someone than you think you are.

I know what you’re thinking … 


What about the words/captions? What should we write alongside our newfound Instagrammable images? 

Well, the answer to that question is simple! One of these: 

  • A direct quote from your blog — add the link to that particular blog post in the bio (I like LinkTree for this, too)
  • Details of coming soon/recently published blog posts
  • What you were working on that day
  • A thought you had that day
  • Something you have planned for the next few days/weeks/months
  • Other great ideas listed in 100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers (and are also pretty handy for other social media posts, too!)


I hope I’ve given you lots and lots of inspiration for future social media posts, but I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions. What do you share to Instagram on the days when it feels like you have nothing to post at all, or do you just not bother posting?


Have a fab day! Thanks for reading 🤓


There are Pinterest-worthy images hidden on this page. You’ll find them by pressing ⤵️


You can find out how to do this here > How to Hide Pinterest Images in a Blog Post


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