Is There A Way to Let People Vote on Blog Post Comments?

Is There A Way to Let People Vote on Blog Post Comments?

Hello, people! How are you today? I was recently asked if there was a way to let people vote on blog post comments – and I’m pleased to share that, YES, there is a way.

And it’s a lot simpler than you’d think!

This method requires download and installation of a plugin – so if you don’t use WordPress, or you’re not self-hosted (and therefore can’t use plugins), this method will not work for you. (Sorry!)

How to Allow Readers to Vote on Blog Post Comments

First of all, head on over to your WordPress dashboard. You’re going to want to enter the Plugins tab and then Add New.

Search for “Comments Like Dislike” in the search bar. There will be a few results you can pick from – the one I’m suggesting to you today is just one of many. Feel free to have a look at the rest and see what they offer/don’t offer. You might find that there’s a plugin that you like more than the one I’m recommending. Whatever works for you is the best one – but make sure the one you pick is compatible with your version of WordPress, and that it has decent reviews. The wrong plugin could cause all number of issues for your blog or site, including security (hacker/malware/etc.) issues.

Comments Like Dislike WordPress Plugin

Download and install the Comments Like Dislike plugin, and then activate it – as you would with any other plugin.

From there, it’s time to customise – choose your preferences/settings. This will include the icons you use (vote like or dislike icons), where the voting option will be (before/after comments), and whether you want one or both votes (like and/or dislike).

Comments Like Dislike Customisation

How to Use Votes on Blog Post Comments

There are plenty of ways in which you could use this WordPress feature to engage more with your audience – and to get your audience to engage more with each other. These are the building blocks for a community rather than just a following.

If you’re asking for an opinion on something in your blog post, for example, a reader could comment with their best advice, and a bunch of other readers could ‘like’ the advice comment. It’s like a review system, and a testimonial system.

If you’re asking for ideas, the like/dislike on comment option could give you a better idea of what your audience wants. If a reader leaves a comment asking for advice on how to use a something in a better/more efficient way, and then ten people vote ‘like’ on the comment, you know that eleven people like the idea of seeing that content.

Like and Dislike Icons WordPress

A Few Things to Think About …

Do you REALLY need a ‘dislike’ feature for blog post comments?

I’m not telling you that it’s a bad idea, but it is a negative action … and it can easily be abused. What happens if someone leaves you a comment on the blog, and then a bunch of people hit the dislike button for it? When does constructive criticism turn into mindless bullying? Or a social media pile-on? What if the idea of potential dislikes stops people from commenting on your blog entirely?

There’s enough negativity out in the world, that’s all I’m saying.

Vote on Blog Post Comments – Summary

  • Free WordPress plugin: Comments Like Dislike.

  • Easy to download, install and customise.

  • Use (and encourage the use of) the feature wisely – and kindly.

I hope that you’ve found this WordPress tutorial useful today, but if you’re having a tough time doing something on your blog or site and need a helping hand, please feel free to reach out to me. You can also let me know what you’d like to see next.

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