#V2Senses – The Night V2 Cigs Got Me Drunk

The Night V2 Cigs Got Me Drunk 4


I do a lot of different things. By that, I mean I have my fingers in a lot of pies. As well as being a freelance writer, blogger and web content provider (plus social media whizz kid), I’m also a website owner myself. Oh, and an affiliate marketer (if you like). One of my websites is a vape review/help & advice site called best-ecig.co.uk. Just one of the manufacturers that I’ve tried and reviewed is V2 Cigs. They very nicely invited me to a vape event in a very swanky hotel in Kensington, London – the Belgraves hotel.


The Night V2 Cigs Got Me Drunk 1


(I might think I’m too posh for Medway but I can tell you this, I’m definitely not posh enough for Knightsbridge.)


I made my way to Victoria …


… excited as always to be visiting the ‘Big City’. I only live 45 minutes from London by train but you know how it is; you add the tourist day-trip to the end of your to-do list and for some reason, you never quite make it that far …

The reason for my trip? The #V2Senses event for V2 Cigs UK, soon to be rebranded to Vapour 2. With the TPD coming in, there are lots of changes and new regulations in the ecig / vaping world. Where many big name brands have folded – Green Smoke in the USA, Neo Cig here in the UK, and even JacVapour have stopped manufacturing their own branded vaporisers, V2 Cigs have decided to stand strong. They are amending their products to fall in line with the new regulations, continuing to be a brand that customers can rely on, both sides of the pond.


The other vape reviewer for best-ecig.co.uk (and my best friend / partner-in-crime / housemate), Dan, tagged along with me. I’d get lost in London all alone. Geography has never really been my strong point. We decided to walk from Victoria to Knightsbridge because Google maps said it would be easy and we had about half an hour to spare. Of course, phone in hand, taking photos of really nice looking cars along the way (including a £845,000 Porsche), we looked very much like tourists. I always say if you’re going to go to the big city, you might as well do it properly.

Plus, London, for me, is a little bit like a wonderland with lots of exciting things to do and explore. You’ll never see the same things twice. You’ll never see the same people; the same faces. Each time I go to London as a tourist, just for a day trip, it’s new and there are exciting and fresh things to explore. I turn into a big kid whenever I head there — Londaaaaahhhhhn Town as we like to call it ‘dahhhn Sarf’.

(‘Down south’ in case you’re not from around here).


The Night V2 Cigs Got Me Drunk 2


Anyway, I digress.


Back to the V2 Cigs event …


… Dan and I finally made our way to probably one of the poshest hotels we’ve ever stepped foot in – the Belgraves Hotel in Knightsbridge. (I’m super clumsy and too socially awkward to be ‘posh’.) We were met by some very lovely people from Mercieca, plus the managing director of V2 Cigs UK / Vapour 2, Paul Hunt. (By the way, he’s a thoroughly lovely chap..)

Drinks and snacks passed round (silver service of course), we all mingled and chatted for a while. Getting to know one another before sitting down and learning all about the new vape products soon to be hitting the market, the next thing to be discussed was the changes taking place because of the TPD.


The Night V2 Cigs Got Me Drunk 3


The beginner’s vape was the first thing to be announced — the VERTX. It was designer to be very easy to understand and simple to use. It reminded me a little of the Vype Epen … but a better version. We also learned a bit about the new sub-ohm model that would be coming later on this year, release date to be confirmed. I felt the only thing missing from the V2 Cigs UK was a sub-ohm model, so the introduction of something new and sub ohm compatible was exciting. And, of course, we learned about the rebranding to Vapour2. This included the name change and tweaks made to their products to meet those new regulations.

All that done and dusted, it was time to get a little tipsy by accident. They had taste test cartridges out on the tables so those invited to the event could taste the wide range of flavours on offer. With the flavours, they had a range of cocktails designed to match them. Of course, I couldn’t taste the vape without the cocktail. The booze had the desired effect. I rarely drink. Before I knew it, I’d fuzzily agreed to some sort of interview on camera. Oh, and a mic pack was being attached to my jacket.




The Night V2 Cigs Got Me Drunk 4


Note to self: Don’t get a little tipsy at bloggers events and agree to things you probably shouldn’t do tipsy. Oh, and the video is here, just in case you want to see it. You can’t miss me, I have bright purple and pink hair …



All in all, it was a very enjoyable night. We boarded the train home, eager to open the goodie bags in our hands. Dan and I were happy. It had been great day out. We also had some new vape products to get excited about, in what turned out to be a very impressive bag o’ loot!


The Night V2 Cigs Got Me Drunk 5


It’s a hard life being a blogger sometimes! 😉

But that’s a little bit about my life and what I get up to behind the blogging scenes. I don’t make a habit of getting drunk at blogging events, I promise. Every now and again, however, it makes for a very nice treat!

Thanks to V2 Cigs UK / Vapour2 for a great night and super awesome goodie bags!

Thanks also to Marie and Christian at Mercieca who kindly extended an invitation my way.

And thanks to the Belgraves Hotel in Knightsbridge for my very own little platter of yummy lactose intolerant food!


The Night V2 Cigs Got Me Drunk 6


(I ate falafel for the first time. I do not like falafel.)


If you’re looking for a blogger or social media marketer, feel free to get in touch. Let’s have a chat and see what I can do for you and your business. Take a peek at the reviews – my clients love me! 😉


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