Twitter Tips: The Importance of Your Pinned Tweet

The Importance of Your Pinned Tweet


The Importance of Your Pinned Tweet-3.

How’s your Twitter account looking? Are your follower numbers going up? Are you getting lots of engagement? I want to talk about a little trick that might not help you out with any of that today, but is still a worthwhile trick nevertheless … the importance of your pinned tweet on Twitter. 

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The Importance of Your Pinned Tweet 1



A pinned tweet is a tweet that has been pinned to the top of your profile page. That’s literally it. Nice and simple. Nothing complicated … 

… which is why I’m so surprised that so many businesses, bloggers, influencers and marketers aren’t using it. Y’all should be! 


The Importance of Your Pinned Tweet 2


The pinned tweet stays exactly where it is, at the top of your profile feed, unless you change it or remove it. Think of it as a little extension of your bio, which actually brings me very nicely to my next point. 



Because a pinned tweet can be an extension of your bio if you use it the right way. 

It is also a way to make sure that your popular content stays popular, or an important announcement is seen by people when they land on your profile.

It is the first thing a visitor will see when they land on your page, aside from the bio, etc. at the top. 

Pinned tweets never move unless you delete or unpin them, making them an invaluable tool on such a fast-paced social platform – and Twitter is most definitely fast-paced. That’s why it’s recommended that you tweet more frequently than you would publish posts on other platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. 



It starts with a tweet. 

Find the one you want to pin to the top of your page (or create and post a new tweet – it needs to be live on Twitter already) and then hit the little arrow that opens up the menu. 

The second option down is Pin to your profile – that’s the one you want. 


How Do You Pin a Tweet


You’ll get a warning before it actually goes live, just in case you already have a pinned tweet and haven’t realised it’ll get replaced by the new one. 

Click Pin and you’ll have successfully pinned your tweet. 

Check out the top of your feed, just below the bio, to see how it looks. 



You should pin whatever damn tweet you want to pin … 

… although there are a few ideas you may wish to consider. 


  1. other social details (Instagram link, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.)
  2. latest blog post
  3. your most popular post 
  4. coming soon/next notice
  5. special announcement (sale/new product)
  6. page warning (such as 18/21+ for vaping or NSFW content)
  7. a popular tweet (one that has lots of likes or retweets)
  8. something that sums up you and your account 


The Twitter bio space is reserved for a little “about me/us” description, along with a web link space and location. There’s no room to add your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, or other links. That’s why the pinned tweet comes in mighty handy: you can put the stuff there that won’t fit in your bio. 


I hope you fancy looking at a few examples, because that’s coming next!



I love the pinned tweet you’ll find on the page of blogger and photographer, @beffshuff. Beff has added a website link, an Instagram link, and an email address, all of which are clickable links. 

She’s also added some pretty adorable photos of herself, looking super chic and totally fabulous. You can see by those images what kind of style Beff has, how awesome the rest of her content is going to be, and what you’ll get if you follow her. (Which you totally should.) 


Beffshuff Pinned Tweet



Then we have the Twitter page for @boohoo. They use the pinned tweet feature to advertise the latest flash sale on the site.

Notice how both examples I’ve given so far have featured emojis? They help to make the tweet more eye-catching, as do the actual images.


Boohoo Pinned Tweet



And then we have the @McDondaldsUK pinned tweet, which shows off their newest addition to the menu – the Spicy Chicken Nuggets. Notice again that there’s a bright, clear and eye-catching image, along with plenty of emojis. Not only that, McDonalds are introducing you to a new hashtag – #Schnuggs – which they hope everyone will use to help spread the word on their behalf. 

Smart, right? 


McDonalds UK Pinned Tweet


And finally … my vaping blog’s Twitter page – @ukbestecigs. I use a funny little video as my pinned tweet on there, because I feel it represents who I am as a person and a vaper. Clumsy. A bit daft. Throws things around and gets covered in eliquid a lot. 


Bestecig Pinned Tweet


In a world of super-seriousness, I like to think I’m throwing a little bit of light-hearted daftness out there. Life is too short not to laugh at yourself, right? 



You don’t need to unpin a pinned tweet to re-pin a new one; you can just go through the same process described previously — find or publish the new tweet you want to pin, hit the menu, make it your pinned tweet. 

If you want to simply unpin a tweet, select the little arrow on the top right (the menu) on the pinned tweet, and then choose either Delete Tweet or Unpin from profile. 


How Do You Unpin a Tweet


Deleting the tweet will delete it permanently.

Unpinning will not delete the tweet but will put it in its rightful time-stamped place in your feed and NOT visible in the pinned section. 



I’ve messed up a few times pinning tweets, so I’ll tell my tales to avoid you making the same mistakes … 

1 – If there are links in the pinned tweet, check them. (Check any/all links in your bio too.) I went 4 weeks without realising my pinned tweet’s short link didn’t work because I’d accidentally deleted a character off the end. Doh! 🤦🏼‍♀️

2 – If you have a long chunk of text or multiple links, add a line break between them to make them easier to read. 

3 – Consider adding a video to your pinned tweet. According to Animoto Blog, consumers prefer video over any other type of media (45% of people asked), with second best being photos/images (22%).

Long story short: use bright and eye-catching media for maximum results. 

4 – Ask your visitors to do something. Give them a call-to-action, such as “Click here to read more” or “Check out the sale items here > link”. Actually TELL your audience what you’d like them to do after seeing your pinned tweet. 



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