My Top 5 Must-Have Budget Hair Products for Coloured Hair

Must-Have Budget Hair Products for Coloured Hair 7


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I wanted to talk to you about hair today if you don’t mind? To be precise, I want to talk to you about the must-have budget hair products for coloured hair that I can’t live without. I have seriously coloured hair, with years of bleaching, colouring, stripping, and lightening under my belt. Throughout it all, I’ve made sure I’ve taken care of my locks as best I can, even taking large breaks from hair dying to give my hair a break.

I’ve used a number of hair and beauty products over the years, all promising to give me long locks, healthy locks, protection, extra shine, extra volume, you name it … And I’ve mostly been disappointed.  The more expensive brands don’t always mean better ones and some of the cheapest items have come with the best hair rewards.


Without any further ado, I would like to share with you …


My Top 5 Must-Have Budget Hair Products for Coloured Hair


Let’s get started with conditioning, because you know that’s important when you have coloured hair. That’s even more important when you bleach or lighten your hair, which does irreparable damage when it’s not done correctly.


5 – Argan Oil Hair Treatment 



I picked this absolute treat up in Poundland, and I’ve seen it in a number of discount stores, as well as on Amazon. Oh, and The Range. (I love The Range.)


Must-Have Budget Hair Products for Coloured Hair 7


It says, “intensive hydrating treatment” on the front of the bottle, and I honestly think this stuff delivers. Plus, at a quid a bottle (if you get it from Poundland), you don’t mind wasting the stuff. And, by wasting, I mean smothering it all over your hair, leaving it on overnight, and washing it off THOROUGHLY in the morning.


  • Make sure you really do rinse it out thoroughly too. Like, a couple of washes. This stuff leaves your hair SUPER greasy if you don’t.
  • Only leave it on overnight every three to four weeks or so. If I do it more frequently than that, it starts to leave my hair super fly away and barely manageable.


You don’t need to leave it on overnight, of course, and if I’ve only got a few moments spare in the shower, I throw it on like conditioner. Apply, leave for a couple of minutes (just enough time to shave my legs!), and then rinse. Again, at just a pound a bottle, it’s not like I mind using it in abundance.


Finally, and I promise this really is my final point on Argan Oil Hair Treatment, I also use the stuff to shave my legs. Have you ever used conditioner to shave your legs when you ran out of shaving cream or foam? Well, this Argan Oil Hair Treatment works in the same way, and it leaves your legs baby-smooth too.

Perfect just before a date, if you ask me … 😉


Amazon link > Argan Oil Hair Treatment


4 – Batiste 2 in 1 Invisible Dry Shampoo & Conditioner 


Another cheapie (because I go through them so fast!), is this Batiste number. I’m not really a fan of 2 in 1 products, because I’m lazy, but not that lazy, but this handbag-sized Batiste can has helped me out more times than I care to remember.


Must-Have Budget Hair Products for Coloured Hair 8


I hate washing my hair daily, you know, because it’s coloured and all, so dry shampoo really is my best friend. I love this stuff, and I don’t find that it leaves too much of a powdery residue on my locks. Other Batiste products have occasionally left talcum powder-like residue on my roots and that’s even worse than greasy roots, as far as I’m concerned.

Lastly, this stuff works great in conjunction with a bit of backcombing if you’re trying to achieve an intricate updo. Volume, curls, keeping grips in your hair … (I spray them with a bit of this sometimes, before I push them into my ‘do), there’s nothing this stuff isn’t good for.

You can find this everywhere, but Amazon is my fall-back, next-day delivery option.


3 – La Riche Directions Semi Permanent Silver Hair Colour 


Must-Have Budget Hair Products for Coloured Hair 4


Firstly, the directions of this Directions product says that it’s only meant to last 4-8 washes, but some of them have most definitely lasted me much longer than that. The blues fade very quickly, but even then, you won’t be rid of it in 4-8 washes by any means. The blues I’ve got in my hair now have faded to a mint green almost, but this was after ONE dye-job (sometimes I layer them up), and it’s been months since I dyed it. As in, six months.



I love the silvery shade (I know it looks blue, but it’s not), and I’ve used almost all of the range now. It’s vegan-friendly, for all you animal lovers, and there’s a vast array of shades to choose from. I get mine from a hairdressing wholesale place (because my sister was a hairdresser and she’s got a card that gives great discounts), but they’re becoming more readily available. Again, Amazon comes in handy for those next-day emergency situations.



The above look (left) was created using a mixture of Lagoon, Silver, Turquoise and Lilac. The image on the right is the fade out. 


With hair that comes about halfway down my back, and I tend to use about 2 – 3 full tubs to cover it all. I don’t usually use just the one shade, however, with multiple tubs of the stuff open around me during hair transformation time.

(Usually, I don’t know what kind of look I’m trying to achieve either … 99% of the time it works out okay.) 


2 – Alberto Basalm Sunkissed Raspberry Shampoo & Conditioner 


It’s for normal to dry hair, which is what mine tends to be MOST of the time when I’m not bleaching it. (I’ve been known to let my roots grow far too much … I don’t even care. I embrace them.) This shampoo and conditioner smell lovely, are super cheap, allow me to smother my hair in conditioner overnight (when I’m not using the Argan Oil Hair Treatment) for a really intensifying boost, and actually leaves my hair feeling really soft too. Not fly away soft, just … silky-soft. I like it.


Must-Have Budget Hair Products for Coloured Hair 9


And, better yet, it’s another cheapie. I’m pretty sure Mister UKWordGirl picked this up for me when he noticed my shampoo stores were getting low.

(Isn’t he a good’un?!)


Amazon link > Alberto Basalm Sunkissed Raspberry Shampoo & Conditioner


1 – Argan Oil Heat Defence Leave-In Spray 


When I tell you that I buy shelffuls of this stuff at a time, I’m not even kidding. I will head right on into Poundland (when I see they’ve got this) and buy 10 or 20 bottles at a time. I love it. I’m a big fan of leave-in conditioners, and this one reminds me of one that my Mama used to use on my hair when I was young. I’m pretty sure that stuff was from Avon, but it smelled similar to this Argan Oil Heat Defence Leave-In Spray. It did the same job that this Argan Oil stuff does too.


Must-Have Budget Hair Products for Coloured Hair 10


Whether I’ve conditioned in the shower or not, I always use this. Right before drying my hair, I give it a good going-over with the towel. (P.S. I know that’s not great — it causes breakages.) Then, I give it a hearty spritz with this stuff. I don’t always agree when a hair product states “heat defence”, but for the amount I use heated styling tools, I reckon my hair’s doing pretty good. I put it down to this. I’ve been using it for at least three years religiously. My hair doesn’t break. I rarely have split ends. The ends do get a bit ratty every now and again, but for a serial bleached-Barbie, I don’t think my locks are doing so bad!


Amazon link > Argan Oil Heat Defence Leave in Spray



And there they are – my five must-have budget hair products for coloured hair. I get so many compliments on my ‘do, I figured it was about time I shared my secrets. And none of them will break the bank either. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good designer / named product, but sometimes the cheapies really are the best. As far as my hair is concerned, these five products have worked really well.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and don’t forget to let me know if you have any questions or recommendations. What have you tried on your hair lately? Did you like it? Let me know!



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