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As someone with more than a few tattoos, I’m well aware that there are certain parts of the body that are excruciatingly painful when it comes to going under the needle. 

I’m also fortunate enough to have a tattoo artist in the family and he has introduced me to a number of products that promise to numb skin in order to make tattoos less painful. I jumped at the chance to give them a shot, and out of all of the ones I’ve tried, TKTX Deep Numb has been the most effective. 

Let’s have a chat about it in my [very honest] TKTX Deep Numb review. 

  • Warning

    Please check the ingredients before buying + using this product. I am NOT a doctor; I am simply sharing my own personal experience.

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What is TKTX Green 40% Deep Numb?

TKTX Green 40% Deep Numb is a skin-numbing product that contains the following ingredients: 

  • 5% lidocaine
  • 5% prilocaine
  • 1% epinephrine

For comparison, Emla Cream (one of the most commonly used numbing creams for tattoos) contains 5% lidocaine and prilocaine. 

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How Do You Use TKTX Deep Numb?

Most tattoo numbing creams work in a similar way and TKTX Deep Numb is no different — and you have to do things *exactly* as directed, otherwise the cream won’t work at all. 

You start by cleaning the area. To help the product absorb quicker/better, place a hot towel on the area for 5 to 10 minutes to open the pores. When you take it off, make sure that you properly dry the area. (Pat, don’t rub.)

Add TKTX Green 40% Deep Numb to the area and rub it in. Don’t be stingy with the cream; it’s better to use more. Once it’s all been rubbed into the skin, add a second layer — but DON’T rub this one in. 

You’ll want a decent layer of the stuff, but it takes a couple of attempts to learn what a “decent layer” actually is. I always recommend using more than you think you need rather than less (and I explain why that is HERE). 

Cover the area with cling film/plastic wrapping. If it’s not wrap-aroundable, use tape to keep the edges in place. You want to ‘seal’ the area that’s getting tattooed because the heat helps the product to activate and start numbing. If you skip the cling film layer, the cream won’t work. 

You should leave the cling film on for at least 20-50 minutes before removing it, wiping the excess cream away, and then letting your artist get creative. I’ve found that 25-30 minutes is best. I left it on for 45 minutes the first time because that’s how long most of the tattoo numbing products take to kick in, but I don’t think it needs that long. You could’ve cut my leg clean off and I probably wouldn’t have noticed! 

How Long Does TKTX Deep Numb Work For?

The website states: 

“40% numbing, fast-acting numbing action lasting up to 3-5 hours.”

My personal experience: 

I snorted really loudly when I first read the 3-5 hours bit because that’s definitely a too-good-to-be-true statement. Every tattoo numbing cream I’ve ever used has promised hours upon hours of pain-free tattooing, and very few of them have actually delivered.

TKTX Green 40% Deep Numb DID NOT last for 3-5 hours (but I already knew that would be the case), but it did last longer than any other tattoo numbing product I’ve tried before … and there’s been a few. 

Most of the other products have given me around 1-1.5 hours worth of numbing before the skin starts to coming back to life — and in my experience, the coming-back-to-life part is the most excruciating part of all. 

TKTX Deep Numb allowed me to get in a solid 2-2.5 hours worth of tattooing before I started to feel things again, and the coming-back-to-life tingling was nowhere near as bad as it had been with other products. Usually, I tap out about 30-45 minutes after the numbing product wears off, but I managed to carry on for another hour or so using this.

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How Long Does It Take For TKTX Deep Numb to Start Working? 

After 25 (ish) minutes of rockin’ the super attractive cling film wrap, you can take it off and comfortably get a tattoo. You can still feel a bit of pain in certain areas, but for the most part, the entire covered area will be numb (ish), and getting more so. 

I usually get the best results when I leave it cling-filmed for 45 minutes+. 

If you don’t put a thick enough layer of the cream on before cling-filming, it doesn’t matter how long you leave it wrapped up for, it won’t fully numb you.

What Happens When TKTX Deep Numb Wears Off?

When TKTX Deep Numb wears off, after a couple of hours or so, you’ll start to feel a pins-and-needles-like sensation, but it’s nowhere near as tingly or painful as with some of the other creams and products I’ve tried. With Emla cream, for example, I find the coming-back-to-life sensation VERY painful — it is, at times, more painful than getting tattooed with no numbing cream at all. 

With TKTX Deep Numb, it all comes back slowly, taking about an hour to get complete feeling (and pain) back once the coming-back-to-life sensation starts. You can still get quite comfortably tattooed during that time. (I could, anyway. And I’m a wimp!) 

What Else Can You Use TKTX Green 40% Deep Numb For?

I’ve only used TKTX Green 40% Deep Numb for tattoo numbing, but the website states you can use it for other purposes, too: 

  • Tattooing and body piercing
  • Tattoo removal
  • Laser hair removal
  • Microneedle pain
  • Body waxing
  • Permanent makeup procedures
  • IPL treatment
  • Electrocautery

TKTX Deep Numb – My Rating 

Out of the five or six tattoo numbing creams, sprays, and other products I’ve tried, this is the one I’ve found to be most effective. It’s the longest-lasting, quickest-working, and most pain-relieving. It doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky residue all over the skin, nor does it take a lot of wiping-away, and better than that: it doesn’t appear to affect the tattoo process. Some of the creams leave my skin a little raised and tender afterward, but TKTX Green 40% Deep Numb didn’t do that. 

Is it worth the money?

God yes. This is my favourite tattoo numbing cream or product so far and I plan to keep using it. I’m currently midway through that outer-upper thigh piece I spoke of earlier on and I’ve bought enough TKTX Green 40% Deep Numb to see me through the whole thing!

My rating: 5/5 stars.

I’ve recommended it to all of my friends!

  • £10.00 / 10g

    Multibuys = savings.

  • Long Lasting

    Up to 2.5 hours of complete numbing - zero pain.

  • Fast Acting

    Numbing starts to work after 20-25 minutes.

  • Not Effective In All Areas

    Numbing cream doesn't work in certain areas (such as fingers), and not all of my friends found it as effective as I did.

Have you tried TKTX Deep Numb? What did you think of it? Or is there another tattoo numbing cream that you like to use? Tell me all about it in the comments below. (I’m always on the hunt for something to make my tattoo obsession less painful!)

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