10 Time-Saving Instagram Hacks For 2021

10 Time-Saving Instagram Hacks For 2021

Do you love using Instagram but just don’t have the time to do everything you want/need to do on the app?

You’re not alone, my friend.

I’ve gone days, weeks, even months without posting on the platform, because I couldn’t find the spare time to create content, find hashtags, put together witty captions, and everything else you need to do in order to have a ‘winning’ strategy.

But I have found a few tips and tricks that have made keeping up with my strategy easier – including the 3 time-saving Instagram hacks for 2021 I’m sharing today!

(You’re going to love them, I promise you!)

1 – Use Desktop Instagram to Engage

Do you type quicker on a laptop/desktop than you do on your phone?

If yes, use the desktop version of Instagram for all of your commenting activity – comments on other peoples’ content, responding to comments on your own content, etc.

Time Saving Instagram Hack Desktop Quicker

Set yourself a time limit of 15 minutes (or whatever you can manage), sit down at your desktop/laptop, and get tap-happy!

You’ll be amazed by how much you can get done when you’re not being distracted by other apps, notifications, etc.

2 – Create Hashtag Sets

Do you use hashtags on Instagram?

Although there is a hot debate on whether or not they’re worth it these days, it can’t be denied that they still have their place in an Instagram strategy – and they still have the potential to reach hundreds and thousands of people when used properly.

If it takes you an AGE to find hashtags each time you post, have ‘sets’ of hashtags saved in your Notes app, or somewhere similar.

When it comes to posting time, you can simply copy the hashtags from Notes, paste them into the Insta-caption and you’re good to go.

Instagram Hacks Hashtag Sets

You can also try this hashtag shortcut trick: The Super Quick Instagram Hashtag Shortcut Trick

3 – Use a Hashtag Tool

There are countless tools out there that give you lists of relevant hashtags when you type in a specific word or term – and these can come in super handy when your mind goes black at caption creation time.

I’ve been using Hashtag Expert lately, which has a freebie version as well as a paid-for, premium version (that offers various added extras).

I simply type whatever my post is about into the search bar and a few seconds later, I have a bunch of hashtag options that I can copy/paste.

4 – Turn on Archiving

When you turn on archiving in the Instagram app, it starts saving Stories and Live videos alongside any feed posts you have archived.

This means that you can go back over older Stories, save them to your phone, and then re-share at a later date.

It’s a great idea for when you have nothing to post – share an old Story and call it a #throwback.

It’s also a great idea for reminding your audience of something you shared a while back, to then share something relevant and new right after. 

You could also save older Stories and Live videos and merge them together for longer social media content, or even YouTube content.

The repurposing ideas are endless.

If you’d like to find out how to turn archiving on/off, where to find archived content, or what else you can do with archived content, I highly recommend checking out this Instagram tutorial.

5 – Create a Quick Highlight Cover in Stories

If you don’t have the time to create something fabulous and complicated for your Instagram Highlight cover, throw something cute together in Stories instead!

Quick Highlight Cover Instagram Hack

You can save the creation to your phone without having to share it to your actual Story, to then make it the cover of your Highlight.

You can also easily create multiple covers that follow the same colour palette or theme, too. 

6 – Jump On the Reminder Bandwagon

I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but my Instagram feed has been full to the brim with iPhone reminder-style content lately. Feed posts, Stories, Reels, you name it, you can whack an iPhone-style reminder sticker on it.

Both Canva and Instagram Stories [stickers] have reminder templates that you can tweak to quickly create shareable, relatable content. 

I created this one in less than two minutes on Canva:

Reminder Instagram Post Hack

Just search for “reminder”.

Add some motivational text, an actual reminder to do something, or a warning/alert – and you’re good to go.

It’s super quick, easy-to-create content for Stories, feed posts, Reels, and more.

Stories Stickers Reminder Instagram Hack

7 – Utilise Post Drafts

This is one of those time-saving Instagram hacks that I think you’re going to love, if you’re as disorganised as I am …

Are you aware that you can save feed posts on Instagram as drafts?

You proceed as though you’re actually going to post the content, but instead of actually publishing it, hit the ‘back’ icon a couple of times.

Save Drafts Instagram Hack

Instagram will ask you if you want to discard the post completely, or save it as a draft.

You can save multiple drafts, giving you a small library of content that you can fall back on at any time. 

Drafts Instagram Hack

8 – Use the ‘Shoutouts’ Feature As Backgrounds

If you’ve never used the ‘Shoutout’ feature on the app, you may not know about this, but there are a bunch of funky, cute, and awesome-looking backgrounds that you can use for your own content.

You just need to select the feature, pick the background pattern you like, and then get rid of the actual shoutout box.

Shoutouts as Backgrounds Instagram Hacks

Once you’ve done that, you’re left with a background that you can add anything you want to. You can even tweak the colours to better suit your theme or branding!

9 – Start and Stop a Promotion to See Unique Hashtag Insights

This is one of those time-saving Instagram hacks that isn’t actually that time-saving at all (THE LIES!), but it is a neat hack that you should know about nevertheless.

When you boost one of your feed posts, you get the option to see statistics for each of the individual hashtags you used in that post. If you’ve had a post up for a couple of hours and you’d like to see which hashtags are working out best, boost the post and get the stats. 

You don’t even need to spend money on the ad; you can cancel it as soon as you’ve checked out the stats.

(But if you’re not boosting your posts from time to time, I thoroughly recommend it, especially if you’re trying to gain new followers and build a bigger audience.)

10 – Have a Rummage Around!

There are so many features and things to play around with, in the Instagram app these days – and some of them will save you loads of time when it comes to future content.

I found the Instagram Story mockups I talk about in this blog post as I was playing around in the app, and I also found the FAQ section that I talk about in this Instagram tutorial as I was browsing through the settings, too.

Both of these features will help save you time in one way or another.

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10 Time-Saving Instagram Hacks For 2021 ~ Summary

1 – Use Desktop Instagram to Engage

2 – Create Hashtag Sets

3 – Use a Hashtag Tool

4 – Turn on Archiving

5 – Create a Quick Highlight Cover in Stories

6 – Jump On the Reminder Bandwagon

7 – Utilise Post Drafts

8 – Use the ‘Shoutouts’ Feature As Backgrounds

9 – Start and Stop a Promotion to See Unique Hashtag Insights

10 – Have a Rummage Around!

I hope you’ve found this blog post useful today, but if you have any questions about Instagram, please feel free to get in touch and let me know.

Is there a tutorial you’d like to see next?

A trick you’ve seen other people doing but can’t figure out yourself?

Would you like to learn more time-saving Instagram hacks?

Let me know!

Thanks so much for reading today, folks. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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