The Big Pinterest Makeover: One Month Review

Big Pinterest Makeover 2
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So, just over a month ago I made the conscious decision to pay attention to ONE social media platform for a while – Pinterest. I made a plan — a Pinterest marketing plan — and the first part of that plan was to complete the Big Pinterest Makeover. (It’s not a thing; I totally made the name up.)




Because Pinterest is a massive source of traffic if you get it right. As the content creator for another website that has done spectacularly well out of Pinterest traffic, I learned from an early point that using the right keywords, hashtags, and images would get the ball rolling, especially at the beginning of a blog’s life. Later on, when you have more of a following or email list, those views and reads come easily … ish. Early on, however, when you have a brand new blog and no following at all, getting those views and reads is an absolute struggle.


The Big Pinterest Makeover: One Month Review


I have so far changed almost all of my Pinterest board covers so that they have their own custom cover. (I would have done them all by now but I’m too easily distracted by shiny things. I hope to have them all completed by the time this blog post goes live.) I’m not sure that I like my current rainbow theme, despite being all for it just a few weeks ago, but I’m rolling with it. If I stopped promoting myself or blogging every time I fancied an image overhaul, I’d never blog at all. I would spend my entire time redesigning everything. As someone who has already done that three or four times (this is UKWordGirl version three and I’m still not entirely happy!), it’s not worth stressing out over. You can work on the aesthetics and design as you go.


Big Pinterest Makeover 3


I also:

  • changed a few of the board names
  • added more specific boards
  • spiced up the descriptions, including keywords and hashtags


I made a plan to use Pinterest Sections in my board soon, too — splitting “House Goals” down into “Beautiful Bedrooms”, “Lovely Living Rooms”, etc. As always, I’ll update you updated with my progress.


Just in case you wanted a step-by-step rundown of what I’m doing — the Big Pinterest Makeover (for the Big Pinterest Marketing Strategy) — and why I’m doing it all, you’ll find the blog posts here:


(P.S. Adding your older blog post links is something I mention in Part 4 — making it easy for your readers to find more of your stuff.)


Results, Please


Big Pinterest Makeover 5


So … has it made any difference? Well, yes, but I didn’t pay any attention to Pinterest before this point, so even a tiny change probably would have shown positive results.

I’ve noticed that my followers have gone up from somewhere in the 20’s when I first started (yes, really!), to the 70s/80s now. That makes me happy.

I am following 74 people.

My monthly unique viewers have jumped up from 13,000 to 16,200, which is nice.

My green-coloured pins do not perform as well as other colours. Red and purple/pink ones, particularly in pastel shades, seem to do much better. I won’t give up on the green ones, though. I plan on buying some succulents (like I said I wouldn’t) to add some greenery to my life and images. Fake ones, obviously. I can’t be trusted to look after a real plant. I killed every miniature cactus I ever bought from Ikea.


I’ve learned that a witty/interesting caption emblazoned across a Pinterest image works better than a plain ol’ title. So, instead of:

Pinterest Marketing Strategy – Step 4: Make It Easy For me

I’m trying:

Pinterest Marketing Strategy – Are You Making It Easy For Me?


I think the second one is just a tad more interesting. The question demands attention … or something like that. Whatever it is, it’s performing better. I’m going to add more witty/interesting/funny captions and bold statements to my Pins, rather than just inserting the title.


And, just in case you’re interested, this is my most popular pin/blog post via Pinterest traffic so far:


Finally, I learned that I’m super pants at flatlay photography/photo editing and need to take an online course or something. It’s cool. I’ll figure it out.


The Big Pinterest Makeover: What I’m Doing Next:


Following more people – I’m a bit stingy with my follows. I should probably be less stingy if I want people to follow and like me. (Throw your links in the comments and I’ll follow you!)


Incorporating more of my own pins and less of other people’s – Because it was a brand new Pinterest account, I decided to fill it up a bit with non-UKWordGirl pins to pack things out. I’ve read a few guides stating you shouldn’t do this. I’m a fan of pinning other people’s stuff but you can make up your own mind how you play it.


Be more experimental with Tailwind Tribes — it’s starting to do something for me, but it is also s-l-o-w progress. I think I need to switch up the Tribes I’m in … Some of them don’t have a lot of goings-on.



Big Pinterest Makeover 1


Are you doing the Big Pinterest Makeover too? Tell me all about it — what have you changed so far and how are things looking? I want to know everything, even the bad stuff.

Thanks for reading, have a super day!


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