The A-Z of Twitter Retweet Accounts For Bloggers [2019]

The A-Z of Twitter Retweet Accounts For Bloggers


How are your tweets doing?

Are they generating lots of engagement? A ton of likes? Phone beep-beeping non-stop?



We’ve all been there, hun. Getting engagement on all of the social media platforms can seem like an unwinnable war at times, but there a few tricks you can try to get things moving along nicely. Just one those things — and the thing that I’d like to talk about today — is using Twitter retweet accounts to reach more people. 


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Twitter retweet accounts are pretty much what they sound like — accounts on Twitter that retweet the tweets of others, usually when they have been tagged or ‘hashtagged’ in the post. 

Retweet accounts are awesome to know about and use for the following reasons:

  1. They can raise discoverability of your tweets, Twitter account, and even your blog or small business website. If a retweet account retweets you, their entire following has the opportunity to see it. I have a following of around 500 on Twitter at present, so I *definitely* appreciate my content being shared by an account with 8,000+ followers. Every time I am retweeted by one of these accounts, my follower increases by at least a few. 
  2. They can put you in contact with likeminded bloggers. I have personally found at least five high-quality blogs through retweets from a retweet account — blogs that I now follow on social media and read regularly. Some of them, daily. Interacting with bloggers in similar niches — or just other bloggers in general — is the best and fastest way to grow your following. By “Twittering” with similar blog niches/likeminded people, you’ll have an easier time finding something to talk about. In turn, this will help to boost your engagement.




Using the tag [@] or hashtag [#] doesn’t always mean you’ll get a retweet. So many bloggers use them, and that means you’ll be lost in endless lists of notifications sometimes. Don’t be disheartened if your tweets don’t get retweeted. It doesn’t mean that your content isn’t good enough; it’s usually the case that your notification has been missed. It could be that you just don’t fall into the niche or theme that the account retweets about. Some are specifically for beauty bloggers, others for female bloggers, a few are area-specific … You get the idea. 

I’ve noticed that not all retweet accounts are active all of the time. Some go quiet after a while or have little flurries of activity rather than regular retweeting. I personally recommend finding a few accounts that work for you and creating a list. If you tag or hashtag-in a retweet account that never actually retweets you — ever — there’s very little point in using it again and again. Cut it from the list, and replace it with one that does work — an account that *does* retweet your content. 


* I’ve marked out my favourites — the ones that regularly retweet my tweets — in the shortened version, which you’ll find in my resource library. 


Not all retweets are actually worth it. I had one particular day where three of my tweets had been tagged with retweet accounts — 3 different accounts in each tweet. Out of 9 potential retweets for that day, I received 6. I was fairly happy with that, but only for a minute or two. Upon checking my stats I saw that not a single reader referral had come from Twitter … for the entire day. With 6 retweets from retweet accounts that had 6,000 – 20,000 followers, I expected a little flurry of twitter activity to boost my traffic for that day. Sadly, the flurry never happened. At the end of that day, only ONE person had been referred to my website from Twitter. All of those retweets had essentially been for nothing. 


Flipping things around, I’ve had days when Twitter and retweet accounts have boosted my traffic for the day magnificently — and by a fair amount. Lots of things will change the outcome and success of your retweeted tweets, including timing, tweet content, images, tweet formatting, and more. 


The A-Z of Twitter Retweet Accounts For Bloggers 2




1 – Read the “rules”.

You can usually find out the “rules” for the retweet account in the bio for that account. The majority of them will say something along the lines of: “Use @ and # to be featured.” So you know that’s what you need to do — tag them and use a hashtag. Some accounts don’t require both – just one or the other. 


2 – Try a different format. 

You can let Twitter come up with the preview image for the blog post, or you can upload an image with a link to the blog post. I prefer going with the latter. If you have five or six different images in one blog post, all of which you plan on sharing with your Twitter audience, you have five or six potentially different Twitter posts. It’s never good for your audience to see the same ol’ thing over and over again, and by switching up the image, you can prevent that. 

I recommend trying both ways — the Twitter preview one time, and an uploaded image another time — to see which way you prefer/works better for you. You won’t know what works until you try it. What works for one blogger won’t always work the same way for another. 


3 – Don’t use the same retweet accounts every time. 

There are a LOT of retweet accounts that you can incorporate into your up and coming Twitter posts, so there’s really no need to use the same ones time and time again. What’s the point in being retweeted by the same people repeatedly, anyway? You’ve got more chance of reaching more people by switching up your Twitter retweet accounts. 

* I’ve created copy/paste-ready “batches” of retweet account tags and hashtags so that you can use different ones each time you post. Sign up here for access to the resource library. 


4 – Make the tweet look good. 

Images are important. Whether you use Twitter’s preview or an uploaded image, make sure that at least one of them is up there. 

Another thing that proves to be quite important: how your tweets actually look. Are they easy to read? Could you add a line break in there to split up a block of text? What about emojis or other symbols to spice things up? 

The more bright and eye-catching your tweets and tweet images are, the higher the chance that your audience — potential newbies and old — will click through and read. Don’t be a boring Twitterer. 




5 – ASK for engagement. 

Ask a question that demands an answer. Alternatively, ask your audience for their opinion on something. People LOVE to give their opinion out to anyone who’ll listen to it, so give them the opportunity — and the platform — to do just that. By actually engaging with your audience, you’ll make them feel “special” and you look approachable. Asking for their opinions or suggestions will make them feel like they are valued. 

You know what they say: if you don’t ask, you don’t get. 

So … ask. 


6 – Tweet more. 

I know what it’s like: you don’t want to tweet all the time and bore the crap out of your audience. You’re not going to do that, though. Twitter is the fastest-paced social media platform, so you can afford to get a bit post-happy from time to time. There are bloggers out there who’ll schedule 10-30 tweets PER DAY. That seems like a ridiculous amount when you’re only a small account with a few hundred followers, but you can get away with tweeting more than you are right now … especially if that’s only a couple of times per week. (And yes, I’m bad for this too!) 

If you’re barely even posting once per day right now, make an effort to post once a day. It could be something personal or a blog promo tweet, but make sure that you post something. After a few days, tweet more times daily — two times, then three times, then five times … You get the idea. 

After a while, you’ll get the hang of things. You’ll know how many tweets is too many, and you’ll also become more confident in throwing your thoughts or blog work out there. 


You can’t grow on Twitter if you don’t actually use the platform. 


7 – Look at scheduling. 

Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that offers up to 10 scheduled posts at once with their free account. You can upgrade if you want unlimited scheduled posts but definitely play around with the freebie version beforehand. Alternatively, check out other Twitter/social media scheduling apps and tools. Most of them offer freebie periods for you to learn the ropes — Hootsuite is another scheduling tool I like to use, and it offers a 30-day free trial. 

Schedule tweets for times that you think people might see them, or for times when you aren’t available to post them yourself. 


8 – Take a peek around. 

Look at what other bloggers are doing, and what retweet accounts they’re using. Don’t forget to look at the other tweets that the retweet accounts are sharing too. Sometimes, it pays to show them some love in the form of shares and engagement. They might just show you the same love right back. It never hurts to earn yourself a few brownie points, does it … 😉


9 – Use more than one retweet account per tweet. 

I usually aim for two or three different Twitter retweet accounts in my promo tweets, but other bloggers/social media experts recommend going as high as five or six. For the most part, it depends on how much space you have left after the text and link. Fitting just one tag in is better than none. 

The more you add, the more chances you have of being retweeted by someone. By switching things up each time, you’re giving yourself even more of a chance. 


10 – Mix up hashtags and tags. 

With some of the Twitter retweet accounts, you can “enter” your tweet in for a potential share by tagging them [@] or hashtagging them [#], sometimes both. I recommend using both unless the account specifies otherwise. In one tweet use the @, and in another tweet use the #. One might work better than the other for you and your account, and you’ll then know which one to use in the future. Make a list of the accounts that share your stuff and whether it was a tag or hashtag that made it happen.  



The A-Z of Twitter Retweet Accounts 


The A-Z of Twitter Retweet Accounts For Bloggers 3



Link: @allthoseblogs

Followers: 7,492

To use: “Follow & Mention us for a RT”

Get involved:#atbchat every Sat @ 8pm”


Link: @BBlogRT

Followers: 36.1K

Hashtag: #BBlogRT

To use: “Tag @BBlogRT for a RT #BBlogRT”


*Inactive since October 2018*

Link: @BeeSocialHive

Followers: < 1,000

Hashtag: #beesocialhive


Link: @BeardedRT

Followers: < 1,000

Hashtag: #BeardedRT

To use: “Just follow us and then use #BeardedRT for a RT!”

Get involved: #TwitterChats coming soon!”


Link: @BestBlogRT

Followers: 3,000


*Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle*

Link: @BFblogrt_

Followers: < 1,000

To use: “Just tag @BFblogrt_ and we’ll retweet”


Link: @bliss_bloggers 

Followers: 1,662

Hashtag: #blissbloggers

To use: “Use #blissbloggers or tag us for a RT!”

Get involved: “Chats on Saturdays @ 1PM EST”


Link: @blogandbeyond

Followers: 1,699


Link: @BlogBuddyP

Followers: 1,821

Hashtag: #BlogBuddyChat

Get involved: “Twitter Chats on Tuesdays”


Link: @Bloggeration_

Followers: 20.5K

To use: “Posts shared if you add @Bloggeration_


Link: @bloggerbabesrt

Followers: 3,873

Hashtag: #BloggerBabesRT

To use: “Follow us & use #BloggerBabesRT for an RT on your posts”


*Inactive since Aug 2018*

Link: @bloggerclan

Followers: 4,664

Hashtag: #bloggerclan

To use: “Use #bloggerclan for a RT”


Link: @BloggerLS

Followers: 7,542

Hashtag: #BloggerLoveShare

To use: “Tag @BloggerLS or use #BloggerLoveShare to RT your blog posts and YouTube videos.”


Link: @bloggeroppsrt

Followers: 3,898

To use: “Tag us to get your blog posts retweeted”


*Inactive since Sept 2018*

Link: @BloggersClub_

Followers: < 1,000

Hashtag: #BloggersClubRT

To use: “Mention #BloggersClubRT for a Retweet”


Link: @BloggersHut

Followers: 1,612

Hashtag: #BloggersHutRT

To use: “Include @BloggersHut #BloggersHutRT for a retweet!”


*Inactive since Nov 2018*

Link: @BloggersInTheUK

Followers: 3,242

Hashtag: #BloggersInTheUK

To use: “Tag us or use #BloggersInTheUK for a RT.”


Link: @BloggersBlast

Followers: 19.1K

Hashtag: #BloggersBlast

To use: “Follow us and hashtag #BloggersBlast for retweet!”


*Inactive since Sept 2018*

Link: @BloggersLoveRT

Followers: < 1,000

Hashtag: #BloggersLoveRT

To use: “Spreading the blogger love with RTs #BloggersLoveRT”

Get involved: #BloggersLoveChat on Sundays at 9pm” 


Link: @BloggersSparkle

Followers: 8,741

Hashtag: #BloggersSparkle

To use: #BloggersSparkle for a RT”


Link: @BloggersTribe

Followers: 21.3K 

Hashtag: #BloggersTribe

To use: “Use the hashtag – #BloggersTribe for a RT”

Get involved: “Comment Threads – WED, FRI, SUN at 8pm BST”


Link: @bloggersunited2

Followers: < 1,000

To use: “Mention for RT.”


Link: @BloggerVue

Followers: 2,608

To use: “Pls tag us for a RT”


Link: @BloggingBabesRT

Followers: 2,234

To use: “Just tag us in your posts for a RT! @BloggingBabesRT”


Link: @BloggingBed

Followers: 1,777

Hashtag: #bloggingbed

To use: “Mention @bloggingbed or #bloggingbed for a retweet”


Link: @bloggingbeesrt

Followers: 2,363

Hashtag: #bloggingbeesrt

To use: “Use #bloggingbeesrt for a RT!”

Get involved: “Twitter chats coming soon.”


*For MALE bloggers*

Link: @Blogging_Boys

Followers: < 1,000

To use: “Follow and mention us for RTs”


Link: @BloggingBridges

Followers: < 1,000

Hashtag: #bloggingbridges

To use: “Use our hashtag #bloggingbridges”


Link: @BloggingConnect

Followers: 14K


Link: @bloggingbees

Followers: 2,397


*Inactive since Dec 2018*

Link: @blogginggals

Followers: 48.8K

Hashtag: #BloggingGals


Link: @bloglove2018

Followers: 8,950

Hashtag: #bloglove2018

To use: “Pls use @bloglove2018 & #bloglove2018 for the RTs!”


Link: @BlogNetwork_

Followers: < 1,000

Hashtag: #TheBlogNetwork

To use: “Use #TheBlogNetwork”

Get involved: “Twitter Chats: Last Weds of the month (7:30pm *GMT)”


*Inactive since Oct 2018*

Link: @BlogsquadRT

Followers: < 1,000

Hashtag: #blogsquadRT

To use: “Follow and use #blogsquadRT for a retweet!”


*Inactive since May 2018*

Link: @BWB_UK

Followers: 2,668


Link: @Cbeechat

Followers: 7,519

Hashtag: #BEECHAT

Get involved: “Monday 5-6pm & Thursday 9-10pm BST”


*For Canadian bloggers*

Link: @CDNBloggerRT

Followers: < 1,000

Hashtag: #CDNBloggerRT

To use: “Use our hashtag #CDNBloggerRT for a retweet!”


*For Canadian creators*

Link: @CDNCreatrsTribe

Followers: < 1,000

Hashtag: #CDNCreatorsTribe

To use: “Tag @CDNCreatrsTribe or use #CDNCreatorsTribe for RT ”


**“Account Suspended”**


Link: @CreatorsClan

Followers: < 1,000

Hashtag: #CreatorsClan

To use: “Use #CreatorsClan to be RT’d!”


Link: @creators_tribe

Followers: 1,028

Hashtag: #thecreatorstribe

To use: Tag #thecreatorstribe for a RT


Link: @creatorshare

Followers: 4,052


*Inactive since Dec 2018*

Link: @dark_beautyRT

Followers: < 1,000

Hashtag: #darkintobeautyRT

To use: “Please use @dark_beautyRT or #darkintobeautyRT in your posts for a retweet!”


*Use hashtag #everyblogrt only* 

Link: @EveryBlogRT

Followers: < 1,000

Hashtag: #everyblogrt

To use: “Use the hashtag #everyblogrt for a RT!”


Link: @FabBloggersRT 

Followers: 9,192

To use: “Mention @FabBloggersRT to get a RT!”


Link: @FemaleBloggerRT

Followers: 66.3K

To use: “Follow & mention us for a RT!”


**“Account Suspended”**


Link: @FierceBloggers

Followers: 10K

Hashtag: #FierceBloggers

To use: “Follow & use #FierceBloggers for RTs”

Get involved: 


Link: @FierceBlogLove

Followers: < 1,000

Hashtag: #FBLoveChat

To use: “Use #FBLoveChat.”

Get involved: “Pls stop by every Sunday at 1pm EST for chat & more!


**“Account no longer active”**


Link: @GlobalBlogShare

Followers: < 1,000

To use: “Follow and tag for RTs.”



Followers: 15.9K

Hashtag: #GRLPOWR

To use: “Follow us & use #GRLPOWR to be RT’d.”

Get involved: “Chats : Tues/Sun @ 9pm. Comment Thread: Thurs @ 8pm. (GMT)”


Link: @GRLSWhoCreate

Followers: 4,387

Hashtag: #GWBchat

To use: “@ or use #GWBchat”

Get involved: “Threads MON-SAT 3PM EST // 8PM BST


*Inactive since Sept 2018* 

Link: @goldenblogsrt

Followers: 1,959

Hashtag: #GoldenBlogsRT

To use: “Follow us, then tag us or use #GoldenBlogsRT for a retweet.”


Link: @gridcoreRTs

Followers: < 1,000

To use: “Follow & Tag For Fast RT!”


Link: @influencer_RT

Followers: 7,030

Hashtag: #InfluencerRT

Get involved: “Chat every Wednesday 8pm GMT | Comment threads every Friday + Sunday 6-11pm”


Link: @PLBChat

Followers: 8,863

To use: “Follow and Tag @PLBChat for a RT!”

Get involved: “Chats- COMING SOON!”


Link: @lazyblogging

Followers: 4,572

Hashtag: #LazyBlogging

To use: “Tag us in your blog posts for a retweet!”


*Inactive since Oct 2018*

Link: @LifestyleBlogs_

Followers: < 1,000

To use: “Mention for an RT”


Link: @LittleBlogRTs

Followers: 5,719

Hashtag: #LittleBlogRT

To use: “Use #LittleBlogRT for a RT, don’t @ us.”


Link: @LBloggersChat

Followers: 18.3K

Get involved: “Chat happens here Wed & Sun 7-8pm UK time.”


Link: @LovingBlogs

Followers: 27.5K

To use: “Tag @LovingBlogs in your posts.”


Link: @MissionRT

Followers: 5,924

Hashtag: #missionRT

To use: “Follow and mention us for a Retweet!


*For parent/family bloggers and vloggers*

Link: @ParentBlogsRT

Followers: < 1,000

To use: “Follow and tag us for a RT 


Link: @PompeyBloggers

Followers: < 1,000


Link: @QualityBlogRT

Followers: 2,186

Hashtag: #qualityblogRT

To use: “@QualityBlogRTor #qualityblogRT for a retweet!”


Link: @RetweetBloggers

Followers: 5,658


*Inactive since Aug 2018* 

Link: @RTAllBloggers

Followers: < 1,000

Hashtag: #RTAllBloggers

To use: “Make sure you TAG us in your tweets or use the hashtag #RTAllBloggers for a Retweet.


Link: @RTingbloggers

Followers: 1,166

Hashtag: #bloggershare

To use: “Use the hashtag #bloggershare or tag @rtingbloggers to have your posts shared!” 


**“Account Suspended”**


Link: @SEBlogCircle

Followers: 2,556


*Inactive since May 2018* 

Link: @sharemypost_

Followers: < 1,000

To use: “Tag us @sharemypost_ in your tweet for an RT” 


*Inactive since Oct 2018*

Link: @shoddybloggers

Followers: < 1000

Hashtag: #shoddybloggers

To use: “Use #shoddybloggers for RT! 


Link: @sincerelyessie

Followers: 5,344



Link: @smallblogs_RT

Followers: < 1,000


*For Southampton bloggers*

Link: @sotonbloggers

Followers: 4,460


Link: @TeacupClub_

Followers: 5,008

Hashtag: #TeacupClub

To use: “FOLLOW + add #TeacupClub for RTs”

Get involved: “Club Meetings Mon + Thurs @ 9am PST / 5pm GMT.”


Link: @teaandpost

Followers: 1,638

To use: “Follow & tag @TEAANDPOST to be featured”


Link: @thebloggercrowd

Followers: 7,702

Hashtag: #thebloggercrowd

To use: #thebloggercrowd for a RT”


Link: @TheBloggerGals

Followers: 3,212

To use: “Follow us & mention @TheBloggerGals in your posts for retweets”


Link: @thebloggersknot

Followers: 1,223

To use: “@thebloggersknot for a RT.” 


Link: @TheBloggersPost

Followers: 5,367

To use: “Follow & include @TheBloggersPost for retweets”


Link: @thebloggintribe

Followers: 4,170

Hashtag: #bloggingtribe

To use: “Follow & Mention us for a RT!”


Link: @theclique_uk 

Followers: 5,133

Hashtag: #TheClqRT

To use: “Tag us or use #TheClqRT”

Get involved: 


Link: @ThePinkPAGES_

Followers: < 1,000


*Inactive since May 2018*

Link: @ukbbloggerunite

Followers: 1,471 


Link: @UKBloggers1

Followers: 27.2K

Hashtag: #UKBloggers


Link: @UKBloggersRT

Followers: 1,042

To use: “Mention us @UKbloggersRT for a retweet”


Link: @UKBlogRT

Followers: 1,380

To use: “Follow and tag us for RTs.


Link: @USBloggerRT

Followers: 2,091

To use: “Follow and @ for a RT!


Link: @wakeup_blog

Followers: < 1,000

To use: “Tag us for a #RT of your blog posts”


*Inactive due to closure since Oct 2018*

Link: @WeAreThirtyPlus

Followers: 4,727

Hashtag: #30PlusBlogs

To use: “Tag Tweets Using #30PlusBlogs”


*For Welsh bloggers*

Link: @welshbloggersRT

Followers: 1,364

Hashtag: #welshbloggers

To use: “Tag us for RT’s of your posts.


*For West Midlands bloggers*

Link: @wemidbloggers

Followers: 1,180

Hashtag: #wemidbloggers

To use: “Use # for a RT”


Link: @wetweetblogs

Followers: 7,986

To use: “Add @wetweetblogs to your post for a retweet.”


*All stats & figures are correct as of Feb 12, 2019. 

A-Z Twitter Retweet Accounts 4



Aaaaaaaaand that’s your lot. 

I included inactive accounts because they sometimes go quiet for a while and then start retweeting again, just in case you were wondering. And I will continue to add more as I find them. Speaking of which, if I’ve missed your favourite out or you own a Twitter retweet account for bloggers that you think should be on this list, please let me know. There’s a nice little space below this post for comments and I can’t wait to check out all of your suggestions. 


Don’t forget: if you sign up to my Blogging 101 email newsletter, you’ll get access to the FREE resource library, which is currently home to a simple, full list of active Twitter retweet accounts, without all the fluff and words in between, as well as batches of 4/5 that you can copy-and-paste right away. 


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Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I hope I help you to grow your blog using Twitter! Speaking of which, you might find some of these blog posts helpful while you’re here …




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