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Hello, bloggers! I’d like to tell you a little story today if I may? It’s a story that starts with a typo and ends with a Pinterest/search engine optimisation tip that you’re definitely going to thank me for.

So … where shall I start?


How about at the beginning?


Boost Blog SEO 2


I wrote and published a new blog post called 66+ Halloween Blog Post Ideas. I figured I would check out how the post was doing after about a week or so, and I noticed that it had gotten to the first page of Google results for the search term “Halloween blog post ideas”. In fact, it was number two in the results, above websites that I considered far superior to my own.



Being a very excitable person, this revelation had me hopping up and down on the spot with glee. I not only tweeted about it but also woke my boyfriend up, screaming like a banshee about Google loving me and being a brilliant blogger. My artist boyfriend doesn’t really know much about SEO, so none of what I was shouting about actually meant anything to him. Still, he got excited about it anyway, congratulating me on all my bloggin’ brilliance. What a great guy! 😍


During my celebrations, I noticed a typo in the meta description. An entire hour of proofreading and I STILL managed a typo. How? HOOOOOW? I rushed to edit the post, giving it one final glance over to make sure I hadn’t missed anything and then forgot all about it.


A few days later, I decided to check out my blog DA. It had gone down, and I had apparently lost a link to Pinterest. This made no sense to me as I hadn’t made any Pinterest-related changes, so I checked my Pinterest account and WordPress settings and everything looked fine. I figured it was just one of those bloggy things that happened. One of those weird and unexplained little blog-things that somehow manages to rectify itself later on. (It happens a lot, right?)


A few days after that, I noticed that my 66+ Halloween Blog Post Ideas had slipped down the Google search results. I was fourth. Not second, as I’d started out, but fourth. Something had clearly gone wrong, so I checked the blog post AGAIN, and that’s when I noticed the problem …



The Problem:

When I’d edited the meta description to sort out the typo, right at the beginning of this story, I had knocked out the little piece of code that inserts my Pinterest Halloween board into the post itself. The code for it had completely disappeared upon pressing the update button, and it just left a big, blank space where it once sat. I don’t know why this happened. I hadn’t touched that particular part of the post, so it shouldn’t have changed in any way. To this day I can’t explain why it did change.


The Solution:

I reinserted the code, checked the Pinterest board was once again showing in the blog post using the preview function, and then updated it. Again, I waited a little while before re-Googling, but it worked — putting my Halloween Pinterest board in the blog post had bumped it back up the Google results AND increased my blog DA.

I’m back to second place in Google, and the one “lost” link has been returned.


In Conclusion …

So, after all of the investigating, checking and updating, I learned that embedding your Pinterest feed into a blog post can help to rank it higher in search engines. Without the “Halloweenie” Pinterest board, my blog slipped down in the Google results, my blog DA went down, and my readers dropped by a fair bit.

When I added the Pinterest board back into the post, exactly the opposite happened — my blog went back up in the Google results, my blog DA went back up, and my stats increased … and keep increasing.


The moral of the story? Add your Pinterest board or profile to your blog from time to time. This is the Pinterest Developers page you’ll need.


Thanks for reading today, folks! 

Happy Blogging! 


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