What is Social Media Marketing?


Social media marketing … It sounds like something only those in-the-know understand and use. Daunting? Overwhelming? You wouldn’t know where to start? It’s not something you’ll ever get to grips with, right?




What is social media marketing? It’s the latest (and smartest) way of marketing your product, service, blog, brand or small / large business, used by hundreds, thousands, millions of people and businesses alike all over the world.


Social media fact: There are over 1.65 BILLION active mobile social accounts around the world


In its most basic form, social media marketing is the art of marketing your business, blog or brand name via the social media channels – sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. The aim is to get more ‘likes’, ‘followers’, and in turn, more sales. This, of course, means more profit for that business or brand.


What is Social Media Marketing?


Make sense?


The tricky part of social media marketing is the fact that you’ll need different strategies for the different networking accounts. They don’t all work the same, they don’t have the same followers, and they each need specific different approaches when it comes to the marketing strategy you use.


What is Social Media Marketing?


Twitter, for example, is a very fast-paced social networking account. The updates you post are brief, less than 100 characters long. Information is easily missed, therefore you would need to post more frequently than with Facebook. The latter is a social networking site that allows for longer post updates. You can post more information / content within each update. When you can add more information, you don’t need to post quite so regularly.


I recommend: Ratio similar to 1 daily Facebook post : 3 or 4 daily Twitter posts 


With the average person spending twenty minutes on Facebook per session, it’s definitely one social networking site you’re going to want to focus on. For some, it’s their main or only social site. However, with a little bit of help from the likes of Instagram, one of the fastest growing social networking sites, and good old faithful Twitter too, you too could see hundreds and potentially even thousands of new likes on your content or page. This amounts to more sales for your business or viewers to your blog.


Social media fact: There are over 2 BILLION active Facebook users who use their account monthly around the world. 


Daily, over 4.5 BILLION ‘likes’ are generated from over one billion users who use Facebook DAILY. With some help and knowledge, you could make sure some of those ‘likes’ are on content you have posted. In case you haven’t already checked out this post, may I suggest it to you? > 4 Guaranteed Ways to Make Facebook Work Better For You

Social media marketing is the art of using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networking sites to boost awareness of your business or brand. When used in the right way, these sites could mean the difference between a successful online presence for your business, and a not-so-successful one. When you are successful, you are profitable. It just makes sense really.


What is Social Media Marketing?


What is social media marketing? A great way of promoting your business or blog, if you play your cards right.

To find out if social media marketing could work for your business, get in touch. (Tip: It will, you just need to find the right strategy.) I’m not just a writer / blogger, I’m a social media whizz-kid too! Plus I’d love to help. It’s what I do.

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