#ShoesoftheDay: Custom Bee Trainers

Custom Bee Trainers 3


I love fashion. In fact, I’m not sure that’s quite the right way to say it. I love fashion when it really stands out. Labels I love include Moschino and Irregular Choice, which I think says a lot about me and my style. The more bright and outstanding my outfit is, the better. I’m a big fan of people pointing and staring because I like to look different and unique. The more people who ask me, “Where did you get that?!”, the better.


I like it when people appreciate my style, y’know.


One thing I love more than anything else is a good pair of stand-out shoes. I’m a big fan of custom shoes — bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces preferably, but they’re expensive. Sadly, I have rent to pay. That’s not to say I don’t own a bazillion pairs of shoes, some of which I’ve never worn. Some of them aren’t even in the right size, I just bought them because they were damn fabulous and I knew I would just look at them rather than wear them anyway.

These shoes are not a pair of never-worn shoes. I’ve worn these little beauties quite a lot actually. These shoes ARE custom, one-of-a-kind pieces. And, what makes them even better … ?

They were free.


Custom Bee Trainers 2


I’m so lucky!


I happen to know a nice chap — Stephen Verne Artist — who hand-paints trainers and other footwear. The weird and wonderful mix of designs I’ve watched him create has been fabulous. These bee ones were the first pair of shoes he created for me, and it’s because I have a bee-themed nickname. I have a bee tattoo. I have a bee purse, bee handbag, bee earrings, bee ring, bee watch, and now, bee shoes.


Custom Bee Trainers 6


Yup, I love bees. I’m deathly afraid of the buzzy little buggers, but I love ‘em. And, in my defence, it’s not actually bees that I’m afraid of because I know they probably won’t sting me. It’s wasps I’m afraid of, but in the midst of a yellow-and-black induced hissy fit, I can’t work out the difference. And I don’t wear my glasses enough. Sometimes I freak out over bits of fluff that I think looks like a bee. It’s a problem. I’m trying to overcome it. I have Googled, “How to get over a fear of bees” a hundred times or more.

If you have any advice, chuck it in the space for comments below this post. Or, get in touch via social media. My bee and wasp phobia really affects my summers.

I talk too much, and not about the thing I’m meant to be talking about either.


The shoes. Let’s get back to the shoes.


Custom Bee Trainers 4


So, I love bees. I won’t ever kill a bee. I like to think that I help bees, even going as far as popping a spoonful of sugar-water down next to one that looks as if it might be on its last legs, just to see if it’ll help because I once read that you should do that on Facebook one time. My love of bees led to the artist creating me a pair of bee-themed shoes and I honestly think they might be the coolest pair of shoes I own.

I really love Converse-style footwear. These aren’t *actual* Converse shoes, just white, hi-tops (from Primark, I’m pretty sure), but they’ve held it together very well. I’ve been walking all around in these, in the rain, on pebble-beaches, and even on dry and wet sand too. I was actually a little worried that some of the might crack in the natural curvature of the shoes around my feet, but that didn’t happen either.


How do I wear my custom bee trainers?


Custom Bee Trainers 5


Well, I love wearing them with mum-style jeans that I’m pretty sure I bought from New Look and then ripped the hell out of by accident. Has anyone ever managed to put on a pair of jeans that have holes in *without* putting their damn leg through the holes and making them much bigger?!

I also love wearing my custom bee trainers with a cute denim skirt and a simple white tee for the summer. Oh, for the record, these look utterly adorable with frilly white socks on too. The lace frills just peek over the top of the shoe. I love that. So cute. Too cute!


Custom Bee Trainers


Anyway, I just wanted to talk about my custom bee trainers. They’re a little work of art! I think so, anyway.


If you want to check out Stephen Verne Artist yourself, you’ll find him in the following places:





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