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Hey folks! What’s going on?

Have you been blogging lately? If you have, please feel free to throw your links in the space for comments below this blog post. I would love to read them. I let things slip for a while, but I’m back to reading and commenting on other people’s blog posts. Do you want to know why? Because commenting on other people’s blog posts (and having other people comment on yours) is important for blog growth. That’s why. 

We’re not talking about blog growth right now, though. We’re going to talk about search engine optimisation for your blog, which in turn will lead to blog growth. 


When your blog is search engine optimised, pages from your blog will be shown higher up in the Google search results. 


I would like to offer you an example. 

Type in “Pinterest copyright email” into Google. 

My little blog is the third website down — the first non-Pinterest website. 


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** I found out about this today and haven’t stopped dancing for joy since. Getting to the first page of Google isn’t easy with some niches, and if you manage it yourself, definitely give yourself a giant pat on the back. Well done you. You’ve just earned yourself the equivalent of an A* in blogging. 


That third-place Google result can be attributed to a few things, including: 

  1. Using keywords in the appropriate places. 
  2. Paying attention to readability. 
  3. Using the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. 


Let’s focus our attention on the first one right now — using keywords in the appropriate places. 

I’ve written a number of blog posts on how you can better search engine optimise your blog using keywords, but I’ll give you the short version of one of them right now. Using keywords in the appropriate places means – in the title, in headings and subheadings, in the first paragraph of your content, in the meta description, and in the image description or alt-tag. 


Fancy checking out my other posts on how to optimise your blog for search engines? 


SEO Your Blog Images With This One Simple Step

All blog posts need images. They help to paint more of a picture, and can even be used to prove a point or better show what you’re trying to explain. Good, bright, and eye-catching images do much more than that, though; they also give you a way to brighten up an otherwise dull page full of text. 


But wait…

That’s not all that the images in your blog post can do. 


They can also help you to boost SEO for your blog. It takes just a couple of steps. 


  • One – rename the image with your target keyword. 


SEO Your Blog Images 2a



  • Two – change the “Title” of the image with the same target keyword when you upload it to WordPress. 



  • Three – change the “Alt-Text” [also known as alt-tag] of the image with the same target keyword at the same time as step two. (Shown above.)


By adding this information to these places, you’re giving Google a “helping hand”. You’re telling it exactly what is in your post, spelling it out for the search engine — making it easy for them to feature you higher up in the search results.


If you have more than one image, number them, like this: 

  • SEO Your Blog Images 1.jpg
  • SEO Your Blog Images 2.jpg
  • SEO Your Blog Images 3.jpg
  • SEO Your Blog Images 4.jpg


Google pays a lot more attention to images than it did a few years back …

… and that’s why it is important to focus some attention on yours before, during, and after you’ve popped them into the blog post. As well as renaming your images in the way I’ve described here, I also recommend having a little look at the Smush plugin for WordPress. It’ll help to reduce image size without sacrificing quality.


Here’s a helpful blog post from Yoast [a WordPress plugin that I highly recommend for blog post SEO] > Image SEO: Optimizing images for search engines. 


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I hope you found this blog post helpful today, but please get in touch if you have other social media or bloggy-related questions. I’d love to help you out! 

Have a fab day! 


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