My Pinterest Marketing Strategy — The 6K to 300K MUV Update

My Pinterest Marketing Strategy Update


I feel like a Pinterest update is massively overdue, how about you? 

It’s been too long since I last let you know how my little Pinterest marketing strategy is coming along. In reality, it’s not really much of a strategy. It went a little bit like this: 


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First, I fixed my Pinterest account so that it was a business one, had the right profile information filled in, and had a decent picture of moi. That’s something I talk about a lot more in >>> Pinterest Marketing Strategy – Step 1: Ready, Set, Go!



I then made sure my board names made sense, weren’t “cute”, and had custom covers. To be fair, the custom covers bit has slipped because I’ve created new boards and not given the new ones covers yet, but I’m on it. I’m actually not the biggest fan of the custom board covers I have now … I know, I know, they’ve not been there that long. It’s cool for a gal to change her mind. The custom-cover change is on the to-do list. I’ll let you know when I’ve done it. 


Pinterest Marketing Strategy – Step 1: Ready, Set, Go!



After that, I created Pinterest Pins for blog posts that I thought might be popular on Pinterest. I took a look at other blogging/social media-related accounts, saw what was working well, and then tried to implement those key things in my Pins. I mostly played around with different styles, sizes, and designs, figuring out what worked for me and my blog.

Initially, I worked with Canva, but I’ve since gone on to discover Easil AND pay for the ‘Plus’ upgrade, which is $7.50 per month.


Pinterest Marketing Update 2 



I was already using Tailwind for client stuff, so I figured I might try it out for my own blog stuff, too. It was the best decision I’ve made for my blog so far, and Pinterest is now usually the number one or number two driver of traffic to my blog daily. It toggles between Pinterest and Google/search engines. (That’ll be all the SEO stuff! 😉)


I have between 20 and 30 ‘spaces’ in Tailwind per day, and I slot in Pins so that they publish automatically. I tried to pin/repin 20-30 times per day manually and found it absolutely impossible! There just aren’t enough hours in my day to do that all day, every day. Having Tailwind also makes it easier for me to keep to the rainbow colour theme I’ve got going on with my Pinterest account right now. I don’t know if it makes a difference really, but I kinda like it. 


When I have a few moments on my hands (such as, on the loo, in the bath, waiting for a bus, waiting endlessly for the microwave to beep, etc.), I simply trawl through Pinterest and “send” Pins I like the look of and will fit in with my rainbow colour scheme to Tailwind. (Like you’re sharing via message, etc. to a friend, but to the Tailwind app instead.) This saves the Pin for later on when I’m ready to batch-schedule the next load of stuff.


Smart, right? 


I talk about this more in >>> Pinterest Marketing Strategy – Step 5: Sassy, Smug & Scheduled.


Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


Make sure you’re checking the Pins you save for later or repin to your account. I got myself into a little bit of trouble with Pinterest recently, and you can read all about it here >>> The Pinterest Copyright Complaint Email I Didn’t See Coming.

And yes, I did and still do repin other people’s content on Pinterest. I tried to avoid sharing the same kinda stuff that I’d already blogged about or that was coming up soon. I want to send people to MY blog after all. Repinning something that potentially takes traffic away from MY blog is counterproductive. 


I talk about repinning and how to do it the smart way here >>> Should You Repin Other People’s Content on Pinterest?



In the process of working out my own Pinterest marketing strategy, I learned a few tricks that I want to shout from the rooftops. One of them is this >>> The 2-Minute Pinterest Tip That’ll Boost Blog SEO. (You’re going to want to read it, I promise.)


I also inserted “hidden” Pinterest images where they wouldn’t have looked good visible within the blog post.  And then I created a little guide for you lovely lot so you could do it too >>> How to Hide Pinterest Images in a Blog Post.


And that’s pretty much where I’m at.



On October 11th, I published an Instagram post that discussed my Pinterest progress from 6,000 MUV (monthly unique viewers) to 117,000. 

On November 3rd, I started a blog post that I never finished, talking about reaching 251,000 MUV. 

Today, December 4th, I’m on 315,000 MUV and 6,700 monthly engaged. I have 301 followers. (Followers aren’t *that* important on Pinterest.) 


My original goal was to reach 150,000 MUV, but I surpassed that much quicker than I thought. I’ve essentially gone from 6,000 MUV in September (ish) to 515,000 MUV in December. That’s an increase of roughly 100,000 each month. I’m quite happy with that, but I still want the number to rise. 




That “monthly engaged” bit upsets me a tad. 6.7k engaged out of 315k isn’t bad, but it could be a truckload better and that’s what I’m aiming for. Only 2.13% of my unique viewers are engaging with me — repinning, clicking through to my blog, etc. It’s time for me to play around and try to increase that 2%, and I’ll keep you updated with my progress in future Pinterest marketing strategy updates.

I’m also starting to pay attention to hashtags and descriptions a lot more. I’ve tried a weird and wonderful mix of hashtags on Pinterest over the last few weeks, and some of them have been pretty good … while some of them have been totally useless. It’s an experiment … I’ll let you know my findings in blog posts coming soon.



I hope I’ve helped you with your Pinterest marketing strategy today, but I’d love to know your updates if you’ve tried any of my tips and hacks. Have you noted an increase in monthly unique viewers? Has your ‘monthly engaged’ gone up? Let me know, leave your comments below!


Have a fab day, folks.

Thanks so much for reading! 


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