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I was on Pinterest the other day and I came across a really amazing blog post about new hashtags that were proving popular on Instagram. The post was very well written, contained humorous elements that had me chortling away to myself, had a wonderful array of images, and I was left wanting more — I wanted to read more. 

I took a look at the blog and found various different posts, some about beauty regimes and latest beauty loves, a few fashion blogs, some food-based items … I couldn’t easily find anything else about social media — new hashtags, Instagram information, that kind of thing. It was disappointing. That one blog post I read was so informative, I was so sure I could have learned more. 

Sadly, because I couldn’t find anything else that was relative to what I’d landed on the first time, I didn’t stick around. I went back to pinning on Pinterest again and forgot all about that almost-brilliant website. 

Do you know how that scenario could have been entirely different? 


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If the blogger had included links to her other blog posts that were relative to the one I’d landed on, I would have clicked and read more of them. I would have scheduled a few of the pins on Tailwind and shared the blogs on Twitter/Facebook. I would have followed her/the blog/social media too. 

To make things even more ironic, just this morning I came across that exact same blog again, this time through a different blog post and Pinterest pin. I learned that the blog contained hundreds of other articles that I would have lapped up the first time around but couldn’t find. 

I ALMOST missed everything that blogger had to offer, just because further information wasn’t readily available. She ALMOST lost me as a loyal follower, reader, whatever. She probably wouldn’t have missed my presence, but that’s not the point. 

What’s the moral of my little story? 






▪️potential new followers




▪️follow you on Pinterest

▪️follow you on other social media platforms

▪️subscribe to your blog

▪️read other blog posts that are similar/relevant to the one just landed on


The easier you make it for people like me to find what they don’t even know they’re looking for yet, the more successful your blog will be. You don’t need to be a mindreader; you just need to have all of your bases covered. 


Here are a few of those bases: 

Include links to your other blog posts. I’m talking about Pinterest marketing in this one, so other blog posts that someone landing on this page might find interesting are: 


Make the links bold and a different colour to the rest of the text — eye-catching, bright, obvious, begging to be clicked on … 

Now, wait for your readers to start clicking on them. 

I promise you that one single change alone will make a difference. If someone clicks on your website or blog because they want to learn more, they really do want to learn more. Just ONE blog post isn’t going to be enough to satisfy them, and that’s a great thing! Leaving a reader wanting more is what all bloggers want — they want people to stick around, learn more, read more, follow … 

That’s kinda the point. 

Take a look at your recent blog posts. How are they doing? Could your traffic do with a little boost? Perhaps they’re not working quite as well as you might have hoped? 

I have an idea … (Pinterest Marketing Strategy)


Pinterest Marketing 3


Find one blog post that isn’t quite performing as well as you’d like it to. Go back to Pinterest Marketing Strategy – Step 1: Ready, Set, Go and follow the tips and advice given. Then move on to step two, three, and here  step four, obviously. 

(Do you see what I did there? I made it easy for you — the reader — to find other, relevant blog posts that could also help.) 

When you’re done with step one, add links to other blog posts you’ve written that talk about a similar, relevant topic. 

If you have a lot of other blog post links, add a few new links now and then go back in a few weeks or months and change those links out for new ones. Keeping your content relevant is just as important as publishing the content in the first place. Switch out poor-performing links for different ones — ones that might perform better in the same way that you would update stats, information, photos, etc. (If you’re not doing this, you should be.)

People don’t want to go hunting around and clicking a lot of different buttons to find what they’re looking for. They want it to be easy. I want it to be easy. I want to be able to follow you easily if I like what you’re saying. I’m going to want to read more, whether that means subscribing to your blog, following you on social media, or pinning your blog posts to my feed. 

The easier you make it for readers to read or interact more, the better. 

Try it and let me know how you get on … I bet it makes a difference.

There are Pinterest-worthy images hidden on this page. You’ll find them by pressing ⤵️

You can find out how to do this here > How to Hide Pinterest Images in a Blog Post

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