Pinterest Marketing Strategy – Step 2: Making Your Blog Posts Pinterest-Worthy

Pinterest Marketing Strategy 2-2
Pinterest Marketing Strategy-2


Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest … We’re all talking about it. Bloggers are talking about it. Small businesses are talking about it. Even the bigger brands and businesses are talking about it. 


But why? 


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but engagement on sites like Instagram and Facebook is down. I’m definitely getting far fewer ‘likes’ on my Instagram snaps that I received just a year ago. My Facebook engagement has gone down to almost nothing for my vaping website’s social media page. You can’t run ads on accounts that have anything to do with vaping because of the tobacco connection, so growing that particular page on Facebook has been virtually impossible. Not entirely impossible, but not far off. 

Twitter … Well, Twitter is pretty much the same as it has always been. My followers are growing at a relatively steady pace, the engagement I receive fluctuates, but most posts do pretty well. I schedule them at specific times to make sure they get the best results, and I’ve worked out what works for me and that platform, but only for right now. I’m not growing as fast as I was just a few months ago, so it’s time that I upped my game and changed my strategy. 

Pinterest, though; that’s where all the action is right now.

Pinterest is an untapped resource of steady traffic, especially if you play your cards right. The first card you need to play, however, is ensuring that your blog is actually optimised for Pinterest marketing. 

It’s easier than you’d think … 


Pinterest Marketing Strategy 2-4


Create Pinterest-Worthy Blog Posts 

Before you start a new Pinterest marketing strategy, you should make sure that your posts are actually ready for Pinterest. Take it one post at a time — edit it so that it is Pinterest-worthy, create pinnable images (ones that have been proven to work best on the social platform), and then start pinning. 


It’ll take a little bit of time, but it will be worth it. Here are a few places to start: 


💥 List It

List-style blog posts are perfect for sharing on Pinterest. People go on Pinterest to look at the pretty pictures, and if one of those pretty pictures is pretty or interesting enough, they might just end up on the blog or website behind it. If that link takes them to a website that is filled with text, there’s a good chance they won’t stick around to read it. 

They came for the pretty pictures, they’ll stay for the pretty pictures. That’s why they’re on Pinterest in the first place. 

Blog posts that are list-based, easy to read, with great images and lots of white text/blank spaces have shown to do very well when shared on Pinterest. If you have older blog posts that aren’t doing very well in the ol’ traffic department, give them a new lease of life. Change them up, turn them into list-based posts, and then have another shot at sharing them on Pinterest. 

I talk about using lists (and other tips for a beautiful blog) more in 15 Ways to Make Your Blog Better. 

💥 Images, Images

Images are SUPER important for your blog and they’re also SUPER important for your social media strategy. A great image is going to attract the attention of potential readers much more than a dull picture, or a picture they may have already seen a hundred, thousand times over. 


Pinterest Marketing Strategy 2-3


If you need a hand in the picture department, don’t be afraid to fall back on stock photos. Yes, there’s a chance that someone else will also feature the same image, but there are ways that you can play around with filters, sharpness, colours, grains, and even frames to make the image look more suitable for your blog and different from anyone else’s. 

The image on the left is the original, downloaded from a stock photo website. The second image, on the right, is the one that I spent a minute or so editing, using the Lightroom app to change the grain and add a pinky hue. You can easily “reuse” your own images by changing them up, making them appear different from the original, and you can also take the same approach to stock photos, making them different to what every other blogger is using right now.

I talk about using stock photos and where to find them in 5 Great Places to Find Free Stock Images for Bloggers. 


I also read a couple of really great blog posts about improving your images for blogs and social media. You can find those here: 

💥 Pinnable Images

You might have images on your blog, but do you have pinnable images on your blog? 

Portrait images work better than landscape ones on Pinterest, but the opposite is usually true for a blog. There’s a way around this though; you can ‘hide’ pinnable images (long, rectangular ones) in your blog post. This makes them available when the ‘Pin it’ button is pushed, but without the need for them to ‘ruin’ the beautiful aesthetics of your blog. 



There’s a Pinnable image hidden in this blog post. If you click on the ‘Save’ button to pin it to your Pinterest account, you’ll see it. Smart, right? 

Find out how to hide images on your blog here: 

If your blog posts aren’t pin-worthy before you start the big Pinterest marketing strategy, you’ll find that it doesn’t matter how many times you pin, or at what times, or into which board, you just won’t seem to get anywhere. (I learned this the hard way … a few times.) 



Pinterest is a social media platform that is based on imagery. Get your blog posts to match and you’ll find that your new strategy works fabulously. 

Thanks so much for reading today. Don’t forget to come back and keep your eyes peeled for the next step. The prep work is super important when you’re putting a new marketing strategy in place. Take an hour or so today to Pinterest-fix a couple of your older blog posts — evergreen ones that aren’t time or event specific — and you’ll see results.  

Don’t believe me? I’m using my own tips on my own brand new Pinterest to prove the point. What is it they say? Put your money where your mouth is?


The featured image for this blog post was found on Pexels – a great website for free stock photographs for bloggers. 

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