New Things You Can Do With Old Blog Posts: A Roundup

New Things You Can Do With Old Blog Posts
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New Things You Can Do With Old Blog Posts
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How many posts do you have on your blog? If you’ve been blogging for a little while now, I bet you’ve got quite a few hidden away in the archives. Some of them are probably really awesome blog posts that just aren’t getting the love and adoration they deserve. We’re about to change all that, by looking at new things you can do with old blog posts.


Yeah, you love the vibes we bring for you, ROUND UP

(In the words of Rizzle Kicks.)


In The Big Pinterest Marketing Strategy, I covered a lot of different things in a lot of different blog posts. As I was tapping away, I realised that I had created a “guide” of sorts, one step after another, and that the entire thing would work well TOGETHER. Not in one blog post, of course. It would be far too long for that.


But there is something else that I could create …


A “roundup” style post of all the topics I’ve already covered — a table of contents, so to speak.


New Things You Can Do With Old Blog Posts: A Roundup 


A roundup post is one blog post that serves as a list to the other posts on your blog.

By directing people to that one roundup blog post, they can easily find the specific topics they’d like to read more about, all the while ignoring blog posts that aren’t relevant to them. If someone has already given their Pinterest boards custom covers, they won’t want to read the blog post that tells them to create and upload custom covers. They’ll want to skip that section and head straight for the next one. With a roundup post, they can do just that without having to read a bunch of posts they’re not interested in first.

It’s a time-saving trick for your readers.


Although I’m not quite done with my Pinterest marketing strategy (+ blog posts) yet, once I have published them, I’ll create one final blog post that brings them all together, and that also includes older blog posts.


It’ll go something along the lines of:



Title: The Successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy That Saw Me Grow From 2K to 74K Unique Monthly Impressions In Just 2.5 Months

Keyword: successful Pinterest marketing strategy

Brief introductionan overview of what we’re about to cover, what we’re hoping to achieve, and how long it will take to work through this blog post and/or the entire marketing strategy as a whole.

HeadingBreaking Down My Successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy

A little bit of text or an image?

Sub-heading: Pinterest Marketing Strategy – Step 1: Ready, Set, Go!

What the blog post covers + link.

For example :- Getting your Pinterest account ready to use as a promotional platform, making sure all relevant fields are filled in correctly and that you have the correct account type.

Sub-heading: Pinterest Marketing Strategy – Step 2: Making Your Blog Posts Pinterest-Worthy

What the blog post covers + link.

Sub-heading: How to Hide Pinterest Images in a Blog Post

What the blog post covers + link.

etc., etc.



By doing this …

I’m getting one additional blog post on top of what I’ve already published.

The roundup post will also direct traffic to older, lesser-viewed posts. This is more so the case if you have a lot more traffic now than you did when you originally published the earlier posts.

This exercise not only gives you an excuse to revamp older blog post but actually forces you to do it. You won’t want to send traffic to a post that has broken links, incorrect stats and figures, or bad photos. Before you press publish on your roundup blog post, check the other blog posts you’ve linked to.


  • Do all links work?
  • Are the images okay or can you replace them with better ones?
  • If you can’t replace the images, can you edit the original images to make them brighter/sharper/more in-tune with your theme?
  • Do you have other, relevant blog posts that you can link to, from that old post?
  • Have you added a social media widget or link?
  • Do you have an ad on that page? (If you use them.)
  • Could you add an affiliate link for a product or service you discuss?
  • Do you need to add an affiliate-honesty/disclosure statement on the older blog post?
  • Have you given the older blog post the correct tags and categories?
  • Can you add the older blog post to a slider or similar on the front page?
  • How readable is the older blog post? (If you use Yoast)
  • Is your SEO on point for that blog post? (Again, if you use Yoast)
  • Have you proofread it? Previewed it?
  • Do you need to create Pinterest pins for that older blog post?


It sounds like a lot of work, especially when you need to go through that process with multiple posts, but it’s worth it. The new Pinterest pin for that old blog post *might* go viral! Listen: you won’t know until you try, will you?


Another Roundup Blog Post Example:

I’m a vaper and I review eliquid flavours on I have SO MANY strawberry-based eliquid flavour reviews on my website, I’m going to create a roundup-style blog post linking to them all, listing them under different categories. There’d be the ones I love, the ones I’m not that bothered about, and the ones I really didn’t like. Perhaps I’ll have a category of most/least expensive options, and maybe different vaping “types” too, such as sub-ohm vaping or mouth-to-lung vaping.

I’m directing traffic to older blog posts, hitting a new “strawberry eliquid” based keyword, and I’m helping my readers out at the same time. If they’re on the hunt for a strawberry eliquid flavour (or my views on it), they’ll be able to find them all in one place, rather than searching and clicking on a bunch of individual posts, one at a time. With a brief snippet accompanying it, they can even see whether or not I hated or rated the flavour, preventing them from wasting their time.


Other Roundup Blog Post Ideas:

Are you a beauty blogger? How about a roundup post that covers all the red lipsticks you talk about? The title could be: “My Best & Worst Red Lipsticks Ever” and you could link to old blog posts that talk about red lipsticks you loved, red lipsticks you hated, and any other posts that discuss red lipstick: how to overline it, looks you’ve created using it, other ways of wearing it (as eyeliner, eyeshadow, blusher, etc.), and more.


Maybe you’re a fashion blogger? Find all posts or images in which you wear the same item of clothing, such as, the same black Converse trainers. (I’m just using them as an example because I wear my Converse trainers a lot.) You could link to each new outfit you’ve put together using those trainers, under the blog post title: “How I Wear My Black Converse Trainers — 3 Looks You Can Totally Rock”


Perhaps you’re a lifestyle blogger? You must have similar blog posts when you take a peek through your archives? Maybe you use the same decorational pieces on different Halloween or Christmas posts? Or the same one blog prop in every photo you take? Maybe there’s a whole bunch of self-care advice that you think you would work well all together? You’ve got yourself a series there. “All the Self-Care I Wish I Could’ve Given Myself” with links to all the posts you’re talking about? It’s just a suggestion.


As a final note …

The blog post you’re reading right now is going to end up being one of many that is shared as part of a roundup blog post — brand new things you can do with old blog posts. In case you were interested, this is the first one in the series:




If you create a roundup-style blog post as a result of reading this today, please, please, please come back and let me know all about it. I want to read it! I’d quite like to show it off as an example *right here* too … if you’ll let me, of course.


Thanks so much for reading today! I hope you have a great day of blogging.


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  1. Samantha

    I’d not really thought of a blog post roundup. What a good idea to recycle old posts. I might have to do one! I’ve spent time going over old posts and adding in links, headers and fine tuning for SEO as I didn’t have a clue when I started two years ago. Thanks for your fab tips!

    Samantha x

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