Moschino Fresh Couture Review

Moschino Fresh Couture Review


Have you ever found a fragrance that just made you feel happy when you wear it?

A perfume that instantly lifts your mood and your spirits on even the grumpiest of days? That’s how I feel when I wear this perfume: Moschino Fresh Couture.


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I’m super picky when it comes to fragrances, and I veto so many of them for smelling cheap, tacky, or too celebrity-like, but this one has been a steady staple in my perfume cabinet for a while now. I think it’s about time I told you all about it, in this Moschino Fresh Couture review. 

(I’ve also used my current bottle right up and I’m pining a little bit. Time to buy some more!)


I haven’t worn Moschino fragrances since I was in secondary school, and I’m pretty sure it was Cheap and Chic that originally won me over. I never did re-stock the bottle when it ran out, though. Back then, Versace Red Jeans won the daily perfume battle. I would bathe in that stuff before heading off to school. I was probably responsible for 95% of all migraines suffered there. 


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I’ll be honest and admit that the actual bottle of Jeremy Scott’s second 2015-2016 perfume for the designer name won me over initially. I like things that look cool or quirky, and that’s actually a massive factor driving most of my fragrance purchases. Unless the bottle looks interesting or unique (for blog photo purposes, obviously), I probably won’t ask to smell it at the perfume counter. Unless a boring-bottled perfume is personally recommended to me or I smell it on one of those freebie samples in magazines, there’s a good chance I won’t ever give it a chance. 

A classic example of this comes in the form of the Saint and Sinner range, by Kat Von D.  I wasn’t overly enthralled by the bottles, they didn’t jump out at me once I’d hit the perfume counter, and I never once thought to try them. It wasn’t until Glamour’s Beauty Club sent me free samples of both that I realised exactly how delightful they were. I’d have missed them entirely if it hadn’t been for those free samples, and now, I’m a repeat purchaser. 


If you were to ask me to describe Moschino Fresh Couture in three words, I’d use these — 






Fresh Couture is a crisp and clean scent and one that I find easy to wear every day. It’s not the kind of thing that I would wear to a “nice” or formal event, though. I’d say it was a bit too clean and crisp for that. 


I’d definitely call it refreshingly fruity, with apple scents that shine through for me. There are tinges of floral notes in there — it’s peony-esque. And it’s a fun and fresh fragrance too. More “young”, light and airy than thick, “mature”, and sophisticated … Does that make sense?


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One of the reasons I love Moschino Fresh Couture is the fact that it lasts all day. It’s pretty strong and powerful when you first apply it, but it fades down nicely into a fragrance that just kinda mists around behind you as you walk. It’s not overpowering or migraine-inducing, but it does have impressive staying power, especially as this is an eau de toilette rather than eau de parfum. A 100ml bottle does last me a while. Not long enough (because I wish I had a constant supply of this stuff), but enough to get my money’s worth. 



Moschino Fresh Couture is a fragrance that I’ve had pretty much constantly since my first ever bottle, three or four years ago. I always buy a new bottle as soon as my current one runs out, and it’s an easy one for family and friends to buy for me as a gift, for Christmas/birthdays/etc. 


As a final thought, I would like to try the newer, Pink Fresh Couture version. Have you tried it yet? What did you think?


As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my thoughts on this fragrance today. Let me know if you’ve given this one for a test drive yourself, and what you thought of it. Did you like it? Would you buy it again? 


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What fragrance are YOU wearing today? 


Thanks for stopping by and reading today. Feel free to leave your comments in the box below. I’d love to know what you think.


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