Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Review

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Review 1


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I’ve never been much of a baker, in any sense of the word. I’m no good at baking cakes in the kitchen, and I’m no good at baking my face in the mirror. I think that’s because I’ve chosen completely the wrong powder products for my face my entire life, but I’m not a makeup artist; I don’t know these things. Mostly, I just guess.

(And get it wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.) 


My powder history includes an Avon product, a Collection 2000 product, and a couple of Maybelline and Rimmel products, purchased from local Superdrug or Boots stores. I usually opt for quite a pale shade. Not the palest, because I’m not quite ghostly white. One or two from the lightest shade. In my head, I’ll end up with an “English rose” complexion. In reality, I end up looking a tad yellow. A bit Simpson-esque. Once, during the Collection 2000 powder phase, my mother even asked me if I was ill. 

Yup, that’s absolutely the look I was going for. Cheers, Mum. 


Anyway, so, that’s the story of why I always avoid using powder when doing my makeup, and why my makeup never lasts all day/slides down my face/shines like a muther-truckin’ diamond. (And not in a good way.)


Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Review 2


Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Review 

I actually wasn’t going to write a review on this makeup product, because I only had a dinky 3.5g tub. It was a sample from somewhere. I can’t remember where. Can you really give a review after using such a tiny amount of product? I don’t know, but I do feel like it deserves a few words. 

For once, the product actually DOES live up to the hype. 



I’d heard all about this powder before I had the chance to try it for myself, and I think that kinda put me off a little. I’ve been sucked in by the Instagram-hype of products before, particularly expensive ones, and then been left very disappointed with the experience I had with them. Mascara, for example, disappoints me more often than not. I can say the same for concealer. I suffer from terrible dark circles around my eyes, and I’m desperately trying to find something that doesn’t cost the earth, actually works well, and is preferably cruelty-free. 


Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Review 4



Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder is NOT a vegan brand, but it IS an animal-testing-free one. As far as I’m aware (although feel free to correct me if you know otherwise), Laura Mercier is NOT sold in China or other countries where it is required by law to test on animals. 



I don’t really wear a whole load of makeup these days, so when I invest money in beauty products, I want to know that they’re going to serve me well. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder is £30 for a 29g pot, which is a lot, but not the most expensive powder product on the market. 

Had I NOT been sent a sample of this powder, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. 

Now that I HAVE been sent a sample of this powder and tried it for myself, I 100% would buy again. 




Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Review 3


Firstly …

This powder didn’t leave me a funky shade of yellow. That’s a big plus in my eyes, and quite remarkable when you consider there are only two shades — Translucent and Translucent Medium Deep. Imaginative names, there … 👌🏻 

I had a sample of Translucent, just in case that wasn’t obvious. 


Secondly …

This powder didn’t leave me looking like I’d tried to bake an actual loaf of bread on my face. You know when you’re making dough and it gets to that point where the top layer of it splits and creases? That’s kinda how most other powders have gone on my face. I’ve tried different primer + foundation combinations with them, and even various methods of applying the powder to my skin, but somehow, as if I’m cursed, the product does the same thing — it curdles on my face. And that’s literally the only way I can think to describe it. As you can imagine, it’s quite an attractive look. [Sarcasm.]

But this doesn’t happen with the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder! I had NONE of that curdly-crap. In fact, it sat on my face really well, and I think it lasts a fairly decent amount of time. It’s not completely all-day-proof, but close enough for me to warrant spending £30 on a tub of it. 


Thirdly … 

You don’t need to use a whole load of the product. All it takes is a quick dunk with a beauty blender, a quick push onto the face, and a quick brushing-off afterwards, with a light n’ fluffy brush. Good to go … for most of the day. My diddy little 3.5g tub lasted WAY LONGER than anticipated. I’m still using it. Not bad for a wee freebie sample.  


Fourthly …

The powder itself is very lightweight. I don’t think it feels like my skin is slowly suffocating when I wear it, and my personal favourite way of wearing it right now (because I’m giving my poor skin a much-needed cakey break) is lightly dusted over the top of a tinted moisturiser, or with my regular foundation mixed with moisturiser. It looks finished, without being too finished. Perfect for when I haven’t given myself enough time to get ready … which is pretty much every time I leave the house. 


Fifthly … 

I love the way it leaves my skin feeling like velvet. It’s honestly a bit lovely. And it doesn’t accentuate the wrinkles and creases around my eyes. And it doesn’t smell like a bottle of talcum powder. I HATE it when my beauty products smell really strong. How about you? 


Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Review 5



So, yeah, I really like this powder. It does everything I want it to do, doesn’t stink, doesn’t leave me looking like some kind of Great British Bake Off contestant, and isn’t overly expensive. It’s not exactly a high street cheapie, but I do think that it offers pretty good value for money. I’m definitely a fan! 


You can find Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder at Cult Beauty for £30 right here


Have you tried any Laura Mercier products? What do you like/not like? And what’s your favourite setting powder? 

Have a fab day! xo 




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  1. This sounds like a lovely product. I’m yet to try anythign from Laura Mecier, but I do hear good things! I recently bought a Too Faced setting powder which i’m pleased with so far. Like you say, some give an odd sallow look to the skin which allmost appears yellow. None of that please! I’ll look out for this one for next time. x

    Samantha |

    1. ukwordgirl

      Ooooh, I’ll take a look at the Too Faced ones, thanks for the recommendation! I actually loved how my skin felt with this Laura Mercier powder. Super soft and velvety! 🙂

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