My Latest Hot Beauty Find: SportFX Time Out Face Mist and Fix Review

SportFX Time Out Face Mist and Fix Review 1


I was sent this absolute treat in a beauty box (I’m sure). Like many other products I get in beauty boxes, I threw it in the back of my makeup drawer and forgot about it for a while. That was until my regular makeup setting spray had run out, I’d forgotten to add it to my shopping list, and I realised I was in danger of leaving the house and allowing my makeup to slide all down my face.

I honestly don’t know what I did with myself before primer and setting spray came along. I mean, I survived without it, but just a few hours without one of them these days, and it takes just a few moments before you can literally see my makeup melting all the way down my face. Looking a bit like a panda, there’s mascara around my eyes like some sort of weird war paint.


I’m a real treat for the eyes sometimes …


Anyway, moving away from my spud-ness, I decided to give this product a shot — the SportFX Time Out Face Mist and Fix.


SportFX Time Out Face Mist and Fix Review 2


SportFX is a beauty product and makeup range that appears to be sold by Sports Direct. I didn’t even realise they sold beauty products, so I was very surprised when I did some Googling and found it on that particular website. The aim of the brand is to create makeup that can be worn by those who actually enjoy working out. It’s probably wasted on someone like me. I *try* to workout regularly but I’m not very good at it. Some might even go as far as to say that I’m workout-shy … Or just lazy.


SportFX products are meant to be both sweat-proof and breathable, perfect for those high-stress situations. Not just suitable for the gym, in theory, it would be a great product to use during the summer when other setting sprays just don’t cut it. It would also, in theory, be a great product to take with you on your holidays too, especially if you’re going somewhere hot and tropical.

(Don’t tell me, I’ll only get jealous.)


SportFX Time Out Face Mist and Fix Review 


I was a tad confused at first. How can this product be a time-out face mist and a fix-it spray, all in one? I double-checked and that’s definitely what it means. I decided to use it both ways the very next time I put makeup on.

(I’m a blogger. I work from home. It took a few days.)


SportFX Time Out Face Mist and Fix Review 1


The idea is that you apply this stuff to your face after your workout, or so it says. The light misting helps to do a number of things, starting with controlling oil, which I guess is rather essential after a hot and sweaty workout. It “deflects surface shine” and is meant to leave your skin feeling refreshed and soft, as well as hydrated and moisturised.


Further reading reveals that there are anti-inflammatory properties, which I assume means it would be good for my puffy face first thing in the morning. It can also be used as a makeup setting spray.


Two products in one? I like it. Time-saving. Also: money saving.


A few more details you should know:

  • No mineral oils or petroleum 
  • Dermatologically tested
  • No parabens 

It doesn’t seem to say that it’s not tested on animals anywhere, so I would imagine this *is not* suitable for those who only want to use vegan beauty products.


But what did I think of it … ?


Let’s start with the refreshing face mist business. When you spray it on, it is cool and refreshing and it doesn’t smell bad either. I’m really particular when it comes to beauty product and makeup fragrances. I’m easily put off by something that smells a little funky, or even just too strong. This one is nice, light and refreshing.

☑️ A tick in the box to start with. We’re off to a winning start.


Did my skin feel soft and refreshed? I’m not sure I agree with soft, especially after just one or two uses, but it certainly made my skin feel refreshed. To be fair, squirting any kind of face mist over your skin is likely to be refreshing and hydrating for at least a few minutes …

☑️ Another tick in the box. It’s refreshing!


SportFX Time Out Face Mist and Fix Review 3


Moving on. 


Does it reduce shine? Yes! I actually agree with this.

☑️ Another tick.

Post-shower, I’m quite a shiny person. A light misting of this over my face and a few minutes waiting for it to dry, however, and I definitely agree that it helps to reduce some shine on your face. I would take a photo, but my post-shower face is not pretty and no amount of bright ring lights will help to change that.


Does it have any anti-inflammatory properties? I don’t really know. I don’t think I can say. I’m not the kinda girl who can roll out of bed and slap her makeup on, so by the time I get around to even thinking about opening my makeup drawer, my eyes have had plenty of time to de-puff, and I’ve also had enough time to drown myself in litres of coffee.

If it does have anti-inflammatory properties, I haven’t noticed it. I’ve been using this SportFX Time Out Face Mist and Fix as my pre-makeup and post-makeup product for the last couple of weeks now. I can’t say I’ve noticed any change to redness either.


Does it work as a makeup setting spray? I’m on the fence about this one, if I’m honest. I *haven’t* noticed any makeup melting as I go about my day after using this setting spray, but the ingredients don’t contain the usual culprits you’d find in other makeup setting sprays, such as dimethicones and glycols. In my opinion, it *DOES* work as a makeup setting spray, but I can’t really understand why. Maybe I just haven’t done anything sweaty enough? I certainly haven’t been to the gym wearing it …

*Although I am one of those girls who wear makeup to the gym. Have you seen how awful I look without makeup? I wouldn’t put other gym-goers through that. 


SportFX Time Out Face Mist and Fix Review – Conclusion 


I like the product, I can say that. I would more than likely buy it again too. It hasn’t shown me any reason to believe it wouldn’t work as a makeup setting spray, with the exception of not containing any of the regular ingredients. Although I can’t agree with the redness-relief and anti-inflammatory properties, I do like the way it reduces shine on my face, and I also love the way it feels and smells when you spray it.

As a final note, I feel I should mention that this SportFX Time Out Face Mist and Fix is just £5.99 for a 30 ml bottle. That makes it one of the economic makeup and beauty products I own! I tend to only use three or four mist-sprays at a time.


My star rating: 4/5 stars ⭐️

 Does *almost* everything it says on the tin. 


Find the SportFX Time Out Face Mist and Fix at Sports Direct


*I purchased this item as part of a beauty box. It was not sent to me for review.
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