Khaki Shirt and Black Jeans [A Casual TopShop OOTD]

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I’m in a casual kinda mood today, so I decided my OOTD (Outfit of the Day) should be this khaki shirt and black jeans combo. Mom-style jeans, if you want to get specific about it, which are, by far, the best style of jeans ever.

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Khaki Shirt & Black Jeans ~ A Casual TopShop OOTD

This whole outfit was originally made up of Topshop items, but some of them are no longer available on the website so I’ve gone ahead and added a few similar substitutions. 

Knot Front Shirt 

I’m a big fan of a knot-front shirt, mostly because I think they’re super flattering on my body type. [Hourglass, little waist, wide hips, busty.] The khaki-green version of this top doesn’t appear to be on the Topshop website now, but there are some very similar versions.

Khaki Tie Front Shirt Illustration

There’s a darker green-brown version [Khaki Knot Front Shirt, £22.99], as well as white and pink. I’ve just spotted a super cute leopard print knot-front shirt, too …

*adds to basket* 


Black Mom Jeans 

These jeans are the best thing to have come out of the last decade of fashion if you’re asking for my opinion. I loved the skinny jeans stage we all went through, but they weren’t exactly the most comfortable thing to wear, were they? I much prefer the comfier, slightly more relaxed mom-style jean, and they can be dressed up and down so easily. 

Black Mom Jeans & Khaki Shirt Illustration

These Washed Black Ripped Mom Tapered Jeans are currently on sale [Topshop], but pretty much everywhere is selling this style right now. There are more than 100 options on the ‘Mom Jeans’ category of Topshop’s website alone. 

Converse All Star Low Trainers

I love a pair of Converse trainers; high-top, low-top, it doesn’t matter, I’ll take them all. I’m making it my mission in life to own a pair of Converse for every occasion, and in every colour, so this one ticks the ‘green’ boxes for me quite nicely.

Khaki Converse Trainers Illustration

Sadly, I couldn’t find a specific link to this pair online, but Converse has a similar pair, in a khaki-green, leather finish, on sale — £39.99 down from £65. 


I’ve been in such a tortoiseshell mood lately, and I’ve found a whole bunch of amazing stuff on Etsy. Just in case you’ve never heard of the store before, it’s an online store for small(ish) business owners and creators to sell their wares — and you’ll find a heap of one-of-a-kind and really unique items, ranging from jewellery to furniture, clothing to gifts, and all sorts of other weird and wonderful things.

Khaki Shirt & Black Jeans Tortoise Shell Accessories Illustration  

All of the Topshop accessories in this OOTD are no longer available, but there are so many different substitutions on the Etsy website alone. (And you’ll also be supporting a small business. Give yourself a clap on the back for that!)

These Matte Gold Hoops with Resin Accents are really very cute, for example, and I’m also a very big fan of these Tortoise Shell Marble Terrazzo Moon Diamond Shape Geometric Acrylic Hoop Earrings. 

And if it’s a similar necklace to the one in my Topshop OOTD that you’re looking for, I reckon you’ll love this one: Tortoise Shell Minimalist Triangle Necklace [£12].

Originally from Topshop but -again- no longer available, ASOS has an absolutely AMAZING replacement: Skinnydip Mina Tort Clutch Bag in Tortoiseshell — £32, down from £50. I’m basically obsessed with this Skinnydip bag. 

And for the glasses; well, it’s got to be Ray-Bans, right? That’s always going to be my favourite brand of sunglasses. For this particular look, I’m recommending Clubround Classic [£140], available in 4 different colours — and you can even get them customised for your prescription too. 

If you feel inspired by my outfit ideas today, please tell me all about it! Create your own look — khaki shirt and black jeans — and then share the link with me (via comment/email/social media) so I can add it to this post. Please and thank you!

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