A Guide to Instagram Story Mockups

Instagram Story Mockups

Do you want to know about a really great feature that Instagram offers, that’ll save you loads of time and effort when it comes to creating and sharing super-awesome Stories? What if I told you that you could create beautiful Stories without ever having to leave the Instagram app – would you believe me?

Let me please introduce you to one of my newest favourite finds: Instagram Story mockups.

What is a Mockup?

For those of you not in the know, a mockup is a template that you can drop your own text/images/graphics into – much like the templates you’ll find on Canva, Mojo, Easil, and other design resources.

The basics of the design are there, you just need to drop your image or video into the space.

Mockups are GREAT time-saving tools. You don’t need to jump around on multiple apps to get the right template/style/colour, and pretty much all of the hard work has been done for you. You just need to pick the one you like the most. 

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How to Find Instagram Story Mockups on the App

I’m using an iPhone X running 14.2 in my tutorial. Your screen may look different if you have an older/newer iOS, or a different operating system, such as Windows or Android.

Open up your Instagram app and start creating a Story like you usually would.

Instagram Story Mockups ~ Start the create-a-Story process

Before you do anything else (such as select your image/video), look at the bottom, where the range of different effects are and scroll right to the very end.

The final option is ‘Browse effects’ – that’s what you’ll need to tap.

On the next screen that opens you’ll find a whole bunch of different effects. To specifically locate the templates we’re talking about today, search for “mockup”.

If you get some time to play around, search for different things and see what comes up. You might be surprised by just how many cool and usable things you come across. 

Instagram Story Mockups Search Effects

In the results, you’ll find a whole bunch of different effects, all tagged as mockups, in which you can insert your own photos and videos.

Many of the individual templates have different options, including patterns, colours, image/video placement, and more. Tap the screen around the outside of your inserted image to go through the different background options and find the one you want.

Instagram Story Mockups Variants

They’ll just keep circulating around, so don’t worry if you bypass the one you want.

You don’t need to go hunting for your favourite Instagram Story mockups in this long-winded way each time you want to use them; you can save them to your phone. When you do this, they appear as one of the effects across the bottom of the main Story screen (along with the other effects and filters).

Save Instagram Story Mockups

The mockups you save will appear on the left-hand side of the record button, keeping them separate (and easier to find) from the ‘regular’ Story effects and filters.

You can add text, animated text, gifs, stickers, and other elements on top of the templates/mockups in exactly the same way as you usually would with non-mockup Stories.

Instagram Story Mockups ~ Summary

  • Instagram Story mockups are quickly searched for. 
  • They’re also easily saved to your phone for future use.
  • They’re great for creating quick Stories on-the-go.
  • There are lots of styles/themes/colours/designs to pick from.
  • New mockups will likely be added over time. 

But what do YOU think? Will you incorporate Instagram Story mockups into your strategy? Where do you currently create your Stories? 

Thanks so much for taking a peek at my content today. Please feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions, or you’d like a guide/tutorial for something specific. You’ll find my social media details below, or you can use the Contact Me page. 

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