Hugo Boss The Scent For Her Review

Hugo Boss The Scent For Her Review


Hello, and thanks for joining me today! I would like to talk to you about a fragrance I’ve been wearing for the past few days — Hugo Boss The Scent For Her. 

This is my first ever shot at a Hugo Boss fragrance, although I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Boss Bottled [for and on men]. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the female side of the line as all of the male fragrances seem really … I’m not sure? Grown-up? Sophisticated? A bit too mature for my immature self? 


Hugo Boss The Scent For Her Artwork


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I half-expected the feminine fragrances to be exactly the same as Boss Bottled: grown-up and sophisticated, and that’s not really my perfume style, particularly for everyday wear. I like my fragrances to be fun and frivolous. Feminine and flirty. Perhaps a bit floral too. 


The Scent For Her Hugo Boss



But is that what Hugo Boss The Scent For Her delivers … ?

Actually, yes, in a way. 

“This irresistible BOSS Eau de Parfum for women is arousing with its seductive blend of honey-sweet peach, delicate freesia and roasted cocoa beans, with a final sensuous note of bewitching osmanthus blossom.”

Source: Hugo Boss


I quite like the smell of peaches and freesia, and I’m definitely down for the roasted cocoa beans. I had to do some quick Googling to find out what osmanthus blossom was, but overall, it seemed like the kind of fragrance I’d be happy with. My review is based on a couple of smaller, sample bottles of The Scent For Her that I got along with some other beauty buys, but it’s a fragrance I probably would have wanted to smell for myself — and then buy — after reading the description. 


Hugo Boss The Scent For Her


I’d describe Hugo Boss The Scent For Her as a full-bodied fragrance. 

The smell is thick, powdery, warm, full-bodied, and heavy; not light and breezy. That makes sense, right? It’s a perfume I’d grab before heading out for date night/dinner/etc., and not one that I’d wear on an everyday basis or for work. I think it might be a bit too warming and sickly-sweet for that. [For me.] 

It’s also a fragrance I think I’d reach for more in the winter than in the summer too. 

I’m going to put it on the “out-out” perfume shelf — occasional wear. 

There is a lot of peach in the fragrance and less of the aforementioned roasted cocoa beans than I’d have liked. The cocoa elements have a supporting role in this one. The floral side is fairly obvious, though, and I think that’s what you can smell more of once the initial impact fades away. 

It’s a nice fragrance — one that I’d wear again — but you’d be forgiven for thinking The Scent For Her was a celebrity fragrance at first, from a blind smell-test. It borders on synthetically peachy. It doesn’t cross the line, but it’s definitely dancing with it, you know?  


Hugo Boss The Scent


The Hugo Boss website states: 

“Inspired by a journey of powerful seduction, BOSS The Scent for Her exudes a sublime feminine elegance, warmth and seductiveness that unfolds gradually over time…”

I agree with seductive! I’d definitely grab this bottle from the shelf if I were heading out somewhere nice with my significant other. (He really likes it too – and agrees that it’s a pretty and romantic scent.) And didn’t I tell you it was a warm fragrance? 

Yes to the feminine, yes to the elegance, but no to the unfolding. 

I wouldn’t say the fragrance unfolds at all. It’s all right there, up front, as soon as you apply it, BOOM. And that actually brings me nicely to my next point … 


Hugo Boss Perfume Review


How long does it last? 

The one thing I found really disappointing with Hugo Boss The Scent For Her was that it fades away quickly. In just about an hour, I could only smell it when I pulled my wrist up to my nose, and I prefer my perfume to pack more of a punch than that. I’m not looking to stink the room out and give everyone within ten metres of me a migraine or anything like that, but I like to smell the perfume I’m wearing. What’s the point in wearing it otherwise? 

I’d need to carry this one around in my bag all day if I wanted to smell nice, and that means I’d zoom through a bottle in no time at all. Sad face. 


Final Words:

I do like this fragrance, but it’s one that I’d be more inclined to buy if it were on sale, you know? Especially as it doesn’t very long once applied. The fragrance itself is nice, but not an everyday’er, and it gets mixed opinions when I wear it. My boyfriend likes it, one of my friends absolutely does not. She thinks it smells like a sickly-sweet celebrity fragrance, and she likes those even less than I do. 


Hugo Boss The Scent For Her
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What fragrance are YOU wearing today? 


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