How to Publish a Facebook Poll on a Business Page

How to Publish a Facebook Poll on a Business Page

This particular riddle drove me utterly insane before I finally figured out what the big trick was to being able to publish a Facebook Poll on a business page. I kept seeing everyone posting Polls on Facebook all around me, but as soon as I plodded on over to my UKWordGirl ‘business’ page to do the same for myself, the option to add a Poll just wasn’t there. 

It didn’t matter whether I clicked on Publish or Create a post, there was just no option to create a poll.  

Facebook Poll Business Page

That’s not annoying at all …

After a few hours of trying various Facebook Pages that I have editor or admin access for, I was left with the opinion that Facebook Polls weren’t allowed for business Pages and could only be used by certain accounts. And by certain accounts I mean, not mine.

There was literally NO poll option on mine.

Facebook Poll Business Page 2

I tried on both the Facebook app and the Facebook Pages Manager app, and I also tried on a desktop too.

No poll option. Not that I could find, anyway. See below. There’s NO Poll button.

No Facebook Poll Option Page

There went a couple of hours of poll-planning down the drain. 


But then, something happened: I saw another local business page post a damn poll and it made me a bit cranky.

How come they could do it but I couldn’t? 

What was wrong with my page? 

Why does Facebook hate me so much? 


And then I solved my own riddle by accident. 

I just so happened to be scheduling a bunch of Facebook posts one day when I spotted the green ‘Poll’ option that I’d missed on so many occasions.

It seems that Facebook business Pages don’t offer the option to post a Poll directly from the status box there (though I can’t find a sensible reason why not), but they do have the option to post a Poll when creating posts in the Publishing Tools. 

So, here’s a handy guide on how to do it, just in case you find yourself stuck wondering the same thing one day …


How to Publish a Facebook Poll on a Business Page

Head to your page, and then click on Publishing Tools right at the top.

How to Publish a Facebook Poll

You’re taken to your Published Posts, with a Create Post button at the top.

Publishing Tools Create Post

When you click on that and then open up the rest of the options, the green Poll option can be found there. 

Poll in Publishing Tools

That’s where it’s been hiding the whole time? Pffft. 

Facebook Poll Business Page

While you’re there, make sure you take a peek around some of the other features that Facebook has to offer you. There’s so much more you can do with the platform than just promote yourself with a series of links.

In fact, it might just surprise you just how many things you can do with Facebook to grow your audience.

How to publish a Facebook Poll on a business page-2

I’m going to talk about some of those features in blog posts coming soon, so why not give me a follow on social media so you never miss a post? Feel free to ask me any questions you have, too. 

Thanks so much for reading my blog post today. I hope you found it useful! 

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