How to Get Over a Shadowban on Instagram

How to Get Over a Shadowban on Instagram
How to Get Over a Shadowban on Instagram
How to Get Over a Shadowban on Instagram-2


There is nothing worse than a shadowban on Instagram. You’ll watch your posts and updates go from getting hundreds of likes each, to just one or two. It feels a little bit like you’re invisible, at least in an online sense. The truth of the matter is, if you’re on a shadowban, you are invisible to anyone who is not already following you.

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How Long Does a Shadowban on Instagram last?

An Instagram shadowban doesn’t have a set length of time, although it’s definitely more than a couple of days. My shadowban lasted for a good two or three weeks. When I looked back over posts I’d shared, there was a period of about two to three weeks where my ‘likes’ dramatically dropped.

The shadowban on Instagram will lift in less than three weeks. If you repeat offend, getting yourself reported repeatedly, or continuing to use banned hashtags, the Instagram shadowban could continue, or you might face more than one ban, back to back.


How to Get Over a Shadowban on Instagram

Sadly, this blog isn’t going to give you this great piece of good news, which I’m sure is what you’d hoped for. There is no quick-fix to get over the Instagram shadowban quickly. You’ll need to ride the wave, as such, but there are a few things that are said to help the process along a little.


How to Get Over a Shadowban on Instagram 2


Delete the app for a few days.

I know that sounds like a really shocking thing to say, but it’s a good idea if you want to get over the shadowban as quickly as possible. Refrain from posting, liking other people’s images and updates, commenting, and even replying to those who have left comments on yours. In fact, if you can, delete the application altogether from your phone for a few days. If you can avoid going on your account at all, it’ll be even better.

Some users have reported this working after a two or three day period of abstinence from the social media platform. This method isn’t successful in all cases, but it does seem to occasionally do the trick.


Stop using dodgy software.

If you’re using bots, stop. If you’re using software that posts on your behalf, stop. These both go against Instagram’s terms and conditions. If you haven’t already been shadowbanned and you’re using these sites or software, you’ll be banned soon. I’m not talking about Hootsuite, or other social media scheduling tools, that prompt you to post the image. You should use those sites more because they’re brilliant. I’m talking about sites such as OnlyPult, that go against Instagram’s API.

If you have ever used these bots or auto-posting websites or software, make sure you have removed the authorisation they have on your account. You will find this under ‘Edit Profile’, and then ‘Authorised Applications’.

You would expect to see the regular social media scheduling tools you use, but if you see anything else, remove it. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and you can always re-link everything back up again.


Double check your hashtags.

In fact, it’s probably your banned hashtags that caused the Instagram shadowbanned in the first place. Banned hashtags are pointless anyway. You won’t get any traffic when you use them because only the first 20 or 30 ‘Top Posts’ are shown. There’s a pretty good chance that you won’t hit the ‘Top Posts’ hotspot. Sorry to burst that bubble.


Switch account types.

I haven’t seen any evidence of this switch-over working to un-shadowban an account when going from a personal account to a business account. I have seen a few people state that switching account types when you have been Instagram shadowbanned could lead to the removal of the ban, however.

If you have a business Instagram account, you could consider switching it back to a personal one. Why? Because the change-over is said to lift the ban. Not only that, business accounts are also reported to be harder-hit than personal accounts, when it comes to the shadowban. Sponsored posts are a big deal on social media platforms like Instagram right now, and business accounts are finding it much harder to get organic interaction and engagement. The same thing happened on Facebook. In fact, in many places, I’ve seen Facebook being referred to as “pay to play”. I agree with this. One Facebook page that I manage has increased in followers, yet receives less than 10 percent of the engagement it did a year ago.

The social platforms are trying to encourage you to pay for advertising, rather than relying on organic traffic. If you don’t have a business account on Instagram, but a personal one, there’s a chance they won’t target you when it comes to banning time.

(Just a theory I’ve seen thrown around … a lot.)


How to Get Over a Shadowban on Instagram 3


Final Thoughts & Advice

There are plenty of theories going around about how you can remove the Instagram shadowban. It seems that waiting it out and refraining from using the app are the best ways to go. You could report your account ban to Instagram. Just like most social platforms, however, getting in touch with Insta’s customer service is impossible, and not a quick process.

(I did read that the department of Instagram that deals with fraud has no access to the department that deals with shadowbans, so I would advise against going down that route if you want a quick outcome.)


Have you found a quick way to deal with the Instagram shadowban? If you’ve written a blog post on that very thing, please share it with me! I would love to share it around.

There’s a website you can use to check your shadowban status. I talk about that here > How to Find out If You’re on an Instagram Shadowban.


Thanks for reading. I hope your ban ends soon!

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