How to Create Your Own Instagram Landing Page – A WordPress Tutorial 

Instagram Landing Page

Hello, folks.

How are things? How’s your blog going? Are you happy with it? 

I accidentally found myself creating a brand new Instagram landing page the other day, despite it not being on my to-do list … and the fact that my to-do list is already a thousand items long and growing by the day. A couple of folk on Instagram said they’d want to read the how to create your own Instagram landing page tutorial, so here we are! 


This is a WordPress tutorial, but I will insert links for other blog platform tutorials as and when I come across them. If you’ve got a tutorial of your own, feel free to shout about it in the comments below. I’d love to link to it. 


To start with, I created a brand new page [not post] and named it simply ‘Instagram’. The link that I would insert into the Instagram bio space would then be Nice and easy to remember. 

Instagram Landing Page 1


To create the layout, I used a free WordPress plugin, called Elementor. I have barely scratched the surface when it comes to the plugin, but I already know that it gives you so many ways to customise the pages on your blog or site. For me, the download has been worth it — it’s what I used to create my resource library, and now my Instagram landing page. There are paid-for/premium upgrades, but I’ve not needed to use them yet. It’s definitely an app I would pay for, should I need one of the features that you are required to upgrade for. 

Instagram Landing Page 4

The top half of my Instagram landing page — Recent Posts — was created using another free WordPress plugin — Recent Posts Widget Extended. The layout (I think) is much better than the standard widgets that come with WordPress and Jetpack, and there are more ways to customise it. 

Create Your Own Instagram Landing Page 5

The bottom section — Most Popular Posts — was created using the Top 10 plugin — another free WordPress plugin. I’m not the biggest fan of the layout, and I was hoping to be able to customise it a bit more so that it would look like the top half — Recent Posts. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a ‘most popular’ option in the settings for Recent Posts Widget Extended. I am still having a good play around with it, though. I’ll find something and then update. 

Instagram Landing Page 6a

Above Recent Posts, I added a button for people to sign up to my Blogging 101 email newsletter. I also added a secondary button to the bottom, for floristry-related clients. I love those clients. They’re my favourite. 

Instagram Landing Page 7a


Still using Elementor, I also threw in all of my social media links to allow people to follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, and I decided to add in a ‘Search for something specific …’ search bar right at the bottom. 

Instagram Landing Page 8

People can easily find my blog’s homepage by clicking on my logo on the top of the page, and the blog menu is still accessible from the landing page too, giving people the opportunity to go looking through the various categories. 


Right at the bottom of the Elementor side panel, there are five options —

  • Settings
  • Navigator 
  • History
  • Responsive Mode 
  • Preview Changes 

If you click on ‘Responsive Mode’, you’ll be shown what your Instagram landing page will look like on a mobile phone. You can also check for a desktop and a tablet. I highly recommend doing this before publishing the page. You can make any last-minute changes if things don’t look quite as great on a phone’s screen. 

Instagram Landing Page 9


The biggest reason I wanted to move away from LinkTree and create my own Instagram landing page was that I didn’t want to upgrade the account to schedule link changes. I would need to manually add the link of whatever blog post I was talking about to LinkTree before I published the Instagram post promoting it, and I would sometimes forget. I schedule my Instagram posts using the Later tool, and it was easy for me to post on autopilot and then realise, hours later, that I hadn’t added the #linkinbio as I said. 

[The Later link is a referral link. We’ll both get free posts each month if you sign up. I do not earn commission from the link.]

Until I find a better way to do things — and I’ll update this blog if and when that happens — I still need to manually change links on the landing page when I’m talking about a blog post that isn’t included in either Recent Posts or Most Popular Posts. And I haven’t yet found a way to display a discussed post that I actually like. But that’s the fun of owning a blog, right? You can change and tweak things all the time, making them better … or worse, if you’re anything like me! I’ll find something I like soon. 


Create Your Own Instagram Landing Page 13


Please feel free to shout your questions at me — I’d love to help you out. 

I did have a look around to find a few alternatives to the Elementor plugin, just in case you didn’t like it, and I found a super awesome website that seems to have all the answers! I haven’t used most of them, but I have had some experience with SiteOrigin Page Builder and can recommend it as a close second to the one I used. 

I hope you found this WordPress tutorial helpful today, but please let me know if you’d like a tutorial for anything else. You can leave your requests in the space for comments below, or get in touch with me via email, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a read!

Have an amazing day! 


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