How to Create an Awesome Facebook Page For Your Florist (Or Other Small Business)

How to Create an Awesome Facebook Page For Your Florist FEATURED IMAGE

Hi there, and thanks so much for stopping by! In today’s blog post, I would like to teach you how to create an awesome Facebook Page for your florist or other small business. 

We’re going to take a look at the actual creation of the Facebook Page, looking at the various options you have and why you should choose the ones I will suggest to you, as well as what happens when you get something ‘wrong’ or accidentally miss one of the boxes. 

You will also find a video tutorial on my YouTube channel: Facebook For Florists: Creating a Facebook Page

It is the first video of a playlist series on setting up and optimising your social media pages to get more customers and boost profits. 

Let’s get stuck in … 

How to Create an Awesome Facebook Page For Your Florist (Or Other Small Business)

You’ll want to start at the very top of the Facebook site, where the blue strip is across the top. There’s a button that says ‘Create’ just to the right of your name and where it says ‘Home’.

How to Create an Awesome Facebook Page

You’ll see that you have five options to choose from: 

  • Page
  • Ad
  • Group
  • Event
  • Fundraiser

We’re going to talk about all of those features in greater detail later on, but for now, click on the first one on the list: Page. 

You’re going to want to create a Facebook PAGE for your floristry business or other small business. 

A Facebook Page will have features specifically designed for a business (or brand) to use — and a Facebook Group won’t. These include: 

  • collecting reviews;
  • checking your analytics and stats (to better understand your audience, learn when they are online, and use that information to maximize your results);
  • run paid advertisements ;
  • and many more. 

You’ll find more information on the difference between Facebook Pages and Groups for business right here: Should I Create a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group For My Small Business?

Business or brand vs Community or public figure?

Once you’ve selected the Page option, you’ll come to a screen that says ‘Create a Page’, where you’ll have two further options: 

  • Business or brand
  • Community or public figure

As you’re a business or brand, I highly recommend using that particular type of Page. 

Facebook Page Florist - Business/Brand or Community/Public Figure

A community or public figure page would be for just that: a prominent figure in the public eye or local community. Celebrities tend to use this type of Facebook Page. 

Following that, it’s time to put in your Facebook Page’s name. 

That’ll be the actual name of your business, such as ‘Interflora‘, ‘Serenata Flowers‘, or ‘Freddie’s Flowers‘. 

I don’t have a floristry business, but I am creating a ‘test’ Facebook Page for this tutorial, so I’m going to use the name ‘A Test Florist’ for the duration of this how-to series on marketing your floristry business with social media. 

You will then be prompted to enter a category. 

This is basically your way of telling Facebook (and potential future followers/customers) what it is you do and what your business offers. 

As you can see, there is a small question mark in a circle at the end of the box and if you hover your cursor over it, it tells you more information. 

“Type a word or two to best describe your Page, then choose a suggested category.”  

When you start typing a few words, Facebook will provide you with a list of drop-down suggestions to choose from. I started typing out ‘florist’ and I could actually see a ‘Florist’ option in the drop-down list — and I recommend going with the one that makes the most sense no matter what your business is. 

Facebook Page Florist - Category Advice

There are different options you could pick from, including ‘Local Service’ (which is what you/your florist technically provides), but I always recommend going with the most obvious one. In this case, it will be: Florist.

Following on from that, you are asked to fill in your address. 

To make this simple, ask yourself this question: 

Do you have a physical shop for your floristry business? 

If the answer is yes, fill out the shop’s actual address in the boxes provided. Facebook will then create a map for your Page to show your followers and potential customers where your shop actually is. 

If the answer is no, because you’re working from home (for example), there is a tick-box option at the bottom of the box that says:

“Don’t show my address. Only show the town/city and region that this business is in.”

You can use this tick-box to provide ONLY the relevant information (town/city + region) without giving away your entire home address (street name, house number, etc.) to any ol’ stranger on the internet. 

One thing I would like to say at this point … 

… don’t worry too much about getting things ‘wrong’ as you’re filling in your new Facebook Page. If you forget to fill in a box, or don’t enter the kind of information that Facebook is looking for, you won’t be able to proceed to the next page. You’ll also be shown a warning message at the top of the page, as well as red warning triangles on the exact spots you’ve missed/made errors on. 

Facebook Page Florist - Mistakes

You’re almost done!

Once you fill out all of the address and phone number information on the page and hit ‘Continue’ at the bottom, Facebook will get to work at making you a Page! I often find that the page takes a few moments longer than usual to load at this point (I’ve made my fair share of Facebook Pages over the years), but once that’s done …. drum roll please … the actual Page itself will have been created. 

Facebook Page Florist - All Done

There’ll be nothing on it, of course, because we haven’t gotten to that part yet — but you do now have a Facebook Page that you can start to work on: uploading photos of your floral arrangements; inviting friends, family and customers to ‘like’ your new venture; and post witty updates.

I personally recommend that you hold off on that for a little bit longer, though; there are other things you should do before you start doing all of that, such as uploading cover and profile pictures, adding more information for customers, choosing a username, etc. 

I’m going to talk you through all of those things, giving you lots of helpful hints and tips along the way, but please feel free to get in touch if you have further questions, or would like to hire me as your social media manager and strategist.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you’re having a fabulous day.

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