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I absolutely recommend adding personal touches to your blog, and just one of the ways in which you can do this is, is by learning how to create a blog signature and then using it at the end of your blog posts. In fact, once you’ve created this blog signature, you can use it wherever you like — at the bottom of your blog posts, on social media, even in your emails if you like. 

Sound like a good idea? 

Let’s take a closer look … 


Do I need a Blog Signature?


Well, no, not really. You don’t NEED a blog signature. There’s no compelling reason I can give you to encourage you to make and use one, apart from that it makes your blog posts look like they were written by a REAL person. That’s you. You’re that real person. 

Wait, I thought of a reason: it gives you one more image to use in your blog post, which you can then incorporate your keyword into, with the alt-tag. I talk more about this in How to Use Keywords in a Blog Post for SEO – 9 Steps.

A blog signature adds a personal touch, almost like you’re signing off each individual post as you would a handwritten letter. I love handwritten letters, don’t you? There’s something truly wonderful about opening up an envelope that, for once, doesn’t appear to be a bill, and then reading some juicy gossip on the inside. 


How to Create a Blog Signature 


There are a number of ways in which you can create a blog signature, and also a couple of ways in which you can then use/insert them in your WordPress blog or other platforms. 


Method #1: Old-Skool Handwriting 


Grab yourself a blank, white piece of paper, a pen, and your best if-I-were-famous autograph. You could use your own actual signature as your blog signature. Not the one that you’d scribble on the back of your credit card, of course; identity theft isn’t fun. 

Scribble down your signature a few times. Your full name. Shortened name. Blog name. Different sizes, handwriting types, pens. Which one looks the best? Which one do YOU like the best? Why not ask your social media followers which ones THEY like best? People LOVE to give their opinions on the internet. (Probably a little too much!) 


Use the photo of your favourite one as your blog signature. You can use various apps, sites or programs to neaten things up and make it look more ‘signature-y’. 


Here’s a few I created in EXACTLY that way: 


How to Create a Blog Signature 2


Method #2: App + Stylus 


You could use a stylus, your phone, and an app to help create your blog signature. I have three pens in the pot on my desk right now that has those soft, squidgy stylus ends on them, and, just like when you took the photo of your blog signature, you can always neaten things up using apps, sites, etc. 


I used a stylus and a free photo editing app (with ‘draw’ function) to create this little signature:


How to Create a Blog Signature 4


Method #3: App + Apple Pencil


A stylus and the Apple Pencil (or similar) are two VERY different products, something I recently learned. I’d never finished an artistic piece in my life before I downloaded the Procreate app and purchased the Apple Pencil to go with my iPad Pro. Now, I’m doodling all over the place and ACTUALLY DRAWING STUFF! Seriously … real art stuff, and even a bit of typography! It’s not perfect, of course; I’ve only been doing it five minutes, but my skills have definitely gotten better the more I’m practising. I’ve never been so surprised by anything in my life. 

And if you want to check out my newfound artsy side, here’s my Insta:



Anyway, all art blah aside, the two tools combined are great for creating a signature. Procreate is a premium (paid for) app, but there are a few freebie ones you can try, too. For just a simple signature, you could even use the iPhone’s built-in photo editing feature — Markup — on top of a white background, rather than an image.


How to Create a Blog Signature 5


Do you know anyone with an Apple Pencil? Do you think they might let you borrow it for five minutes? That’s literally all the time it’ll take. 


Here are a few examples of blog signatures I created using the Procreate app + Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro in about three minutes: 


How to Create a Blog Signature 3


Method #4: Buy a Blog Signature


I offer a blog signature creation service on Fiverr. You can find that here. 


How to Use Your Signature in a Blog


One of the easiest ways to use your blog signature in a blog is to upload an image — .jpg or .png. This can then be added to the bottom of each blog post, as you would a regular photo in the post. Depending on how it was created, you may need to resize it. That’s the approach I took to add the ‘signature’ at the bottom of this post. (Or, rather, the “Thanks for reading!“)

A .png file with a transparent background is easier to use in multiple places than a .jpg, which will probably still have the white background. You can try to cut the white background out manually, of course, but that’s a lot of work. (Trust me … I made the mistake of testing out the process. It is LONG.) 


Downloadable plugins will attach a signature to the bottom of your blog post, but you must remember the more plugins you have, the more they’ll slow your site or blog down. You’ll also need to ensure the plugin you use doesn’t have an impact on your GDPR stuff/cookie declaration, etc. 


➖➖➖ ⚜️ ➖➖➖


So, now you know how to create a blog signature, it is a tool you’re going to use on your own blog? If you have a signature on your own blog right now, how did you get it there? Did you use any of the methods I talk about here? 

I hope you’re having a fabulous day, and thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions about blogging, search engine optimisation, or social media strategising, please feel free to get in touch. I can’t wait to hear from you! 


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