How to Add Line Breaks to Instagram Captions

How to Add Line Breaks to Instagram Captions


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I don’t know if you’ve taken a peek at my Instagram accounts lately, but I like to format my captions in a certain kind of way. That’s what I want to talk to you about today …


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How to add line breaks to Instagram captions.


I don’t like my hashtags to be really close to the caption. That’s the first reason why I like to add line breaks to Instagram captions. I think it looks cluttered and messy when everything is bunched up together, and my personal preference is to spread things out a little more.

Once upon a time, you could have simply added your hashtags to a comment below the caption, but I’ve come across a few websites who report this could very well get your account shadowbanned. If you don’t know what that means, you’ll find more information here > What is a Shadowban on Instagram?

You might want to check this one out too > What Will Get You Shadow Banned on Instagram?


I can neither confirm or deny this rumour, but the evidence does seem to support an Insta-crackdown on those using hashtags in a comment, rather than in the caption. I *DO NOT* separate my caption and my hashtags by putting the tags in a comment instead.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about it.


How to Add Line Breaks to Instagram Captions


The good news is, if you want to make your caption (or profile) look great and well-formatted, you can. Write your caption however you want it to look, emojis and hashtags included, in a different app. If I’m getting a bunch of photos ready to post to Instagram, I’ll upload them all to the Later app. For example, when I’ve written a new blog post that has a few ‘Instagrammable’ images. There’s a spot called ‘notes’ to add a caption (including hashtags), and you can either schedule them to post at a later time/date, at which point you’ll be sent a reminder telling you to post the image, or you can just leave them there. (Hence the storage facility.)


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I’ve found the app works really well as a ‘storage facility’. When I’ve got a few moments on my hands and haven’t posted to Instagram in a while, I simply look at the stored images on the Later app on my phone. After finding an image I haven’t yet posted, I copy the caption (that I saved in the notes previously), save the media to my camera roll (and delete from the Later app), and then post to Instagram. I can simply paste the caption that I copied from the ‘notes’.


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Does that all make sense to you?

*For the record, Later is a brilliant social media scheduling tool that I highly recommend you check out. 

I know I’ve gone a little off-point here, but that copying & pasting of the caption is what sets the format. Start by writing the caption, including line breaks, emojis and hashtags, just as you want to see it in your finished Instagram post. Rather than writing it into the Instagram caption space, however, write it into a different app (such as Later or Notes), like this:


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And then copy & paste that into your caption space on Instagram. After posting, you’ll see that the formatting stay the same. If you were to just have manually typed the caption into Instagram, rather than copying and pasting, you would have lost the line break formatting entirely.


How to Add Line Breaks to Instagram Captions 6


There – you learned something new today. It’s cool too, right? 


The same approach works when you want to insert line breaks into your Instagram profile too. Simply open another app on your phone, such as Notes, and then write out what you want it to say. Make sure you include the line breaks. Copy and paste what you have written into the profile section in the Instagram app. Save the changes and, once again, you’ll see that all the formatting stays exactly the same. Those line breaks are still in place.

You can find a tutorial for that here > How to Add Line Breaks to your Instagram Profile.

I hope that’s helped to solve the riddle of how to add line breaks to Instagram captions. If you need any help, just give me a shout! Don’t forget to take a peek at some of my other posts offering Instagram advice too. I’ve been a social media manager and strategist for many years now. Don’t let my secrets go to waste! 😉

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to share your Instagram posts and profiles below if you’ve applied my copy & paste technique. I want to see how brilliant they all look ☺


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