How to Add Instagram Content to a WordPress Blog Post

How to Add Instagram Content to a Wordpress Blog Post
How to Add Instagram Content to a WordPress Blog Post 4


Hands up if you’ve ever felt personally victimised by Instagram?




Instagram and I don’t get along so well, especially when it comes to trying to add Instagram content to a WordPress blog post. That damn embed function has NEVER worked for me. Ever. It looks great in the visual editor of WordPress, and it might even look okay in the preview, but when it’s time to hit that publish button, something happens. Something really odd. The Instagram embed goes wrong. Why? I don’t know. I’ve literally spent hours upon hours tweaking bits of code and trying to make it look right, but it never does. It’s either not aligned in the centre, or the caption appears without an image, and sometimes nothing pops up at all — just a blank space. If I’m really unlucky, I get a bunch of weird code in the spot where the Instagram embed should be.




Anyway, I decided to put together a blog post of all the methods I’ve used to insert Instagram content to a WordPress blog post because there’s been quite a few.

(I can’t work out if that’s a good thing or a bad thing … ?)


Are you sitting comfortably? Let’s start.


How to Add Instagram Content to a WordPress Blog Post


1 – Instagram Embed

This is the ‘proper’ method of popping Instagram images and videos into a blog post or website, but it seldom works properly. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to get it to work for me, and that’s how come I’ve come up with so many different workarounds.

To use the Instagram embed function, you’ll need to open up your Instagram picture on a web browser. You can’t access the function on the Instagram app on your phone.

Click on your image and wait for it to fill the screen. Right at the bottom, where it says “Add a comment …”, it also shows three little dots in a row. When you click on that, you’re given various options, including ‘Embed’. Click the button to include the caption (if you want that), and then copy the entire embed code it gives you.

In your blog post, find where you want the Instagram embed to go, and click. Make sure the cursor is there. When you hit the text editor, it’ll pop right up to the section that your cursor is waiting, saving you the bother of scrolling through a whole bunch of code to find the bit you need.

I like to centre-align my Instagram posts, so just before I paste the code, I type in <center>. Without any spaces, I then paste the embed code from Instagram and then finish off the centre-alignment using </center>.

It’ll look like this:




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2 – Linked Image

It’s not the answer you were probably looking for, but it *is* another way of adding Instagram content — photos and videos — into a WordPress blog post … You could just add a linked image.

Insert the photo that you uploaded to Instagram, but add it to your blog post as you would any other blog image and not a ‘special’ or embedded Instagram image. You can change the image so that it works as a clickable link, and if you add the link directly to that particular Instagram image, that’s just where the clicking reader will be taken. From there, they can then follow you, etc.

I know, I know … it’s not the perfect solution, but it *is* a solution.


How to Add Instagram Content to a WordPress Blog Post 2



3 – Direct Link

If you simply copy the Instagram link to a particular image and then paste it where you want it in your WordPress blog post, the post will appear, embedded, once you press publish. Magic, right?

To be honest, this is the easiest method I’ve found of embedding Instagram photos or videos into a blog post, and it’s the one I use most often.




4 – WP Shortcode + Link

There’s a WordPress shortcode that you can use if the above options don’t work for you. Simply use the shortcode [ instagram url=LINK ] plus the direct URL to the Instagram image or video you’d like to show off. Take out the spaces, obviously. Oh, and add your actual Instagram post link/URL.

Just as with the direct link (mentioned above), the embedded post should appear when you hit the publish button.




5 – Instagram Feed

There are quite a few plugins that you can add to your WordPress blog to show off your Instagram Feed or images. Instagram Feed, as the name suggests, allows you to insert your feed as I’ve shown below 👇🏻

With those five options, there is bound to be something that works for you and your WordPress blog … even if the ‘proper’ Instagram embed function never works as it’s meant to.

How do you add Instagram content to WordPress blog posts? One of these methods? Or a different way entirely? Share the details with the world in your own blog post and then tell me all about it. I’d love to add a link to your method right here!




A few tips:

If you’re going to share someone else’s Instagram post or image on your blog, make sure you do it via the embedded method. It could be seen as stealing if you take a screenshot and then upload it. I actually recommend asking for permission either way … just in case. You don’t want to try and do a good deed just to upset someone in the process.


Further resources + reading:


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How to Add Instagram Content to a WordPress Blog Post 3

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