How Often Should You Post to Facebook?

How Often Should You Post to Facebook 1

How Often Should You Post to Facebook


Are you trying to use Facebook for business? Life gets a little complicated after a while, don’t you think? There are so many things you will need to take into consideration, and so many questions you are likely to have.

  • How often should you post to Facebook?

  • What times are you meant to post? 

  • What kind of posts should you be posting…?


*That’s why the Social Media Manager was created. People like me make jobs like that a lot easier! 



When it comes to figuring out how to use your social networking sites to make your business more profitable, the very first thing you should be aware of is that the various sites should be handled a little differently.


Facebook is a high-value network that needs little volume.

With Facebook, you’ll need to make each post count. You’ll want quality over quantity. You’ll need to avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors as they will make you look unprofessional. At least with the “edit post” function, you can fix your boo-boo before too many people have seen it. Those typos are always embarrassing!


Twitter, on the other hand, is much more fast-paced and quick-moving so it’s more low-value with a higher amount of necessary posts to make everything relevant and up to date.


Proof-reading – there’s something to be said for it! 


The updates you share need to contain valuable information. The information needs to be relevant to your audience and to your blog or business. Each update should include some sort of content that your audience would find interesting to know. You don’t just want filler or ‘fluff’ posts – ones that contain no real information.


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How Often Should You Post to Facebook? 

I recommend going for a one post per day, but you could share as few as three posts per week. You’re still reminding your audience you’re about and ready to sell them the product/service they need. Or encourage them to read your latest blog post. At the same time, however, you’re keeping things on the down-low.

Too many posts make you look like spam, and sharing the same posts over and over again or constantly posting about pointless fluff is never a good idea.


It takes just a split second to click the ‘un-like’ button, remember … ?


The maximum amount of Facebook posts per week I would suggest if you’re using it for business or blog purposes, is between ten to fifteen updates.

Before you post your update to Facebook, check to make sure each post is valuable and information-packed. You should be sure to include relevant links to the website, service or product you’re trying to sell. Facebook is a very slow-paced social media site, especially when you compare it to the likes of Twitter and Instagram. You will want to put as much detail into that one Facebook post as you can.

You’ll want to pack the maximum amount of information possible into that post and if that means going a little longer, make the text a little longer. If the post is interesting enough, people will want to click ‘read more’. It’ll encourage them to click on your links.



There are simply hundreds of ways you could change your Facebook-regime to make it more profitable for your blog or business. Working out how often you should post to Facebook is just the tip of the iceberg. Why not follow me to learn more? I’ll divulge my social media tips and tricks over time.

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How Often Should You Post to Facebook 2

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