How Important Are Your Images on Social Media?

How Important Are Your Images on Social Media?


Did you know that over 20 BILLION images have been shared on Instagram? Yes, that’s probably including the drunken ones that you end up deleting the morning after because you don’t look quite as glam as you’d hoped.

It has been estimated that there are over a thousand comments every second on the social media platform, and close to nine thousand ‘likes’ too.

If you thought that was impressive, studies have shown that Facebook users are uploading over 175,000 images every minute. Or, if you wanted an hourly rate, just about ELEVEN MILLION images uploaded EACH hour.


📷 You’re going to need to make your images really stand out if you want them to catch the attention of passing browsers. With so many images to look at, one blink and you’ll be missed.


Makes ya sad, don’t it? 😢


Things are a little slower to catch up on Twitter. Less than forty percent of Tweets contain an image. If you add an image to your Tweets, you’re already going to be more bright, colourful, or eye-catching than 60% plus of the Tweets that are out there right now.

If you really want your images to make a difference you should pop them on Pinterest, but you may need to edit them slightly in order to make them work for the social site. Pinterest is a tad more popular amongst the users of the internet than Twitter is, but only by a few percent. We’re talking 20% of internet users on Twitter, and 20-25% hanging out on Pinterest.


How Important Are Your Images on Social Media? 2


📷 Everyone’s sharing photos on the internet these days. Businesses are doing it. Bloggers are doing it. I’m doing it. You’re doing it. Even your nan’s doing it these days. My nan isn’t. Bless her; she doesn’t even know what the internet is.

So, if everyone’s sharing images these days, you really do need to make yours stand out in order to make them eye-catching. If they’re not eye-catching, people might not want to look at them. Not when there are some really beautiful and eye-catching images out there. Trust me; I lust after the good ones every day. I just can’t seem to get my photos to look as good as I’d like them to, but I’m still learning. That’s the thing with being self-taught. Everything is a learning curve. Nothing ever goes easy. Not at first, at least.


Yes, that’s right. I make mistakes. Loads of them. It’s my speciality!


I have a very hard time with my photography. I would image the same can be said for a lot of other bloggers and businesses too. The lighting doesn’t quite look right, or I can’t seem to work out how the lamps need to be positioned. I bought bigger lights with massive lightbulbs in the hope they’d make everything magically better. It turns out they don’t make everything magically better. They make things a little bit brighter, but still not quite the quality I’m going for.

I’ll get there.

Eventually …


How Important Are Your Images on Social Media?


Well, very important.

That’s the answer to the question.


How Important Are Your Images on Social Media?


📷 If you’re not using images, it’s about time you started. And, no, you don’t need to have excellent knowledge of a camera or Adobe Photoshop either. You can achieve great images with the most basic of tools. If you have a phone with a camera and access to the internet, you can make great images, using simple photo editing software to make them brighter/clearer/more eye-catching. You can even use other apps and websites, such as Canva, to create infographics.

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