4 Easy Ways to Hide Hashtags in Your Instagram Story

Hide Instagram Hashtags

Did you know that you can add up to 10 hashtags to an Instagram Story? It’s not quite as many as the 30 you can add to a feed post, and you won’t show up in quite as many places, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to them.

But I don’t like to use hashtags in my Instagram Stories because they ruin my aesthetics! I hear you cry.

Well, I’ve got a few tricks to share with you that might just help you out there – ways to hide hashtags in your Instagram Story.

By using hashtags, your Stories will have the chance to appear in Search & Explore, or in location-based Stories. And let’s face it; we are ALL desperate for any shred of extra visibility on the platform, aren’t we? I know I’m not the only one that’s noticed engagement going waaaaay down. 

Grab your phone, peeps. Play along with me.

Tag me if you post a Story using these tips so I can come and take a peek – ‘@ukwordgirl’.

1 – Hide hashtags behind a feed post 

If you’re sharing a feed post to your Instagram Story, you can easily hide Instagram hashtags behind it. I thoroughly recommend doing this; it’s one of my 12 Ways to Squeeze Extra Instagram Engagement Out of Every Feed Post.

To start, position your feed post wherever you want it on the screen, then add your other bits n’ pieces – stickers, polls, etc. 

Hide Instagram Hashtags Step 1

Next, add up to 10 hashtags as text, and resize them so they fit in the same space as the feed post.

I’ve heard a rumour that the hashtags won’t register or work as clickable links if they’re too small, so just be mindful of that.

You may need to jiggle them around on separate lines first, to ensure they all fit in the same space as the post without being too small. 

You’ll now need to place the text right in front of the post, so that it all fits nicely and nothing splays out. It doesn’t need to be perfectly central, or anything like that; all of the hashtags just need to fit inside the same space as the post. 

When you’re ready, tap on the feed post – this will send the text (hashtags) to the back and bring the post to the front.

Hide Instagram Hashtags Step 4

The hashtags are still there, and Instagram will still register them; they’re just hidden now.

Hide Hashtags Feed Post

If you’re not sharing a feed post to your Story, don’t worry. There are other ways that you can still hide your Instagram hashtags. 

2 – Hide hashtags behind stickers

Hiding hashtags behind stickers works in the same way as hiding hashtags behind a feed post – you make the hashtags small enough (but not too small) to fit behind a sticker, and then click on the sticker to make it the front ‘layer’, with the text behind it. 

You can add multiple stickers and throw one or two hashtags behind each one, or add a bunch of hashtags behind a larger sticker just as you would with a feed post. 

Hide Hashtags Behind Stickers

3 – Hide hashtags by making them the same colour as your background colour

I, personally, feel like you can still kinda see the outline of hashtags when you make them the same colour as your background, but they do still work as clickable links when you hide hashtags in your Instagram Story using this method, and you have the same chance of featuring in Search & Explore, etc. 

Hide Instagram Hashtags Text Colour

There is a handy dropper tool on the left hand side of the screen to help you pick out the exact shade as the background, and you can also use this tool to colour-match other features, such as the Story’s background. 

Hide Instagram Hashtags Colour Dropper

4 – Hide hashtags (ish) by making the text smaller 

Okay, so, this one doesn’t technically hide hashtags in your Instagram Story, but it does make it somewhat less obvious. It’s simply a case of making the hashtags smaller so that they aren’t glaringly obvious on the screen.

Hide Instagram Hashtags Text Size

There are two ways of making text/hashtags smaller, just in case you weren’t aware. You can either use the scale bar on the left hand side when you’re in text mode [Aa], or use two fingers to either squeeze in or push apart. Pushing apart will make the element bigger, with squeezing in making the element smaller. 

You could also consider making the text a colour that blends into the background to make it even less obvious, using the dropper tool I mentioned above. 

Hide Instagram Hashtags Hidden Text

Hide Hashtags in Your Instagram Story ~ Summary

1 – Hide hashtags in your Instagram Story by popping them behind feed posts

2 – Or behind stickers and other elements 

3 – Or by making the hashtag text the same colour as the background

4 – Or you can make hashtags less obvious by making them smaller and background colour-matching them/the text

Instagram Story Content Ideas Promo-4

I hope you’ve found this blog post helpful today, but I’d love to hear from you if you have other Instagram questions, or questions about any of the other social media platforms. 

You will also find bitesize tutorials over on my Instagram page – just search for ‘ukwordgirl’. 

In the meantime, why not take a peek at some of my other Instagram tips and tricks …

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