101+ Genius Gifts For Tea Lovers You Probably Won’t Have Thought Of

Hi, my name is Kim and I’m a MASSIVE tea drinker. I drink more tea than anyone else my boyfriend has ever met, and most of my friends say the same thing. Therefore, I think I’m fully qualified to write this gift guide: gifts for tea lovers. 

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, tea is not only one of the most-consumed beverages in the world, but it is also one of the oldest beverages, believed to have been first consumed back in 2700BC. With countless reported health benefits and a wide range of types, there literally is a cup of tea to solve or soothe almost all of life’s problems. 

And now, thanks to this handy gift guide, you’ll find a tea-themed gift to suit virtually any tea-drinker out there. 

So, let’s get stuck right in, shall we? 

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1 – Teacup & Teapot Necklace

Price: £76.71


I absolutely adore this fine silver 999 and sterling silver 925 teacup and teapot necklace, and I’ve pointed it out to my significant other in the hope that I get it for Christmas/birthday/anniversary/whichever comes next. He even agreed that it was perfect for me, so I guess we’ll watch this space! 

Teacup & Tea Pot Necklace

Try Googling: “teacup necklace” | “teapot jewellery” | “tea accessories” to find similar ideas.

2 – Tea Club Gift Subscription 

Price: £29.85 / 3 months 

Where: Bird & Blend Tea Co. 

With 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions available, Bird & Blend Tea Co. really can offer you a tea-based subscription to suit your budget — and you can send these letterbox-sized boxes to friends, family, and loved ones for gifts, even including the recipient’s birthday month for an extra special gift that month. 

Whoever is lucky enough to get this as their tea-loving gift will try three new tea varieties each month, in either teabag or loose-leaf format, with exclusive access to brand new blends, illustrations from artists, and more. 

The website actually has a bunch of SUPER AWESOME gifts for tea lovers, including Build Your Own Tea Box, Best of British Tea Cube, and the World Atlas of Tea Book Bundle — all of which are flipping awesome gifts, I reckon. I’d be happy with ‘em, that’s all I’m saying. 

Tea Club Gift Subscription

Try Googling: “tea subscription boxes” | “tea delivered monthly” | “gift boxes of teas delivered” to find similar ideas.

3 – Size Does Matter Mug 

Price: £16.89

Where: Joyce and Joan

Size does matter, folks … or at least it does for me, in terms of tea. I can’t drink out of a regular-sized mug; my personal mug is probably close to double the size of a regular one. And that’s why I’m recommending a mug like this one, from Joyce and Joan, as one of the BEST gifts for tea lovers — and there are plenty of slogans and one-liners to pick from. 

I went with “size does matter”, but there are also patterned and painted mugs alongside slogans such as “big boss”, “hero”, “bigger than yours” and many others. 

This mug is 500ml, basically giving the recipient of the gift just under a pint of their favourite hot drink. 

Size Does Matter Mug

Try Googling: “really big hot drinks cups” | “large mugs” | “500ml hot drinks cups” to find similar ideas.

4 – Chrysanthemum Flowers Tea 

Price: £20.00

Where: Harrods

There are a couple of different types of flowering or flower-based teas on the Harrods website, but this one caught my attention: Chrysanthemum flower tea, reportedly good for alleviating congestion of the sinuses (hello, hayfever!), getting rid of fevers, and helping with sore or scratchy throats. 

Also, chrysanthemums are one of my favourite flowers, plus I’ve never tried flower-based tea before and now I’m super interested to find out more. 

Chrysanthemum Flowers Tea

Try Googling: “flower teas” | “flowering edible tea” | “blooming tea” to find similar ideas.

5 – Tea and Biscuits Serving Holder

Price: £14.99

Where: Martin Clarke Joinery | Etsy 

Why not serve up a nice cup of tea with the recipients favourite biscuits, all safely delivered on a serving tray that has lovingly been handmade from solid bamboo? It’s a tray and a coaster all in one — and it can even catch those biscuit crumbs! It’s possibly one of the most useful gifts for tea lovers I’ve featured so far. 

Tea and Biscuits Serving Holder

Try Googling: “tea and biscuit holder” | “wooden tea coaster” | “tea and biscuit tray” for similar ideas. 

6 – Tea Masterclass 

Price: £38.00

Where: Twinings 

There are reportedly more than one thousand different varieties of tea in the world, and you can make sure that the tea drinker in your life knows all about them by gifting them a tea experience with a difference — a Twinings Tea Masterclass. 

With tasting, learning, and discovering, it’s definitely a tea-themed gift with a difference. Don’t people say that knowledge is power? What kind of power do you think tea-knowledge will bring? 

Tea Masterclass

Try Googling: “tea course” | “tea masterclass” | “tea drinkers course” to find similar ideas.

7 – Wellness Tea Collection 

Price: £18.20

Where: Cup of Tea 

Sometimes, just sometimes, a cup of builders tea just isn’t appropriate — and that’s when herbal tea comes into play. There’s a herbal tea (or tea ‘type’) to suit every situation and occasion, and herbal teas are reported to have a whole host of benefits. 

This Wellness Tea Collection contains three different varieties of tea that are meant to “energise, inspire and soothe your body, mind and soul”, and there are various options you can for gift-wrapping and/or popping them into gift hampers to make up larger gifts for tea lovers. 

Wellness Tea Collection

Try Googling: “herbal teas” | “herbal tea gift set” | “wellness tea” to find similar ideas.

8 – The Book of Tea

Price: £19.99

Where: teapigs

Does the tea drinker in your life love tea so much that they’d read a book about it? I found an actual book of tea — all about how it’s grown, where it comes from, the different types, the journey it goes through, and much more besides — on the teapigs website. 

If like me, you drink a hundred cups of the stuff per day, it makes sense to understand the history of it … right? 

The Book of Tea

Try Googling: “book about tea” | “history of tea book” | “books about tea drinks” to find similar ideas.

9 – Loose Leaf Tea Starter Kit 

Price: £40.00 

Where: Brew Tea Co 

If you’re not sure whether or not the tea drinker in your life uses loose-leaf or teabag tea, you could opt for a loose leaf tea starter kit, complete with everything they need to get started, to find out.

This kit is better than some of the other kits I found as I was doing my browsing for this tea lovers gift guide: the company is part of the Ethical Tea Partnership to start with, and the packaging is entirely plastic-free (including the clear inner bag!), and only all-natural ingredients are used. Definitely one of the best gifts for tea lovers when those tea lovers are eco-aware. 

Loose Leaf Tea Starter Kit

Try Googling: “loose leaf tea starter kit” | “loose leaf tea gift set” | “loose leaf tea for beginners” for similar ideas. 

10 – Teapot + Teacup Lamp 

Price: £199.99

Where: Marriott Store | Amazon 

As far as lamps go, this one’s pretty cute, I reckon. And if you’re artistic enough, you could probably go crazy with the paint and decorate the design to match your decor, or even create your very own DIY lamp, using old teacups and saucers, alongside teapots. 

P.S. If you actually make one of these, please come back and show me it. 

Teapot Teacup Lamp

Try Googling: “teapot lamp” | “teacup light” | “teapot teacup lamp” to find similar ideas.

11 – Caffeine-Free Tea Gift Set

Price: £18.00 

Where: The Food Market 

Does the tea drinker in your life consume too much caffeine-pumped tea before bed? Why not encourage them to make the switch to a slightly less caffeinated option, such as chamomile tea? This caffeine-free gift set contains everything they’ll need for a wonderful tea-based drink in the evening, without all the keeping-awake business throughout the night. 

And is if things weren’t awesome enough already, The Food Market is a website that works with smaller, independent businesses – many of them family businesses – to stock items that you just wouldn’t find anywhere else.  Their tea selection is, quite frankly, flipping amazing. 

Caffeine-Free Tea Gift Set

Try Googling: “caffeine-free tea” | “evening tea gift sets” | “nighttime tea infuser gift set” for similar ideas.

12 – Ring For Tea Bell

Price: £4.99

Where: Find Me A Gift

As an avid tea drinker, I would KILL for a bell to ring whenever I wanted a cup of tea … but I imagine those around me would get v-e-r-y annoyed with the constant bell-ringing. 

All I’m saying is, be prepared to get some backlash with a gift like this one. There’s probably going to be someone who hates you for buying the tea drinker in your family a jangling bell. 

Ring For Tea Bell

Try Googling: “tea bell” | “ring for tea bell” | “novelty tea bell” to find similar ideas.

13 – Paint Your Own Tea Set

Price: £10.00

Where: John Lewis 

My significant other is an artist, so I would LOVE for him to create me my very own, one-of-a-kind teapot and teacup-saucer set, lovingly hand-painted just for ME. I’m such a big fan of totally unique pieces, not just in my home but also in my closet, makeup, hair, etc. (Don’t ask me how many pairs of custom-painted footwear I own … it’s obsessive.) 

Not only would *I* love a hand-painted tea set as a gift, I also think grandparents would love a gift like this from their grandkids, or mothers from their children, or teachers from their students … you get the idea. It’s one of those good, wholesome gifts for tea lovers that the whole family can enjoy. 

Paint Your Own Tea Set

Try Googling: “hand-painted tea set” | “paint your own teapot” | “make your own teapot/tea set“ to find similar ideas.

14 – Matcha Green Tea Gift Set

Price: £55.00

Where: The Food Market

Matcha tea is just one of many tea types that has seen a boost in popularity recently, and this gift set will give someone everything they need to try it and form an opinion on it.

Paleo, vegan, and vegetarian-friendly, this tea gift set and everything in it are also free from artificial preservatives, artificial colourings, and artificial sweeteners — and the kit itself consists of 20g luxury matcha green tea powder, a handblown double-walled glass bowl, a matcha portioning spoon, and a full-length bamboo matcha whisk. 

Matcha Green Tea Gift Set

Try Googling: “matcha green tea gift set” | “matcha tea set” | “Japanese tea gift set” for similar ideas. 

15 – Around the World in 8 Teas 

Price: £23.00 [with gift packaging | £19.00 without]

Where: Curious Tea

Featuring tea from China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Columbia, and Kenya, someone really will be travelling the world right from their very own tea cup with a gift like this one! It’s perfect for tasting a little bit of everything to get a good feel for what tea really is the best — and I, for one, would love a tea-themed gift like it. 

To be fair, I want 99% of what’s on this list, hence why it’s on the list in the first place … 😉

Around the World in 8 Teas 

Try Googling: “teas from different countries” | “worldwide loose teas” | “gift set of teas from around the world” to find similar ideas.

16 – Dachshund Tea Cosy

Price: £16.00 

Where: Pip Designs | Etsy 

My favourite dog breed is the infamous sausage dog, also known as the dachshund, and that’s why I’ve chosen this specific print for my guide to gifts for tea lovers. There are plenty of other dog breeds and patterns out there, though, which means you can easily find one with a quick Google search that’ll specifically match the recipient’s favourite things. 

Dachshund Tea Cosy

Try Googling: “FAVOURITE THING tea cosy” | “patterned tea cosy” | “FAVOURITE DOG/CAT/ANIMAL patterned teapot cosy” for similar ideas. 

17 – Gluten-Free Cornish Cream Tea

Price: £24.90

Where: The Cornish Hamper Store | Amazon  

Can you believe that I almost forgot to put something cream tea-related on this list of gifts for tea lovers? It also occurred to me, as I was adding this item to the list, that I didn’t know the difference between “afternoon tea”, “high tea” and “Cornish cream tea” — and for an avid tea drinker, it’s pretty shocking that I don’t know. 

According to afternoontea.co.uk, afternoon tea is a “tea-related ritual … composed of sandwiches (usually cut delicately into ‘fingers’), scones with clotted cream and jam, sweet pastries and cakes”, and has been a concept since about the 1840s.

According to The Spruce Eats, high tea is a “post-work meal … served at a high counter or counter”. Afternoon tea at 4 pm was basically for the richer folk, with high tea reserved for the working classes, once they’d finished a hard day’s work. 

The Spruce Eats also discusses how Scottish high tea is slightly different from a typical British high tea: it’s more like an afternoon tea but with hot snacks included alongside cold sandwiches and cakes. 

And then you have Cornish cream tea, which incorporates a fresh pot of tea with scones, Cornish clotted cream, and some kind of jam — named because of its associations with Cornwall and Devon. It is believed that Cornish cream teas first originated at some point in the 1800s, too. 

Gluten Free Cornish Cream Tea

Try Googling: “Cornish tea hamper” | “make your own Cornish tea” | “DIETARY-SPECIFIC Cornish tea kit” for similar ideas.

18 – Tea Too Super Chill Ice Tea Travel Jug

Price: £32.00 [Down from £38.00]


Does the tea lover in your life enjoy their tea cold and on-the-move? This amazing travel jug/ice tea maker is great for just that, and that’s just one of many things I made the “oooh” noise at when I bounced around the website. It’s a tea lover’s paradise over there. Tea Too Super Chill

Try Googling: “ice tea jug” | “ice tea travel” | “ice tea gifts” to find similar ideas.

19 – I Love Tea Slogan Tee

Price: £25.00

Where: Joanie Clothing 

I love tea enough to wear it with my whole literal chest, but what about the tea drinker in your life? Would they rock an “I love tea” t-shirt? If the answer is yes, this I Love Tea slogan tea might just work — and it’s available in sizes small through to extra-large. 

I Love Tea Slogan Tee

Try Googling: “tea slogan t-shirt“ | “i love tea slogan clothing” | “tea t-shirts“ to find similar ideas.

20 – Tea Discovery Collection 

Price: £25.00

Where: Whittard

I drink tea every single day and I don’t know how many different types of tea there are. It was only as I was compiling this guide of gifts for tea lovers that I learned of flower teas. That’s why I’d love a cute teabag-based gift like this one: all different types of teas from all around the world. 

Marrakech Mint, Russian Caravan, English Rose, Tippy Assam … there’s plenty to choose from — and you might just help the receiver of the gift learn a new favourite tea type. (Like that time my Gramps introduced me to peppermint tea.) 

Tea Discovery Collection

Try Googling: “teas from around the world” | “worldwide teas” | “box of teas from around the world” to find similar ideas.

21 – Chocolate Teapot Gift Box

Price: £25.00

Where: The Amazing Chocolate Workshop | Not on the High Street

This teapot will literally be about as much use as the proverbial chocolate teapot, but it certainly does look good enough to eat! If they like chocolate AND cups of hot tea, gifts for tea lovers like this one have you covered from all angles — and you can even add a personalised gift tag for that special birthday message. 

For the record, you can also buy a chocolate teacup and saucer set from Not on the High Street, alongside the “There’s a Gin in My Teapot Chocolate Tea Party Set”, and various other edible, tea-loving treats.

I want ALL of them.  

Chocolate Teapot Gift Box

Try Googling: “chocolate teapot” | “edible teacups and saucers” | “chocolate tea set gifts“ to find similar ideas.

22 – Afternoon Tea Selection

Price: £20.00

Where: Marks and Spencer

Fancy a tasty afternoon tea with your friends but don’t fancy taking on all of the hard work of sorting it all out? Marks and Spener have got you covered, it seems, with a full afternoon tea box set that contains cakes, biscuits, and teas galore. 

Afternoon Tea Selection

Try Googling: “afternoon tea in a box” | “afternoon tea gift set” | “DIY afternoon tea” to find similar ideas.

23 – Summer Afternoon Tea & Flowers

Price: £50.00

Where: Marks and Spencer

Do you feel like pushing the boat out a little bit more for the tea drinker in your life? Need gifts for tea lovers that really pack a punch?

How about summer afternoon tea and flowers … delivered! With luxury biscuits, tea, cakes, and jams, your loved one will also get a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. 

You could always go one further and create your very own hamper for the tea drinker in your life. You know them better than anyone else, after all. Grab a basket, buy a decent bunch of flowers, and then fill the basket will all of their favourite cakes, biscuits, and teas. I would positively love that. You’d be hearing about it on social media for months after, lemme tell you. 

Summer Afternoon Tea & Flowers

Try Googling: “tea and flowers” | “flower and tea delivery” | “flowers and tea gifts” to find similar ideas.

24 – Letterbox Tea Rainbow With Personalised Note

Price: £6.50

Where: Not on the High Street

There’s only one thing I love more than tea, and that’s rainbows. And if you’re in the market for an LGBTQ-positive gift that’ll be enjoyed from the very first sip to the last, this one will definitely tick a few boxes. 

Oh, and you can personalise it, too. Is it wrong that I want to buy this for myself?? (Think how cute the photos will be!)

Letterbox Tea Rainbow

Try Googling: “rainbow tea gift” | “rainbow teabags” | “rainbow gifts for tea lovers” to find similar ideas.

25 – Personalised Tea Order Mug 

Price: £11.99 

Where: Two Beeps | Etsy 

I know I’ve already featured a few mugs and cups on this list already, but this teacup is absolutely flipping genius. It literally has your perfect cup of tea order on the side of the cup, giving the tea maker absolutely no excuse for getting it wrong. 

Personalised Tea Order Mug

Try Googling: “personalised tea order mug” | “tea mug with instructions” | “perfect cup of tea order mug” for similar ideas.

26 – Hangover Rescue Tea

Price: £4.95

Where: Not on the High Street 

I used to drink gallons of tea when I was hungover, but it never actually seemed to get me anywhere. If I’d have known that hangover rescue tea was a real thing and it existed, I’ve no doubt that I’d have been chugging that back instead. 

With white pear and ginger, both of which are said to have reported benefits against the symptoms of a raging hangover, this herbal treat will pump your body full of much-needed hydration and soothing relief in no time. 

There are lots of different tea types and blends for lots of different complaints and ailments — calming tea, focusing tea, tea to soothe heartburn or stomach ailments, and many more besides.

Just a quick peek on the Not on the High Street website unearthed such treats as Egyptian Mint Energising Tea, Over Indulgence Tea, After Gym Tea, and many more. 

Hangover Rescue Tea

Try Googling: “hangover tea” | “added vitamins tea” | “tea for upset stomachs/medical ailments” for similar ideas.

27 – Afternoon Tea Bamboo Gift Socks

Price: £12.95

Where: Thought Clothing 

Is a t-shirt a little too much tea-love for the tea drinker in your life? How about tea-themed socks instead? And these aren’t just any socks; these are anti-fungal, antibacterial, breathable, exclusively designed, and sustainable. 

Oh, and there are a bunch of other funky-patterned and designed socks if you fancy treating yourself at the same time. Yes, I absolutely have added those Pavone Peacock Print Bamboo socks to my basket … 

Afternoon Tea Bamboo Gift Socks

Try Googling: “tea slogan socks“ | “funky sock gifts” | “sustainable socks gifts“ to find similar ideas.

28 – Harrods English Breakfast Tea

Price: £10.00

Where: Harrods

When I was younger, my Grandparents had a set of teacups and saucers, complete with teapot, that they’d only get out when ‘special’ people came around. Sometimes, just sometimes, us ‘regular’ people would be allowed to use the special cups and saucers, because of birthdays and other events. 

This tin of Harrods teabags would absolutely be the kind of thing that my Grandma would bring out, on the ‘nice’ tray, with the ‘nice’ cups and saucers, for when ‘special’ people came around … and I kinda love these teabags for a gift because of that nostalgic reason. 

Harrods English Breakfast Tea

Try Googling: “Harrods tea” | “English breakfast tea” | “English tea gift tins” to find similar ideas.

29 – Teapot and Cup Cufflinks 

Price: £16.99

Where: The Tie Store

Does the tea drinker in your life also wear shirts with cufflinks? They can take their tea everywhere they go with these teapot and cup cufflinks and I, for one, love them. 

Teapot and Cup Cufflinks

Try Googling: “teapot cufflinks” | “tea drinkers cufflinks” | “teacup and teapot cufflinks” for similar ideas.

30 – Green Mint Tea with Rum 

Price: £24.95 

Where: NOVELTEA Store

I don’t drink alcohol these days, but let me tell you something: if I did, I would probably drink quite a lot of this. I love green tea with mint, and I love white rum … so throw the two together and you have a match made in heaven. 

It’s cold-brewed, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly — and the instructions say that you can enjoy it “hot as normal tea”.

Imagine this hot toddy on a cold winters night. It almost makes me want to start drinking again. 

Green Mint Tea with Rum

Try Googling: “tea with alcohol” | “alcoholic tea drinks” | “tea and rum drinks” for similar ideas.

31 – Tea-Infused Alcohol 

Price: From £14.26

Where: Various

And while I’m talking about alcoholic tea drinks as gifts for tea lovers, I feel that it’s also important to tell you that a few of the following tea-infused alcoholic drinks exist: 

Try Googling: “tea-infused alcohol” | “tea-infused gin” | “Earl Grey alcoholic drinks” for similar ideas. 

32 – Darjeeling Sparkling Cold Brewed Tea

Price: £7.99 

Where: The Food Market 

Do you want an alcoholic drink substitute that goes above and beyond grape juice instead of wine, or non-alcoholic beers (which, in my opinion, aren’t even that nice)? 

How about this Darjeeling sparkling cold-brewed tea? It looks like wine, comes in a wine-like bottle, but gives you all the loveliness of a sparkling cup of iced tea. I’ve not tried this for myself, but I have high hopes for it — and you can bet your last buck that I’ll be giving it a try!

(Also, there are lots of other types of sparkling cold-brewed tea, including Hojicha and Jasmine tea.) 

Darjeeling Sparkling Cold Brewed Tea

Try Googling: “sparkling tea drinks” | “non-alcoholic tea wines” | “sparkling iced tea” for similar ideas. 

33 – Grow Your Own Tea Plant

Price: £17.95

Where: Not on the High Street

Wouldn’t it be pretty awesome to grow some tea seeds, watch them grow, and then make actual tea from those leaves at the end of it?

That’s the aim of the game for this gift idea for tea lovers, and there are lots of other plant gifts just like it just in case you’re in the market for gifts for coffee drinkers, chilli lovers, or countless others. 

Grow Your Own Tea Plant

Try Googling: “grow your own tea” | “tea-growing gifts” | “grow your own tea kit” to find similar ideas.

34 – Earl Grey Entertainment Hamper

Price: £141.00

Where: Whittard

If you want gifts for tea lovers that are basically all wrapped up for you, you could do a lot worse than tea-themed gift hampers, just like this one from the renowned name in British hot drinks, Whittard. 

A hamper is a great way to give someone a bunch of smaller gifts, all wrapped up in one bigger one, and when you’re getting teabags, biscuits, and a super cute pot and cup-saucer set at the same time, it’s not hard to understand why hampers are a popular choice for thoughtful, personalised gift-giving. 

Earl Grey Entertainment Hamper

Try Googling: “ready-made tea gift hampers” | “Whittard hamper” | “hot drinks hamper gifts” to find similar ideas.

35 – DIY Tea Hamper

Price: Set your limit

Where: Your own kitchen 

A Whittard tea hamper would make for a great gift, but there’s absolutely nothing to stop you from doing exactly the same thing yourself … often for a fraction of the price. 

Buy a hamper, fill it with a cute tea set, and then add a small box of all different types of teabags that you find on your travels. You could even throw in the receivers favourite cake or biscuits to guarantee they love your offering. 

If you don’t know what type of tea the receivers favourite is, giving them a little bit of everything will soon reveal the answer — and it’ll also help them find out if they haven’t already tried all of the different flavours and kinds. 

Try Googling: “DIY tea gift hampers” | “what to put in tea hampers” | “how to make your own hamper” to find similar ideas. 

36 – Reusable Organic Teabags

Price: £2.90 [pack of 5]

Where: The Clean Market LDN

When you drink a lot of tea, you tend to have a lot of teabag waste. One way that you can help the tea drinker in your life to reduce their teabag waste is to gift them reusable organic teabags. 

They’re as simple as you think they are: you simply pop your favourite loose leaf tea in the bags and use them as you usually would a regular tea bag. Empty the bag and wash it when you’re done and it’s ready to be used again and again and again. 

Reusable Organic Teabags

Try Googling: “reusable teabags” | “organic teabags” | “empty teabags” to find similar ideas.

37 – Wartime Tea Print 

Price: Starts at £6.29

Where: WizBitArt | Etsy 

I know someone who’d love wartime tea prints like this one on the kitchen wall — and they’d fit in perfectly alongside the old-school Guinness toucan art that’s currently there. And if a penguin wasn’t up your street, you could always go for a puffin tea print, a cockerel tea print, and others. 

Wartime Tea Print

Try Googling: “tea prints” | “wartime tea prints” | “cups of tea art” for similar ideas.

38 – Baby Vest-Shaped Teabags

Price: £12.50

Where: The Little Boys Room | Not on the High Street 

If you want to announce your pregnancy to the Grandparents in the cutest way possible, I reckon sending them a parcel of baby vest-shaped teabags might just be the way to do it.

Or, you know, part of the way to do it; there’s nothing stopping you from turning this into a larger box or hamper-style gift, with lots of little clues in it — all of which add up to one big message: you’re going to be grandparents!

Baby Vest-Shaped Teabags

Try Googling: “shaped teabags” | “heart-shaped teabags” | “homemade shaped teabags” for similar ideas. 

39 – Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug, 16-Ounce, Matte Gold

Price: £28.67

Where: Zojirushi | Amazon 

Good Housekeeping actually rated this brand of travel mug as their #1 “best travel coffee mugs, according to kitchen experts” — and if it’s good enough for Good Housekeeping, it’s definitely good enough for me. 

I know they called it a coffee travel mug, but a travel mug is a travel mug, if you’re asking for my opinion, and this one not only looks great, but also has a host of benefits you’ll probably want to know about.

These include: being able to retain 70c heat for up to six hours, a 5-year warranty, BPA-free plastic, a nonstick and easy-to-clean coating, and a gorgeous range of colours available. 

No more need for tea throwaways ever again!

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

Try Googling: “best tea/coffee travel mugs“ | “Zojirushi travel mugs” | “best-rated travel mugs“ to find similar ideas.

40 – Make Your Own Tea Blend

Price: £33.00

Where: Not on the High Street

With the choice to enjoy these delightful teas alone or blended together, any herbal tea aficionado would appreciate gifts for tea lovers like this one, available from Not on the High Street.

The gift set comes with reusable tins, contains a bunch of award-winning teas, and can make between 10 and 20 cups of tea, depending on the combinations made. 

I might as well just add all of these gifts to my own basket, at this rate. 

Make Your Own Tea Blend

Try Googling: “make your own tea” | “tea-making gifts” | “blend your own tea kit” to find similar ideas.

41 – Vintage Tea Cups 

Price: ???

Where: Grandma’s cupboards, vintage stores, charity shops

I remember looking through a vintage store in Rochester High Street once and I found the most beautiful china cup and saucer set, complete with teapot. I’ve regretted not buying it every day since.

There’s something about old/vintage tea sets for me; I’d love an old set as a gift. Imagine the stories that have been told between friends and loved ones over cups of tea throughout the years! Maybe the tea drinker in your life would appreciate such a gift too?

vintage tea cup

42 – Pick ’n’ Mix Tea Bundle

Price: £32.50

Where: Bird & Blend Tea Co.

With this gift box set from Bird & Blend Tea Co., you can put together 10 different flavours of loose tea, choosing from more than 7 different flavours. A few that stood out for me include Chocolate Digestives, Honey Bee Beautiful, and Apple Strudel. I would absolutely guzzle down all three of those teas with ease, and then a few more, too. 

Just in case 10 seems like too big a package to commit to, you can also put together a 5-piece Pick ’n’ Mix box. 

Pick ’n’ Mix Tea Bundle

Try Googling: “pick n mix tea” | “make your own tea bundle” | “loose leaf tea box” to find similar ideas.

43 – The Four Types of Tea Art Print 

Price: £9.99 

Where: Illustrated By Lini | Etsy 

In my opinion, Builder’s Brew is the only type of tea that matters in life … and anyone who makes me a cup of Snow White is INSTANTLY popped right into the do-not-trust box.

This print is guaranteed to divide opinion amongst the tea drinkers in your life — and that’s exactly why it belongs in your tea drinker’s kitchen, close to the kettle. 

The Four Types of Tea Art Print

Try Googling: “tea art print” | “tea colours art print” | “builders brew tea art print” for similar ideas.

44 – Tea Lovers Soy Candle Making Kit

Price: £28.00 

Where: Hazel & Blue | Not on the High Street 

Here’s a fun fact about me: I made soy wax candles for fun (and I make a right mess doing it, too!) — and my hobby started after someone bought me a soy wax candle-making kit. 

It’s lots of fun, I always find it wonderfully therapeutic, and the house always smells of every amazing scent I just used to create my candles afterwards … and absolutely nobody complains about it. 

If you know a tea drinker who also happens to have a crafty streak just dying to get out, why not let them let rip with a candle making kit like this one? It’s made in Britain, is eco-friendly, has a gift-wrapping option, and can be personalised — and it’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 

Tea Lovers Soy Candle Making Kit

Try Googling: “soy wax candle kits” | “tea candle fragrances” | “DIY candle kits” for similar ideas.

45 – Grandpa Tea Set

Price: £116.00

Where: Harvey Nichols 

Yes, I know, this one is an expensive gift, but how cute are these teacups?! If you want to go for a vintage look with a luxury, brand-new feel, something in glazed porcelain might just do the trick, especially from this funky Dutch brand – Pols Potten. 

Grandpa Tea Set

Try Googling: “vintage tea sets” | “cup and saucer sets” | “colourful teacups and saucers” to find similar ideas.

46 – Mystery Thriller Book Gift Box

Price: £19.99


As well as being a self-confessed full-time tea drinker, I’m also a big of a true crime addict. And by addict, I mean … an actual addict. You name a series on true crime/serial killers/mysteries, I’ve probably seen it – and the same goes for podcasts, books, and websites, too. 

And that’s why I think this Mystery Thriller Book Gift Box is AMAZING. Not only do you get a mystery thriller book, you also get a bunch of teas, coffees, and even chocolates to enjoy right alongside it. 

Try Googling: “tea and book gifts” | “gift sets with tea and books” | “cup of tea and a book gifts” to find similar ideas.

47 – Tea for Bookworms 

Price: £7.50 

Where: Victoria Mae Designs | Not on the High Street 

And while we’re on the subject of tea and book lovers, how about teabags that come with beautiful literature-lovin’ quotes? 

This pack of 8 teabags comes complete with cute quotes on the paper envelopes, all related to books and book lovers — and you can pick from a bunch of favourite teas, too, including English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Camomile, Mint, and more. 

You’d be supporting a small UK business by buying from this store, but I’m just going to throw an idea out there: if you have some teabags and a printer, there’s nothing to stop you from creating this wonderful gift yourself at home. How creative do you feel today?

Tea for Bookworms

Try Googling: “tea for bookworms” | “tea gifts for book lovers” | “literature-themed teabags” for similar ideas.

48 – Harrods Tea Timers

Price: £14.00

Where: Harrods

I can’t work out if timing the stew-time of your cup of tea is obsessive or utterly brilliant. Either way, I still think that tea timers from Harrods (and also BECAUSE they’re from Harrods) would make cute gifts for tea lovers.

There’s a one-minute timer, a three-minute timer, and a five-minute timer … and I’m actually really interested to find out which of the three would end up being ‘my’ timer-time. I’m placing bets on three minutes, but which one do you think would be your tea-time? 

Harrods Tea Timers

Try Googling: “tea timers” | “Harrods tea gifts” | “timers for tea” to find similar ideas.

49 – Vintage Teacup Candles

Price: ???

Where: Grandma’s cupboards, vintage stores, charity shops

Yes, I know I mentioned vintage teacups already, but this time I’m suggesting doing something different with them … I’m suggesting turning them into candles. 

In actual fact, I’m suggesting upcycling them in whichever way you see fit.

Pinterest is a really great place to find all sorts of ideas for upcycling uses, and if you want a personalises, one-of-a-kind gift for the tea drinker in your life, this really is one that has been given that truly personal touch. Add some wax and wicks and turn old cup and saucer sets into cute candles, or even small planters for succulents, or whatever you like. 

50 – Le Jardin de Marie-Antoinette Tea Bags [Fancy Teabags] 

Price: £19.95

Where: Harvey Nichols

Weird and wonderful flavour combinations in teas and other beverages are more in demand than ever before, so there’s bound to be a type of what I like to call “fancy teabags” to suit the tea lover in your life. 

These pretty-in-pink Le Jardin de Marie-Antoinette teabags combine black Chinese tea, rose, lavender, raspberry, gooseberry, orange blossom and pear into a delicious, fruity treat that’s perfect for summer.

Harvey Nichols actually has quite the range of delightful-sounding teas, in gorgeous packaging – and it sure makes a change from a plain ol’ PG Tips box, right? 

Le Jardin de Marie-Antoinette Tea Bags

Try Googling: “fancy teabags” | “tea in nice packaging” | “luxury herbal teas” to find similar ideas.

51 – Cornish Cream Tea Earrings

Price: £12.50 

Where: Giraffes Kiss | Etsy 

I didn’t need handmade Cornish tea earrings in my life before, but now I’ve seen they’re a thing that exists, I definitely need them in my life now.

If the silver teapot and teacup necklace shown right at the beginning of this list wasn’t the jewellery type you were looking for as your gifts for tea lovers, these earrings (and the others like them in the Etsy store) might just tick a few boxes instead. 

Cornish Cream Tea Earrings

Try Googling: “tea earrings” | “teacup earrings” | “afternoon tea earrings” for similar ideas.

52 – Whistling Kettle 

Price: £78.30 [down from £99.00]

Where: Art of Living UK 

This Le Creuset traditional kettle really will give you a taste of something nostalgic is the sound of a whistling kettle reminds you of your childhood.

There are plenty out there to choose from, with the retro becoming popular again, but Le Creuset really is a big and trusted name in the world of kitchen works — and this kettle really will give appliance-lovers some serious envy. 

Whistling Kettle

Try Googling: “traditional kettle” | “whistling kettle” | Le Creuset kettle” for similar ideas.

53 – Spill the Tea, Tea Towel

Price: £9.99

Where: IWOOT

If you’re asking for my personal opinion, there’s nothing better than sitting down a hot cup of tea and quite literally spillin’ the tea … also known as sharing the latest gossip. (Not that I’m a gossip or anything, obviously.) 

And that’s the story behind me ordering one of these tea towels for my own home …

Spill the Tea Tea Towel

Try Googling: “novelty tea towels” | “tea-themed tea towels“ | “personalised tea towel gifts” to find similar ideas.

54 – A Year’s Supply of Teabags

Price: Under £50 (by my estimations)

Where: Viking Direct (example)

Let’s just say the tea drinker you’re buying gifts for consumes 5 cups of tea per day. (I’m just guessing at numbers here, okay?) They’d need 1,825 teabags for a one-year supply. 

On Viking Direct, you can buy a massive bag of 1040 Yorkshire Tea teabags for £23.99, so times that by two to give you 2,080 (more than enough for a one-year supply) and you’ll be spending £47.98. 

For under £50, you could buy someone you love a full year’s supply of teabags … 

Just some food for thought. 

Gifts For Tea Lovers

Try Googling: “bulk buy teabags” | “multipack teabags” | “bulk buy BRAND NAME teabags” to find similar ideas.

55 – Tea-Dunking Biscuits

Price: Set your limit 

Where: Wherever you get your biscuits from

According to an experiment performed by/for The Independent, the best biscuit to dunk in a cup of hot tea is the humble Bourbon. Out of 12 traditional tea-dunking biscuits, the Bourbon lasted the longest when dunked: over 2 and a half minutes. The Hob Nob was the worst, lasting barely 15 seconds before it broke apart. 

The bourbon hasn’t always held the top spot, though. In a 2004 study, the rich tea biscuit was given the most-dunkable crown [EW! why??], but a few years later, in 2009, chocolate digestives stole the win. 

What’s all of this got to do with gifts for tea lovers?

Well, every tea drink has their favourite biscuit to dunk, in my experience. I tend to alternate between custard creams and bourbons, but I know a digestive-dunker, a chocolate digestive-dunker, and a ginger nut dunker. What about the tea drinker in your life? What kind of biscuits do they like to dunk? 

Why not get them a box full of their favourite dunkable biscuits?

Or a luxury packet of their favourite biscuits?

Or a big box of mixed biscuits? 

If someone gave me a gift-wrapped box full of my favourite biscuits, I’d be a VERY happy bunny, that’s all I’m saying. 

Tea-Dunking Biscuits

Try Googling: “luxury biscuits gift boxes” | “luxury FAVOURITE BISCUIT BRAND box” | “big boxes of biscuits” for similar ideas.” 

56 – Personalised Tea Advent Calendar

Price: £49.95

Where: Prezzybox

I’m featuring this one because Christmas is coming up soon, but isn’t a tea-themed advent calendar one of the coolest ideas ever? It seems you can get an advent calendar for virtually anything these days, and I’m definitely in line, hands reached out, hoping for one of these when December 1st comes along. 

Personalised Tea Advent Calendar

Try Googling: “tea-themed advent calendar” | “hot drinks advent calendar” | “DIY advent calendar” to find similar ideas.

57 – Wedgwood Teapot

Price: £95.00

Where: House of Fraser

Wedgwood is a very famous name in the world of porcelain and china, and the company started with one man – Josiah Wedgwood, a potter – back in 1759. And here’s a fun fact about the British name that you might not know: William Blake once worked with the Wedgwood company to create engravings in the early part of the 1800s. 

It seems only right that I include a Wedgwood teapot on this list today, and I’ve gone with an absolute beauty: the Wedgwood Harlequin butterfly bloom teapot. (I’m pretty much obsessed with it!)

Wedgwood Teapot

Try Googling: “fancy teapot” | “Wedgwood teapots” | “luxury teapot gifts” to find similar ideas.

58 – PG Tips Earrings 

Price: £8.50 

Where: Multicoloured Magpie | Etsy 

Yes, I know I’ve featured tea earrings on this list already, but I found a whole bunch of teabag/tea-themed earrings on the Multicoloured Magpie Etsy site and I felt like y’all needed to know about them. 

My favourite teabags are PG Tips, but you’ll also find Yorkshire Tea earrings, Tetley Tea earrings, Costa Coffee mug earrings, various alcoholic beverages in jewellery form, and a bunch of other awesomely fun drink-themed accessories. There are even Lord of the Rings book earrings, Great Gatsby book earrings, and more. 

I could probably carry on talking about the shop for a while, to be honest — but the short story is this: if you’re interested in a handmade, themed gift for someone who really loves something specific (such as tea), shops like this one, on Etsy, are a GREAT place to start. 

PG Tips Mug Earrings

Try Googling: “tea earrings” | “BRAND NAME jewellery” | “PG Tips handmade accessories” for similar ideas.

59 – Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea Cookbook 

Price: £12.99

Where: Waterstones

This is a weirdly specific gift, I know, but I actually personally know a Downton Abbey-watching tea-drinker, so there must be more people just like that out there.

With more than 70 afternoon tea recipes, including savoury snacks, biscuits, sandwiches, and cakes, I don’t even think you need to be in the market for awesome gifts for tea lovers in order to appreciate this one. 

Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea Cookbook

Try Googling: “Downton Abbey afternoon tea” | “afternoon tea recipes” | “TV show tea gifts” to find similar ideas.

60 – Personalised Dual Mug & Tea Set

Price: £21.99

Where: Prezzybox

The reasons why I LOVE this gift set are plentiful:

1 – PG Tips is my tea of choice.

2 – I would love a personalised PG Tips mug. 

3 – The second mug would be mine too because there is nothing more devastating than breaking/cracking/smashing your very favourite tea mug and not having a backup. 

Personalised PG Tips Dual Mug & Tea Set

Try Googling: “personalised tea mug” | “2 tea mugs set” | “mug gifts” to find similar ideas.

61 – Gothic Teapot Bag

Price: £24.00

Where: Wish 

How damn cute is this teapot bag? I don’t know why I need a bag in the shape of a teapot but I absolutely do. If only it came with someone who would just continually pass me fresh cups of tea throughout the day … but we can all dream, right? 

Gothic Teapot Bag

Try Googling: “fancy teabags” | “tea in nice packaging” | “luxury herbal teas” to find similar ideas.

62 – Disney Mulan Bath Tea

Price: £10.00

Where: Superdrug

Do you need gifts for tea lovers that also work for Disney lovers, and pamper lovers? This cute tin of teabags designed for bath time is perfect, and they come in a super cute tin that you can reuse/upcycle.

With raspberry, cherry, black tea, green tea and vanilla, you can mix n’ match them up for a delightful smelling end-of-day bath. 

Disney Mulan Bath Tea

Try Googling: “teabags for the bath” | “bath teabags” | “Disney pamper tea products” to find similar ideas.

63 – Milk Chocolate Earl Grey Tea Thins

Price: £15.00

Where: House of Fraser

Anything that combines chocolate and tea is a good idea in my eyes, so you can imagine my joy when I spotted these tea+chocolate goodies on the House of Fraser website.

HOF actually state that they’re one of their “biggest sellers” and with the British being the way they are with the humble cup of tea, it’s not hard to understand why. 

I definitely wouldn’t complain if someone bought me — an avid tea drinker — a gift like this one, that’s for sure. 

Try Googling: “chocolate tea gifts” | “chocolate with tea” | “candy tea” to find similar ideas.

64 – My Cuppa Tea Mug 

Price: £7.99

Where: Prezzybox

We all know how specific tea-drinkers can get about the colour of their drinks … and I’m no different. That’s why I LOVED this cup — there are stripes of colour on the inside of the cup – a “paint chart” for tea – to help drink-makers get the perfect tea shade. 

I’m probably ‘Soldiers Brew’, what about you? (I take just under one sugar too, please.) 

My Cuppa Tea Mug

Try Googling: “personalised tea mug” | “tea colour chart cup” | “mug gifts” to find similar ideas.

65 – Afternoon Tea Hemp Wax Candle 

Price: £30.00 

Where: Twoodle Co | Etsy 

I love tea, and I just so happen to really love candles … so I’ve basically found my perfect gift. (On top of all of the other perfect gifts on this list.) 

Handmade with English hemp wax, suitable for vegans, 100% natural, and a 50-hour burn time … and it smells like afternoon tea. This might just be the best candle ever created, but that’s just my opinion. 

Afternoon Tea Hemp Wax Candle

Try Googling: “tea candles” | “tea-scented candles” | “hemp wax candles” for similar ideas.

66 – Black Tea Cologne [Murdock London]

Price: £88 / 100ml

Where: Beauty Expert 

Described as “a spicy, woody scent inspired by Britain’s historic spice and tea routes”, this would make great gifts for tea lovers for a male/masculine figure in your life – and it’s not been tested on animals; is free from parabens, sulphates and phthalates; and it comes in a gift box with a rather nice looking bottle. 

Black Tea Cologne [Murdock London]

Try Googling: “tea cologne” | “tea fragrances” | “fragrances with tea” to find similar ideas.

67 – White Tea Mandarin Blossom EDT [Elizabeth Arden]

Price: £40.00

Where: Beauty Expert

I featured a cologne so it just makes sense to feature a perfume too — and what a perfume it is! I’ve actually smelled this fragrance and it is lovely, and it would make a great gift for someone who loves tea, or someone who loves perfume. 

The original white tea fragrance in the Elizabeth Arden range was such a big hit, they regularly release modern and fresh twists on the classic. That’s just what this is: the classic fragrance with an additional citrus twist. 

White Tea Mandarin Blossom EDT

Try Googling: “white tea perfume” | “Elizabeth Arden white tea” | “fragrances with white tea” to find similar ideas.

68 – Luxury Afternoon Tea

Price: £19.00 upwards

Where: Buy a Gift | Different locations

I’ve already featured an in-a-box afternoon tea-based gift, but this is the fancier version of it. This time around, you’ll be served afternoon tea. Proper afternoon tea. Afternoon tea in a very nice restaurant. 

I found a whole bunch of these online, in various locations up and down the country, including Patisserie Valerie, Hilton Hotels, Coombe Abbey, London Hyde Park, The Shard, on steam trains, at murder mystery events, birds of prey experiences, and many more places besides, and there’s plenty to pick from on Buy a Gift.

You can even add on a spa day, or a dome experience in Secret Garden Kensington, or enjoy a vineyard tour at the same time. 

There’s a little something for everyone, and as far as gifts for tea lovers go, this one is great for getting out and seeing something new at the same time. 

Luxury Afternoon Tea

Try Googling: “luxury afternoon tea” | “afternoon tea and spa” | “afternoon tea for two” to find similar ideas.

69 – Bergamot and Black Tea Diffuser

Price: £15.00

Where: Argos

I’ve featured cologne and perfume now, so I might as well throw a nice tea-based room fragrance on this list, right? Bergamot is said to not only reduce stress but also to improve your mood — and it’s one of the main flavours in Earl Grey tea. If you like Earl Grey, I predict you’re going to really like this room freshener. 

Bergamot and Black Tea Diffuser

Try Googling: “tea room fragrance” | “black tea air freshener” | “room fragrances with tea” to find similar ideas.

70 – Quick Boil Water Dispenser

Price: £54.99

Where: Argos

I already drink far too many cups of tea per day, so I dread to think how many I’d polish off (or make and then forget about) if I had a kettle/water dispenser that boiled in less than a minute. 

I still want a machine that does it, though. 

And that’s why this little beast is on the list. (Hint hint to my significant other.) 

Quick Boil Water Dispenser

Try Googling: “quick boil kettle” | “fast kettle” | “fast boil kettle” to find similar ideas.

71 – iKettle

Price: £99.99

Where: Firebox

You know, while I’m on the subject of kettles that were clearly built with tea-drinkers (or drinkers of other hot beverages) in mind, did you know there was such a thing as an iKettle? And it’s every bit as flipping amazing as it sounds. 

You can literally boil your kettle using your phone. No getting off the couch to flick the switch; your phone will do it for you. It’s unfortunate that the phone can’t make the actual cup of tea as well, but hey, who knows what the future holds?! 

There’s even a ‘wake up’ mode: you can set the time you usually get up in the morning and have your kettle freshly boiled for when you open your eyes. And, just wait, you can do the same thing for when you get home from work, too. 

People, I think I might love this kettle. 


Try Googling: “iKettle” | “kettle connects phone” | “wifi kettle” to find similar ideas.

72 – Time For Tea Clock 

Price: £53.00 [Down from £75.00]

Where: House of Fraser

Just to make sure the tea drinker in your life never misses the opportunity to have a nice cup of tea, why not buy them a clock that literally reminds them to do just that whenever they look at it?

I found so many different types of tea-themed clocks and timepieces online, there’s definitely going to be at least one that matches your (or the receiver of the gift) decor. This one stood out to me because I quite liked the old 1930s Scrabble-like game pieces. 

Time For Tea Clock

Try Googling: “tea-themed clock” | “teatime clock” | “Scrabble clocks” to find similar ideas.

73 – Teapot Planter/Vase 

Price: £4.95 [box of 2]

Where: Baker Ross

And speaking of planters, you can actually buy plain, ready-to-decorate teapot-shaped planters to use as vases, plant nurseries, or just as pots for smaller plants, like herbs. 

The website suggests decorating these with acrylic paint, which sounds like a great job to do with the kits one weekend, or you could just go crazy and get a little creative yourself. 

And just in case teapot planters weren’t quite your style, you could always opt for cup and saucer planters instead. 

Teapot Ceramic Planters

Try Googling: “teapot planters” | “teapot vase” | “cup and saucer plant pots” to find similar ideas.

74 – Become a Tea Sommelier 

Price: Starts at £475.00

Where: UK Tea Academy

You could give someone the gift of an actual new career with this in-depth tea course. There are three levels: Tea Champion, Tea Sommelier, and Tea Master — levels 1, 2, and 3. And wouldn’t it be really cool to become a “Tea Master”?

I’d be using that title all over the place, let me tell you. It’d be on my CV, I’d tell random people at the bus stop about it, I’d never stop mentioning it. 

Become a Tea Sommelier

Try Googling: “tea sommelier courses” | “become a tea sommelier” | “tea master courses” to find similar ideas.

75 – Tea Tattoo

Price: Speak with artists

Where: Speak with artists

Does the tea drinker in your life also have a love for tattoos? Why not pay for them to get a tattoo of a teacup, or teapot, or something similar that relates to the recipient and drinking tea? And if you/they can’t think of ideas, checking out Pinterest for “tea tattoos” or “tea tattoo ideas” is a really good place to start. 

Most tattoo shops offer gift certificates or similar, so why not have a chat with them + the gift recipient to get them a tea-themed gift that really will last for a lifetime? 

Try Googling: “tea-themed tattoos” | “teacup and saucer tattoos” | “teapot and cup tattoo ideas” for similar ideas. 

76 – Teapot Pandora Charm 

Price: £35.00 

Where: Pandora

Pandora bracelets and charms are one of the most popular brands in the world right now, especially in the UK, and virtually every female relative I have owns one of the bracelets. Even *I* own one and I’m not really big on following trends. 

If the tea drinker in your family has a Pandora charm bracelet, you could get them one of a number of tea-themed charms that I found on my jollies around the internet. The one I’ve chosen to add to this list of gifts for tea lovers is probably my favourite. 

Teapot Pandora Charm

Try Googling: “teacup and saucer Pandora charm” | “teapot charm” | “tea charm for bracelet” for similar ideas. 

77 – Silver Teapot Charm 

Price: £22.00

Where: Lily Charmed

Want more of an old-school charm for your bracelet rather than the slide-on Pandora style? I found plenty of those too, including this one, from Lily Charmed, created from recycled 925 sterling silver.

The fact that they’re made from recycled silver actually makes them a little more special, in my opinion; it means that there’s a backstory to them, that they’ve got some history to them and tales to tell. I kinda love that, don’t you? 

(And you can choose from a ‘lobster’ clasp or a jump ring, which I also love.) 

Silver Teapot Charm

Try Googling: “silver teapot charm” | “METAL teapot charm for bracelet” | “teacup and saucer charm” for similar ideas.

78 – Collagen and Green Tea Under Eye Mask 

Price: £4.95

Where: Look Fantastic

Tea, specifically green tea, is well known for its reported beauty benefits — and we’ve all heard of putting teabags on our closed eyes to help beat puffiness and under-eye bags and dark circles, right?

These BeautyPro under-eye masks contain both green tea and collagen to offer a cooling and soothing experience for those tired eyes. 

Just make sure the recipient knows that you want them to feel their best, not that you’re telling them how tired they look. 

Collage and Green Tea Under Eye Mask

Try Googling: “tea beauty products” | “tea masks under-eye” | “green/black tea beauty treatments” to find similar ideas.

79 – Hamper/Box of Tea-Based Beauty Products 

Price: Set your limit (I went with £50)

Where: Various (I went with Look Fantastic)

I know I’ve discussed creating a tea-themed hamper already, but this time, I’d like to throw the idea of a tea-themed beauty hamper into the mix rather than tea you’re actually meant to drink. 

You could easily add the under-eye mask featured above with other tea-based products in a hamper, going as far as your budget will allow. There are actually truckloads of beauty products out there that contain extracts of black tea, green tea, and various other tea types. 

Let’s say you have a budget of £50 for your gift box. You could add:

… and still have a couple of quid to spare. And you can get free delivery when you spend over £25 on Look Fantastic UK, which is where I found all of the listed tea-based beauty products. 

Try Googling: “tea beauty box ideas” | “beauty hampers with tea products” | “make your own beauty gift box” to find similar ideas.  

80 – Male Tea-Themed Beauty Products 

Price: Starts at £7.50

Where: Bulldog | Look Fantastic UK

There are actually tea-based beauty products out there designed for men to use, too. The male tea drinkers in our lives don’t need to be left out in the tea beauty gift department. 

I found a skincare range for men on Look Fantastic UK called Bulldog — and among the tea-themed treats I found were:

Try Googling: “male tea skincare” | “skincare for men” | “black tea/green tea skincare for men” for similar ideas.

81 – Tea on a Stick 

Price: £6.99 

Where: My Tea Pop Store | Etsy 

I didn’t even know that tea-on-a-stick was a thing, so I’m definitely impressed by this and would absolutely love a tin of teas-on-sticks as a birthday or Christmas gift. 

You can choose from a variety of flavours from just this one tea-stick creator alone, including Lemon Ginger, Earl Grey, Jasmine Green, Passionfruit Punch, and more — and you simply pop the stick in a cup of hot water, give it a good stir, and then enjoy when it’s all dissolved.

You can’t get much easier than that!

Tea on a Stick 

Try Googling: “tea on a stick” | “dissolvable tea sticks” | “sticks of tea” for similar ideas.

82 – Vintage Teasmade 

Price: £59.99

Where: Argos

Okay, so, I know it’s not really vintage because you’re buying it brand new, but who knew that the humble Teasmade was something you could still buy?! Now I’ve seen this, I really want one.

I know there are much more high-tech gadgets around for tea-making these days (as I’ve already shown on this list of gifts for tea drinkers), but there’s something about an old-fashion Teasmade that just makes me smile a little bit inside. I think it’s because it reminds me of my Great-Grandparents. 

Vintage Teasmade

Try Googling: “Teasmade” | “vintage Teasmade” | “tea machines” for similar ideas.

83 – Earl Grey Lip Balm

Price: £4.99 

Where: Content Beauty & Wellbeing 

I don’t think I’ve ever successfully used an entire lip balm, from start to finish, without losing it/throwing it away/breaking it/melting it/whatever. You can bet your last buck that I’ll make an extra special effort to take care of a lip balm that tastes and smells like Earl Grey tea, though. 

Created from raw, organic, vegan-friendly and Kosher products, you might want to chuck two of these in your basket: one for you, and one for whoever you Googled “gifts for tea lovers” for. 

*adds 5 to my basket, all for me*

Try Googling: “tea lip balm” | “Earl Grey beauty products” | “lip balm with tea” for similar ideas.

84 – Bubble Tea Kit 

Price: £27.00

Where: Bobalife | Etsy 

Do you think the tea drinker in your life needs to expand their tea horizons? Why not introduce them to bubble tea with this cute DIY kit? It has everything you’d need to make and try 12 bubble tea drinks right from the comfort of your own home — and it’s even suitable for vegans. 

Bubble Tea Kit

Try Googling: “bubble tea” | “bubble tea gift boxes” | “DIY bubble tea sets” for similar ideas.

85 – If You Can Read This Make Me Tea Socks 

Price: £8.99 

Where: BRING ME SOCKS | Amazon 

These socks speak for themselves, really: if you can read what the message says, make me a cup of tea, pleeeaaaaassseee. 

Have I already told you that I take mine with just less than one sugar, strong, and with a splash of milk? You know what to do … 😝

If You Can Read This Make Me Tea Socks

Try Googling: “novelty tea socks” | “bring me tea socks” | “make me tea message socks” for similar ideas.

86 – Earl Grey Tea Infused Sea Salt

Price: £3.75

Where: Life of Spice | The Food Market 

I must admit that I had to double-check this item when I first saw it, because who knew that Earl Grey tea-infused sea salt was an actual real thing? Now I know about it, and you do, too. 

I’m not really sure what kind of dishes would call for sea salt that tastes like Earl Grey tea, but I’m too intrigued to not find out more now. The website suggests beef or pork dishes as well as salted caramel.

I think I might need to make a salted caramel something-or-other with this tea-infused sea salt. What would you make? 

Earl Grey Tea Infused Sea Salt

Try Googling: “tea-infused salt” | “sea salt that tastes like tea” | “infused sea salt” for similar ideas.

87 – Hand-Knitted/Crocheted Tea Cosy 

Price: Set your budget 

Where: Your handiwork 

Are you a dab hand with a set of knitting needles? Or crochet needles? Or a sewing machine? Why not make the tea drinker in your life their very own tea cosy, completely unique from anyone else’s, lovingly hand-created with hard work and love? 

And if you want that tea cosy to really mean something (think about tea with the Grandparents, for example), you could use an old sweater or shirt, pulled apart and re-worked to make something brand new — a tea cosy. 

Try Googling: “knitted tea cosy patterns” | “free tea cosy crochet patterns” | “tea cosy patterns” for similar ideas. 

88 – Cockapoo Teabag Dish 

Price: £8.95

Where: Dog Krazy Gifts 

If, like me, you’re sick of picking up cold, used teabags from the counter to put in the bin/compost heap/food waste bin, a teabag collection ‘spot’ might sort things out. I’m showing you a dish to collect old teabags here, but there are plenty of other options you could choose from. 

You could decorate a miniature bucket, or buy a small teabag collection bucket (I’ve seen some on Etsy), or even create and decorate a ceramic plate or dish in a pottery class. (The latter is also a great way to get out, meet new people, and learn a new skill, too!) 

Cockapoo Teabag Dish

Try Googling: “teabag dish” | “FAVOURITE DOG BREED teabag dish” | teabag bucket” for similar ideas.

89 – Herbal Tea for Dogs

Price: £7.50 [down from £15.00]

Where: Pet Planet

Stop what you’re doing immediately because I need you to look at this next item … actual teabags for dogs. Doggy tea. Actual tea for dogs. 

I’m amazed at what you can find on the internet, I really am, but I kinda love the idea of sitting down with my [imaginary] dog and having a nice cup of tea together. Do you know a tea lover who’s also a dog lover? I reckon this tea gift would be perfect for them. Just don’t forget the doggy biscuits for doggy-dunkin’ too. 

(I’m just going to take a moment to chuckle at the name “Woof and Brew” because it’s brilliant. That is all.)

Herbal Tea for Dogs

Try Googling: “doggy tea” | “herbal tea for dogs” | “cup of tea for pets” for similar ideas.

90 – Mrs Potts Money Box 

Price: £20.99 [down from £25.99]

Where: Wayfair 

Disney’s Mrs Potts is probably one of the most iconic teapots in the world, and although you could always go down the traditional route of getting an actual Mrs Potts teapot, I’ve gone for something a little different: a Mrs Potts piggy bank.

It’s cute, perfect for Disney lovers, and who knows … there might even be a nice payday for the recipient when Mrs Potts is full and needs emptying. 

Mrs Potts Money Box

Try Googling: “teapot piggy bank” | “teapot savings bank” | teacup piggy bank” for similar ideas.

91 – I Throw Wild Tea Parties Pyjamas

Price: £44.50 

Where: CafePress

I’m surprised it took me this long to add a pair of pyjamas to the list, to be honest. If I could wear pyjamas and drink tea all day, every day, for the rest of my life, I’d be more than happy to do so. That’s my dream life, right there. 

And if the tea drinker in your life probably feels the same way, a pair of tea-themed pyjamas will definitely make a great gift. 

I Throw Wild Tea Parties Pyjamas

Try Googling: “tea-themed pyjamas” | “tea pyjamas” | “cup of tea PJs” for similar ideas. 

92 – Tea Bag Squeezer

Price: £8.50 

Where: Mobility Smart 

If the tea drinker in your life has trouble with their hands or coordination, this tea bag squeezer will come in handy.

My Grandfather had one of these and swore by it to squeeze the last tasty dregs of tea out of the bag, and he even bought one for my Grandmother to help on the days when her arthritis would play up. 

Tea Bag Squeezer

Try Googling: “teabag squeezer” | “tea mobility aids” | “squeezer for teabags” for similar ideas. 

93 – Two-Handed Teapot

Price: £11.50 

Where: NRS Healthcare

While we’re talking about mobility aids, there are a few other tea-related ones that you might like to know about if the tea drinkers in your family or life are elderly or otherwise struggle with the tea making process.

This two-handed teapot, for example, is great for those who struggle with a teapot that only has one handle. And that’s not all I found, either … 

Two-Handed Teapot

Try Googling: “two-handed teapot” | “tea mobility aids” | “teapots for elderly” for similar ideas.

94 – Easy Pour Kettle and Tipper

Price: £41.95

Where: NRS Healthcare

This is a kettle-and-tipper in one, but you can also buy separate tippers to place regular kettles in, enabling them to be poured easier and without the risk of spills and burns. 

Again, speaking from experience, my Great-Grandmother had one of these in her kitchen back when I was younger and I always thought it was a genius idea. Why lift the kettle if you don’t have to? It can be super dangerous for those who don’t have a steady hand and this keeps risks to a minimum. 

Easy Pour Kettle and Tipper

Try Googling: “kettle tipper” | “easy-pour kettle” | “mobility aids for kettles” for similar ideas.

95 – Liquid Level Indicator

Price: £12.08

Where: NRS Healthcare

Approved by the BNIB, this device alerts those with little to no sight when the fluid in a cup or glass is getting to the top, preventing spills and burns. 

Liquid Level Indicator

Try Googling: “cup level indicator” | “visually impaired cup device” | “fluid indicator for the blind” for similar ideas.

96 – Teabag Compost Bin 

Price: £12.99 [down from £16.99]

Where: Wayfair

Okay, so it’s not exactly a compost bin just for teabags, but it is a countertop version of a compost bin, which tea leaves and SOME teabags can be added to.

Apparently, tea leaves are great for fertiliser and the heat generated from still-warm bags can actually help to speed up the composting process. This only applies when the teabags are fully recyclable, however. Most of them have some percentage of a type of plastic in them, which means they will not fully breakdown.

If that is the case, or you’re just not sure whether or not the teabags you’re using (or the gift recipient is using), make sure the tea leaves are removed from the bag before they’re placed inside the compost bin. 

Teabag Compost Bin

Try Googling: “teabag compost bin” | “kitchen counter compost bin” | “small compost bin for kitchen waste” for similar ideas.

97 – Textured Tea Canister

Price: £13.95

Where: Harts of Stur

This is the funkiest tea canister I’ve ever seen in my life, and there’s a whole range of kitchen canisters and other bits and pieces to match it — bread bin; kettle; tea, coffee and sugar canisters … 

And they’re available in other colours, too. I love the blue ones almost as much as I loved the white ones. 

Textured Tea Canister

Try Googling: “tea canister” | “matching tea sugar coffee canisters” | “tins for tea” for similar ideas.

98 – Coasters + Dog Holder 

Price: £14.00 

Where: Next 

It’s another one for the tea-drinking, pet lovers — but Next actually have a really cute range of coasters and holders that would make great gifts for tea lovers. 

This French bulldog beauty was my favourite, but there’s also a terrier and a Labrador version — and there are plenty more non-pet-themed coasters and holders on the site if you’re looking for something slightly less specific, but cute nevertheless. 

Coasters + Dog Holder

Try Googling: “tea dog coasters holder” | “FAVOURITE THING hot drink coasters” | “dog-themed coasters” for similar ideas.

99 – Spinning Tea Caddy 

Price: £22.99 

Where: Amazon 

If the tea drinker in your life has a lotta teabags to store, this spinning caddy is the perfect solution. With 360-degree rotation, six roomy compartments, and a clean chrome finish over hard-wearing steel, it looks stylish, will organise tea in a super functional way, and will make it super easy to find whatever tea you want in a flash. 

Spinning Tea Caddy

Try Googling: “teabag storage” | “teabag caddy” | “teabag carousel” for similar ideas. 

100 – Tea Syrups & Flavoured Drops

Price: From £14.95

Where: Various

I didn’t know these existed so I felt it was important to bring these tea-based syrups and drops for drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) to your attention. 

Used in the same way as you’d use syrups in Costa Coffee for coffee, or using a couple of drops to add flavour to alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, there are plenty to pick from. I only spent a couple of minutes browsing the internet for tea-based syrups and drops and found a couple I definitely want to try: 

Try Googling: “drops for tea” | “tea syrups” | “syrups for drinks/tea” for similar ideas. 

101 – Vintage Tea Cup Gift Wrap & Tags

Price: £4.00 

Where: Fleuron Shop | Etsy 

And, of course, you’re going to need to wrap everything up with tea-themed gift wrapping — and I’ve found the perfect one for it. This vintage wrapping is super cute, and it comes with gift tags. 

Vintage Tea Cup Gift Wrap & Tags

Try Googling: “cup of tea gift wrapping” | “tea gift bag” | “tea gift wrap” for similar ideas. 


Just before I close my blog post today (and what a whopper it has turned into), I would just like to give you one or two pieces of helpful advice. 

Search for “tea” or “tea gifts” on your favourite websites — the ones you already use. 

Do the same thing for some of the websites I’ve mentioned on this list today. There are hundreds of ideas for gifts for tea lovers out there, and I could probably have carried on for quite some time if I didn’t think the list was massive already. I found tea-themed gifts related to pretty much everything you could think of — Harry Potter fans, gardeners, car lovers, music lovers, movie buffs, specific dog breed-lovers, the elderly, young kids, and many more besides. 

Typing in something like “tea + YOUR FAVOURITE THING” will unearth a whole bunch of gifts. 

Wow … that turned into quite the list, didn’t it? But I think I’ve covered pretty much every kind of tea drinker you can think of in my list of 101+ gifts for tea lovers, don’t you? 

Thanks so much for coming and take a peek at my opinions today. I’d love to know if you think I’ve missed something tea-related off the list — get in touch with me on social media and let me know your opinions. 

I hope I’ve given you plenty of inspiration today!

Happy shopping! 

Some of the images within this blog post were supplied as part of a gifted subscription from iCLIPART. Read more details + my full review here. 

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