A Closer Look at the New Free Pinterest Scheduling Feature

A Closer Look at the New Free Pinterest Scheduling Feature


Have you heard the news? Pinterest now offers free Pinterest scheduling for business accounts, which means you can finally say goodbye to those subscriptions and monthly memberships with sites like Tailwind. 

Or does it? 


After discovering that the social platform now gives you the option to schedule Pinterest pins for future sharing, I figured I’d take a little look and see if it was a good enough tool for me to put those other scheduling memberships to bed. I currently use Tailwind for Pinterest scheduling, but I’m always on the lookout for a new and exciting tool to play with. 

I’ll tell you my personal thoughts in just a moment. Let’s just take a closer look at the new feature and how you use it … 



Firstly, you’ll need a Pinterest business account. You don’t need to start a brand new account to make this happen; you can switch an existing personal account to a business one. Here’s a helpful how-to from the Pinterest help guide > Get a business account.


Once you have a business account, click on the ‘+‘ button, and then select Create Pin.


How to schedule a Pin on Pinterest


Pick the image you want to upload – the pin – and then click Next. 

Add your pin’s title, a description (including appropriate keywords and/or hashtags), and then add in the link to your blog/page/site/whatever. 


How to schedule a Pin on Pinterest 2


Directly beneath that, you’ll find where you can schedule your pin. Rather than leaving it as ‘Publish Immediately’, scroll through and pick the time and date that you want the pin to be published. Then, hit the Schedule button. 


Congratulations! You have just scheduled your pin using the new free Pinterest scheduling tool! 


Free Pinterest Scheduling


You can use your phone to schedule Pinterest pins too! You’re not confined to your desktop. 


How to schedule a Pinterest pin on a mobile device


It’s exactly the same process — just as you would uploading and then sharing a new pin. 


How to schedule a Pinterest pin on a mobile device 2


But rather than publishing immediately, you insert a later date. 


How to schedule a Pinterest pin on a mobile device 3



The official Pinterest help page says that you can schedule up to 30 pins at a time, but my account fluctuates between 25 and 30, which is a little annoying. Yesterday, I was unable to schedule more pins once I’d reached 28. Three days before that, I went all the way up to 30 pins. This morning, I’m at 25 and unable to schedule more. 

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know why this happens? It’s really annoying. 



You’ll find your scheduled pins under Pins on your profile, in a separate section above all of your other pins. You will not see this section until you have scheduled your first pin.


Scheduled Pins on Pinterest


The section also disappears if you have no scheduled pins. 

If you click on the Scheduled Pins section, it opens up all of the pins in your queue. 


free Pinterest scheduling 2



I’ve had a really good look for some kind of edit button for the pins in my schedule queue, but I don’t think there is one. There’s a ‘Delete‘ option and a ‘Publish Now‘ option, so I’m guessing you’d need to delete your pin entirely and start all over again if you wanted to edit it after you’d scheduled it.


free Pinterest scheduling 3


Alternatively, you could wait until the pin has been published and then edit it. That seems a really long way of doing it to me, though. Deleting and re-uploading would be quicker, easier, and require less alarm-setting to remind yourself to edit it later on. 


Free Pinterest Scheduling



I love the fact that Pinterest is now offering this tool free-of-charge, but it’s not quite enough for me. When I’m not seriously slacking, I like to make sure I’m uploading at least 5 or 10 pins per day, but I’ve found 30, 40, 50+ to be the “sweet spot” – a mix of mine and other peoples’ content. I also like to work in bulk, spending an hour or so on one day to schedule pins for the coming few days or weeks. 

Pinterest’s tools would give me the opportunity to work a day or two in advance, but not weeks or months, like I can do with Tailwind and other scheduling tools. 


If you’re a blogger/small business new to the world of Pinterest scheduling, perhaps queueing up 10-30 pins at a time and still testing the waters, the free Pinterest scheduling tool will be perfect for you! Whether you open up the app/site or not, your blog posts will be promoted on there, on autopilot. And it’s MUCH easier for a pin to pick up speed and go viral on Pinterest than it is for Facebook or Twitter posts. 


Have you tried the new free Pinterest scheduling feature? What did you think about it? Are you going to give it a try right now? I’d love to know your thoughts! Leave your comments in the box below or feel free to hunt me out on social media.

Thanks for reading! Have a fabulous day! 






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