Facebook Posting – Breaking the Rules

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You may remember in How Often Should You Be Posting to Facebook? I recommended some simple rules on making Facebook work to make your business more profitable. If not, go and take a peek. You’ll find there are some very interesting points… Or at least, I like to think so!

In this post however, we’re going to break the rules of Facebook posting.


Because it’s fun to break the rules.

Don’t you think?

Sometimes it’s perfectly OK to break one of the aforementioned Facebook posting rules. I mentioned a ten to fifteen-post maximum limit per week as a classic example of this. This rule applies to posts about YOUR business though, not posts in general. Breaking the rules means you get to have a little bit of fun. You get to start a conversation, increase awareness of your brand or business name and do the one thing these sites were invented for – NETWORKING!

Facebook Posting – How to ‘Break’ the Rules

Humour is what gets people talking in this world, and in the UK humour is one of the most vital personality traits you can have! British people love self-deprecating jokes and making fun of other people. It’s a harsh but true reality – we all have a little giggle at Youtube videos where people fall over in the mud.

Having a sense of humour will get you everywhere in this world, and when it comes to social media humour can get you a very long way. The humble cat video is a classic example of this. A simple video of a cute cat doing a funny thing will get shared between a whole group of people. I seem to be part of some sort of #crazycatlady group on Facebook, and whenever there’s another clip of yet another cat doing something hilariously funny on the internet it’s very quickly shared around.

Facebook Posting Breaking the Rules

Taking this into consideration, this video-sharing is a great way to get your name shared around at the same time. If you’ve found something that’s made you chuckle that day and it’s not too inappropriate to share with a diverse age group on your social networking page (meaning kids and adults), share away. You never know how many people might share and comment on it after you and all that will do is raise brand awareness even more. Every time someone shares it, if it’s come from your page, your business name will be shared too.

Think about it as a little bit of free promotion! 

The Plan

Bearing what I said last time in mind, I would still suggest going with the same terms but just amending them a little bit to suit your social networking plan better:

Go with 10-15 business-related posts per week. By this, I mean posts that are directly associated with your business. Posts that sell your product, or specifically talk about your business or website, for example.

On top of this, opt for one extra post per day to start with. Make these posts funny posts. They could be posts that you’re sharing from other (funny) pages, or maybe even pages that are similar to yours. If you are a baker in one town, it’s perfectly okay to share an image or a post from another baker many miles away. It’s hardly as if you’re in direct competition with each other. You never know, that page might just share your stuff right back.

It’s all about getting your name out there and to be honest, with social media, it’s really not that difficult when you have the know-how.

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