Dermalogica AGE Smart Daily Superfoliant Review: How Super Is It?

Dermalogica AGE Smart Daily Superfoliant Review
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Dermalogica AGE Smart Daily Superfoliant Review_ How Super Is It?


If you’ve read my previous beauty reviews, you’ll know that I don’t review things in the way that ‘normal’ people review things. I like to use the product, note down what the product did, and then research what it’s meant to do to see how it all tallies up. That means you can expect this Dermalogica AGE Smart Daily Superfoliant review to be a bit … backwards. Like my whole life really.


Yeah, that’s right, beauty companies; you won’t win me over with your empty, broken placebo-promises that’ll never be fulfilled. I’ll work out what the product does/is meant to do in my own time, thank you very much.




I’ve never used any of the Dermalogica range of products before. I had heard of them, but they’d never made their way into my beauty regime. It was in the #GlamourBeautyBox that I received these little treats — 4 of them, which I used every morning for 4 days.

This is what I found …


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Dermalogica AGE Smart Daily Superfoliant Review


I received four teeny sachets of Dermalogica AGE Smart Daily Superfoliant, and the instructions said to pop the grey powder (about half a teaspoon) in my hands, add some water, and then mix. Once you have a paste, smear that stuff all over your face and then rinse off.

Simple enough.

I did intend to take photos of the paste, but it’s a messy process. The grey powder turns into a watery, gritty clay mixture when you add the water, and I think I added too much water the first day. It looked less like an exfoliant and more of a really gross looking weight loss drink that you’d buy over the internet because a friend-of-a-friend owns an MLM business.


Dermalogica AGE Smart Daily Superfoliant Review 2


I smeared it over my face, even though it was definitely too watered-down, rubbed it around, left it on for a moment and then washed it off after hopping in the shower.


My. Face. Felt. AMAZING.


By amazing, I mean: running around the house trying to find my boyfriend, shouting at him to touch my face because “It’s so DAMN SOFT!”

I get excited about stuff. Yeah, I’m *that* girl.

The second day, I added less water to the grey powder and it all went much smoother. Well, not smooth exactly, because it’s an exfoliant and it isn’t meant to be smooth, but y’know. A little less mess, a little more product actually on my face and not around the sink/mirror, but the same super-soft results. If nothing else, the Dermalogica AGE Smart Daily Superfoliant is worth it for a really soft, smooth base to pop your makeup on top of.

I used the four sachets over four mornings. Each morning, my face felt smoother than the day before, and by day three, I was actually convinced that it was getting a little brighter, too. The little ‘bits’ aren’t overly sharp or abrasive on the skin, which I have found is a problem with other exfoliants I’ve used. (I have quite sensitive skin.) You don’t really need to use lots of the powder-bits to make enough paste to cover your face, either. I would imagine that a larger bottle of the Superfoliant (rather than the four sachets I had) would last for quite a while.


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Dermalogica AGE Smart Daily Superfoliant – Promised Benefits


Soooooo, I did some researching AFTER I used the product. This is what I found:


“Resurfaces and deep cleanses for your smoothest skin ever.”


Resurfaces? Why does it sound like we’re hiring someone to come and sort our driveway out? Moving along …

Deep cleanses? I actually would have disagreed with this on day one because I didn’t feel as though the powdery bits were abrasive enough to really scrub any dead skin off. After day four, however, I’m convinced that it does actually deep clean. Those non-abrasive powdery bits might not seem like much, but it seems they’re doing quite a bit of work. There was a definite difference, not just to the way my skin felt but also how it looked. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I was radiant, because I don’t think I’ve been radiant since about the late 2000’s, but my skin was happier-looking. Not quite as grey and miserable, ya know?

Smoothest skin ever? Yep, I’ll agree with that. I have post-sample withdrawals and my skin feels poopy again.


“Adsorbs environmental pollutants and helps detoxify pores.”


I don’t know about any of that adsorbing hoo-hah, but I do think my pores look a little better, even after just four days. I have one particular foundation that I always need to mix moisturiser into before I use it, otherwise, it fills my pores weird and looks cakey. Well, I tried said foundation sans moisturiser on day four and I swear it looked better. It applied better too. Not 100% usable yet, but enough for me to be able to turn to that foundation in an emergency. It was previously dumped in the “I can’t use this shiz” box. We’ve all got one.


“Helps fight pollution triggers that lead to premature skin aging.”


Yes, please. I’ll have all the anti-aging stuff, please. It would be pretty remarkable for me to comment on the anti-aging properties of a beauty product after just four days of use, so I’m not going to make stuff up. I will say that what I have seen in just four days is enough for me to want to go out and buy that product. If my skin felt better after day one and looked better after day three, I’m pretty much on board with whatever benefits will come my way if I continue to use it. Perhaps by day 7, I’ll look like I’m 21 again? We can all dream.


Would I buy Dermalogica AGE Smart Daily Superfoliant again?


Do you know how many full-sized products I buy after using the freebie? Very few. There have been a couple of perfumes perhaps, but very few beauty products have had such an amazing ‘trial period’ that I’ve then rushed out to buy more. This daily superfoliant, however, made my skin feel so soft and amazing from the moment I washed it off until the next morning when I used it again, that I just couldn’t help myself but add it to the list of things I need to buy. And when I say soft, I mean really, super-soft. I kept stroking my face. It got a bit weird.


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On the Dermalogica website, the AGE Smart Daily Superfoliant is £17 for 13g or £55 for 57g.

I *would* pay that. A small amount of the exfoliant goes a long way AND you see the difference in just a few days.


Important Details:

Dermalogica AGE Smart Daily Superfoliant is:

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Cruelty-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial colours or fragrances


The full ingredient list can be found here.

There are more no-BS beauty reviews here.


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