#Blogmas Day 9: My Christmas Music Playlist

My Christmas Music Playlist 2


The best thing about Christmas, as far as I’m concerned, is preparing that Christmas music playlist of every cheesy, cringe-worthy, vocal-chord-destroying festive tune ever released. Mariah has got nothing on me once those Christmas notes start playing. Get out of my way. The spotlight is mine. I’d get three red X’s from the judges sharpish if I started crooning admittedly, but hey, it’s Christmas. Everyone has an inner Beyonce at this time of year.


I Don’t Want a Lot for Christmas … 🎶

We might as well get things going with the good ol’ Mariah classic. “All I Want for Christmas” is probably the most overplayed Christmas song in history, but it’ll never get old. It’ll always remind me of my mum dancing around the living room in her dressing gown, singing into the vacuum cleaner. Between us, we made quite the musical duo. Because of that, Mariah Carey’s classic Christmas number is the first one to make it on to my playlist.

Closely followed by …


Under the Mistletoe … 🎶

Right, I’m just going to come right out and say it. I like some of Justin Beiber’s Christmas music. There, I said it. To be fair, I quite like Justin Bieber’s music full stop. He makes some catchy tunes, even though he does *appear* to be a bit of an idiot. I guess it depends on what media headline you read that week.

My favourite JB festive tune is “Under the Mistletoe”. It reminds me of a friend in Canada and, whenever it comes on, my inner Belieber comes out with vengeance and fury. And a bit of tinsel on top, of course.


Last Christmas … 🎶

Oh, George. George Michael. I still haven’t quite recovered from the news of his passing. And, on Christmas Day too, of all days. This song will always be my absolute favourite festive song, once again reminding me of my mother. She had the biggest Wham! obsession and it didn’t stop there. She saw George Michael live, had every single one of his albums, and no doubt cried more tears than I did when she heard of his passing. Her bulldog is called George … Enough said.


My Christmas Music Playlist 3


The song has more of an emotional attachment now, I think because George (Michael, not bulldog) is no longer with us. He was my mum’s idol, and he turned into a favourite of mine by proxy. I’m not too proud to admit that I cried actual tears. Quite sad really, when you consider that he’s a celebrity and I never knew him, but it still made me very sad. Like, a huge chunk of my childhood has gone. Many moments in my youth had a soundtrack of Wham! songs.


Fairytale of New York 🎶

Ahhh, the favourite Christmas song of grumpy Dad’s everywhere. The Fairytale of New York is a classic because it’s just not a conventional Christmas song. Funnily enough, despite being non-traditional, it’s definitely the most realistic festive song you’ll add to your Christmas music playlist. Also, despite the slightly barbaric exterior, the meaning of the song is still truly beautiful.


“Can’t make it all alone
I’ve built my dreams around you”


Realism, sprinkled with just the right hint of touching romance. I love it.


Stay Another Day 🎶

The cheese is at record levels with this one, but it’s an absolute Christmas classic as far as I’m concerned. When the music video comes on the TV, I find myself staring at it, almost like you’d stare at a car crash. It’s so horrifying you can’t look away, even with all the will in the world. Those poses. Those white jackets. It’s so very nineties. I absolutely adore it.


Baby, if you’ve got to go away …


(You know you’re singing it too!) 


There are too many songs on my Christmas music playlist to mention all of them, but a few others that I just can’t live without at Christmas include:

🎄 Mistletoe & Wine by Cliff Richard, mostly because it reminds me of my Nan.

🎄Those old classics by Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole; you can’t miss those out, can you?

🎄Oh, plus the Slade classic, Frosty the Snowman by Jackson 5, Boney M’s Mary’s Boy Child, and Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt. There are just too many favourites for me to mention.


My Christmas Music Playlist 1


What’s on your Christmas music playlist this year? Suggest new festive songs that I can add to mine!


🎄Merry Christmas!🎄


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