#Blogmas Day 6: Give Yourself a Festive Break

Give Yourself a Festive Break 1


I know what you’re thinking; it’s day 8 of Blogmas, Kim, not day 6. I know this. I’m a couple of days behind. Why? Because the last few days were busy and tough for me. Sometimes you just need to give yourself a festive break. A break in general, perhaps. Maybe I’ll catch up with a couple of two-post days?

Today’s post is all about giving yourself a break, not just at Christmas, but all throughout the year. It is especially necessary at this time of year, however, with all sorts of stresses and strife going on. Have you got the right gift? Enough gifts? Have you spent enough money? What size turkey do you need? How many people are you inviting over to your house for Christmas dinner? How many of them have agreed to come? What are you going to wear? Do you have enough gin? Will you have enough money?


So. Many. Questions.

So. Much. Stress.


Christmas is a hard time of year for many, for a whole bunch of reasons too. You’re not the only one if you feel like you have the weight of the world on top of you. You’re not the only one if you haven’t quite gotten around to hanging your Christmas decorations yet, and you’re definitely not the only one to not have all your gifts in a row. I’ve shopped for gifts and then given them to the person, rather than wrapping them up and saving them for Christmas. I’m a nightmare with secrets. Honestly, never tell me anything. I’ll either forget or blab by accident. I promise it’s always by accident!

If you’re not caught up with Blogmas, it’s just fine. We don’t mind. We get it. We’ll just read two blog posts tomorrow, or we’ll just forget about the fact you forgot a whole blog post if that’s the way you want to go. We appreciate the blog posts that you ARE putting out there. Don’t berate yourself quite so much for the ones you don’t post … or the tasks you don’t get around to doing in ‘real life’.


It’s just fine.


If you don’t blog half as much as you’d like throughout the year, that’s just fine too. We don’t mind that either. It’s perfectly okay to get behind with stuff every now and again. Just like it’s perfectly fine to dramatically cry out because you took over 500 photos and not ONE of them is right for the blog post you’ve written up. And it’s honestly okay to have a meltdown because you can’t find that one shoe that will just complete your outfit or that new lipstick that you put in a super “safe place”. (So safe, you now can’t find the bugger.)

It’s just okay; okay to have a hard time, okay to have a little meltdown. It’s okay to feel like you’re not quite good enough from time to time. It’s okay to look in the mirror and not like the reflection that stares back at you, affecting your ability to get dressed that day. No one is going to judge you for staying in your PJ’s and ignoring the world because we’re all doing it. Those who do judge you just don’t understand.


That’s their problem, not yours.


Give Yourself a Festive Break 2

Image source: VIKTOR HANACEK/ PicJumbo


If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, just step away from whatever you’re doing. Put down the camera. Step away from the laptop. Put the pen down. Whatever’s going on, it can wait. Self-love is important, and taking a few minutes for YOU is the first step.

Have a cup of a tea and a biscuit, or run yourself a bath.

Have that damn piece of chocolate cake, even if you’re on a diet. You look truly fabulous as you are anyway.

You could have a hot shower. Aromatherapy can help too, so don’t forget to look for toiletries that contain calming scents. These are typically lavender, also good for promoting natural sleep, lemon, jasmine, Ylang Ylang, or bergamot. There are plenty of others, of course, but these ones are generally associated with calmness and tranquillity.

If you don’t have time to have a hot bath or shower, light a candle that fills the room with a wonderful, soothing fragrance. Read a book. Read my other #Blogmas posts … 😋

Listen to your favourite music, or watch a movie that gives you all the warm and cosy vibes. Tap out a blog post and write down the things that you don’t feel you can say, that you never end up posting. (That always helps me massively!)

Talk to friends. Cry to your mum. Cry to yourself. O, cry into that teddy you’ve had on your bed since you were a teen.

Whatever you do, make sure that it makes YOU feel happy at the end. Make sure that it leaves YOU feeling calm and relaxed. You can’t be expected to run at one hundred percent when you’re not feeling one hundred percent, so spend a few moments to recharge your batteries. You can’t pour from an empty cup, as they say. When you go back and face the world again after a good self-love-filled break, you’ll feel so much better because of it.


Sometimes, you really should be a little selfish.

If anyone tells you off about it, just tell them I told you to do it.

I‘ll take one for the team 😉

Featured image source: VIKTOR HANACEK / PicJumbo
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