#Blogmas Day 2: Festive Social Media & Blogging Tips ‘Yule’ Love!

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Hey, lovelies! How are you doin’ today? It’s time for #Blogmas Day 2! Are you feelin’ festive? I’ll go right ahead and warn you right now — this post is going to be filled with festive puns. In fact, I might as well just come out and say it … festive puns are going to be your best friend for the next few weeks, especially if you’re a blogger or business.

It’s time to wow your followers, old and new, with a killer social media ‘presents’ 🎁

(* I know, I know, that one was the WORST!)


Do you want to know how many ‘Christmas Wish List’ posts I’ve seen? Hundreds. Maybe even more. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading them. They’re all fabulous, and they give me more and more ideas of what to add to my own Christmas Wish List. But, after the first few, I realised that they were all very similar. (Mine included.) Some of them had some humour in there, but not half as many as I’d hoped. I found myself thinking, “That would make a great pun!” as I read through various sentences.

What happened to a good pun?

Why aren’t we punning more?


‘Sleigh’ Your Social Media … 

Yep, there’s another one. I’m so ‘sleighing’ the puns …


I decided to do a little social experiment. I’m going to make a large number of UKWordGirl’s and bestecig’s Tweets festively-themed, for the entire month of December. I’m aware this is a brave move, and I’m likely to lose just as many followers as I gain, but if I keep giggling at the prospect of potential funnies, maybe I should see if my theory works?

You know how I love to put my money where my mouth is!

I think that festively-themed social media updates, blog posts, and, more importantly, blog titles, are a REALLY good idea. They’re funny, to start with. Or, at least, an attempt at funny. Some of my puns aren’t great, I’ll be the first to admit that. But, aside from being funny, they’re witty. Some puns will take a bit more thought than others, and if a potential reader or follower has lingered over your Tweet just long enough to work out the pun and laugh (or not), they might just stick around for long enough to click on your blog post and have a read too. I know that I’d be more tempted to click on a link attached to a funny Tweet, rather than a generic, same-old Tweet.


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But, Wait … There’s Myrrh!

That one made ME laugh, so I don’t care what you say. 


Christmas is just one of the times of the year that you can get away with being as cheesy and retro as you like. Actually, scrap that, you can be as cheesy and as retro as you want ANY time of the year, but it’s almost expected at Christmas. The red, gold and green stuff comes out, so does the naff, flashing Santa earrings that your Nan lovingly bought for you, many years ago. Then comes the equally naff Christmas jumper, which everyone pretends to hate, but secretly loves. It’s the time of year to tell joyous, hilarious stories and anecdotes. Tell them. Slip them into other blog posts, or make them a blog post all of their own.

Like, that one time my Nan was redecorating around Christmas time. I was sat on the floor, only about 10/11 years old, peeling wallpaper from the bottom of the walls. You know, because I must get involved with absolutely everything.

Out walks my Nan, seven or eight-pound frozen turkey in arm, trips over the wooden beam that separates the living room carpet from the kitchen lino, and drops the whole bloody turkey on my head.

Firstly, it explains a lot …

Secondly, it hurt a lot.

Thirdly, to add insult to injury, my Mum and Nan clubbed together to find frozen peas and Brussels sprouts in bags to put over the fast-growing bump on my head.


“Put something cold on it, quick. Grab the pees!”


You couldn’t make this stuff up.



I felt like a right turkey … 🦃

Yep, there’s another festive pun. 


What’s the point in all this? 

Did you laugh as you read this blog post? Were there any points that you found yourself really relating to? Are there parts of this post that will stick in your mind? Maybe you’ve decided to write a blog post because of something I said, or send out a cheeky social media update, just because I gave you a tip or two?

If you answered yes to any of the questions I just asked, that’s the point in all of this. If you found this blog post via the powers of social media, the title or subject clearly stood out to you — the festive-themed title, bad puns and all. Or, it stood out to someone else, they liked it or shared it, and that’s how you came across it.

If something made you laugh or tugged at your heartstrings enough to want to carry on reading, that’s the point too. And, if you subscribed or followed me on any of my social media accounts, that’s also the point.

Christmas is the time of year to get a little bit more personal and to make use of those festive emojis too. Give the ‘gift’ 🎁 of a funny anecdote or two, or add some ‘Seasons Greetings’ ✨ to your blog posts and social media updates.

And then come back and let me know how you got on, obviously. I can’t wait to hear all about it! 🎄


Thanks for reading #Blogmas Day 2, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog if you enjoyed reading today! 


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