#Blogmas Day 1: My Christmas Wish List

My Christmas Wish List 3


I’m lusting after so much stuff right now, I figured that my very first #Blogmas post should most definitely be my Christmas wish list. You know, just in case family and friends need a little helping hand for ideas …

(It’s always good to be nice and lend a hand, right?)

I feel like a wish list is important. If your family and friends don’t know what to get you, you’re probably going to end up with a pile of things you don’t want. Harsh? Perhaps, but definitely true.


(Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the crap out of every gift I get, but Lush bath products make me come out in a weird rash sometimes, and there are a few members of my family who keep buying the stuff for me!)


I always have the hardest time coming up with a ‘Christmas list’. I’m an adult now, so if I want something, I generally just go right out and buy it. Or, save to buy it. It’s been a long time since I had to rely on my parents to buy me a lady shaver for Christmas because my pocket money just wasn’t going to get me there fast. I need to remind myself NOT to buy things for myself sometimes, especially as my poor fella keeps ticking off things on his Xmas list for me. Every time I say I want something, I then go out and buy it, and he doesn’t get the chance to get it for me.


Women … We’re a nightmare, right?


*Oh my gosh, the stereotyping! 


So, here’s my Christmas wish list. What are you lusting after this Christmas? What’s on your list? I’d actually love it if this post inspires your post, so make sure you give me a shout when you create yours. (I may to add a few more things to my list, y’know … )


My Christmas Wish List 

My Christmas Wish List 5

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Moschino Gold Fresh Couture

My Christmas Wish List

Firstly, that glass bottle …

Wow. I’m in love.

I mostly want it because I think it’ll look fab in the back of my bloggy photos, but also because I had the original Moschino Fresh and loved it so much. I originally come across the perfume when I was in Amsterdam for my 30th birthday, and I bought it for myself not long after that. It’s one of the most beautiful scents, and one I think I’ll be wearing for a long time. I love Moschino everything, mostly, and the fragrances are no exception. I remember being obsessed with Moschino Cheap n’ Chic (?) when I was a few years younger.

My Christmas Wish List 1

Source: ukwordgirl


This one — Gold Fresh Couture — is said to have top notes of mandarin orange, grapefruit, rhubarb leaf, white peach, pear, and mango, which sounds like everything I want in a beautiful, summer fragrance. The middle notes of lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, and orchid bring some depth to it, with base notes of musk, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, and akigalawood (which I’ve never heard of before).

It’s meant to be quite fruity and sweet, with some lovely white-floralness about it, and that sounds like everything I want from a perfume.


*Also: I would like to add Moschino Pink Fresh Couture to the list too, just because I want the entire set. Please, and thank you!


Unicorn Slippers

My Christmas Wish List-2


I honestly just think my life would be better if I had unicorn slippers. I found these ones on Amazon, they’re utterly adorable, I would like to wear them. It’s winter. I need something to keep my feet warm …

Plus, they’re super cute. I like super cute stuff. I especially love super cute stuff when it’s unicorn themed.


Christian Louboutin Flats/Sneakers 

My Christmas Wish List-3a

Right, I know this one is going to cause some controversy, and I’m sorry. So, sorry. Christian Louboutin. I’m obsessed with his shoes, especially these Dandylove Donna Velvet/Vernis flats. I’m obsessed with him. I know that leather is bad. Fur is bad. Real fur, not the fake stuff, obviously, but I don’t buy fur. I’m still having the hardest time with the whole animal-friendly thing.

I so desperately want to be a vegan or even a vegetarian. I can’t bear the thought of animals being hurt, especially just so that they can end up on my plate. There was one time that I pulled a lamb right out of a struggling ewe, and I’ve never been able to eat lamb since. I’m serious — literally, keep pulling until the umbilical cord breaks and you get covered in stuff you’d rather not be covered in. That happened to me. That day, that moment … It really affected me.

I now can’t eat lamb. I can’t do it. Even the smell of lamb makes me feel a little nauseous. I was once guilty of having the odd lamb doner kebab after a few cheeky glasses of pop at the weekends, but I don’t drink at all now. I have no reason to eat it. Absolutely zero want for it also.

Christian Louboutin always reminds me of my mum. It was always our thing really — to lust after these beautiful shoes for hours on end. We’d send each other pins on Pinterest, and screenshots of shoes we’d seen in various places on the internet. Those red soles set off a reaction in me. It’s love. Warm, fuzzy, love-my-mama love.

I own a pair of Louboutins. I’ve never worn them. I’m never going to wear them. They’re too high for me, for a start, and I’d probably snap the heel with my clutzy, clumsy ways. I’d love a pair of Christian Louboutin flats, or maybe even some trainers.




I know, okay, I know. I’m a horrible person. I eat steak, I love bacon, I wear leather.

Call me a hypocrite, but I’m so not into real fur. I remember storing away my Grandmother’s things after she’d passed away, and being absolutely horrified by the vast array of fur coats she seemed to have hanging up in her closet.

Grandma had expensive tastes. Cruel, expensive tastes, it would seem.

Anyway, I’ll stop boring you with my desperate want to help the animals, and my awful inability to be able to give certain things up and move on with my Christmas wish list.

(Dear Santa, I still want the Loubi’s though!)


Irregular Choice She’s Hip He’s Hop Cowboy Boots

My Christmas Wish List-4

I’m a size 5, by the way, and I’m a shoe addict. Just in case you hadn’t already guessed. I have some serious love for cowboy boots. I own a pair, and I wear them every year. In spring and summer, I pair them with cute little summer dresses. In the winter, I wear them with my skinny jeans tucked in and a plaid shirt. As far as I’m concerned, cowboy boots will never go out of style.

So, imagine my absolute bloody joy when I discover these Irregular Choice She’s Hip He’s Hop delights. I already own a few pairs of IC shoes, but a gal can never have too many pairs of shoes. I’m standing firmly by that motto.

In fact, I have a long list of Irregular Choice shoes that I’d quite like to own. Candy Damsel — those are out-of-this-world kicks that belong in my closet. I like the pink ones. In fact, add the pink Misty’s Castle to the list too. And Gosh, while you’re there, from the Mickey and Minnie Mouse collection. Oh, and those pink Inverse too. I’d quite like a pair of those.

Please, and thank you!


Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eau de Parfum 


My Christmas Wish List 6

I recently received these two as mini samples from the Glamour Beauty Club. I’m totally obsessed with them. 100% obsessed with them. I’m writing a little review up as we speak. Well, not quite as we speak, but it’s a work in progress, you know?

I love these so much because they’re vegan. I’ve already explained the whole vegan/vegetarian/give-up-leather debate I’m having with myself right now … It’s so tough.

If you’re following me on Instagram, you may have seen a recent post I put up featuring one of the Kat Von D Beauty lipsticks. I’ve decided to work on this animal-cruelty thing bit by bit, step by step, learning about each bit as I go. (If that makes sense?) I’m starting with my makeup bag and cosmetics/toiletries. 2018 is the year my makeup bag becomes cruelty-free.


The struggle I have with myself over animal cruelty is beyond ridiculous. I desperately want to be a vegetarian or even a vegan, but a veggie diet doesn’t work with my conditions. That aside, I don’t actually disagree with the practice of eating meat. I think the way humans handle animals (sometimes) is disgusting, and I don’t agree with any of that, but we are not the only omnivore on our planet 🌍 As I added leather Christian Louboutin shoes to my first #Blogmas post – my Christmas Wish List – I realised that I happily wear leather, but I refuse to wear fur. I hate animal cruelty, but a lot of my makeup products are tested on animals. It’s time to take a more humane approach, I think. A less hypocritical one, at least. Maybe all that thinking worked because I woke up to surprise VEGAN Kat Von D Beauty samples in my mailbox … I’ve decided to make 2018 the year I clear my makeup bag out. Operation #crueltyfree beauty has begun 💄💋 . . . @katvondbeauty #vegan #vegetarian #KatVonD #crueltyfreebeauty #surprise #haul #beautyhaul #Blogmas #vapers #vapegirls #beauty #bbloggers #beautyful #nontoxicbeauty #healthylifestyle #bossbabe #kindtoskin #beautycommunity #girlsquad #cosmetics #beauty #beautyblog #bloggers #discoverunder1k #skincare #blogginggals #bloggerstyle #studded

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Saint is dreamy and romantic, Sinner is dark and sultry, and together, they could easily be the only two fragrances I wear for the rest of my life. I’m a little obsessed with the Kat Von D Beauty range at the moment. I’m working on keepin’ it under control.

My Christmas wish list so far contains just shoes and perfume. That kinda says a lot about me as a person … I promise I’m not as shallow as I sound!




Right, now for something a little less shallow. I’m obsessed with space documentaries, and it’s an obsession that has been steadily growing over recent years. Obsessed isn’t an understatement either. I’m forever showing my poor boyfriend what planet is currently visible in the night sky, or making him stare up there for hours on end, waiting for a shooting star. He’s a good egg really. He always does it, usually without grumbling too much too.


I would love a telescope. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know anything about them. I don’t even own a pair of binoculars, but I want to look at the stars and see things in the night sky that I won’t see or appreciate with the naked eye. It seems like such a neverending stream of mystery and ‘nothing-ness’ up there, even though I know it’s not. I just want to see the tiniest part of what these space documentaries show me, whenever I want. No need to go to an observatory. I want to set up my telescope in the back garden and see things that leave me in awe.
It’s when I see the bigger stuff  “up there” that I realise how teeny-tiny I am “down here”.


Does anyone know anything about telescopes? I’d love one that allows me to take photos at the same time. Not that I imagine I’d be very good at space photography. I can’t even get photos on land to go quite right …


Lights, Camera, Action

While we’re on the subject of technology and photos, I might as well drop in that I would quite like a new camera, please. I’m using a Pentax D ist (I think) that my Grandpa gave me years ago. I’m using it because I don’t know how to use any others. He’s given me more expensive and complicated cameras, and I’ve had no clue how to use them. I seem to get along with this one quite nicely. And the pictures usually turn out half-way how I’d like them to.

It’s a bulky camera though, and I really do need to get one that’s a bit smaller. I keep looking at these beautiful looking devices that other bloggers are using, but I’m not really sure what I want. I thought I might get an all-in-one that would allow me to record my vape review videos for Youtube too, but I’m not even sure I want something that does everything for me. Plus, I really quite like recording on my iPad. I’ve recorded with actual video recorders (more gadgets ‘borrowed’ from Grandpa!) but I just like the way it comes out on my iPhone or iPad better. My videos are a little bit like video diaries of my progress with the devices, so I like the informal iPad/iPhone look.

I know, I know, I’m a weirdo. I’m also quite proud of it.

I think I’ve narrowed down my choices a little, however. After casually stalking ashleyjordan.beauty on Instagram, I added the Sony A5100 to my list. I also looked at the Canon 70d, which I’m pretty sure was recommended by another beauty blogger. Do you have any recommendations? Handbag sized, decent camera, that doesn’t cost thousands of pounds (because I clearly don’t have that), and that I won’t need a degree to figure out …

Suggestions below, please and thank you!


My Christmas Wish List 5


All of this stuff seems mighty shallow really, but I don’t really want anything. I mean, I’d quite like a new, bigger house, but I’m okay working and saving until I can afford the kind of place I want to live in. You know the kind of home — all big and bright and airy and just PERFECT for bloggy photos.

That’s the dream …

I’m actually pretty happy with stuff – doing my thing, running my websites, learning new stuff, trying new stuff, and being brave and bold in my own little way. I’m happy and thankful that I have a decent man that treats me well, and a life that sails along quite nicely, for the most part. We all have the occasional meltdown, but I don’t really want for much.

These things on my list are just superficial things. ‘Things’ that I lust after because I’ve seen them on Instagram or in some TV commercial. What I want, more than anything else, is for the world to be a happier place. For us to respect the oceans more and to stop throwing plastic in them. To love animals, rather than hurt them. To love each other, rather than hurt each other. I‘ll keep my fingers crossed that those things happen. Until they do, I’m just going to try and be nice, helpful, and kind to other people. To focus on giving more than receiving.

Maybe I should make that my New Year’s Resolution?

Oh yeah, we’ll need to start thinking about that soon too …

I hope that Santa brings you everything you want for Christmas this year. More than that though, I hope that you find happiness, in whatever ways that work for you.


Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas!


P.S. Don’t forget to pop your Christmas Wish List links below. I can’t wait to read them!

My Christmas Wish List

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