Blog Problem: Some of My Pinterest Pins Aren’t Working

Pinterest Pins Aren’t Working 1
Some of My Pinterest Pins Aren’t Working 2


I’ve only really worked on and promoted my blog over the last few months or so, so even though it has been around for a little while I’d still class it as pretty new. I’m still trying to figure out all the little finer points that work for it, but I do have a teeny-tiny little blog problem already …


Some of my Pinterest pins aren’t working.


By that, I mean that there are a few posts/pins that get much more traffic than others. My beauty reviews are getting more traffic than social media ones via Google, more than likely because they target specific long-tail keywords. (Yoast has got my back.)




My social media-related content definitely grabs more attention from my Pinterest followers on the other hand. None of my beauty-review-related pins are performing that well, especially when compared to the social media/blogging ones. Some of my beauty pins have thousands of impressions, but they just aren’t being clicked on or saved to other boards.

Does this mean that my images aren’t up to scratch? I use similar templates for Pinterest graphics, and the same template/design has worked well for social media pins, but not for the beauty review ones.


I have considered two approaches to try and rectify this:


A) Do what works – beauty reviews + SEO


I could focus on beauty reviews for a little while. I have a list of beauty products that I’ve written notes on and taken photos for. Perhaps I should kick my butt into gear and get them actually written up and published on the blog? That would potentially increase my organic search traffic — what comes in from Google and other search engines. (As beauty-related blog posts are doing much better than social media-related ones via Google.)


I should also make sure that I link to OTHER beauty reviews (of mine) within the popular reviews they’re already landing on, encouraging them to stick around on my blog for a while and, hopefully, consider following me on social media — Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Have I REALLY made it easy for them to follow me in other places, or to read more of what they like in my blog? (I touch upon this in Part 4 of The Big Pinterest Marketing Strategy.)


OR …


B) Work out why my beauty pins are not performing well on Pinterest.


(Not as well as the social media pins, anyway.)

I could try changing up the templates/designs of my beauty review pins. It could also be the case that if I were to try approach A — write MORE beauty reviews (and fewer social media blogs) — that I would get more Pinterest traffic anyway.


More reviews -> more pins -> increased visibility/impressions -> more blog traffic from Pinterest … in theory.


I could always do both things at the same time — increase the number of beauty reviews that make their way to the blog alongside switching things up with my beauty-review-pins, to see if I can make existing pins perform better.



Maybe people just don’t think to head to Pinterest for the beauty reviews? Do you? I must admit that I don’t — I tend to hop on to Google and type in the words: “beauty product name review”.


I’ll keep my eyes on this ‘problem’ and report back. Let me know what YOU think. Do you use Pinterest to promote your beauty posts? How do you do it? Do certain designs or colours work better than others? I can’t wait to hear all about it. In the meantime, I’ll be adding more beauty review/first impression-style blog posts so I hope you like ‘em!


Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a fabulous day.


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