5 Reasons You Should Have a Best Of Board on Pinterest

Best Of Board on Pinterest

It’s a weirdly specific subject, I know, but I want to have a little chat with you today about your boards on Pinterest. Specifically, I’m going to ask you one question: do you have a Best Of board on Pinterest? 

If you said no, you’re missing a trick. But I’m going to tell you all about that in just a moment. 


The idea is a very simple one: it’s one board on Pinterest, specifically reserved for YOUR Pins only. No one else’s Pins; just yours. It’s a board where you can showcase all of your work, in one place.

My Best Of Board Pinterest


I only pin my own content anyway … isn’t that the same thing?

Well, yes … but I don’t actually recommend pinning or repinning JUST your own content. You can read more my opinions on that in this blog post: Should You Repin Other People’s Content on Pinterest?


I have a few reasons why this is such a great idea.

Are you ready? Sitting comfortably? Got snacks and a drink? 


1 – Giving Your Followers Options

In Should I have a Theme on Pinterest?, I talk about coming across awesome Pins, with links to awesome blog posts, that I don’t repin because they don’t fit anywhere in my rainbow Pinterest theme.

When that’s the case, I almost always go onto the original Pinner’s profile to see if they have a Best Of board. Sometimes, just sometimes, they’ll have a different Pin, in terms of style or colour, to link to the same post that DOES work with my theme. 


2 – Giving Your Audience More  

When I see an awesome Pin, with a link to an awesome blog post, I almost always click on the original Pinner’s profile to see what else they have to offer.

The Best Of board (if they have it) will house just their Pins exclusively, so I can find them and repin them to show that person some social media love. Quite a lot of them do the same right back, I’ve noticed. 

When all of your awesome Pins are in one place — in that one board — they’re so much easier to repin … 

Just saying. 


3 – Directing Traffic to Your Other Posts

Not only are your Pins much easier to repin when they’re all in one Best Of board, they’re also easier for people to click on.

With an assortment of your best and most popular blog posts collected together, a reader/follower/potential new fan has the opportunity to click on one after another after another. 


4 – Making It a Featured Board

Because why wouldn’t you want to feature your best, most popular, most awesome Pins right there on your profile page; the first thing that people see when they land on your account?

You can’t “pin” something to the top of your profile page like you can on Twitter or Facebook, but you can add your Best Of board as a featured board there … which is kinda the same thing.

Close enough, anyway. 


This is the first thing you see when you land on my Pinterest profile ~ the Featured area at the top, with my Best Of board selected. 



My Best Of Board on Pinterest Featured


5 – Just Because You Can 

Doesn’t it feel good to show off your best work? It should do! A lot of work went into your blog, and the blog posts on it, so let it have a little bit of limelight all of its own. 

A featured board looks good, it makes you feel good when you see all of your beautiful Pins laid out in one place, and it makes it look as though you really know what you’re talking about, to your readers/followers. They’ll look at that board and think: Wow, look at all of those topics they’ve covered! Look how much they know, and how useful they can be for me. 

And then they’ll click on the follow button. (Hopefully.)



1 – Though it’s recommended to create multiple Pins to promote one blog post or link, I don’t recommend pinning all of those multiple Pins for the same blog post in your Best Of board.

What I mean by that is, don’t have 20 Pins in a row that all point to the same blog post. Pinterest might actually see that as spam.

Instead, find your most popular Pin or Pins for that post and add those to your Best Of board.

It’s the space to showcase your BEST work, after all; you’re going to want to add your most popular Pins to it (so everyone knows how awesome your content is).


2 – Don’t go on a pinning frenzy and add a hundred of your favourite Pins to the board as soon as you set it up.

Pinterest might mark you as spam if you do that, so be sensible with your pinning activity.

Treat it like any other board, and maybe buff up on the Pinterest guidelines to make sure that you’re in-keeping with the 2020 update.

You can find the details right here: Pinterest Guidelines 2020.


3 – Make sure that you do all of the appropriate ‘stuff’ when you create that new Pinterest board.

By that I mean, make sure you give it a good description, add some relevant keywords, and give it a decent cover image (if you do that kind of thing).

As I said before: treat it like all of your other boards.


4 – Don’t just say you’re going to create a Best Of board on Pinterest and then never actually do it.

It takes just a couple of minutes to set up, with the description, cover image, etc., and it could drive a truckload of extra traffic to your blog, as well as a bunch of extra social media followers your way.

So, in the words of Arnie: Do it NOW.

And that’s the end of that. I’m all done talking about Pinterest boards now, but I am interested in what you think. 

Do you think this is something you’ll adopt for your Pinterest account? I’m interested to hear your thoughts, so get in touch with me on social media and let me know. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post today, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

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