8 Ways to Make Facebook Posts Look More Exciting

Ways to Make Facebook Posts Look More Exciting 1
Ways to Make Facebook Posts Look More Exciting 4


What is an exciting Facebook post to YOU? It is one that has a bright image? Lots of text? Only a little bit of text? With hashtags? Without them? Links? Polls? Multiple images?

There are so many ways that you make Facebook posts look more exciting, but it doesn’t look as though *that* many people are utilising them. I once read something on social media — Twitter, I believe — that really stuck with me. It was from a user who had a disability, and she was calling for people to add line breaks and other things to break up large chunks of text. It makes sense when you think about it — huge chunks of text are difficult to read, and they’re also pretty boring. Even when the information contained within them is the most exciting stuff in the world, social media posts that contain lots of text and nothing else look boring. Yawn.


If you want Facebook posts that are NOT yawn-inducing, I have a few tips to help you spice ‘em up.


8 Ways to Make Facebook Posts Look More Exciting


Make Facebook Posts Look More Exciting 1


1 – Add an image.

What is it they say?

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

In the world of social media marketing, a picture really *IS* worth a thousand words. Bright, visually pleasing, and eye-catching images are going to help grab the attention of those passing by, encouraging them to click on that post you’ve shared and learn a little more.

There are over 1.47 billion daily active users (June 2018, according to Facebook) potentially waiting to read what you have to say, but you’re gonna need to inject some life into your posts if you want to grab their attention. Long blocks of text just ain’t gonna cut it.



2 – Add more than one image.

If you add more than four images, a Facebook post will have a “+” that allows browsers to see more. This opens up the Facebook post fully, displaying more of the post’s text. If the first two or three images are bright and eye-catching enough, that “+” is going to be too tempting for the reader NOT to click on it. And once they’re there, it might just be too tempting for them NOT to lick on your blog link to learn more.

Ding, ding … Increased blog/website traffic!


Create a little story for your Facebook followers, but one that they need to click on the blog to learn the ending of. The images should work as a little teaser.


Need a hand with your images? Here are a few posts that you might find helpful:



3 – Add a link.

If you’re not adding a link, you’re not doing it right. I’m kidding, obviously … Some posts probably don’t call for a link, but some of them definitely, definitely do!

If you’re talking about something on Instagram, add your Instagram link.


I saw a blogger post about new photos they’d added on Instagram, on Twitter, but they didn’t add the original Instagram post link OR a link to their Instagram account. I already followed that person on Twitter but wasn’t aware of their Instagram account before that point. If they’d included a link to it, I’d have clicked on it and followed them, but I couldn’t find one. I looked on their Twitter bio and couldn’t find one. I even went back a few posts on their Twitter feed and still couldn’t find a link. In the end, I gave up.


Imagine if that was one of your potential new followers.

Make it easy for them — give them the link.





4 – Clean the link up.

I’m making this a separate point because I feel it’s an important one. If you’re adding a link to your Facebook post, consider “cleaning it up”.

Firstly, you can use a link shortener tool to turn a very long link into a shorter one. Some social media tools/scheduling tools have this built in, and WordPress also gives you a “short link” for when the longer one won’t look as aesthetically pleasing.


Ways to Make Facebook Posts Look More Exciting 5


Secondly, you can get rid of all the unnecessary fluff at the front of the web address. That’s the “https” bit, and even the “www” bit, too. You don’t need them. The link works EXACTLY the same way without all that stuff, and I *personally* think it looks better without.

(See below image > links do not have the beginning ‘fluff’.)


Ways to Make Facebook Posts Look More Exciting 6



5 – Use emojis.

Which team are you on? They’re like Marmite, aren’t they? You either love or hate emojis. You either use them ALL THE TIME, or you don’t use them at all. (Or, you’re like my mum, who spends so long looking for one emoji she’s tired herself out and just can’t be bothered looking for any others.)




Emojis are a great way of breaking up a Facebook post, although there is a little bit of a debate on how many emojis are classed as too many emojis. I’m not sure where the limit is. I think I might be a bit of an emoji addict, though.

Emoji poo slippers – check ✔️

10 emoji cushions randomly scattered around the house – check ✔️

Emoji poo handbag – check ✔️

Emoji tattoo – check … ish ✔️

(I had an emoji tattoo but it just kinda wore off. Damn finger tats. They’re so not worth it.)


Seriously, though. Throw in an emoji or two. They’re bright and eye-catching for the times when you don’t have an image to share.



6 – Use line breaks.

Even something as simple as adding line breaks can make the difference to a blog post, and this is something that you can also do on Instagram and Twitter to make life easier for readers to take in your information.


Hit the enter button.


Add some space.


Make your Facebook posts brighter, lighter, and easier to digest.





7 – Use the *other* emojis.

Other emojis?

What other emojis?


THESE emojis:




To find these bad boys on a Mac, use Ctrl + Cmd + Space Bar. I don’t have a Windows computer, but I found this guide to find emojis on a Windows computer/laptop. It brings up a little emoji menu and those ones are right at the end. I LOVE using the *other* emojis as bullet points for Facebook/social media captions, and I also use the little lines and stuff to help break up Instagram captions, where a simple line space doesn’t work. (Seriously, Instagram, why not? Keep up with the times.)



8 – Share someone else’s content.

You should always share a mixture of other people’s blog stuff and your blog stuff. Don’t just self-promote all the time, because that’ll send people running off real quick.


What else should you share to Facebook?

Share blog posts that you feel have been super helpful to you. (You can share one of mine if you like … 😏)

Or blog posts that you think will be super helpful to your readers.

Share five (pick a number) other bloggers that you love, or a list of resources that you think are invaluable.

Share cute viral dog videos.


You get the idea. If it makes you laugh or go “awwww” and is relatively politically correct (depending on your standpoint), why not share it to Facebook? It doesn’t always have to be blog-related hoo-hah over there.


Ways to Make Facebook Posts Look More Exciting 4



And there you have them — 8 ways to make your Facebook posts more exciting. What do you think? Are you going to use any of them to break up long lines of text? Maybe you’ll be playing around with the *other* symbols/emojis now I’ve told you about them? (Don’t worry, I did that too!)


Let me know if I’ve helped you out or inspired you today, and don’t forget to leave your blog links so I can come and take a peek at them! Thanks for reading ⭐️💛


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