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Halloween Blog Post Ideas
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Have you started thinking about Halloween yet? You should be thinking about it. If you’re a blogger or content creator, you’re probably running a little late. (I originally published this on the blog in August and not June, like I’d planned, because I’m late for absolutely everything.)

The thing is if you’ve been blogging for a couple of years now, trying to come up with unique Halloween blog post ideas is a damn tough challenge. You’ve probably already done many of the suggestions that are already thrown around, and maybe you’ve even managed to throw together a couple of really unique posts or videos, too?


But what now?


I’ve been working really hard, watching all the horror movies I can get my hands on, zooming through every scary series on Netflix. That’s not all I’ve done, though. I’ve also been scribbling down a few of my Halloween-themed blog post ideas and thoughts. It started as a list but I can’t stop talking, and it turned into a MASSIVE chat about all things Halloweenie.

I might be late with it, but I bet you think a few of these ideas are good ones … And there are 100% more than 66 suggestions!

Oh, and I’ll keep adding to the list (at the bottom) as I think of new ones. If you think of something I haven’t already mentioned, shout them out! I’ll link you in! I’d love to share your Halloweenie blog posts, too.


⚠️ Warning:

This post is SUPER long. Like … 6,000 words + long. (I told you I couldn’t stop talking.) I recommend bookmarking this for later reading if you’re looking for something quick to read right now, or go make yourself a cup of tea and get comfortable.



Halloween Blog Post Ideas 10


Halloween Blog Post Ideas: General Bloggers/Blogging


Let’s kick things off with some of the really obvious ones just in case you haven’t done them:


1 – What’s your favourite Halloween movie/list of favourites?

2 – Which Halloween [thriller/horror] movies do you think are totally overrated?

3 – What’s the last horror flick you watched and what did you think of it?

4 – What’s in your Halloween music playlist and why?

(Let’s do the mash …. The monster mash.)

5 – Why do you love [or hate] Halloween?

6 – “My 5 Potential Halloween Costume Ideas for 2018”

You could have a list of potential ideas, with a big reveal on the night itself. Why not even allow people to vote for their favourite idea, using Twitter or Facebook polls? Put your costume in *THEIR* hands. (Brave move, right?)


7 – What was your favourite or most memorable Halloween and why?

Is it a good story? A bad one? A scary one? Do you have a few? Separate them into blog posts if they’re long enough!


8 – Is it time to face your fears?

Because it’s Halloween and we apparently all love to be scared witless (or something that rhymes with witless), I reckon it’s about time we faced our fears.

(P.S. You don’t have to. I’m not making you. It’s just a suggestion.)


🕷 If you’re scared of spiders, why not look into spider-based events at local zoos?

🐝 I’m afraid of bees and I once tried to get really close to the beehive area of London Zoo to get over my fears, because someone told me it might work. It didn’t work. The bees were behind a glass screen so I knew they couldn’t get to me and, therefore, didn’t freak out.

The very second a bee comes within 50 feet of me outside, however … very different story. Flappy, ninja Kim makes an appearance. She’s got some moves.

Anyway, despite my fear-failure, I reckon it’s a good idea. I got some pretty cute Insta-worthy images out of it and for a split second, I felt super brave.

In fact, that’s given me another great idea …


9 – Is it time to face THEIR fears?

Let’s say that you actually love spiders and you’re not afraid of them at all; London Zoo has this ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING room where you can actually walk alongside REAL LIFE, ON-THE-LOOSE SPIDERS. I’m not even kidding. I didn’t go in there. What if I walked out with one on my head or something? Some of them were hanging from the ceiling!




Anyway, I reckon something like that might make a good basis for a Halloween-themed/frightening blog post, and there are so many ideas you could choose from.

  • Haunted houses or tours.
  • Fright nights.
  • Heights — abseiling?
  • Speaking in public (*Hey! That’s damn scary!)
  • London Dungeons (*Any excuse for a daytrip to London)
  • Murder mystery trips (*I’ve never been on one, but everyone tells me they’re so much fun!)
  • Theme park trips


“I faced your biggest spider-fears at London Zoo and lived to tell the tale …”

“I survived Jack the Ripper. Think you could survive Halloween with a terrifying killer on the loose?”

“You watched The Wicker Man for Halloween, I survived the ride at Alton Towers.”


Or something like that. If you can’t decide on just one place, use Twitter or Facebook polls to let your audience decide what scary shiz you get up to.


10 – What’s the most frightening experience you ever had?

Halloween is the time for scare stories, so, tell me yours. It doesn’t need to be super intense if you don’t want it to be, but what about that time you almost got in a “dodgy cab” at Amsterdam Airport … ? Oh no, that was me. That could have been a horror story and a half.

Don’t even get me started on that time Costa Coffee made me the WORST iced coffee ever. That was a pretty frightening event first thing in the morning …


Halloween Blog Post Ideas 13

Halloween 2011, BC, Canada


Frightening — being frightened — means different things to different people, but I want to know what’s frightening for you? Did Jurassic Park scare you so much that you peed your pants? Maybe your friend painted your face while you were drunk and asleep one time, and when you woke up and looked in the mirror, you scared the hell out of yourself? Perhaps you thought there was a ghost in your house and you couldn’t sleep for a week … ? I’m pretty sure there’s a ghost in my house. I don’t even believe in ghosts.

Speaking of which …


11 – Do you believe in ghosts?

Since we’re on the topic of ghosts and ghouls and all things scary, do you believe in them? Do you have any ghost stories to tell? Cupboards banging in the middle of the night? Things going missing or moving around? Strange noises that you just can’t explain … ?




Halloween seems like a really great time to get blog-happy with tales of fear.


12 – What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

And other end-of-the-world type scenarios? You can’t tell me you haven’t discussed it at great length with your friends at least once. I know I have. My fella and I regularly come up with new plot twists to add to our already weird and wonderful escape plan.

Mine involves heading straight to Tesco. He goes right to a DIY store to “arm up”. The fact that I think about food while he’s figuring out weapons says a lot about how we are as people. I just can’t die without one more egg custard tart.

It’s all theoretical, remember? It’s also meant to be fun, so, have some fun with it! Be the hero of your own story and save the world. Hell, someone’s gotta.


13 – Do you decorate your home for Halloween?

Why do you decorate? How did you do it last year? And how do you plan on doing it this year? You could add affiliate links in blog posts like this one, but just remember to disclose them. No one likes a secretive Sally.


14 – How do you cope with anxiety at Halloween?

I know we’re talking about spooky stuff and all things frightening, but let’s remember that anxiety can be worse for many people at this time of year. Randomers ringing on the doorbell every five minutes, hopin’ for some candy; people throwing eggs around and thinking pranks are funny; scary, gory faces everywhere you look, with social media showing more realistic burns, cuts and gore every year.

It ain’t all fun n’ games.

How do you deal with this time of year if it affects you? What advice can you give to other people? What advice would you give to me? After a minor altercation with a violent thugette on my doorstep, answering the door to random people has become an absolute no-go. I could use all the help and advice you’ve got!


15 – What’s the most horrific day out with friends or loved ones you ever had?

You don’t need to go around bashing said friends or loved ones, but have you ever had a day trip that’s gone so horribly wrong, you honestly wished it was all just a Halloween movie? I love reading little titbits of people’s lives on a blog, and I think sharing a few of these horror-fuelled experiences might just get the conversation started.


16 — Give me your best Halloween blog photo and prop ideas.

This is another great blog post style in which you can add affiliate links, but why not list a few things that you’ve seen, or perhaps even purchased yourself, in time for some Halloween-themed photos on your blog and Instagram?

If you want to be *super* helpful, you could even come up with a mini guide on how you created your Halloween photos, including the editing tools or lighting used, what the picture looks like behind-the-scenes (we all know the OUTSIDE of that frame looks very different to the inside!), and how many photos you took to get that one really good one.

Please … tell me your secrets.


[amazon_link asins=’B0756SCNCG,B01M0SAKPH,B06XFXGF89,B01N6ULMDO,B00A7NKT8S,B07G78TRM5,B01417N1TE,B07356QTJW,B01H2SRSWA,B00FQAZI56′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’beec0a-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’94ca4d5a-a6d9-11e8-b6d6-3725cba4fcc4′]


17 – I’d like to see your Halloween home décor, please.

Take me around your home (or decorated areas) and show me how you decorated for the spookiest night of the year. I’m always looking for inspiration, plus your image can join all the rest of the beautiful Halloween-inspired home décor pins on my Pinterest feed. Because yes, your home is beautiful enough to be on there.

Just a couple of things you might want to bear in mind …

Safety first. Be mindful of what you’re sharing on social media when walking around with a camera. If you’re going to show off your front door, people might recognise where you live and share that information. Again, showing the inside of your home, particularly windows and doors, etc., shows off weak spots to potential burglars. If you’ve got a fairly decent following on social media (or you’re aiming for one), keeping yourself safe is, obviously, going to be the most important factor.


18 – What characters have you dressed up as in the past for Halloween?

How about a timeline of Halloween? Halloween throughout the ages? From Tinkerbell as a trick or treatin’ 5 year old, to dressing up as a giant Crayola colouring crayon in your 30’s; I want to see them all. The best, the worst, even the most peculiar. I’ll give you ten points if you make me laugh out loud.


Halloween Blog Post Ideas 5

Me, Halloween 2011 in BC, Canada. 


19 – What are your FAVOURITE ever Halloween costumes?

They could be your favourites, or perhaps favourites from celebrities? Friends, work colleagues or relatives? Maybe your mum dressed up a decade ago and the photos are still being shared every October because they’re so damn hilarious? Make sure you have her permission before you start sharing embarrassing photos of her (obviously, no one wants to get sued by their mum), but why not tell us those stories?

If no one in your family is fun enough (or stupid enough, depending on how you look at it) to dress up as silly or scary characters for All Hallow’s Eve, share your favourite/funniest costumes that celebrities have worn. It’s not like there haven’t been a few “comical” ones over the years. (Replace “comical” with whatever word you prefer.)

Just remember, kids: bashing ain’t cool. Play nice.


20 – How do you plan on doing your bit for the environment this Halloween?

Are you having a “green” Halloween? Heading over to the eco-friendly side? It’s not a bad idea, is it? I mean … think about the shopping list of stuff for an average Halloween party — plastic tumblers, plastic straws, plastic plates, plastic ornaments …

Plastic, plastic, plastic.

I read that in the next twenty years, there’s going to be more plastic in the ocean than there is fish. That’s bloody ridiculous, isn’t it? What are we doing to our beautiful planet?

Start scrapping those plastics. Start thinking about how you can have a slightly more eco-friendly Halloween party or event than usual. It’s about time we all started thinking about how we can help our planet a little more.

Lecture over, thanks for listening.


21 – Are you planning a budget-friendly Halloween this year?

Tell us all about it. Just like many other times of the year, Halloween seems to encourage people to go a little spend-crazy.

£100 on a costume that I’ll never, ever wear again? Sure, let me just grab my credit card.

£50 on makeup and fake blood Yeah, don’t worry about it. I’ll pay it off next month.

£100 on alcohol … Well, if you’re anything like I was in my twenties, that’s probably an average night out.

How about we turn back the heat on our purses a little bit this year? Halloween is just a blink away from Christmas, and we all know how expensive THAT time of year is.

How can we save money for Halloween? That’s a blog post I’d read for sure!


22 – What about a budget-BUSTING Halloween party … ?

Ya know, let’s throw the budget right out the window for a moment, shall we? How about you tell me EXACTLY how you’d throw a Halloween party if money were no object … if you were Kylie Jenner-rich.

What kind of party would you have? How would you theme it? Would you waste a bunch of money on celeb-friendly champagne? (Because it’s a hypothetical scenario after all.) Or would you save your pennies, have a budget-friendly Halloween, and throw all the cash at an animal sanctuary?


23 – How about a Halloween rundown?

Did you write a bunch of Halloween blog posts last year? You could incorporate them into a rundown-style post, making it easier for people to find them.

Make sure that all information is up to date, the images are as good as you’d like them to be, and none of the links are broken. The rundown-style blog post is the perfect excuse to go back and inject some life into old and unloved pieces.


Halloween Blog Post Ideas 11

Me, Halloween 2011 in BC, Canada.


24 – Pimp your existing products …

Find a bunch of items around your home that are NON-Halloweenie, and then pimp them up so that they ARE Halloweenie. This works in a number of ways — home décor pieces given a new lease of life for an interior design or home décor blog; or a beauty blogger using regular makeup stuff to create a gory look, preventing people from having to go out and buy a bunch of stuff they’ll never use again, just for Halloween. You could even upcycle an old costume, turning it into something brand new and spooky for this year.


25 – Give last years photo props a new lease of life.

Do you remember all those blog post photo props you used last year? Pumpkins, pine cones, and orange accessories? How about you use those *EXACT* same props again this year, but you upcycle them to look entirely different, rather than rushing out to buy a bunch of new crap? (And it might look good in photos, but some of it really is crap.)

Spray paint pine cones. Dip-dye plastic pumpkins and cover them in glitter. Heck, use real pumpkins if you can find them. That’s much more eco-friendly.

If the kids have scary toys that they no longer play with, use them. Paint them. Clean them. Make them look a little better and throw them in your photos.

Everyone thinks that you need to spend a fortune to have amazing blog and Insta-worthy photos, but you don’t. You just need to get super creative … and then show us all how you did it.

How will *YOU* recycle last year’s Halloween blog props?


26 – How about a Halloween or autumn/fall inspired gift guide?

Okay, I hear what you’re saying already:

“Why are people buying gifts for Halloween?”

That’s not what I mean. I mean gift guides for people who LOVE Halloween … perhaps a little too much. (We all know someone.) It doesn’t even need to be a Halloween-inspired piece; it could just be a seasonal piece — the season of pumpkins, sweaters, scarves and boots.

If you love Halloween or autumn/fall, you’re the perfect person to write such a gift guide for someone else who loves it too.


27 – Have you got a spooky story?

Do you see yourself as an author? Would you like to try your hand at some short fiction? Sick of horror movies that don’t quite meet the scary mark? Do it yourself. Literally … do it yourself.

Why not write a piece of horror-fuelled short fiction? Or, just a piece of fiction based around that time of year? Who knows, you might just find yourself with a nice little audience, making a small fortune self-publishing books on Amazon … or you could become the next J.K. Rowling.

“What if I lose followers”

What? Over that one blog post?

Oh well.

What if you DON’T lose followers? What if you gain a book-writing career?



28 – Where do you get your Halloween inspiration from?

Do you spend hours trawling Pinterest? [Share your Pinterest account.]

How about Instagram? Endlessly ‘liking’ away on Halloween-themed stuff over there? [Share your Instagram account.]

Perhaps there are a couple of makeup artists on YouTube that you watch religiously, and you can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with this Halloween? [Share your YouTube channel … and the makeup artists’!]

Okay, so this one is just an excuse for a bit of shameful self promotion (follow my lead, folks), but if you want to see where my Halloween inspiration comes from, you’ll find my Pinterest feed below.





29 – “Top 10 Unique Halloween Party Ideas”

Top 10 lists are a great idea. I love them. They give you a way to make your blog posts super readable, incorporating lots of white space, headings, and subheadings. These are just a few of the things I discuss in 15 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Better. Oh, and How to Use Keywords in a Blog Post For SEO – 9 Steps.

There are SO MANY “Top 10” lists that you could come up with, some of which also give you a way to inject a few [disclosed] affiliate links. Not too many, though. You want to be helpful, not spam-sales’y.

  • Top 10 Unique Halloween Party Ideas
  • Halloween Drinks You Need at Your Party
  • Ways to Save Money on a Halloween Party
  • Couples Costumes for Halloween

I could probably keep going for some time, but you get the general idea.


30 – How to Make a Halloween Costume Under £20.

How-to blog posts are one of the most successful types of blog posts, alongside Top-10’s. The post is broken up in the same way, with steps (rather than 1-10 points), still adding subheadings, headings, white space, and keywords.

If you’re a dab hand at doing something Halloweenie on a budget, share your knowledge with the world. Create a how-to post, with a description of what you did at the various stages. This isn’t confined to a blog post; you could create an social media/Instagram mini-vid using Hyperlapse/timelapse, and also a YouTube video.

  • How to Make a Halloween Costume Under £20
  • Decorate Your Home for Halloween Under £20
  • Get Ready for Halloween When You Only Have £25 in Your Pocket

Set yourself a really low budget — that’s always a good one … and one that might not always come up with great results. At least if it all goes wrong, you’ll still get a video or blog post out of it. You can simply share the details of how and why it all went wrong, and what you would do next time around to make it better.

In fact, why not do it a second time around and make it better? TWO potential blog posts/videos!


31 – “Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Forgotten Party Invitations”

I don’t want to see how black leggings, black tee and black eyeliner-whiskers can turn me into a sexy kitty for Halloween. I want to see someone get ready in half an hour and come up with something proper unique.

There — I’ve created an audience. *I* want to see someone run around their house for ten minutes, before then coming up with a killer Halloween costume in twenty. Is it possible? Probably not. We won’t know until you’ve made the video …


Halloween Blog Post Ideas 9

Image source: Instagram.com/ukwordgirl


32 – “I let my BFF/BAE pick my Halloween costume and here’s what happened …”

This one sounds a lot of fun, doesn’t it? And a bit dangerous, too, but that’s half the fun I reckon.

Why not let someone else pick your Halloween costume/makeup/both? Take some photos, make a blog post, record a video, do your thing. It could turn out to be the best decision you ever made … or the dumbest.

How much do you trust your BFF/BAE?


33 – What’s going on in …

Where do you live? Have you done a fair bit of investigation as to the HOTTEST places to haunt this Halloween? Tell people about it. We want to know what you’re doing, what you’ll be wearing, and what you’re eating or drinking, too. We’re nosy. Blogging gives you an excuse to indulge other people’s nosy side.

You don’t need to be a travel blogger to tell people about what’s going on in your local area, and if you think there’s a public party worth shouting about, go right ahead and shout about it. You never know … the venue may wish to collaborate some day. Put yourself on their radar.


34 – “Pumpkin Carving Video Attempt #75”

Have you ever carved a pumpkin? It’s hard work. I always buy one extra pumpkin than I need, just in case of emergencies. My artistic side isn’t exactly what I would call evolved.

Have a pumpkin-carving competition — you and your bestie or significant other, or perhaps even another blogger. By collaborating with another blogger, you’re opening yourself up to their audience, and they’re getting the same benefit right back.

By recording or documenting your pumpkin competition carving process, you have the chance to share any bloopers. And what are bloopers? Funny. Damn funny.


Halloween Blog Post Ideas 3

Halloween 2011, BC, Canada


If it all goes right and you do magically end up with two fully carved pumpkins at the end of it, you’ve essentially created a funny tutorial on how to do it. You also now have the opportunity to get your audience involved — ask them to vote on the best pumpkin. No one gets anything for winning, of course, unless you can think of something worthwhile between the two of you, but the taking-part will be oodles of fun, and a real engagement generator!

With some careful planning you could consider doing this on a bigger scale, and with other competitions than just carving pumpkins. Why not get a group of you involved? The larger the group, the more fun it is likely to be, plus you can hold ‘rounds’ — semi-finals, final. You’ll each be benefitting from the audience of the others, too.

Time to get (not too seriously) competitive?

(Please remember that this is meant to be a FUN exercise. Don’t make it bitchily competitive.)


35 – Research an old Halloween tradition …

… and then try it out for yourself. Why? Why not? Technically, you’re learning about history and different cultures, and you’re sharing that information with the world. Imagine if something spooky happened as a result of you trying that tradition, though … That would make for a very interesting blog post!

Making mashed potato for dinner on Halloween night? You’ll need a ring. Back in the eighteenth century, the chef would mix a ring up in all on those spuds (probably after the mashing), and whoever finds the ring on the big, spooky night would find true love.

You’ll probably need to warn people that there’s a ring in the mash before they tuck in, though. The last thing anyone needs on Halloween night, is a trip to the local A&E.


36 – “Peeking at Pumpkin Patches in …”

There is ALWAYS a flurry of excitement surrounding pumpkin patches at this time of year, and I reckon a blog post recommending a few places in your local area could end up being more popular than you’d think, especially if you pay attention to keywords. (I talk all about using keywords and other SEO practices to bump your blog up the Google results HERE.) You might even recommend a little-known place that ends up being everyone’s favourite new pumpkin patch.

While we’re on the subject of pumpkin patches, you could expand — pumpkin patches you remember visiting when you were a kid, whether or not they’re still there, pumpkin patches you’ve been to around the world … You get the idea; general pumpkin patch chit-chat.

In case you’re interested, I went to a pumpkin patch in Canada once. The multi-floor wooden shack was held together by rope and tarpaulin alone, I kid you not. Weirdest day of my life.


Halloween Blog Post Ideas 1

Halloween 2011, BC, Canada


37 – Local Haunted Houses and Legends

No one knows your area quite like you do, right? That’s definitely how I feel about muddy ol’ Medway (Kent). I know all the cool places, many of the secret places, and most of the absolutely-don’t-go-there places. I also know the local legends, a few of the weird and wonderful or haunted places, and the secret entrances into spooky places that you’re not really meant to go, but everyone does.

If you were a kid growing up in that area, chances are you know all the local myths, legends, and haunted hotspots, too, even if a few of them are made up by scared kits on the school playground. Some of them make for interesting stories, however, so why not tell those tales on your blog? I’d be interested in reading them!


38 – What do you do when you’re NOT celebrating Halloween?

Don’t forget about those who aren’t quite so into the Halloween spirit as everyone else is. What would you be doing in your local area if you weren’t celebrating the night? Or … if you’re actually not celebrating or doing anything Halloween-themed, what do you plan to do? How do you plan to ignore all the cries of: “Oh, come on! Just one drink. Just throw leggings and a black t-shirt on and call yourself a black cat!”?


39 – Have you visited any scary/spooky or Halloween locations?

Or have you had any holidays over Halloween where something really cool and crazy has happened? Frightmare-themed 18-30 holiday? Yep, I’d be down for hearing some of those tales. I don’t want to know just the gritty stuff, though; I also want to read about the atmosphere, how you felt, whether or not Halloween night made any difference …

Did you experience the full magic of Halloween in America? Everyone goes absolutely crazy for it over there, right? I spent a couple of October 31st’s in Canada and was absolutely not prepared for quite how excited people get about the night.


40 – What was your most terrifying/frightening/awkward/scary hotel or travel experience and why?

Travel + Halloween = a recipe for success if you ask me.


41 – “21 Ways I’m a Bit Like My Favourite Halloween Movie Villain”

I’m totally a Jekyll & Hyde character, but what makes you ever-so-slightly villain-esque? I’m not asking you to bash yourself, obviously, but for the purposes of blog humour, what makes you like your favourite villain? Oh, and just in case you were wondering which movie villain I’d be …


Halloween Blog Post Ideas 6

Image source: Instagram.com/bestecig


42 – I want to know about your blogging horrors.

Has your blog ever been hacked? One of mine has … It was horrifying. Scarier than any horror movie I’ve seen. I remember working on a client’s website once, and it was hacked, replaced by a very odd looking screen when I tried to log in one morning.

People will learn from your tales of woe, especially as far as blogging is concerned, but general blogging is just one niche in which you can share your negative stories with a positive spin.

I’m in the midst of writing a blog post all about my blogging horrors for Halloween, and I’m going to share how I was hacked, what allowed them to hack me, what I went through in order to get rid of the hacker, and then how I protected my blog from future hackers.

What blog horrors have you battled and lived to tell the tale?


43 – Do you have a pet?

Is it a cat? A black cat? I have a black cat so I’m personally and emotionally invested in the fact that black cats are very often bought or adopted for Halloween, and then disregarded right after. People are mean. Thankfully, many shelters have realised what’s been going on and won’t let anyone adopt black cats around Halloween. It’s still an issue that should be highlighted, alongside many other animal issues.


Halloween Blog Post Ideas 2

This is Choo, also known as Choobags, Choobacca, or Choocat.


It might not have *that* much to do with Halloween, but who said you had to talk about scary stuff for the entire month? If it’s something that means a lot to you, write about that cause, no matter what time of year.


44 – Now for the real pet fun …

Let’s be honest about this, one of the BEST bits about owning a pet, is dressing them as stupid characters for Halloween and then uploading those images right to Instagram. My poor cat would be mortified if she knew the stuff I’d shared of her, in some of the most undignified positions, too.

If you have a pet and you‘re dressing that pet up for Halloween, I absolutely, one hundred percent want to see it. I will look at it as a public disservice if you do not share the cute photos. My kitty wouldn’t let me get anywhere near her with a costume. She’d scratch my eyes clean out.

(Additional note: potential affiliate earnings with disclosed links to pet costumes.)


45 – What’s the worst/scariest date you ever went on?

What about the guy that sat in awkward silence, staring at you as you ate dinner — and for a full fifteen minutes afterward … That was scarily odd, right?

Or the guy who took you to the edge of a cliff to smoke a little something-something, making you fearful that you were about to embark in your own horror movie?

Or the guy who actually bored you to death. Literally. Almost. Died. Of. Boredom.

As much as it’s not fun to admit our love life fails, sometimes, we just need to learn to laugh at the funny stuff. And some of those really bad first dates? Well, it would be a shame not to share the horror-stories of them, wouldn’t it?


46 – “Dracula’s Going Hungry Because I Gave Blood!”

Hey, it’s a catchy title, right? I’ve been trying to give blood for ages, but for some reason (and for the first time I must add), it’s impossible to book an appointment via the website, in the new area I moved to. I’m O negative — one of the people who can give their blood out to pretty much everyone else, but can only have that exact blood group back. Blood banks are always calling out for people of that blog group.

The idea I’m going for, is to fight for a good cause, but make Halloween or something Halloweenie the theme of it. Giving blood + Dracula/vampires is an easy link to make, and there are plenty others to have ‘pun’ with.


Halloween Blog Post Ideas 8

Image source: instagram.com/ukwordgirl


47 – List the music videos you’d add to a playlist for a Halloween party.

You know the kind of ones I’m talking about — Backstreet’s Back, Thriller, most of what Lady GaGa releases … The kind of awesomeness you’ll find on every single music channel from now until November.




Halloween Blog Post Ideas for Beauty Bloggers




I had a whole bunch of ideas that would have been perfect for beauty bloggers, makeup artists, and general makeup and beauty lovers, so I decided to pop them all nicely and neatly together for you:


48 – What are your favourite Halloween makeup looks of years gone by?

You could go crazy with this one, using your own makeup looks, looks created by other bloggers or makeup artists, looks created by “famous” people, celebrity makeup looks, iconic trend-setting makeup looks … You get the idea.


49 – “Trick or Treat: Heres What Happened When I Let My BF/GF/SO Do My Makeup”

Yeah, this one’s quite a brave one. You’re literally putting your face (or fate) in someone else’s hands, but it’s a popular video format for beauty bloggers and makeup artists.

You could let your partner do it, or your best friend. Bring your mum in and let her have a go. Or, be really daring and let Grandma have a bash. Maybe even your kid brother would be down for it? Although, to be honest with you, that’s probably so he can make you look like an [insert word here], but whatever. You both benefit.


Halloween Blog Post Ideas 4

This is the result of me letting my [artist] boyfriend go crazy on  my face with paint. It was better than my attempt!


Give them permission to trick or treat you — either give you a makeup look that they’ve actually put some effort into, or pay you back for something you’ve done to them, painting makeup all over your face haphazardly. You can’t see until the look is complete and you’re handed a mirror … at which point, your face of horror/shock/disbelief is probably going to be star attraction of the entire video.

Warning: be prepared to get meme’d.


50 – Top 10 Beauty Products & Tools That’ll Save You From Zombies

Remember that theoretical zombie apocalypse scenario we discussed earlier on? What if you were slapping on your makeup when it hit? What items in your makeup bag or around your beauty table do you think might save you from them?

Hair straighteners will burn any zombies who dare to come too close. Tweezers can poke a zombie in the eye. Get imaginative and creative — the funnier the better.


51 – The Halloween Beauty ReRun

Look on your Instagram page or blog at the makeup look you created last year. Now, grab all of the products and items you used to create that look. I would like you to create a brand new makeup look, using just those products.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out what to dress up as or how to do your makeup, I’ve just given you a challenge. You at least have a range of items to get started with, which is closer than you were five minutes ago.


52 – “The Drugstore Halloween Look”

Create an entire Halloween look using JUST drugstore/cheap makeup.


Halloween Blog Post Ideas 12

My attempt at Halloween face painting, Halloween 2016


53 – “Here’s What Happened When I Used Pumpkin DIY Beauty Products for One Week”

Have a good root around online for DIY pumpkin recipes and then make them in your kitchen. Use them for however long you want — I’ve simply suggested a week — but document what happened. Did that pumpkin face mask give you brighter, tighter, younger-looking skin like such-and-such’s website promised? Does pumpkin rubbed on cellulite really work to get rid of it? If the myth is crap, tell us it’s crap. It saves us wasting time trying it for ourselves.

(Some of us still probably will, anyway.)

You might just find something that works to make your skin glow, and you can share that information with the world. It’ll become the latest little beauty hack that everyone’s trying. Well, it might. At the very least, you can work towards keywords such as:

“What to do with leftover pumpkin”
“DIY face masks with leftover pumpkin”
“What to do with your pumpkins after Halloween”

We’ve carved a lot of pumpkins … We might as well get multiple uses out of the stuff.


54 – Recreate your favourite makeup artist’s Halloween look.

55 – What was your most horrific makeup or beauty experience?

Did you once accidentally leave the house without blending ANY of your foundation? What about an accidental hair-dye incident that left you green for a week? Think of the worst and most horrific beauty treatments, makeup experiments, and skincare regimes you’ve ever taken part in, and then tell your tale so that others can learn from your mistakes.




Halloween Blog Post Ideas for Food Bloggers




I found a whole heap of blog posts that I thought might be handy for food bloggers … although, not specifically food bloggers. If you’re a blogger with a food preference or allergy/intolerance, for example, you could share details and recipes of food and Halloween treats you can eat without fear of repercussions.

Not really anything food-disaster-related, but I once made a pumpkin pie, from scratch, that required following an 18-page recipe. It was LONG and it was MESSY. Thankfully, it tasted pretty good!


Halloween Blog Post Ideas 7


56 – Top 10 Sugar-Free Halloween Recipes

Feel free to replace “Top 10” with whatever number you like/number of recipes and ideas you can find. I’ve used this as a guideline only. In my experience, the more you have of something specific, the more popular that blog post is. The “Top 20” of something is more likely to have an items that I haven’t already seen before, than a “Top 10” of something.


57 – Top 10 Vegan Recipes for Halloween

58 – Top 10 Gluten-Free Sweet Treats for Halloween

59 – 10 Ways to Go Dairy-Free This Halloween

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the titles I’ve suggested are all slightly different. You could actually aim to cover ALL blog post titles suggested here, and by changing them slightly (just how I have shown), you’ll be hitting different long-tail keywords, giving you a better chance of heading up the Google results.

For more information on how to use keywords in a blog post for Halloween, you’ll find these handy:


60 – 10 Amazing Sugar-Free Halloween Recipes …

… and you could add “for kids” at the end if they’re for kids. Leave this bit out if they’re adult-friendly treats, obviously.


61 – 5 Simple Ways to Substitute Unhealthy Snacks for Healthy Ones this Halloween

If you have a number of posts/recipes on your blog already compiled, these Top 10/list-numbered posts are great for linking to them — a “roundup” post. You’re essentially sharing all the information that’s already on your blog, but in one easy-to-find place. If one recipe = one blog post, someone can spend hours searching through the endless recipes you have on your website before they find something they’re looking for. With a “roundup” style post, you’re giving your audience EXACTLY what they’re looking for, especially if you target long-tail keywords.


62 – Homemade and Organic Halloween Treat Ideas for Trick or Treaters

63 – 5 Pumpkin-Based Recipes for Leftovers

64 – Top 10 Things to Do With Leftover Pumpkin

You could start with roasted sunflower seeds, then turn the fleshy insides into a delicious pumpkin pie, and the remnants could be made into a beauty recipe you happened to find online … You might not be a beauty blogger, but there is apparently a lot to be said for pumpkin and the benefits it can have on your skin (and your overall health when you eat it, too).




This is your chance to start researching and get creative. Think you can turn pumpkin into something new and unique? Now’s the perfect time to show us all.


65 – “My Halloween Party Menu”

You could include spooky-themed drinks, snacks, a main dish, whatever you’re cooking for your Halloween event, even including ways that you could make the dish low-fat/gluten-free/dairy-free, etc.


66 – “My Biggest Cooking Disasters”

If you like to experiment in the kitchen, there’s a pretty good chance that something will go wrong from time to time. Too much chilli powder? Not enough sugar? Salt instead of sugar? Twice the amount of flour you should have added?

What’s that got to do with Halloween?

Not much. Mucking up a cake that you have just the right amount of ingredients for is pretty horrifying, though. Horrifying enough for Halloween …




I told you I couldn’t stop talking, but I’m really hoping some of the chit-chat has managed to inspire a few of your own Halloween blog post ideas. If you follow my suggestions, please let me know. I’d love to add a link to your post in here. I would definitely love to add your suggestions in, too. Throw them at me, and don’t forget to leave all your bloggy deets so I can give you credit for the great ideas.




Thank you so much for reading today. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Halloween. I can’t wait to see what you’re all dressing up as!

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