4 Guaranteed Ways to Make Facebook Work Better For You


If you’re bored of seeing the same number on your ‘Like’ count on Facebook, it’s time to switch up your social media strategy. These days Facebook is seen almost as a ‘pay-to-play’ social network, with more and more money being heavily invested into advertising by both small and large businesses alike. Just take a peek at how many of the posts that have “Sponsored Post” written on them. Those are the ones that are *paid* to be right where they are – in YOUR line of sight.

You CAN make Facebook work better for you without having to reach for your credit card. You just need to start with a really good marketing strategy. It all kicks off by making sure that your Facebook page is set up correctly. Without the right framework, everything you build on top of it has the potential to fall and crumble down.

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen!


Here are 4 guaranteed ways to make Facebook work better for you: 


1 – Cover & Profile Photo 


If you don’t have a cover picture and a profile picture on your Facebook page, it doesn’t look ready yet. It’s half-finished. How can you expect someone to want to like your page when you haven’t even finished making it yet?

The little details really DO matter in the world of social media. Let’s start with the basics and get them right.

Your cover image and profile photo should be high quality and relevant. I use the cover image as my space to ensure everybody knows everything they need to know about me, right from the moment they click on my page:


guaranteed ways to make Facebook work for you


I have a personal image as my profile photo, and I honestly believe that works better for ME. Starbucks would have their logo as their main profile picture, and this is a good place to start if a personal / individual image doesn’t work. You should make sure that the logo fits the space, however, as there is nothing worse than seeing a picture that has been cut off at one end or doesn’t fit.


guaranteed ways to make Facebook work for you 2


Both of the cover images featured here were created on Canva – a site I highly recommend you check out for bespoke graphics and images.


2 – About


If this section of your Facebook page isn’t filled in, you’re missing a trick. Once again, if your Facebook page isn’t quite finished yet, people aren’t going to want to click on it. They aren’t going to think you have anything valuable to say.

The ‘About’ section of your Facebook page should be filled in with the appropriate information about you. For many customers (or readers) will land on your social media page first, then heading to your website to find out more. Your page is the perfect place to make a good first impression. People won’t want to click further — onto your website or blog, for example — if they don’t know anything about you.

You should put yourself in the shoes of someone landing on your Facebook page for the very first time. What does your page currently tell you? Does it contain enough information to encourage someone to want to learn more? Read more? Part with their hard earned cash for a product or service that you provide?

If you aren’t sure whether or not your Facebook page contains enough information about you, ask a family member, or a friend. Ask me!


3 – Images


You’ve got a great cover picture and profile image now, but that’s not where the image-love stops on your Facebook page. Social media works better when you include imagery — it’s a very visual space. You should use high-quality images to help promote yourself, but as far as imagery goes, you’re not limited to photos. You can add gifs, which are particularly effective when you’re trying to convey a funny message, and you can also add videos.


guaranteed ways to make Facebook work for you 3


Boomerang is a great place for when you want a little video with some cute style, and it basically does all the hard work for you, even posting to your page if you want it to. I use the Boomerang app [Boomerang for Apple, Boomerang for Android] a lot for cute little promotional videos. giphy.com is a great place to start if you want to add funny gifs to the mix too.

One final tip – HootSuite has ‘Composer’ in Beta, which allows you to schedule social media posts. This includes Facebook posts, adding gifs at the same time, as well as having access to an extensive image gallery. It’s perfect for when you just can’t find that perfect picture!


4 – Goals 


If you don’t have actual goals, how will you know if you’re getting anywhere? What’s your current Facebook like total? What number would you like that to be? How long do you think it will take you to get there? How long has it taken you to get to where you are right now? If you need your likes to pick up at a better pace, you’ll need to work on a better strategy. How are you going to put these plans into action?

As much as it sounds simple enough — get more likes on your Facebook page — it really isn’t as easy as that. You can’t just sit back and wait for the likes to roll in, you need to run out there and go grab them. That’s where your plan comes in.

Let’s say you have under 500 likes on your Facebook page right now. You want to get to 1,000. You’d like to do that in the next 3 months, preferably quicker. That’s a goal, and when you really put the hard work into it, it’s not an overly difficult goal to achieve. In fact, I go into this in more detail in > Have You Tried These 4 Easy Ways to Get More Facebook Page Likes? 


4a – Approach 


If things aren’t working as fast as you would like them to its time to switch up the way you’re posting. Look at the times you are posting, and the content too. If you’re using the same strategy on Facebook as you were using on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, you’re doing it wrong. You will need to take slightly different approaches to each of them. Facebook is a much slower paced social site than Twitter is. You have more space to add more information, and you should make use of that. At the same time, make sure you’re posting relevant information. You should not use your business or blog Facebook page in quite the same way that you would use your personal page.


4b – Realistic Goals 


Of course, you will need to make sure you are setting yourself realistic goals. Unless you happen to hit a magical jackpot, hitting a thousand extra likes overnight probably isn’t going to happen. People don’t like pages in the same way that they used to. Those like buttons were once clicked willy-nilly, but people are slightly more guarded with what they choose to have on their social networking feeds. There is a lot of garbage out there, and a lot of stuff that people DON’T want to see. Make yourself stand out in all the right ways and it won’t be long before you see those likes increasing. It’ll be one a day to start with, and then two, and then five, and soon, with the right social media strategy, you WILL see the kind of results you were hoping for.

This probably won’t happen overnight for you. Not everyone is that lucky. Unless you’re buying followers, which I highly recommend you don’t, you’re going to need to put the hard work in.



If you need a hand setting up your Facebook blog or business page, give me a shout. I’d love to help. Post your links below and I’ll give you a few tips on how I think you can make it better. Plus, you’ll be sharing your blog or business Facebook page too. Isn’t that what SOCIAL NETWORKING is all about?


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