300+ Blog Post Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Blog Post Ideas for Valentine’s Day 1


Hello, bloggers.

How are you doing today? Are you thinking about Valentine’s Day yet? Do you think it’s about time you did? How far in advance do you work when planning content/blog posts? Weeks? Months? Years? I *try* to plan for the next big occasion right after the one before, so, I’ll work on Valentine’s Day as soon as Christmas is done. I’ll work on St. Patrick’s Day stuff right after I’m done with the Valentine’s Day stuff. Then it’s Easter-themed content or spring-themed stuff. Then you’ve got summer and all the good stuff the season brings. And then, before you know it, you’ve got Halloween and Christmas creeping right back up on you again. 

Isn’t it amazing how fast the year just zips by? 


For today, though, we’re going to look at a few blog post ideas for Valentine’s Day. 

If you’ve been blogging for a few years, it’s inevitable that you’ll have covered all the ‘basics’ as far as Valentine’s Day is concerned — things like gift guides, what you’re wearing, how you’re doing your makeup, and what you’re eating or drinking. It might even feel that you have nothing Valentine’s-y left to create content about. 

I’m about to prove you wrong. 


Blog Post Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2


In this list, you’ll find keyword suggestions that I’ve researched using various keyword-hunting tools, including answerthepublic.com and Google. You’ll also find a range of other title suggestions, and even a few tips n’ tricks to make life own blogging life a bit easier. 

If you continue to read right down to the bottom, you’ll even find an additional resources section, with all the tools, plugins, and hacks you might need. (All the tricks I’ve learned in the last decade of blogging/content creating.) 






*For more information on how to easily use keywords in your blog posts/content, please see the resources section at the bottom of this blog post. If you have any questions about my suggestions, feel free to give me a shout! 



  1. Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him/Her
  2. KW – “valentines day gifts for boyfriend”
  3. KW – “valentine’s day gift guide for him”
  4. KW – “valentine’s day gift guide for her”
  5. KW – “valentine’s day gifts new boyfriend”
  6. KW – “valentine’s day gifts new girlfriend”
  7. KW – “valentines day gifts for girlfriend”
  8. KW – “valentines day gifts for husband”
  9. KW – “valentines day gifts for wife”
  10. KW – “valentines day gifts for fiance”
  11. KW – “valentines day gifts for fiancee”
  12. KW – “valentines day gifts for best friend”
  13. KW – “valentines day gifts for friends”
  14. KW – “valentines day gifts for crush”
  15. KW – “valentine’s day gifts pregnant wife”
  16. KW – “valentine’s day gifts you can make for your girlfriend”
  17. KW – “valentine’s day gifts you can make for your boyfriend”
  18. KW – “valentines day gifts you can make”
  19. KW – “valentine’s day gifts you can mail”
  20. KW – “valentines day gifts for yourself”
  21. KW – “valentine’s day gifts for your mom”
  22. KW – “valentine’s day gifts first year married”
  23. KW – “valentine’s day gifts for your best guy friend”
  24. KW – “valentine’s day gifts with no money”
  25. KW – “valentine’s day gifts when broke”
  26. KW – “valentine’s day gifts without spending money”
  27. KW – “valentine’s day gifts when apart”
  28. KW – “valentine’s day gifts with alcohol”
  29. KW – “valentine’s day gifts with mason jars”
  30. KW – “valentines day gifts with candy”
  31. KW – “valentine’s day gift video for boyfriend”
  32. KW – “valentines day gifts under £10/£20/£50”
  33. KW – “valentine’s day gifts on a budget”
  34. KW – “valentines day gifts on Amazon”
  35. KW – “valentine’s day gifts to send in the mail for him”
  36. KW – “valentine’s day gifts that aren’t cheesy”
  37. KW – “valentine’s day romantic gifts for him”
  38. KW – “valentine’s day romantic gifts for her”
  39. KW – “valentine’s day gifts new relationship”
  40. KW – “valentine’s day gifts for roommates”
  41. KW – “valentine’s day gifts other than flowers”
  42. KW – “valentine day gifts not flowers”
  43. KW – “valentine’s day gifts made from paper”
  44. KW – “valentine’s day gifts last minute”
  45. KW – “valentine’s day keepsake gifts”
  46. KW – “valentine’s day gifts jewellery”
  47. KW – “valentines day gag gifts”
  48. KW – “valentine’s day gifts he actually wants”
  49. KW – “valentine’s day gifts she actually wants”
  50. KW – “Etsy valentine’s day gifts”
  51. KW – “valentine’s day gifts edible arrangements”
  52. KW – “valentine’s day gifts express delivery”
  53. KW – “valentine’s day gifts for elderly”
  54. KW – “valentine’s day gifts for expecting moms”
  55. KW – “valentines day engraved gifts”
  56. KW – “valentine day experience gifts”
  57. KW – “valentines day gifts delivered”
  58. KW – “valentine’s day candy”
  59. KW – “valentine’s day candy ideas”
  60. KW – “valentines day candle scents”
  61. KW – “valentines day candy box”
  62. KW – “valentine’s day canvas paintings”
  63. Valentine’s Day Gifts — Spend, Splurge & Save
  64. Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Readers/Book Lovers/Book Nerds
  65. Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Authors/Writers/Bloggers/YouTubers
  66. Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Runners/Cyclers/Athletes/Tennis Lovers/Golf Players
  67. 10 Super Awesome Quirky Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him
  68. This Valentine’s Day, I’m Giving …
  69. Last-Minute Gifts for Valentine’s Day (That Aren’t From Your Local Garage)
  70. My Valentine’s Day Wish List 
  71. My DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts 
  72. DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas I’m Stealing From Pinterest
  73. KW – “valentine’s day gifts for makeup lovers”
  74. Valentine’s Day Treats You Need to Get For Yourself [KW – “valentine’s day treats”]
  75. Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her Without Flowers, Chocolate, or Jewellery
  76. Top XX Valentine’s Day Gifts for XX-Loving Partners [What’s your partner’s favourite ‘thing’? My fella likes guitars, rock music, horror movies, and tattoos. One of mine could be: Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Horror Lovers.]
  77. Top XX Valentine’s Day Gifts You Should Get for Yourself
  78. Top XX Valentine’s Day Gifts for Geminis [/other horoscope]
  79. Spooktacular Valentine’s Day Gifts for Ghost Movie Lovers
  80. 15 Valentine’s Day Gifts Horror Lovers Will Love 
  81. 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Hopeless Romantic
  82. 15 Disney-Themed Valentine’s Day Gifts 
  83. 10 Weird Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Actually Pretty Awesome 
  84. 10 Ways to Say “I Love You” This Valentine’s Day Without Making Yourself Broke
  85. Valentine’s Day Underwear For Him – 3 Ridiculous Things I Hope He’s NOT Wearing [KW – “valentine’s day underwear for him”]
  86. KW – “makeup gifts for valentines day”
  87. KW – “makeup bouquet for valentine’s day”
  88. KW – “valentines day makeup basket”
  89. KW – “valentines day makeup box”
  90. KW – “valentine’s day gift for music lover”
  91. KW – “valentines day presents for music lovers”



When I’ve suggested a keyword, jazz it up for your title. Don’t just use the keyword as your title. 

Here are a few examples: 

Keyword: “valentine’s day gifts you can make for your girlfriend”

Title suggestions: 

1 – Super Awesome FREE Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Make For Your Girlfriend When She Deserves The World 

2 – Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Make For Your Girlfriend That Don’t Totally Suck 

3 – Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Make For Your Girlfriend That Are Much Better Than Chandler’s Mix Tape



  1. 10 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas on a Serious Budget 
  2. Vacationing for Valentine’s Day — 3 Places I’d Like to Visit
  3. Valentine’s Day Vacation Ideas [KW – “valentine’s day vacation” |”valentine’s day vacation ideas”]
  4. KW – “valentine’s day date in Italy”
  5. Creative Dates for Valentine’s Day You Won’t Have Already Thought Of
  6. Valentine’s Day Crafts with the Kids
  7. KW – “valentine’s day date with a friend”
  8. KW – “valentine’s day date with toddler”
  9. Valentine’s Day Trends 2019 [KW – “valentine’s day trends 2019”]
  10. Valentine’s Day Themed Party for Single Friends [KW – “valentine’s day themed party”]
  11. Valentine’s Day Themed Party for Couples
  12. Valentine’s Day Ideas for Single Friends
  13. Anti-Valentine’s Day Date Ideas
  14. What to Do When You Can’t Afford Valentines Day [KW – “can’t afford valentines day”]
  15. Top 10 Things to Do When You Can’t Stand Valentine’s Day [KW – “can’t stand Valentine’s day”]
  16. KW – “valentines day date for him”
  17. KW – “valentine’s day date ideas for boyfriend”
  18. KW – “valentine’s day date ideas for teenage couples”
  19. KW – “valentine’s day date ideas for married couples”
  20. KW – “valentine day date ideas for new couples”
  21. KW – “valentine’s day date ideas for college students”
  22. KW – “valentine’s day date ideas for high schoolers”
  23. KW – “valentine’s day date ideas for husband”
  24. KW – “valentine’s day date ideas for wife”
  25. KW – “valentine’s day date ideas for high schoolers”
  26. KW – “valentine’s day date ideas on a budget”
  27. KW – “valentine’s day date ideas for best friend”
  28. KW – “valentine’s day date at home”
  29. KW – “original valentine’s day date ideas”
  30. Top 10 Valentine’s Day Date Activities for Adventurers [KW – “valentine’s day date activities”]
  31. KW – “valentines day cheap date ideas”
  32. KW – “valentine’s day double date ideas”
  33. KW – “valentine’s day dinner date”
  34. Top 5 Things to do in [Town/City] for Valentine’s Day
  35. KW – “valentine’s day DIY date ideas”
  36. KW – “valentine’s day fun date ideas”
  37. KW – “valentine’s day group date ideas”
  38. 6 Things You Can Do in London [/ other towns] for FREE This Valentine’s Day 



  1. What Valentine’s Day Means for Me
  2. My Valentine’s Day Horror Stories
  3. My Best Valentine’s Day Ever 
  4. The Best Valentine’s Day Gift I Ever Gave
  5. The Best Valentine’s Day Gift I Ever Received 
  6. My Favourite Love Story [Have your Grandparents been together for 50 years? Or is your favourite love story a Disney one? Why are these stories your favourite?]
  7. Weird Valentine’s Day Dates that Didn’t Go to Plan
  8. My Love Story [How you met, the story of your relationship, problems you’ve encountered and overcome, etc.]
  9. 5 Secrets to a Happy Relationship [What you think has kept you + your partner going all this time.]
  10. Best Dating Advice I Ever Heard 
  11. Worst Dating Advice I Ever Heard
  12. How to Survive Valentine’s Day When You’re an Introvert
  13. How to Survive Valentine’s Day When You Have Anxiety
  14. 25 Love Quotes I Love 
  15. 50 Things You Can Write in Your Valentine’s Day Card (That Aren’t Totally Cheesy)
  16. 25 Cheesy Chat-Up Lines You Gotta Hear!
  17. Blogging Resources I LOVE 
  18. 10 Bloggers I Love This Valentine’s Day 
  19. Valentine’s Day Trivia I Didn’t Know [KW – “valentine’s day trivia”]
  20. How to Say “Happy Valentine’s Day” in XX Other Languages
  21. Valentine’s Day Around the World [How other countries celebrate/how you have celebrated Valentine’s Day in other countries.]
  22. KW – “why Valentine’s day is the worst”
  23. Why Valentine’s Day Is Important To Me [KW – “why Valentine’s day is important”]
  24. KW – “why valentine’s day should not be celebrated”
  25. KW – “why valentine’s day should be celebrated”
  26. KW – “why Valentine’s day is the best holiday”
  27. KW – “why we celebrate valentine’s day”
  28. KW – “valentine’s day date gone wrong”
  29. KW – “valentine’s day date ideas on a budget”
  30. What to do For Valentine’s Day After One Date [KW – “valentine’s day after one date”]
  31. KW – “valentine’s day date party ideas”





  1. Valentine’s Day Movies on Netflix in 2019
  2. My Valentine’s Day Playlist 
  3. KW – “valentines day date night movies”
  4. 15 Netflix Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day That Aren’t Romantic 
  5. KW – “music for valentine’s day”
  6. KW – “music for valentine’s day party”
  7. KW – “valentine’s day music without words”
  8. KW – “valentine’s day romantic music and love songs”
  9. KW – “valentine’s day music playlist”
  10. KW – “valentine’s day music playlist youtube”
  11. KW – “valentine’s day music events” [location-specific]
  12. KW – “anti valentine’s day music”
  13. KW – “anti valentine’s day music playlist”
  14. KW – “best valentine’s day music”
  15. Outdoor Movie Events in [Location] for Valentine’s Day 2019



  1. My DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath [KW: valentine’s day wreath]
  2. 5 Valentine’s Day Wreath Ideas That Are Super Easy [KW: valentine’s day wreath ideas]
  3. Valentine’s Day Decorations [Do you decorate? Why/why not?] 
  4. How to Decorate Your Home for Valentine’s Day on a Budget
  5. Valentine’s Day Decorations for Under £10
  6. Create a Romantic Dinner Setting for Valentine’s Day With These Simple Tips
  7. Romantic Candle Scents for Valentine’s Day 
  8. 10 Valentine’s Day Candle Fragrances to Get the Romance Going 



  1. Get Ready With Me – My Valentine’s Day Makeup Look 
  2. 3 Valentine’s Day Looks That Aren’t Red or Pink
  3. Valentine’s Day Makeup – 5 Looks You Can Totally Pull Off [KW: valentine’s day underwear]
  4. 5 Red Lipstick Looks for Valentine’s Day 
  5. 3 Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks You Can Create from One Palette 
  6. Three Makeup Items that Make Me Feel Sassy and Sexy for Valentine’s Day
  7. Gold Eye Looks for Valentine’s Day 
  8. Glitter Pink Lip Ideas for Valentine’s Day 
  9. Valentine’s Day to Valentine’s Night – How to Get Ready in Under 10 Minutes
  10. Romantic Smokey Eye Looks for Valentine’s Day 
  11. Sexy and Sassy Valentine’s Day Makeup 
  12. 5 Beauty Products – 5 Looks: Valentine’s Day Looks for Less
  13. A Full Face of Valentine’s Day Makeup for Under £20
  14. Budget Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks – High Street Shopping Picks
  15. Spend, Splurge + Save: Valentine’s Day Makeup Top Picks
  16. KW – “how to do valentine’s day makeup”
  17. KW – “valentines day makeup for brown eyes”
  18. KW – “valentines day makeup for blue eyes”
  19. KW – “valentines day makeup for green eyes”
  20. KW – “valentines day makeup look for brown/blue/green eyes”
  21. KW – “valentine’s day makeup ideas for brown/blue/green eyes”
  22. KW – “valentine’s day makeup looks for blonde/brown/black/red hair”
  23. KW – “valentine’s day makeup ideas for blonde/brown/black/red hair”
  24. KW – “makeup for valentine’s day”
  25. KW – “valentines day makeup”
  26. KW – “valentines day makeup look”
  27. KW – “valentines day makeup ideas”
  28. KW – “valentines day makeup tutorial”
  29. KW – “valentines day makeup dark skin”
  30. KW – “valentines day makeup light skin”
  31. KW – “valentines day makeup olive skin”
  32. KW – “valentines day makeup looks 2019”
  33. KW – “valentines day makeup and outfit”
  34. KW – “valentine’s day hair and makeup”
  35. KW – “valentine’s day hair makeup and outfit”
  36. KW – “anti valentines day makeup tutorial”
  37. KW – “anti valentines day makeup”
  38. KW – “valentines day makeup look step by step”
  39. KW – “valentines day makeup challenge”
  40. KW – “valentines day makeup cut crease”
  41. KW – “cute valentines day makeup”
  42. KW – “cute valentines day makeup look”
  43. KW – “cute valentines day makeup ideas”
  44. KW – “creative valentine’s day makeup”
  45. KW – “cute simple valentine’s day makeup”



Valentine’s Day is all about pink and red looks, so go through your Instagram/YouTube/blog and find as many looks as you can find that have pink or red features, such as eyeshadow or lipstick. Out of those looks you find, which could be worn for Valentine’s Day, or even adapted to suit Valentine’s Day? 

Pile those looks together — all of them — into one “roundup” piece of content. You’ll be driving traffic to old content and showing off a few of your past looks, all at the same time. 

Further reading: New Things You Can Do With Old Blog Posts: A Roundup


TIP #2:

Look at the keywords and title/content suggestions I’ve listed here as a challenge. If you’ve never created a Valentine’s Day makeup look that doesn’t consist of red or pink shades, for example, attempt it this year. Everyone has already done those red and pink versions, anyway. We’re all looking for something a little different, so feel free to go totally outside the box.



  1. Get Ready With Me – My Valentine’s Day Outfit
  2. Valentine’s Day Picks – 5 Things I’m Wearing This Year
  3. Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas that Aren’t Red or Pink
  4. Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for When You Hate Valentine’s Day
  5. KW – “what to wear on valentine’s day date”
  6. KW – “valentines day date dress”
  7. KW – “valentine’s day dinner date outfit”
  8. KW – “valentines day date outfit”
  9. KW – “valentine’s day date outfit ideas”
  10. KW – “valentine’s day date night outfits”
  11. KW – “valentine’s day dinner date outfit”
  12. KW – “cute valentines day date outfits”
  13. Valentine’s Day Outfits Ideas with Black Trousers
  14. Little Black Dress Valentine’s Day Outfit Looks 
  15. Valentine’s Day Outfits with Flats
  16. KW – “Valentine’s Day outfit for dogs”
  17. KW – “Valentines day outfit for him”
  18. KW – “Valentine’s Day outfit for guys”
  19. KW – “Valentine’s Day outfit for ladies”
  20. KW – “Valentines day hair makeup and outfit”
  21. KW – “anti Valentine’s Day outfit ideas”
  22. KW – “casual valentine’s day outfit”
  23. KW – “Valentine’s Day outfit cold weather”
  24. KW – “valentine’s day dinner outfit ideas”
  25. KW – “valentine day dance outfit ideas”
  26. KW – “valentines day outfit ideas plus size”
  27. KW – “valentine’s day outfits plus size”
  28. KW – “valentines day outfit inspo”
  29. KW – “valentines day outfit ideas for tall women”
  30. KW – “Valentine’s Day outfit ideas for short women”
  31. KW – “valentine’s day outfits with jeans”
  32. KW – “valentine’s day office outfits
  33. KW – “pretty Valentine’s Day outfit”
  34. KW – “pregnant Valentine’s Day outfit”
  35. KW – “Valentine’s Day outfits for work”



  1. 10 Vegan/Vegetarian Valentine’s Day Restaurants Near Me
  2. 10 Vegan/Vegetarian Valentine’s Day Dishes You Can Make At Home
  3. 5 Simple Valentine’s Day Dishes You Can Make in Under 30 Minutes
  4. Easy Valentine’s Day Menus
  5. Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Dishes
  6. Romantic Food Ideas for Valentine’s Day
  7. Three-Course Menu Ideas for Valentine’s Day Dates at Home
  8. Homemade Valentine’s Day Dinner
  9. My Favourite Valentine’s Day Desserts
  10. 3 Easy Recipes You Can Totally Make for Valentine’s Day
  11. Gluten-Free [Dairy-Free|Wheat-Free|Vegetarian|Vegan] Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas
  12. 6 Meals You Can Eat in [Restaurant] When You’re Vegan/Vegetarian/Dairy-Free/Etc. This Valentine’s Day
  13. KW – “valentines day date drink”
  14. Top 10 Non-Alcoholic Valentine’s Day Date Drinks
  15. Super Easy Vegan Valentine’s Day Candy Recipes
  16. Valentine’s Day Candy for Diabetics
  17. Top 3 15-Minute Vegan Dinner Recipes for Valentine’s Day
  18. Where to Find Vegan Chocolate for Valentine’s Day [KW – “vegan chocolate for Valentine’s day”]
  19. 5 Delicious Vegan Valentine’s Day Cupcakes I Found on Pinterest
  20. Vegan Valentine’s Day Cookies You Can Make at Home
  21. How to Make Your Own Vegan Valentine’s Day Chocolate Box
  22. 5 Valentine’s Day Drinks With Vodka
  23. Cute Names for Valentine’s Day Drinks
  24. Valentine’s Day Drinking Games for Couples
  25. Valentine’s Day Drinking Games for Singles
  26. A Guide to Starbucks Valentine’s Day Drinks
  27. How to Make Valentine’s Day Espresso Drinks for the Caffeine Lover in Your Life
  28. KW – “valentine day drinks non alcoholic”
  29. KW – “valentine’s day drinks champagne”
  30. KW – “valentine’s day coffee drinks”
  31. KW – “easy valentine’s day drinks”
  32. KW – “fun Valentine’s Day drinks”
  33. KW – “Valentine’s Day food and drinks”
  34. KW – “valentine’s day bourbon drinks”
  35. KW – “Valentine’s Day liquor drinks”
  36. KW – “popular Valentine’s Day drinks”
  37. KW – “Valentine’s Day drinks tequila”
  38. KW – “Valentines food for toddlers”
  39. KW – “Valentine’s day food for party”
  40. 5 Valentines Food Delivery Ideas that Don’t Suck [KW – “valentines food delivery”]
  41. 3 Valentine’s Day Dishes With Chicken
  42. How to Cook Steak for Valentine’s Day
  43. Romantic Quorn Dishes for Valentine’s Day 10 Valentine’s Day Dishes You Can Cook Using Potatoes [/pasta/minced beef/other foods]



Just because you’re a beauty blogger doesn’t mean you can’t publish a blog post covering all of your favourite Valentine’s Day dinners/dishes/desserts. It’s totally okay to go off-niche.



And there you have them — my 300+ blog post ideas for Valentine’s Day. Well, blog post ideas and researched keywords. That’s too long a title, though … don’t you think? 

What do you think about the suggestions? I hope I’ve managed to sprinkle a little inspiration into your life. If you *do* create content as a result of reading this blog post, please come back and tell me all about it. I’d love to give it a read. I could also link to it … 

Just saying. (I don’t know you’ve created something if you don’t tell me!) 

I hope that Valentine’s Day is a super awesome day for you, whether you’re single, in a relationship, or just sailing along doing whatever it is you do. 

Mwah! 🌹




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4 Thoughts to “300+ Blog Post Ideas for Valentine’s Day”

  1. Wow! What a huge list of ideas. I haven’t really planned any content as yet, but i’ll definitely refer back to your post when I do. So helpful as always! x

    Samantha | thebeautyspyglass..com

    1. ukwordgirl

      Thanks, Samantha!

      Hilariously, I wrote the list and didn’t actually come up with Valentine’s Day themed stuff for my own blog.

      This totally counts, right?

      Thanks for reading + commenting 😄😘

  2. Thanks so much for the motivation! I’d love to do a few valentines posts this year, but as a single person, I never know what to do! xx


    1. ukwordgirl

      Hey, Chloe!

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad I could give you some motivation 😄

      You could blog about just that! Things *you* do as a singley over Valentine’s Day. Or a list of things you’re planning on buying yourself – Ariana Grande 7 Rings style?

      I checked out your latest blog post – The Fun Side of Anti-Consumerism. Great piece. I’d love to read something about ethical/sustainable Valentine’s Day gift or outfit ideas!

      Thanks again for reading + commenting. I’ll be stalking through your beautiful blog for the rest of the day 😍


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