21 Ways You Can Promote Your Blog on the Commute to Work 

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Think you don’t have time to promote your blog? Think again! As long as you have your phone, tablet, or laptop in your hand, plus access to the internet, you can promote your blog on-the-run. Even when you don’t have the internet there are still things you can do to increase your appearance in the social media world. 

When you promote your blog during the commute to work, you’re hitting the many groups of people who are on the same commute, and who are probably scouring social media looking for something to do or read to pass the journey. 

That something to read COULD be your latest blog post. But it won’t be unless you throw it out there. I’ve got a few suggestions that you should totally try next time you’re on the commute.

21 Ways You Can Promote Your Blog on the Commute to Work 


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1 – #Throwback 


🌱 Where: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Use Thursday as your excuse to share an old blog post link, with the hashtags #tbt, #throwbackthursday, or #throwback. 


🌱 Which posts? Pick your favourite. Or the one that has the least amount of views (according to Jetpack) to try and improve numbers. 

If you’re on the morning commute, find something that is upbeat and has a positive message. Don’t depress people even further while they’re on route to a long day at work! 

Share something that might help them during the day, or make them think, or make them smile. Thursday is so close to Friday, and Friday is super close to the weekend. Let’s be happy about that! 

What are your weekend plans, anyway? (Another question you should absolutely ask on social media towards the end of the week.)



2 – “Have you seen my latest blog post yet?”


🌱 Where: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Ask this question with a link to your latest blog post. 


🌱 How to do it: If you’re sharing on Instagram, add the link to that blog post in your bio, making it easier for people to find and read it. #linkinbio

If you’re sharing on Twitter, tag in a retweet account for maximum exposure. I like to use @sincerelyessie, @FemaleBloggerRT, and @LovingBlogs, but there are so many you could use. 

Regardless of what social media account you’re using, tag the company/brand/product you’re talking about in that blog post. So, for example, if you’re talking about a Givenchy perfume, tag Givenchy Beauty. Use the same hashtag that the brand used in their marketing campaign. For L’interdit, Givenchy’s latest perfume offering, they used the hashtag #THETHRILLOFTHEFORBIDDEN, so I would also suggest using that hashtag in all social media posts.

You can read what *I* thought about the fragrance here: Givenchy L’Interdit Perfume Review.


🌱 Here’s an idea for later: write a list of retweet accounts that you could use to maximise your blog exposure, and then add them to future Twitter content. Use a different tag in every post for a while, and note down which ones perform best for you. Those are the ones that you’ll want to focus on. 

If you want access to *my* retweet account list for Twitter, sign up for my Blogging 101 email course 👇🏻





3 – “Coming soon, but have you seen this … ?”


🌱 Where: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.


🌱 How to do it: Tell people what you have coming up on the blog, but don’t give the game away completely. You still want them to click on your blog when you eventually click the publish button. At the same time as letting your audience know that you have something coming soon, you should link to something that you have already talked about.


Here’s what I mean: 

“There’s a new blog post coming tomorrow, talking about super-quick ways that you can promote your blog on the commute to work. Did you get the chance to take a peek at my last blog-promo post, though? You’ll find it here: wp.me/p8S8Pc-Dm”


If you have a new lipstick-related post coming up, tell your audience and share an older lipstick-related blog post at the same time. If it’s a recipe you have coming soon on a foodie blog, share an old recipe that uses one of the same main ingredients, or a similar dish that could be better for someone with allergies. Have you bought new boots that you can’t wait to tell people about? Tell ’em, and tell ’em all about the last pair of shoes or boots that you wholeheartedly fell in love with, featured on an older post from your blog.

There are plenty of connections you could make, and they all amount to more blog promo and, hopefully, more blog readers.



4 – Start Email Marketing


🌱 Where: Your blog.


🌱 How to do it: Add an email subscription box/option to your blog if you don’t already have one. The buzz surrounding email marketing is HUGE right now, and it’s a bandwagon I definitely recommend jumping on. I’m in the process of piecing together some email marketing guides, filled with hacks and tricks that I’ve recommended to people/bloggers/businesses in the past. You can subscribe to my blog to make sure you don’t miss out … 😉 


There are lots of ways that you can build an email list and a lot of different programs that you can work with. There are pros and cons for them all, of course, but I’ve found the following blog posts quite helpful for figuring out which one to get started with. 



5 – Pin a Post


🌱 Where: Twitter, Facebook.


🌱 How to do it: Pin a blog post link to the top of your Facebook and/or Twitter feed. 

Pick your favourite blog post — the one that you think best reflects you, and then share it on Twitter or Facebook. Once it’s been there for a little while and/or you’ve moved on to the next social update, pin the favourite to the top. It’ll be the first post that people have access to when they jump onto your profile. It might just be enough to encourage them to stick around … and read others you’ve written. 

If it looks good, with a great photo, it has a high chance of being retweeted. 




6 – Link-less Social Media


🌱 Where: Twitter.

My vaping website gets more traffic from Twitter on the days that I’m actively chatting with people on it. On the days that I engage with followers, the social platform sends mounds of traffic my way, whether I’ve published a blog post share link or not. My traffic does increase by quite a lot more when I have shared a blog post link. Just being active is a great place to start. 


🌱 How to do it:  Get yourself involved in a conversation on Twitter. Ask questions and for opinions — whether it’s worth buying that new beauty product or tech gadget, for example. Start a poll. Tag your favourite blogger in an Instagram post that was inspired by them. Ask people to choose between two almost-identical photos for your next blog post because you can’t decide for yourself. 

Engage them … That’s kinda the point. Your blog traffic will actually thank you for it.



7 – Email Signature


🌱 Where: Email.

🌱 How to do it: Add your blog and/or recent blog post link to your email signature. 

How many emails do you send in a day? Wouldn’t it be great if a few of those emails resulted in blog post reads? It’s one of those little promo tricks that takes just a second of your time but might introduce your blog to someone who wasn’t even aware it existed before that point. 



8 – Social Media Roundup


🌱 Where: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


🌱 How to do it: Create a Facebook ‘roundup’ post that includes multiple links to different blog posts, covering the same topic/brand/product. I actually talk about this more in Eight 10-Minute Ways to Boost Blog Traffic. It’s a hack I’ve started using a lot for my vaping website and social media strategy. 


I review eliquids on my vaping website, alongside actual vape devices; and I also have troubleshooting guides, how-to’s, and Q&A’s. Recently, I’ve been sharing a few (3-5) eliquids and their review links, in one social media post, and I think the results are pretty positive. 


🌱 Example: I seemed to review a lot of vape devices for one particular brand, so I created a Facebook post that looked like this:



I also added images of each of the products I listed, before taking exactly the same approach with Twitter. You can add up to four images on Twitter, but you have considerably less space than what you do on Facebook for your caption. 

I also did the same thing with Instagram, uploading pictures of each image I listed and asking people to swipe to see more. You can’t add links to Instagram captions yet. You can use LinkTree to add more than one blog post to the link in your bio, though. If you’ve discussed five products and shared five images, add five links to the blog posts talking about them to your LinkTree landing-link.



9 – From the Archives


🌱 Where: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


🌱 How to do it: Share the link to any ol’ blog post, just because you can, letting people know you’ve pulled it from the archives of oldies.

There’s no reason why you can’t generate some fresh, new traffic with an old and now-unloved blog post. I recommend doing this with posts that are no longer generating the kind of traffic they once did, checking them over quickly before you do so to make sure all information and links, etc. are still relevant.



10 – Pinterest Pin


🌱 Where: Pinterest


🌱 How to do it: Use the Canva phone app to create a quick Pinterest pin for one of your blog posts. Upload it to your Pinterest blog account. Make sure the link for that pin goes back to your blog post, and write up a little description. Add a keyword or two, plus a couple of hashtags, and then pin it to a relevant Pinterest board. 

You could also use Easil to create your Pinterest pin, a relatively new designing website that I’ve wholeheartedly fallen in love with. 

Why not also hide that Pinterest image in your blog post? I created a guide: How to Hide Pinterest Images in a Blog Post.


Ways You Can Promote Your Blog 3



11 – One Year Ago …   


🌱 Where: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


🌱 How to do it: Look at the posts published on your blog from exactly one year ago, or close to the date as you can manage. Give a chosen post a quick read-over to check all links are still working, it has advertisements (if you utilise them), and that you have a call-to-action at the end. This could be a social media follow, an email subscription, or even a sales lead, depending on what you’re focusing on. 


Can you add links to newer and relevant blog posts? Throw them in. 

If you haven’t added links to other, high-quality websites, with a higher DA than you, throw one or two of those in, too. 

Still got some time? I highly recommend checking out your SEO optimisation. The Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress will make that quick and simple. As will the guides I created, which you’ll find HERE


Now share that link to your social media accounts, with an image, encouraging other bloggers to do the same thing — share a blog post from exactly one year ago. Get everyone to use the same hashtag, like #oneyearagoblogs. Start something. If it already exists (and it probably does), keep something going. Get the community involved! #communityovercompetition



12 – Social Sharing Buttons


🌱 Where: Your blog. 


🌱 How to do it: Check that the social sharing buttons on your blog posts are easy to see. If a reader needs to spend more than a couple of seconds looking for those icons, they’ll give up and won’t share or repin. The average reader’s interest is just a few seconds long … Don’t lose it. 

I use a WordPress plugin on this blog to make my social media sharing options easy to find and super accessible — Shareaholic. Most WordPress themes have a space for social media icons on the page, usually at the top or bottom. I highly recommend checking that you have those working with the right links. (You’ll find them in your settings/theme settings.) 

I also suggest actually ASKING for people to follow you. Throw links into your blog posts, telling people to come and chat with you using them. Make that your call-to-action at the bottom of the blog post. Pop a button or widget in there. 




13 – Blog Links on Social Media 


🌱 Where: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. 


🌱 How to do it: Make sure your social media accounts have links back to your blog. 

How are people going to find you if you aren’t putting your link out there? I personally recommend having business/blog-style pages on social media, rather than a personal one, for security reasons if nothing else. When you start to pick up speed on the internet, there’s a chance that you’ll attract both good publicity and bad. You don’t really want your mum to read the negative things that people say … Not that you should have to read them, either. 


Click on the links in your social media pages to make sure they all work from time to time. Sometimes, my Instagram blog links go a bit “iffy” and just decide not to work. Deleting the link and putting it back again sorts it out, but I have no clue why this happens. (It is bloomin’ annoying.) 


Pinterest gives you the option to verify your page if you’re a business or a blog. I highly recommend doing this. 


Business pages for the win, folks. 

Oh, and just in case you were wondering if *that* Instagram rumour was true … > Should You Switch From a Business Account to a Personal One on Instagram for Better Engagement?



14 – Instagram Embed


🌱 Where: Instagram.


🌱 How to do it: Add actual Instagram content to one or two blog posts.

I use a plugin to insert my Instagram feed into my blog, called Instagram Feed. There are plenty of other methods you could use. I like to add social media content, usually a Pinterest board or my Instagram feed, once per blog post. It’s like a call-to-action. It nudges people to like or follow your social accounts. It also helps to add imagery if that’s what your post is lacking. 




15 – Facebook Group. 


🌱 Where: Facebook. 


🌱 How to do it: Join a blogging-based Facebook group.

There are SO MANY groups that you can join on Facebook to promote your blog, meet other bloggers, and learn more about blogging. You’ll want to join a popular one, and there are plenty of blog posts talking about the pros and cons of the biggest and best, and also how to find them. 

Here are a few blog posts that I’ve found on the subject. You might find them helpful:



16 – Ask & Answer


🌱 Where: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. 


🌱 How to do it: Ask and then answer a question on social media, linking to one or two of your posts. Are you asked the same question over and over again? Make one of those questions your Q&A. If you thought of a really good question that no one else has asked, make that your Q&A. Make it person, lighthearted, funny, serious, whatever you want. Just ask a question, answer it, and then ask your readers if they have better/different answers? (That’s engagement!) 




17 – Social Media Scheduling


🌱 Where: Social media scheduling tools, listed below. 


🌱 How to do it: Try your hand at social media scheduling.

There are multiple websites, apps, and programs that allow you to schedule content to go live when you can’t physically push the button yourself. 


Ways You Can Promote Your Blog on the Commute to Work 3


Facebook has a free and built-in version for business/blog pages, and that’s a great place to start. The process is fairly quick and painless and allows you to post at times at which you would otherwise be unavailable. Between morning and lunchtime, for example, has a morning-break peak in traffic for a couple of my blogs and linked social accounts. You could consider using that as the starting point for your experimenting. 

Schedule content with links to your blog posts at times that you otherwise wouldn’t. Even in the middle of the night!



18 – External Links


🌱 Where: Your Blog. 

🌱 How to do it: Add external links to high-quality websites to at least one of your recent blog posts.

There is evidence to support the idea that linking to high-quality, high-DA blogs boosts your blog by association. It’s a bit like “who you know, not what you know,” you know? 


This is something I talk about a little more in Eight 10-Minute Ways to Boost Blog Traffic (point #4). 



19 – Pinterest Board 


🌱 Where: Your blog. 


🌱 How to do it: Add the Pinterest widget to at least one of your blog posts. 

This actually boosted my search engine ranking, something I noticed only once I’d accidentally removed the Pinterest board-box and my traffic for a big-buzz post dramatically reduced. I talk about this in: The 2-Minute Pinterest Tip That’ll Boost Blog SEO. 




20 – Call-To-Action 


🌱 Where: Your blog. 


🌱 How to do it: Check that your popular blog posts actually have a call-to-action. 


A call-to-action is what you WANT your blog readers to do. 

Would you like them to leave comments? Ask them to leave comments. 

How about giving your Instagram account a cheeky little follow? Ask them to follow you. Refer back to point #14 in this post, where I discuss adding Instagram content. 

Fancy boosting your Facebook followers? Ask them. 


Check the end of my blog posts … They’ve all got a call-to-action of some sort.

Your blog posts should have the same. 



21 – Performance Review


🌱 Where: Your blog. 


🌱 How to do it: Take one underperforming blog post and then use THIS checklist to see whether or not you could make it more interesting and generate some extra traffic. 

Just make notes for now; you can get to work on it later on. Just remember to ACTUALLY work on it later on.

You can find which posts aren’t performing as well as others using the Jetpack plugin for WordPress. 


Ways You Can Promote Your Blog 4



If you use these 21 ways to promote your blog on the commute to work, take note of the results. Social media shares and content that works really well should be repeated with different links and information/captions. 

Trying these hacks out will soon make you realise what works and what doesn’t, and also whether or not commuter tweets actually work for you. All the experts say that morning and afternoon rush-hour times are peak times for social media engagement, so it’s about time you jumped on the bandwagon! 


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