15 Facebook Page Cover Picture Ideas For Florists

15 Facebook Page Cover Picture Ideas For Florists

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Hello, how are you doing today? I feel like it might be a good time to talk about Facebook Page cover picture ideas for your florist or flower shop business. Some of these tips will also come in handy for other business niches too, but I’m talking to my flower-power people specifically today.

Just in case you’re interested, there is a step-by-step guide to Facebook Page cover pictures for florists and other small business on my YouTube channel — content to use or not use, cover picture sizes and that weird cropping situation, and great resources for templates and collage-creation. I recommend watching that, then reading this, but it’s not necessary. 

If you do watch that video, you’ll understand why I call the Facebook Page cover picture space a “billboard”.

It’s a great place to shout about what you can offer potential customers and readers.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right in …


You have options here: you could either pick a beautiful floral display and then present it in a way that it looks good as a cover picture design, or you could take a photo of a selection of flowers that have been arranged in such a way that they look cute. 

Facebook Page Cover Pic Florists Pink + White Arrangement

Either way, you’ll want to pick your BEST work. 

If you’re going to use a photo as the cover picture for your Facebook Page, make sure that it’s a really good photo. It should be bright, clear, bold, colourful, eye-catching, and appropriate. 

What do I mean by ‘appropriate’?

No dirty laundry in the background, flowers presented in a way that they actually look good, get rid of grubby backdrops … you know? 

A bad cover picture could be enough to scare away potential new followers – and potential new customers – before they’ve even had a chance to check out the rest of your page. 


There are plenty of phone and tablet apps, or sites such as Canva/Easil/Snappa, offering collage-based templates that you can use to create an outstanding image and you might even find that they give you a few Facebook Page cover picture ideas of your own! 

Facebook Page Cover Pic Florists Collage

Why show off just ONE of your beautiful floral arrangements when you could show off MULTIPLE arrangements?

Facebook Page Cover Pic Florists Collage Template

Your cover picture area could be used as a portfolio-of-sorts, revealing some of your favourite or best pieces of work with the world.


User-generated content sounds complicated, but it’s really not. 

Here’s how it works: 

Your customer buys a floral arrangement, takes it home, puts it on the table, takes a photo, pops a filter on it, makes it look pretty, uploads it to Instagram, and then tags you in the image. 

You see it, think it looks great, comment on the image (or directly message the customer) asking if it is okay for you to use the image yourself and post it in your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter feed — and then you do so, and tag the customer in it (if they want you to), providing you have been given permission. 

Don’t EVER use someone else’s photo without their permission, whether it’s a customer shot, an image found on a random website on the internet, or a Google image (without checking the license). If you don’t own it, you could find yourself in hot legal water by using it.

This is a very useful article on copyright and what you need to know: Photo Copyright 101: Is it Legal to Use Photos from the Internet? | EyeEm

What makes user generated content so great? 

Because it shows your products — the floral arrangements — in action. Those images give your followers/potential customers the chance to see themselves with those flowers because they are seeing someone else — a REAL person/customer — with them. 

Not only that, user-generated content also works to give people (your customers/followers) inspiration, much in the same way that fashion influencers give you inspiration for what outfits to wear.

Yes, I absolutely HAVE gone out and bought a white, old-school milk jug, just to put wildflowers in, because I saw someone else do it on Instagram.

And yes, other people do the same.

That’s why influencers are just that: influencers.


Before I carry on, I just want to say one thing: your photos of floral arrangements are probably already good enough to use for social media posts, cover pics, etc., or they will be after a little tweaking. (Just in case you feel like your photos aren’t already good enough.)

Secondly, if you still don’t feel as though your floral photographs or images are cutting the mustard for your Facebook Page’s cover pic, or you just don’t have the time to fiddle about with all of that right now, you have options. 

One of those options is stock photos. 

Stock photos are designed for bloggers, businesses, etc., to use on websites, social media platforms, wherever. Free stock photo sites are used more frequently than the paid ones, so you’re more likely to find that same freebie image on someone else’s site or social media place. (If that kind of thing bothers you.)

Some free stock photo sites also require you to give the original photographer or artist attribution/credit too.

If you’d like to check out a few free stock photo sites, you’ll want to check out my list of 75+ of them: 75+ Places to Find Free Feminine Stock Photos For Your Blog

And if you’d like a couple of recommendations for paid stock photo/image sites, I can personally recommend:


Do you have a really cute/funky/quirky/beautiful storefront to your floristry business?

(I’m assuming that you’re not working from home for this particular Facebook Page cover pic idea.) 

Why not use that as your cover picture for Facebook and other social media platforms?

Facebook Page Cover Pic Florists Storefront

It services two purposes:

1) it looks cute, and

2) people will have a much easier time recognising your business if/when they visit.

And, when you think about it, the cover picture area of your Facebook page *is* basically the same thing as a storefront to a physical store. It’s the first thing people see before they walk in through the door … or rather, scroll down the page.


Are you proud of your team of busy bees and feel like showing them off? Why not have some professional (or professional-looking, there’s a difference) photographs taken, everyone positioned in such a way that it would look good in that cover picture spot?

Facebook Page Cover Pic Ideas for Florists Team Shot

You could even get a little more creative than that and actually introduce your team using your Facebook Page cover pic, like my example below.

Facebook Page Cover Pic Ideas for Florists Introduce Team


How many days or weeks is it until Valentine’s Day? 

Or Christmas Day?

Or Mother’s Day? 

Or Father’s Day? 

There are plenty of flower-giving occasions throughout the year and some, like Easter, have changeable dates. Why not do your bit for the community and remind people of up-and-coming occasions? 

Facebook Page Cover Pic Countdown

This is a particularly great idea for men (like, every man I’ve ever dated) who have a habit of forgetting all about Valentine’s Day.

There’s really no excuse for forgetting when you’ve reminded them, is there? 😉

(Also, forgetful people will likely be quite grateful for the little reminder!)


Have you got a fantastic deal on at the moment? Your Facebook Page’s cover picture area is a GREAT place to shout about it. 

Facebook Page Cover Pic for Florists Deal or Offer

Just remember to keep things simple and don’t include lots and lots of text that people will find difficult to read, or will get chopped off because of the weird way that Facebook cover pictures crop from device to device.


This one does require a little bit of forward planning on your part (or you could just hire someone like me to do it for you, of course!), but why not have a monthly-changing cover picture for your floristry Facebook Page, that reminds people of the events coming up soon?

Facebook Page Cover Pic Ideas for Florists Events Countdown

This one is a little bit like the countdown idea I spoke of a moment ago, but is more informational/helpful and doesn’t require quite as much work.

Simply pop a banner in the cover picture space each month, at the beginning of the month, with a rundown of the events or occasions.


Have you recently introduced a new product to your range?

Are you proud to add a new floral arrangement type to your portfolio?

Just as I suggested using the cover picture space to show off your best floristry works, I also recommend using it to show off your newest floristry work or products too.

People won’t know you have a new thing for sale, or a new service to offer if you don’t tell them about it!


If you want to go for something simple, that doesn’t require lots of faffing around and changing all the time and can be over and done with, in a jiffy, a business logo-based banner idea is a smart one. You can have it designed (or design it yourself), upload it, and then leave it there until you decide it’s time for something new.

Facebook Page Cover Pic Ideas for Florists Logo

Having an image that doesn’t change helps customers and followers to recognise you and your page/business. 

Haven’t you ever found yourself wondering who someone was on your Facebook feed because they changed their profile picture and you no longer recognised them? Well, the same thing can happen to businesses. Changing profile pictures and header/cover images can confuse or disorientate followers. 

If you want my advice, keep one thing the same: either your profile picture or your cover picture. I personally recommend the profile picture.

When you comment, like, or perform other types of engagement from your business Page’s account, your profile picture will be the thing that everyone sees.

People only see your cover picture when they land on your page or hover to learn more. (Or when you change it.)


According to Wikipedia, the birth flower of January is the carnation (”English style”.). It’s a flower that symbolises distinction, fascination, and love — and it’s also commonly worn or used for St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Teacher’s Day events.

Flower of the Month Cover Pic Idea

Carnations just so happen to be one of the flower species that manage to grow in the UK throughout January. 

There’s an idea brewing here … are you ready for it? 

Why not make the humble carnation the “Flower of the Month” for January. Have a photo of a carnation as your cover picture, and share occasional facts and snippets of information about the flower throughout the month, in social media posts, and maybe even feature them in a special deal? 

15% off all carnation-based floral arrangements throughout the month of January! 

Or, you know, something like that.

You don’t even need to stick to the Wikipedia rules. Scrap the ‘birthday flower’ idea completely and pick something else. You will find some types of Calla lily grow in the UK in January, as well as lilac, freesia, and hyacinth; why not opt for one of those instead? 

> Would you like an example of a month-long “Flower of the Month” campaign on social media that you can use as a template for your own? Check out my Social Media For Floristry Masterclass – it’s completely free & you can unsubscribe from emails at any time. 


Are you a family-run business, proudly powered by three generations of strong women?

A team of flower-obsessed men with a flair for all things floral?

A company that focuses on being environmentally friendly, or saving the bees, or diving into tree-planting activities within the local community, or using only locally-sourced flowers?

If you have a Unique Sales Point (USP) that you think puts you ahead of the rest of the floristry businesses in your area, shout about it! Use your cover picture space to make sure that EVERYONE knows about the good stuff you have to offer. 


Or a couple of glowing testimonials.

Take your latest customer review, use a Canva/Easil/Snappa template to turn it into an amazing cover image, and then let everybody read just how beautiful your flowers are. 

Glowing Testimonial Review

Nothing promotes your business better than glowing reviews, especially with an online-based business. Draw attention to your reviews and encourage people who land on your Facebook Page to check out that tab for themselves, by putting it right out there.

15 - AS SEEN ON ...

Have you recently been featured on a website? Had your business’s name mentioned in the local paper? Provided flowers for some of the biggest businesses in your area, such as hotels or beauty parlours? 

You should probably tell your customers all about it. 


For the same reason that everyone rushes out to buy the products that the likes of Kim Kardashian and other so-called “social media influencers” promote: because we’re all just keepin’ up with the Joneses.

If a big, local business has decided you’re good enough to use for a flower service, so will other people.


As always, I have a few opinions when it comes to Facebook Page cover/header pics. Specifically, I recommend avoiding the following:- 


If you’ve watched my YouTube video [A Guide to Cover Pictures on Facebook Pages for Florists and Other Small Businesses], you’ll know that I don’t recommend using a selfie or self-based image for the cover picture on a Facebook Page when talking about floristry businesses specifically — and other business niches, for that matter. 

Is your face for sale? No. 

Does your face show how good your floral arrangements are? No. 

Is a selfie a complete waste of that space? Yes. 


Another point I made in my video, you shouldn’t use photos/images/graphics that don’t belong to you. (Unless you’re using stock photos.) 

You can’t “borrow” a photo from another florist and use it on your social media pages or website. 

You can’t just grab any old image from Google Images and use it however you please, even if you change it a bit.

You can’t screenshot something on Instagram or Pinterest and use it wherever you like. 

There are actual laws against that kind of thing and you could land yourself in a lot of hot water for doing it, as well as taking a major hit to your business’s reputation. 


There’s only one thing worse than having a crappy cover picture on your Facebook Page, and that’s having NO cover picture at all. It’ll make your Page look unfinished, not ready for customers, and not worthy of following. 

I recommend getting your Facebook Page ready – profile picture, cover picture, description, and all of the other little boxes – before you start inviting people to follow and interact with it.


Yes, I’m done talking now – but thanks so much for sticking around and making it all the way down to the bottom of this post!

I hope I’ve given you plenty of inspiration for Facebook Page cover picture ideas for your floristry business, but please let me know if you have any questions, or ideas of your own.

If you’d like more helpful tips n’ tricks on boosting your floristry business using social media, why not take a peek at some of my other blog posts

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