111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas

111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 10


Hello, bloggers! How are you today? I came up with the most brilliant list of blog post ideas for #Blogmas, and then (as always) didn’t quite leave myself enough time to work through all of them like I said I would … Organised as ever. Loving life.

This all works in your favour, though. It means that you can use my list of festively-themed suggestions. And some of them are pretty good even if I do say so myself 😉


Some of the titles are self-explanatory, but I have included further ideas and suggestions for more post ideas. These ideas aren’t just suitable for bloggers, either. They’d make for great Instagram and YouTube content too. If you sign up to my Blogging 101 email list at the bottom of the post, you’ll get access to the full list of hashtags for Instagram to go along with your #Blogmas content, as well as keywords that you should target for 2019 and beyond to optimise your blog for search engines.


As always, give me a shout if you have any questions, and if you write a blog post because of one of my ideas, let me know. I’d love to link to it.

I hope you’re sitting comfortably …


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If you’d like the shortened list, you’ll find it in my resource library. Get access to that here.


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 14


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas


1 – My Favourite Christmas Ever

You’ll notice that a lot of these suggestions encouraging talking about your personal life. This is a good idea to make you seem more like a “real” person, and not just someone behind a computer screen, but you should be very careful about the information you’re putting out there. Change names if it makes you feel more comfortable, or give people nicknames if you’re going to talk about them more than once. Your security and safety are definitely more important than a blog post that might go viral … but probably won’t.

(Plus, your mum might not like you revealing details of that time she laughed so hard she fell over and ruined the Christmas dinner by taking it down with her … )


2 – My Favourite Festive Candles/Candle Fragrances

Just in case you were wondering, I love a Yankee Candle. I do occasionally make my own soy wax candles, because I’m trying to be more ‘friendly’, and I ALWAYS reuse the glass jars that expensive candles come in. 

I still love a Yankee Candle, though. They’re one of my biggest addictions. If I could spend all of my money on them, I absolutely would. In any fragrance. Just buy me all of them. K, thanks. 


3 – The Gift Guide for Awkward People

Set yourself a challenge here — think of the most awkward people you know, and then create a gift guide that covers them. It sounds a little weird, but if you have an awkward friend or relative to buy gifts for, you know that someone else is probably going to be faced with the same challenge. Help them to overcome their gift-buying battles by providing them with suggestions. It’ll take some research, but if you do this one good enough, I reckon it’ll be a big hit!


4 – My Most Memorable Christmas Ever

I’ll never forget that time a certain person in my family (Dad) accidentally got a little sozzled (a lot) and thought it would be fun to delicately hop (dive bomb) into the oversized bean bag in the living room. The bean bag rolled across the door, with that certain person (Dad) on top of it, and took him head-first into the Christmas tree. Baubles went flying. Tinsel ended up in places you’d never think possible. You don’t want to know where the tree needles were located …

We now call that Christmas the “Goldschlager Christmas”.


5 – Christmas Bargains: 10 Bargains I Jumped On

This gives you the chance to incorporate a few affiliate links in your blog posts, potentially earning you a few more pennies in time for Christmas … Or paying off Christmas! Just make sure that you’re disclosing your links and being honest about them. You’ll only get jumped on by other bloggers if you don’t. The guidelines have recently changed for bloggers/influencers/etc. disclosing ads and affiliate links … I recommend that you get yourself familiar with the rights and wrongs.


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 18

Source: instagram.com/bestecig


6 – My Christmas Music Playlist

I’m sorry to admit this, but I’ve got a bit of Justin Bieber on my Christmas music playlist. I’m actually singing “Under the Mistletoe” at the top of my voice right now. Hey! I’m writing about Christmas-themed stuff, so it’s totally fine to be singing festive tunes in the middle of October. (When I first started writing this.)

I love a bit of Mariah Carey, too. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without “All I Want for Christmas”.

“Last Christmas” is also definitely a winner. RIP George Michael. I’m still not completely recovered from that. Sob, sob.

And then you’ve got the old classics — “Fairytale of New York”, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, etc.

Speaking of which, I’d best get working on my own Christmas music playlist for this year. It needs a bit of a reshuffle.


7 – Top 5 Christmas Songs That Bring Back Great Memories

Top 5/10/20 list-style blog posts are always a really great idea. List-style blog posts are one of the most popular formats you could use, and that’s because of a number of reasons …

You’re adding headings and sub-headings, and you’ll probably add a few images, too.

There’s plenty of white space because of the format, making the blog post easy to read.

The information is also broken down so that even the most distracted of readers can understand it.

What’s not to love about list posts?

I’ve used quite a few numbers in titles in these suggestions, but don’t feel pressured to find the top 5 of something when you can only think of 3. You can always add to the list later on, and then promote it as a “recently updated” blog post in the same way that you would promote and share a brand new blog post.


8 – Childhood Christmas Music Playlist

Has your music playlist at Christmas changed from when you were a kid? What do you remember being the soundtracks to your early Christmas Day feasts? Have you got that one song that you heard your drunk uncle sing badly so many times that you now can’t listen to it at all?

Let’s talk about it.


9 – A #Blogmas Collection: 10 Posts From Other Bloggers You’ve Gotta Read!

Share the love this Christmas/Blogmas by sharing Blogmas posts from other bloggers. You never know, they might just share yours in return, and if not, you’ll have done your good deed for the day. That’s even more so the case if you have a larger following/reader base. Not that it’s a competition, of course, but what’s the point in having all that traffic when you’re not willing to share a little bit of love with the blogging community?



10 – My Top 10 Christmas Movies

Not just a personal list of your favourite Christmas movies, this is also a good keyword-hitter. It’s going to be a high-competition keyword, with lots of other websites and blogs trying to target it, but these nine simple SEO steps will help you place a higher spot in internet search results.

A few keywords you could consider:

  • Christmas movies 2018
  • Christmas movies on Netflix
  • Christmas movies for kids
  • Christmas movies on Sky
  • Christmas movies to watch


And, just in case you fancied some title suggestions, how about one of these:

  • Christmas Movies to Watch When You’re Single (And Loving It)
  • Christmas Movies to Watch With Your Loved One
  • Christmas Movies for Kids That Adults Love Too
  • Christmas Movies on Netflix I’ll Be Binge-Watching This Year


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 4


11 – 5 Christmas Movies I Think Are Totally Overrated

When you have a negative view of something, the internet will jump on it and tell you that you’re wrong. Sometimes, they’ll even tell you why. If you say that you don’t like a particular Christmas-themed movie, someone will definitely tell you that you’re ‘dissing’ their absolute favourite festive treat. You might not want to hear or read it, but that’s engagement. Just keep things on the friendly side, folks. There’s no need to have a serious fallout over The Grinch.

I’m not a fan of Christmas movies in the slightest. I don’t even like Christmas that much. I know, I know … Bah humbug. Maybe I’m getting old??

What’s your view on Christmas?

Are you feeling all the festive spirit?


12 – The Worst Christmas I Ever Had

Dumped on Christmas Day? Get embroiled in a big family feud resulting in the waste of a 20-pound turkey? Witness an actual punch-up?

I don’t know about you, my family has had its fair share of family feuds and other pettiness, especially around Christmas. There’s always the big will-they/won’t-they turn up to the Christmas Day feast debacle. One grandparent always wants to stay at home alone in a grump. One person will always refuse to turn up because someone else is going to be there …

It’s all quite petty really. Usually, my family manages to pull it all together in time, but that’s not always been the case.

Of course, you could always keep things light-hearted with tales of destroyed Christmas Day dinners. It’s not always wise to bring the family feud into your blog …


13 – 5 Fragrances I Always Wear at Christmas

The really good thing about blog posts like this one is that you can use them in a roundup sense. I talk about creating roundup blog posts from previously published content here > New Things You Can Do With Old Blog Posts: A Roundup, but it’s a very simple process. If your Christmas fragrance list contains perfumes that you’ve reviewed on your blog already, you can link back to the older review blog post. It throws some extra traffic to the old post, keeps readers on your blog for longer, and adds some weight to your claims — a positive review.

Just in case you’re interested, this is my absolute favourite Christmas fragrance > My Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Review: The Most Nostalgic Perfume I’ll Ever Own.


14 – 3 Fragrances I was Given For Christmas That I Really Didn’t Like

While we’re on the topic of perfumes/fragrances that you DID like, how about throwing a few out there that you didn’t like. Don’t bash the company, of course, because smell is subjective. What one person doesn’t like another person will. But you can talk about why you didn’t like those fragrances you were given, and what you did with them. Beautiful bottles can always be emptied and used for blog props. Even non-beautiful perfume bottles can be spray painted. Just a few tips I’m throwing in for free there.


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 16


15 – Christmas Adverts That Changed My Life

Me: Eats a Ferrero Rocher


Me: *remembering banned Iceland advert* FFS


“Babe, we can’t buy Ferrero Rocher anymore. There’s palm oil in that. Think about the orang-utans!”


The banned Iceland advert has affected me in all sorts of ways, and I’m not that happy about a lot of it. Learning that so much of the food I eat contains palm oil, and that palm oil literally destroys the habitats of animals just like the orang-utan, tears my heart in two. I feel guilty every time I pop one of my favourite chocolates in my mouth. I can’t tell you how much I cried when I saw the actual video of the real-life orang-utan trying to stop a digger from tearing its tree home down.

But that’s awareness, isn’t it? I’m aware now, so I can make changes now. It’s time to pay attention to my palm oil consumption because I definitely don’t want to be responsible for the scenes I saw in that video.


16 – My 2018 Christmas Perfume/Beauty Picks

Or fashion picks. Or technology picks. Or pet picks.

You get the idea, right? What are you rating (or hating) this festive time?


17 – My Favourite Family Christmas Traditions

I think every family has their own little versions of regular Christmas traditions. I was always allowed to open one of my Christmas presents on Christmas Eve, and my sister and I would always wake up to a brand new, wrapped up Disney VHS, along with one of those tins of Christmas biscuits that would later be saved to fill with sewing stuff.

We thought they were the best parents in the world, but they were just trying to find a way to stop us from waking them up at the crack of dawn. The Disney movies and biscuits allowed them at least another hour and a half of sleep.

It’s quite smart, now I come to think of it.


18 – The 3 Best Christmas Gifts I Ever Received

It could be the most expensive gifts you were ever given. Or the gifts that made you cry the most. Even the gifts you treasure the most, like that charm bracelet my Grandpa bought me from Avon, along with every single charm because he didn’t know which ones I’d like the most. I keep all the pieces in a little box, too afraid to wear the bracelet just in case I lose any of the charms. They make me laugh when I look at them. They weren’t expensive charms, but the fact that he bought me ALL of them just in case he didn’t get one that I wanted is just too cute, isn’t it?


19 – A Letter to Santa: If I Could Wish For Anything For Christmas … 

Okay, if you could wish for something for Christmas that money can’t buy, what would it be? World peace? An easy life? To find that earring you lost three years ago?

Pretend that Santa is a genie and he can grant you three wishes. What would you wish for?


20 – Christmas Cooking: 3 Times Christmas Dinner Went Wrong

My Nan decided to redecorate her living room on December and she was halfway through the process when my parents took my sister and me over there to visit on Christmas Eve. She’d only managed to peel off some of the older wallpaper, so I sat on the floor and busied myself helping the process along, ignoring the adults talking about the shocking price of turkeys. My Nan retrieved hers from the fridge, displaying it proudly and proclaiming the weight as though she’d just given birth to it. Moments later, it slid from her hands. Everything moved in slow motion as I watched the turkey slide out of her grasp and right in the direction of my head, just inches below, as I’d been quietly peeling the wallpaper off the wall. The still-partially-frozen turkey bounced off my head with a shocking thud, and I fell down to the floor like … well, I’d just been hit on the head with a twelve-pound part-frozen turkey.

“Grab the peas! Get the frozen peas on her head!”

Because isn’t that the way that every mother deals with a bump to the head? By the time it was all over and done with, I’d basically had the entire Christmas dinner on my barnet and was now the proud owner of a massive lump.

I haven’t stripped wallpaper since. I’ve never really eaten turkey since, either. 


Got a horrifying Christmas dinner story? Tell it! It’ll make for a great blog post, I’m sure!


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 3


21 – The 5 Best Christmas Gifts I Ever Gave

Were they meaningful gifts? Cheap gifts? Expensive gifts? Gifts that you had to work really hard for? Gifts that you made? What happened when the receiver opened the gifts? Did they cry?

Tell the story. Become a story-teller. Blog posts that have a personal, story-telling touch tend to do better than those that are formal and uptight, the author totally removed from the words.

Reach out to your audience and encourage them to share their tales with you, too. You never know, you might just get a really good idea or two for future gift ideas!


22 – 10 Things I Predict Will Be On Every Bloggers Christmas List This Year

Is it going to be the latest ABH makeup palette? Or a new kinda of mascara that’s just come out? What’ll be the next Gucci belt that everyone and their grandmother will rock?

I love making little predictions and seeing whether or not they come true, and I always convince myself I’ve got magical powers when (usually by total coincidence) my predictions do come true.

Do you see a big new fashion trend coming up in 2019? Maybe a new makeup, hair or nail trend? Perhaps you’ve got a few predictions for the next Apple offering, or which “superfood” everyone will rave about next?

At least then everyone will definitely know that you predicted it first! 😉


23 – My Christmas Day Looks Like …

Does Christmas Day look entirely different each year? Or do you do the same things time and time again, little family traditions passed through the generations? My Dad always used to make intricate shapes when cutting up tomatoes for the prawn cocktail that would only appear on the dinner table once a year — Christmas Day. The kids didn’t eat that healthy salad stuff, of course. They’d have tomato soup and bread.

When it came to the main meal, someone would ALWAYS make too many peas. It became a running joke in my family. And then there was the aunt who always had a ton of out-of-date food in the back of her cupboards. And we’re talking about long-forgotten tins of beans and tubs of gravy. I didn’t even realise those things had an actual best before date.

And then there was the ultimate staple for any Christmas Day dessert …


Absolutely everything and Viennetta.

Viennetta with Viennetta.


24 – My Top 3 Christmas Day Outfits

How long have you been blogging for? If it’s at least a year, there’s a good chance that you’ll have Blogmas/Christmas posts from last year. Have a look at them. Some of them can be shared on the days you forget/don’t have time to post this year, and you might find that you can expand on a couple of them, too.

This is something I suggest in > Cool Ways to Repurpose Old Blog Posts: Multiplication + Expansion.


Why not have a look at the Christmas Day outfit-related blog posts you put together for last year, or the year before that, or the year before that. Do you still have any of those items? Do you still wear them? How would you wear them for Christmas THIS year? Have you come up with a number of other outfit ideas with one of the items you wore in that festive outfit? These are all blog post ideas!


Stuck for ideas? How about these:

  • 3 Ways to Liven Up Last Year’s Christmas Day Outfit So It Looks Brand New
  • 5 Ways You Can Wear Your Christmas Day Outfit After Christmas
  • 3 Christmas Day Outfits I Put Together From Summer Items
  • 6 Christmas Day Outfits That Aren’t Red


Think of them as challenges if you’ve not been blogging for long enough to have 2017’s Blogmas posts to add to the mix.


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 15


25 – Christmas Shopping Safety Tips

There was one time I walked from the train station to the high street, rocking a sheep-shaped bag on my back. (Don’t ask. I like weird stuff, okay?) It was busy, and I almost didn’t feel the tugging on one of the legs of my sheep-bag. I turned around and noticed a young chap skulking back, eyes firmly planted on me. After checking my bag, I realised that the zip had been opened ever-so-slightly, but the guy hadn’t managed to get anything out. Thankfully.

Be careful when you’re out shopping this Christmas, and be super careful with your online activity, too. It’s easy to get a bit complacent around this time of year when everything else is so much more important than shredding the documents you throw out in the trash. Or making sure that you zip your bag up after you throw your purse in there.

If you’ve got a horror story to share, share it. Warn others. Give them the information they need to know to prevent becoming a victim.


26 – My Christmas Day Outfits Through the Years

Are you proud of the outfits you’ve worn throughout the years, on Christmas Day? I’ve got a few looks I’d much prefer never resurface, I’m going to be honest. I’m hoping I’ve burned all of those photos, but you know someone will have a copy of them somewhere …

I want to see your most embarrassing Christmas outfits. The most cringe-worthy, the better.

Please. Thank you.


27 – The Worst Christmas Day Outfits I Ever Wore

If you already did the Christmas Day looks you were proud of, it’s now time to look at the ones you were most ashamed or embarrassed by. Seriously, you’re not getting out of it. I really, really do want you to share the worst Christmas outfits you can find photos of. 


28 – Christmas Gift Fails: The 3 Worst Gifts I Ever Gave/Received

It’s probably not the best idea to write this blog post if the people you’re talking about might read it. You don’t want them to know that they gave you a crappy gift … do you?


29 – 3 Christmas Gifts I Was Given As a Kid, That I’ve Still Got

I still have a teddy bear that I was given as a kid, and not only does it side proudly on my bed every day, I also have it tattooed on my leg.

What gifts were you given as a kid, that you’ve still got today?


30 – This Christmas, I’m Thankful For …

What are you really grateful for this Christmas? 2018 has been a hard year, and it’s kicked the butt of almost everyone I know. But it’s not all been bad. Spread a little positivity around, and maybe even tag a few other bloggers on social media to do the same thing. Get something started. Let’s spread some festive cheer!


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 6


31 – A Very Funny Christmas: 3 Times I Laughed So Hard I Almost Peed

And if you can’t remember a time when you laughed so hard you almost peed at Christmas, just talk about a time you laughed so hard you almost peed from any time of the year.

It’s good to laugh.


32 – My Christmas Gift List

This is a great blog post for a number of reasons.

Firstly, no one can say that they didn’t know what to get you for Christmas when it’s all there in black and white.

Secondly, you can insert affiliate links to earn yourself some well-needed money.

Thirdly, you can dream about all the things you wish you could buy yourself. That’s always fun.


33 – My Christmas Board Game Stories

Something happened at Christmastime between the years of 1986 and 1990 to change the dynamic of Christmas entirely in my household. I don’t know the full story. All I know is the impact it had. The lack of board games every Christmas, with people too frightened to bring up the story of that night … That night my mother threw the Scrabble board at my father. It was over a word that neither of them could remember. Either that or they agreed never to bring it up again. But it was something that we were forbidden to talk about, and we were never allowed a Scrabble board in the house ever again. I truly believe that every family has one of *those* board game stories. I’d love to say that the Scrabble incident was the only incident for my family, but there was also a Trivial Pursuit night that went a little awry … And don’t even get me started on The Big UNO Fight of 1998.)


34 – Spare a Thought For [Homeless/Elderly/Poverty-Stricken Children] This Christmas

Is there a cause that you fight or feel passionately about? Or have you recently heard of a local charity or organisation that does good things and you feel they are deserved of a mention in your blog? This blog post is exactly the right time to talk about it, while everyone’s (hopefully) full of festive cheer.

You might not have a lot of cash to throw at charitable organisations, even though you might really want to, but you can still use your platform for good — by talking about, raising awareness, and generating interest for that particular charity or organisation.


35 – My Perfect Christmas Day

What does your “perfect” Christmas Day look like, if there ever were such a thing as a perfect Christmas Day? Would you have all of your family around you? Or would you prefer to be cosied up to your loved one, drinking hot chocolates with squirt cream on top, in front of a beautiful burning fire?

I want to know what your perfect Christmas Day looks like … even if it doesn’t actually happen like that in real life!


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 19

Source: #Blogmas Day 3: My Afghan Christmas


36 – If Money Were No Object, This is What My Dream Christmas Would Look Like

Now, look at Christmas Day slightly differently … If you had a Kardashian-esque bank account, how would you spend it on Christmas? Would you buy extravagant Christmas gifts for the people you love? Travel somewhere snowy and beautiful for a ski-filled festive break? Or would you go hunting for some winter sun, heading in the direction of anywhere you can get a good tan?


37 – My Dream Christmas Getaway

Do you have a Christmas-themed board on Pinterest? You should absolutely embed that board into your #Blogmas posts. I recently discovered that it actually boosts your search engine optimisation, and it’s something I talk about in greater detail in > The 2-Minute Pinterest Tip That’ll Boost Blog SEO.


38 – How I Beat the Festive Blues

We all know that Christmas isn’t all about gifts and festivities; sometimes, it can be hard just to get out of bed in the morning. It’s dark outside. Cold, too. It’s hardly a pleasant experience leaving the house.

What do you do to battle through? What helps you to wake up in the morning and face the day? Do you do anything differently at this time of the year to ensure you’re taking care of yourself? As important as everyone else is, you shouldn’t run yourself ragged in a bid to have the perfect Christmas.


39 – Christmas Markets in [Your Area]

This is a great blog post for hitting location-specific keywords, and if you know of a few different Christmas markets in the local area, you can spread your knowledge far and wide.

Share details of the best things to look out for, stalls or things that you remember buying in the past, and new places that you’re planning on checking out.


40 – Leftover Dishes to Die For: 3 Things I’ll Be Doing with Christmas Leftovers

What do you do with your leftovers from Christmas? Or are you still very much in the turkey curry and turkey sandwiches camp? Again, you can hit keywords with this blog post suggestion for Blogmas, especially if you’re having a vegan/vegetarian/low-fat/gluten-free/dairy-free Christmas. They’re popular, well-searched-for recipes.


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 7


41 – The Best Secret Santa Gift Guide (For Gifts Under £5)

Are you a dab hand at finding the absolutely perfect Secret Santa gift? A bargain-hunting brain to be reckoned with? Share your secrets with us! It’s hard work trying to find gifts for people you work with, especially when you don’t want to cross the line … and it’s so easy to cross!

You’ll get brownie points if you can set a monetary maximum, too. Set a challenge for yourself: find super cheap but super cute gifts that you think people would love to unwrap.


42 – My Christmas Decorations 2018

Are you using the same Christmas decorations that you used last year? Or are you planning on changing things up this year, with a brand new colour scheme that you can’t wait to show off?


So … Show. It. Off.

(But be safe about it. Online awareness and all that.)


Have a tour of your home that shows off the decorations in each room, with links to where you bought everything. If you’re a dab hand at copying designer-looking Christmas decor on a budget, opt for a spend versus save format. That’s always a good one to attract a lot of interest to your blog. There’s the potential to earn through [disclosed] affiliate links with a blog post like this one, too.


43 – My Winter Skincare — Top Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

What beauty products do you use during the winter to protect and care for your skin? Do you switch your makeup regime up? Or your hair colour? What changes in your beauty/hair/fashion regime from summer to winter …


Talk about it.


You could share your top tips and the best products or items to solve winter-based battles, or you could ask for some advice from your readers. Ask them to help you solve a problem instead.


44 – My Worst Work Christmas Party

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: don’t talk about people in your blog if those people read your blog, especially if you’re saying derogatory things about them. 

If you say that your boss once tried to kiss you at the Christmas office party, those people you work with are probably going to read all about it. As is your boss. (Especially if they all start talking.) His wife might read it.

I’m not going to embroil myself in a should-you/shouldn’t-you tell her debate, but always be mindful about the people you’re talking about. There could be repercussions that actually impact you. 


45 – The Funniest Christmas I Ever Had

If you’re going to discuss bad Christmases, disastrous Christmases, and Christmases that you wish you could relive over and over again, you should probably talk about funny Christmases. The ones that you still talk about to this day, because the events that took place were so hilarious that they deserve to be in a book or movie. 

Heck, make a story up if you don’t have one of your own. Create some Christmas fiction! Did someone say short story time? 


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 20


46 – 3 Hairstyles I’ll Be Rocking This Christmas

I’m always on the hunt for easy hairstyles, so if you have some for long, dry, unreliable locks like mine, please feel free to send ‘em my way.

If you’re a dab hand at a French braid, create a blog post, video, or other pieces of content about it, sharing how you like to ‘Christmas’ the look up.

If you’ve got a great, simple pony look to share, complete with glittery bits and a bit of backcombing, share it.

Hair is just as important as makeup as the outfit on Christmas Day … especially when it’s probably going to be raining and dreary. We need hair that can stand up and stay strong against that sort of British-blah weather.


47 – 5 YouTubers/Bloggers/Instagrammers That Are Killing It This Christmas

Share the love. And then, when you think you’ve shared the love enough, share the love again. You could create a number of blog posts ideas from this one alone, working with other bloggers in your niche … or even other niches! If you’re a beauty blogger, consider featuring a food blogger on your blog, complete with some of your favourite recipes.


Don’t stay in your lane.

Don’t commit yourself to one niche and one niche only, forever.


Play around with a different niche from time to time. Christmas gives the perfect time to do just that. It also gives you the opportunity to share the blogging love with other people who you respect and enjoy the content of. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if someone featured you on their blog? Perhaps it’s time we got a little inter-connected.


48 – How to Upcycle Old Christmas Decorations

Every year I say to myself: let’s spray-paint last year’s Christmas decorations so that we have new-looking ones this year.

Every year I …

… don’t do it.


Even if you’ve never upcycled a single thing in your life, give it a go. Grab the Christmas decorations from last year and give them a new lease of life. Paint them. Dip them in glitter. Replace the bulbs. Move things around. There are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest that you could follow, and you’ll get a load of inspiration if you check out my Christmas board.

You could set yourself a challenge and document your journey, showing off the new and fabulous things you’ve made. At the same time, don’t be afraid to show off the mistakes. We’d like to see them too so that we know we’re not alone in messing things up.


49 – 10 Things That Get Me in the Christmas Spirit

Or, you know, just five if that’s all you can think of. And be honest about it, too. If mulled wine gets you in the spirit — and plenty of it — write just that. 

A good Christmas sweater gets me in the festive mood and really big tubs of Celebrations chocolates. Just in case you were wondering … 


50 – Christmas On a Budget: How I’m Doing It for 2018

Have you mastered the art of doing Christmas on a budget? Please, please, please, for the love of all that is good, tell the rest of us how you manage to do it. Because I set a budget every year and then always go over it. I’m starting to think it might be impossible to NOT spend a fortune on Christmas. 

Prove me wrong — write the blog post!


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 8


51 – A Christmas Product Review (such as gift sets)

Pick a product or item that everyone is talking about this Christmas, buy it, and then review it … honestly. Is it REALLY as good as everyone else is making it out? Or is it just a load of hype over nothing? Obviously, if you already have said item in your possession and you don’t need to buy it, even better. 


The good thing about blog posts like this one is that you can target very popular hashtags that have a large influx of searches at that time of year. One example of this would be the latest makeup palette to come out, such as the new Kylie Jenner 3rd Annual Holiday Collection. Everyone is going to be talking about it, everyone is going to wonder whether or not it’s worth adding to their Christmas list, and they’ll be looking up reviews to see whether or not it’s actually worth it. A title such as, “The Kylie Jenner 3rd Annual Holiday Collection Review — Is It Worth It?” would work to hit keywords, and you could also write reviews for individual products, using the same title-keyword approach. 


52 – My Favourite Blog Posts of 2018 (your own blog)

This is the perfect excuse to share a bunch of your own, older blog posts for no damn reason whatsoever, apart from, just because you want to. And why not? Pick your favourite 5/10/20 blog posts of 2018, throw them together in a brand new blog post with images and all sorts of pretty stuff, and then share it with the world.

Even better than that — ask your audience to give you their favourites. They might just suggest a few that you hadn’t even thought of.


53 – 5 Bloggers/Influencers/Instagrammers I’m Grateful to Have Found in 2018

I actually recently used this concept for a Facebook post, listing five bloggers, with links to their blogs, that I felt were awesome. There was one blogger who I loved for their take on petite fashion. Another one had beautiful blog images and great tips to achieve them yourself. Then there was one who always had the funniest Instagram captions … 

You get the idea. Pick five, ten, or however many bloggers that you think you have learned something from, share them with your audience (via blog post or social media post), along with reasons why you love them so much. 

That’s right — we’re spreading around that festive cheer again.

Doesn’t it feel great? 


54 – 7 Things I Love About Christmas

Is it the way the cold, bitter air bites at your skin, encouraging you to wrap up warm with big coats and thick scarves? 

Or is the way that everyone rushes around, head down, focused on finding the next great Christmas present that everyone is looking for?

Perhaps its the air of anticipation in the air, an indication that something big is coming very soon, urging you to get a move on with all your festive plans? 

I want to know what you love about Christmas — the whole of Christmas, from start to finish. Even if it’s something as silly as eating the cold, leftover sprouts just before you go to bed at night on Christmas Day, I want to read about it. 


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 21

Source: #Blogmas Day 7: The Christmas Firewalk


55 – 3 Expensive Advent Calendars I’m Not That Impressed With

You know those super expensive, hyped-up advent calendars that seem to have become a bit of a trend over recent years? Well, have you seen any of them? Owned any of them? Thinking of buying one yourself but changed your mind? Let’s chat about them; tell me everything you think and know. Everyone’s talking about them anyway, why not jump on the bandwagon?


56 – Christmas Makeup For … 

Here are a few keywords that would work really well for titles like this one:

  • Christmas makeup for blue eyes
  • Christmas makeup for hooded eyes
  • Christmas makeup for beginners
  • Christmas makeup for brown eyes
  • Christmas makeup for green eyes
  • Christmas makeup for blondes


You get the idea.


This is another blog post that would benefit from the “roundup” treatment > New Things You Can Do With Old Blog Posts: A Roundup.


If you have blue eyes, for example, and you have featured a number of eye makeup looks on your blog, make a list of the ones that might be suitable for Christmas — glittery looks; red, green or gold looks; glamorous looks; etc.

If you have found five glittery eye-makeup looks that you’d totally wear for Christmas, you’ve found content for a brand new blog post — 5 Glitter Christmas Eye Makeup Looks for Blue Eyes. Add an image of each look, a brief write-up about each one, and then a link to the original blog posts that contain more information. Boom! You’re done. 


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 17

Source: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – My Thoughts


57 – 11 Gifts To Buy Your Pet

You get even more points if you have a pet that few other people have. You know, like a really specific breed of dog or an exotic pet. You could also consider doing a second/different blog post here — gifts to buy the pet owner, rather than the pet. If you’re an owner of that pet, you’re going to be the authority on cute, useful, and practical things to buy for someone just like you.

Smart, right?


58 – 15 Brilliant Last-Minute Gift Ideas

We’ve all been there — having to rush around and buy gifts last-minute because we forgot that second cousin that no one ever talking about, but who invited themselves to Christmas Day dinner. Why not write a list of gifts that you could have on standby? Cheap gifts that you can throw in a cupboard and pull out, stick a bow on, and pretend was a gift the whole time.

That’s actually a very helpful blog post, don’t you think? I’d read it!


59 – 2018: My Reflection

This would make a really great blog post for one of the final days of December — a look back over the year of 2018. Did you reach every goal you set for yourself? Did you do everything that you said you were going to do? Maybe a whole bunch of things went wrong and you didn’t get anywhere close to ticking everything off your to-do list? It doesn’t matter, of course; it’s your blog. You can take your time when it’s all yours.

But you can use your reflection of 2018 to set new goals for 2019. Maybe you’ll reach those goals next year? Perhaps you’ll find the motivation to get some of it done once you realise how far you have actually come. Because if you’ve been blogging for a year, you’ve already done something pretty extraordinary. So many people give up waaaaaaay before that point.

Congratulations. Give yourself a pat on the back. The end of the worst year ever is coming … and you made it.

That’s something to be damn proud of.


60 – My Christmas Shopping Regime [And How I Survive It]

How do you do your Christmas shopping? Are you like my aunt, who starts in the Boxing Day sales and buys things all-year-around? Or are you like me, who leaves things right to the last minute and then wonders why there’s nothing good left on the shelves?

Do you have any tips for someone like me? Ways that I can organise myself a little better for Christmas? Or tricks n’ hacks that make life easier for me? I’d love to read about them. Seriously … throw your tips at me. I keep waiting for the time to kick in when I’m an adult and handle Christmas like one!

It hasn’t happened yet.


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 13


61 – Here’s What I’m Hoping For in 2019

I know we’re not quite at the end of 2018 yet, but it’s time to think about what you want to happen over the NEXT year. This could be related to you, your beauty style, your sense of fashion, your grip on technology, travelling the world, or even stuff to do with your blog. Maybe you’d like to buy a new camera and take photos that are totally Instagram-worthy? Perhaps you’d like to add a few more travel posts to your lifestyle blogs, which, of course, means actually having to travel?

Let’s make a list of goals that we’re hoping to smash through next year, and let’s make them really good ones.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


62 – Money-Saving Date Ideas for December

Right, everything in December is to do with either spending money for Christmas or saving money while spending money for Christmas. But what about the other, ‘normal’ stuff that might happen in the run-up (and then rundown) of Christmas? Like, dates?

Are you dating? Are you in a relationship? How do you do the romance/dating stuff during the most expensive month of the year? Or do you just give up on the idea of dating entirely and vow to pick it up again right after the new year?

Dating in December … If you haven’t written the blog post, I think it’s about time you did!


63 – 3 Ways I’m Giving Back This Christmas

This Christmas, I plan to volunteer at a homeless charity. I also plan to donate some vape stuff I no longer use to fans of my vape-related blog and social media pages. As soon as I’ve moved into a house that has a bit more room than what I’ve got now, I plan to rescue a dog from a shelter. That might not happen until after Christmas, but it’s just one of the ways I plan to ‘give back’ this Christmas.

How are you going to ‘give back’?


64 – Christmas Adverts: My Favourites (this year + years gone by)

What are your favourite Christmas adverts ever? Or from last year? Or from your childhood? I’ll always remember the Coca-Cola advert driving everyone in my family crazy, and even when I spent Christmas in Afghan I still got that “Christmas is coming!” message from my mum.

But what Christmas adverts do you remember? The Yellow Pages one? The John Lewis one? The Sainsburys one?

(That little plug running into the socket is cute as hell, right?)


65 – Christmas Decorations in [Your Town]

My significant other actually suggested this one to me, but he put forward a “Christmas lights tour” idea. 

“Why don’t you do a little tour of all the really beautiful Christmas lights in your area?”

This *is* a good idea in theory, but you should probably get permission if you’re going to take photos of and then feature residential properties on your blog. I’d recommend keeping things safer by featuring the local High Street/street Christmas lights, though. Or local cute spaces, such as grottos and displays.  



66 – Christmas Gifts: Help Me Decide

It’s always a brave move when you’re talking about Christmas gifts on your blog, especially if your family follow you and actually read your blog. Whatever you say will give the game away. If you have family members that don’t read your blog, however, you have the perfect opportunity to jump on an advantage … You can ask other people to get creative for you! Okay, so, it’s a slightly lazy approach to Christmas, but it’s a great engagement generator. Ask your audience (in a blog post or on social media) what you should buy for a man like your Dad, or a woman like your Mum. Give away a few of their personality trait and what they like and dislike, and wait for the suggestions to come flooding in. You could also go as far as to use social media polls to get the conversation started. If you have parents or family members that do read your blog, you might want to skip this idea entirely … They’ll know you didn’t pick the gift you got them!


67 – 3 Times I Regifted at Christmas and Didn’t Feel Bad About It

Do you regift? Have you ever regifted?

It’s a subject that is bound to divide the nation … or just your readers, but I want to know your experiences, as well as tips n’ tricks on how to regift at Christmas and get away with it.

There’s nothing worse than giving a gift to someone who knows you got that gift from someone else!


68 – Christmas Good Deeds

I once attempted to help feed the homeless one Christmas, but by the time my friend and I made it to the place we were meant to volunteer at, there were no homeless people and too many volunteers. It was all a bit of a waste of time … and I had the pleasure of watching someone violently vomit outside the building, too. 

One of my bucket list items is to volunteer at a homeless shelter on Christmas Day. It’s just one of those good deeds that I feel like I need to do. So the fact that my last attempt was such a washout … Well, that annoys me no end.

What good deeds do YOU do at Christmas? Have you ever done a charitable act instead of the ‘regular’ Christmas Day stuff? Are you planning on doing something like this in the future? Perhaps you know of a local charity that is calling out for volunteers or donations for this Christmas? Why not mention it on your blog? You have the potential to reach hundreds, maybe thousands of people … Imagine how much good that could do! 



69 – 7 Shows I’m Watching on Netflix December 2018

As well as talking about your favourite movies and shows (which everyone enjoys doing), you’re also hitting keywords again with this Blogmas suggestion.

  • Shows on Netflix December 2018
  • Netflix Shows 2018
  • Things to Watch on Netflix December 2018


I’ve talked about keywords a lot here, and I know that a lot of people tell you not to bother with them anymore, but I disagree entirely with that device. I don’t suggest that you focus all of your attention on them, but I do recommend using them in a few little ways to help boost search engine optimisation for your blog.

If you’re just starting out on your SEO journey, I’ve put a few guides together that you might find helpful. Let’s start with these:


70 – 4 Beauty Products I’m Taking into 2019

Whether you’re a beauty blogger or not, I bet there are a few little treats in your makeup bag that you use repeatedly, buying the same products over and over again. I’m definitely like this with certain cosmetics — spray-in/leave-in hair conditioner being one of them, mascara and concealer being two more. I always buy the same Argan Oil leave-in conditioner, and I I always use a Rimmel concealer and mascara. (Unless I’m trying/reviewing other products, obviously.) 

But which beauty products will you take with you in 2019? You could even create a secondary piece of content here, too … Which beauty products are you definitely NOT taking into 2019 with you? 


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 12


71 – Christmas Detox: Clearing Out My Beauty Bag/Closet

Speaking of beauty items that you won’t be taking into 2019, now is the perfect time to detox your life and make way for all the goodies you’ll hopefully be unwrapping this year.

If you’re a beauty blogger, spend a few moments going through your beauty/skincare/hair care products, throwing out the ones that are out of date or no longer usable, and giving away those that can be given away/haven’t been used.

You could do the same with items in your closet if you’re a fashion blogger, and if you’re not a “blog-blogger”, you could always put video content together for Instagram or YouTube.

Food bloggers? Clean out those cupboards.

Lifestyle bloggers? Clean out your life! Or, you know, just your home/workspace/blog.


72 – 3 Things That Make Me Feel Sassy at Christmas

I used to have a few dresses that I’d pull out at Christmas to make myself feel damn sassy, but they no longer fit me. I still own them, though. I look at them every now and again, longingly … Just looking at them makes me feel a bit sassier.

Shoes also have the power to make me feel instantly sassy, as well as my favourite YSL red lipstick.

What makes you feel sassy, though? And how many more times do you think I can say sassy today?


73 – The 3 Beauty Products That Take Me From Day to Night

What makeup items do you throw in your handbag to take you from a day full of work to a night full of fun? I’m going to reference that beautiful YSL red lipstick again, and also throw in some concealer and a really good mascara. Hang on … I might need to add eyeliner to the mix, too. It just doesn’t feel like I’m ready to go out-out without eyeliner.

Let everyone know your quickest, day-to-night transformation, and if you don’t already have one, set yourself a challenge!

5 items, 5 minutes, day to night … GO!


74 – Christmas Outfit Ideas for Any Occasion

I want someone to show me how to create five different Christmas outfits, for five different events, using the same key pieces I might already have in my closet.

Oh yeah, that’s a challenge and a half, isn’t it?


I already know what I can go out and buy to wear for the various Christmas parties and events I’ll be expected to attend. What I don’t know, however, is that I could probably make brand new-looking’ outfits from items I already own. That’s what I’d like a fashion or style blogger to show me. That would pique my interest.

Pull out a pair of trousers that you’ve owned for a hundred years and remodel them to work with a 2018 Christmas. Do the same with a top. Give an old pair of heels a new lease of life with bows and glitter. Wear a necklace as a hairpiece with style, and then show everyone else how to do the same.

I need a family-ready outfit, a sassy night-with-the-girls outfit, one to wear around the boyfriend’s family, and another one for a work night out … Think of all the events one might be invited to over Christmas, and then come up with a budget-friendly way of styling it.

Can you get through an entire festive period without buying a single item of Christmas clothing?



75 – Ugly Christmas Sweaters – My Top Picks for 2018

Ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage these days. Why not create a rundown of the best and worst ugly sweaters for Christmas 2018? You have the perfect opportunity to throw in some affiliate links, and if you check out the next Blogmas suggestion, you’ll see there’s plenty of suggestions for MORE blog posts/content.


76 – 6 Ugly Christmas Jumpers I’m Proud of Wearing

The more grotesque the Christmas jumper, the happier I’ll be. I absolutely love an ugly jumper party, something I was first introduced to during my time in Canada. One of my friends sadly passed away, and we (my group of friends) had an ugly sweater party in tribute to him, around Christmas, rocking the ugliest, most grotesque designs we could buy or create. I went trawling through thrift stores for mine, settling on a lovely, scratchy knitted number with baubles and other Christmas stuff on it.

It was a very sad night, but a great one too. An unforgettable one.

What ugly Christmas jumper stories do you have to tell?

Don’t have stories?

Make some. Throw an ugly Christmas jumper party!


77 – My Favourite Christmas Quotes 

There are two ways you could look at this one. You could either find your favourite Christmas quotes and compile them together in a blog post that hits a Christmas quote-related keyword OR, if you’re a dab hand with words, you could come up with a list of suggestions of what to write in Christmas cards! 

Do you know how long I spend writing in people’s Christmas cars each year? Well, none, actually. I don’t send Christmas cards because I think they’re a little … pointless. And eco-un-friendly. But I used to spend a lot of time trying to work out what to write, and my sister (a florist) once told me that people were always asking HER what to write in the cards that accompany flowers. 

Maybe you could solve this little problem? 

Just a suggestion 😉 


78 – Top XX Christmas Party Ideas

One of the best things about group-planning a party is the weird and wonderful party ideas that get presented during the planning process.

Let’s dress up as tarts and vicars!

How about a Disney-themed event?

Why don’t we all come as miserable office workers … ?

Why not come up with some weird and wonderful party ideas of your own? And I’m talking about REALLY weird and wonderful. I don’t want to read something that everyone else has already suggested. How creative do YOU think you could be?


79 – Christmas Office Party Ideas

If you can think of enough party ideas to go around, why not separate them down into different blog posts? It’ll give you more pieces of content, more chances to hit popular keywords, and more of a chance to show that you know what you’re talking about. You could even consider creating a little series of sorts.


Keywords I’d suggest considering:

  • Christmas parties for work
  • Christmas parties for small companies
  • Christmas parties for large groups
  • Christmas parties for families
  • Christmas parties for adults
  • Christmas parties for office
  • Christmas parties for work ideas
  • Christmas parties with a twist


These are all keywords found on answerthepublic.com, and there are plenty more where they came from. Sign up to my Blogging 101 email list and you’ll also get access to my FREE resource centre, where you’ll find a complete, comprehensive list of keywords you can hit at Christmas, no matter what blog niche you’re in.


80 – Christmas Outfit Ideas Using Items from Summer

I mentioned an idea similar to this already, but I wanted to come back with it because there are SO MANY content ideas you could create from it.

Show me Christmas outfit suggestions that use items I already own. So, think of the things that someone might have in their wardrobe that they bought in the summer and find ways to make it more festive appropriate. Summer dresses layered up with sweaters and tights, perhaps? Or ripped jeans with cute, patterned tights and winter boots for snowy days?

What did YOU buy in the spring and summer that you usually wouldn’t wear in the winter? Make those items festive-ready. Customise them. Layer them up. Pair them with pieces that don’t make sense on paper, but totally rock when you actually wear them.

Get creative. Try and set yourself challenges, or ask your audience to set you challenges. Ask them to tell you what they have in THEIR wardrobe, and then find a way to make those items of clothing Christmas Day-ready. That’s a great engagement creator, don’t you think?


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 11


81 – Christmas Nails I’m Getting Inspiration From

Have you seen an array of beautiful nail looks on Instagram that you’re thinking of adopting for your own festive creations? Maybe you’ve put together a mood board, of sorts, on Pinterest or in your phone’s gallery?

Share them. Ask before you *steal* someone’s image, obviously, but providing that person has given you permission to share their image on your blog/Instagram/other social media platforms, share and share away.

This is another great post idea for generating engagement; you could ask your audience which features they think you should include in your next nail look, or which colour is their favourite for that outfit you’ve shown them you’re thinking of wearing. What better way to piece an outfit together than by asking your audience for their opinions? People LOVE to give their opinion.

This is also a really good blog post idea for some pretty popular keywords. Again, if you sign up to my Blogging 101 email list, you’ll get yourself FREE access to the resource library and a list of those keywords 😉


*Just make sure you ask before using other people’s images. You can embed an Instagram image into your blog quite easily with these tips: How to Add Instagram Content to a WordPress Blog.


82 – Christmas Movies on Netflix I’ll Be Binge-Watching 2018

Do you remember those keywords I discussed in suggestion #69? Well, this suggestion primarily focuses on Christmas-related movies and shows, rather than just the generic shows you’ll be binge-watching in #69. 

This idea — splitting down bigger blog posts into smaller, more ‘niche’ ones — is something I talked about a little more in Cool Ways to Repurpose Old Blog Posts: Multiplication + Expansion. You’re hitting TWO popular keywords, giving you DOUBLE the chances of boosting your blog traffic significantly for the festive period. You’re also getting DOUBLE the amount of content. Regular and consistent blogging is the way forward, and there’s nothing to stop you from publishing the two Netflix-themed posts at different times of the month. (This makes them seem all the more separate.) 


There are other ways that you could break this idea down even further:

  • 1 blog post for December’s binge-worthy TV shows on Netflix 
  • 1 blog post for December’s new movies on Netflix 
  • 1 blog post for Christmas shows and movies on Netflix 
  • 1 blog post for NON-Christmas themed shows and movies for bah-humbug people to watch on Netflix in December


83 – Christmas Hamper Ideas

Have you ever created a Christmas gift hamper for someone? What did you put in it? Have you ever put a weird/unusual item in a hamper that’s so brilliant, you can’t quite believe everyone else isn’t doing it yet? Are you the Queen of hampers? Or King?

Spend five minutes on Pinterest and you’ll see a wide variety of hamper ideas, but there’s always room for more ideas — NEW ideas. Can you think of something to throw in that you haven’t already seen in the other blog posts/Pins?


You could get really ‘niche’ with this idea, too. You could come up with ideas that get really specific — the things that someone would search for in Google when they’re struggling.


  • “Christmas hamper ideas for a new family”
  • “Christmas hamper suggestions for a new mum”
  • “What to put in Christmas hamper for mum”
  • “Christmas hamper for diabetics/vegans/vegetarians/gluten-free/dieters”
  • “Christmas hampers with/without alcohol”
  • “Best Christmas hampers with international delivery”


Hint, hint: there’s a list of Christmas hamper-related keywords in my FREE resource library, and they come with title suggestions, too.



84 – Christmas Horror Movies

Are there any Christmas-specific horror movies? Can you think of any? Do you remember what I said about getting specific about your niches when creating hamper-related blog content? Well, that advice applies to pretty much everything. The more specific you are about something (your long-tail keyword), the more helpful you are going to be for the person looking for more information.

Horror is a big thing, with a massive fan base. Do you like a bit of horror yourself? You could target keywords like:

  • Christmas horror on Netflix
  • Christmas horror on Netflix 2018
  • Horror for Christmas
  • Christmas horror movies top 10


85 – Christmas vs Halloween: What’s Your Favourite?

“Christmas vs Halloween” is a keyword.


When I typed “Christmas horror” into answerthepublic.com, it came up with the above title suggestions (#84). It also came up with a few ideas that I HADN’T already considered:

  • Christmas gifts for horror movie fans
  • Christmas gifts for horror fans
  • Christmas gift ideas for horror fans
  • Christmas gifts for horror lovers
  • Christmas versus Halloween movies


What’s my point here? Sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll unlock a truckload of blog content potential just by doing a little bit of research.


I found more stuff … just in case you’re a horror-lover looking for blog content suggestions:

  • Horror Christmas ornaments
  • Horror Christmas tree ornaments
  • Christmas horror fiction
  • Christmas horror legends
  • Christmas horror jumpers
  • Christmas party horror stories
  • Horror Christmas wrapping paper


You should think of those keywords (Google search terms) as problems or questions, and your blog posts as the solutions/answers to those problems/questions.

Someone is looking for horror Christmas wrapping paper. It’s a keyword — a Google search term. Why not go looking for horror Christmas wrapping paper to create a list-style post? You could go with a title like “Top 10 Horror Christmas Wrapping Paper Ideas for 2018”. If you can’t find anything, make something instead. Look on Pinterest for DIY ideas, or simply make your own and document the journey.


People are SEARCHING for Christmas party horror stories, and Christmas horror fiction, and horror Christmas ornaments. Why not give them a blog post with all the information they’re looking for?

Don’t like horror? Replace it with comedy. Or romance. Or thriller. Or mystery. Or pretty much any other genre you could think of. Use answerthepublic.com to find keyword suggestions, and then use those keywords to create unique and fabulous blog posts.


86 – Christmas Cancelled: 3 Times I Totally Wished Christmas Was Cancelled

I’m still banging on about those keywords.

“Christmas cancelled” is a keyword. Those keywords are what will help make your blog post a “compounding blog post”, assuming you do everything in your power to make that happen. (It’s not a difficult process, I promise you.)

A compounding blog post is one that slowly generates more, steady traffic as it ages. Most blog posts are really popular at first – when you first publish them and tell everyone about them, but they often trail off after a while. A compounding blog post doesn’t do this. It just gets higher and higher up the Google results for that keyword, and it generates more and more traffic over time.


This is something I thought about when creating my Halloween blog post ideas content. I wanted it to be a compounding blog post — one that generated more traffic, year after year, from bloggers on the hunt for Halloween blog content suggestions.

I chose my keyword, worked my title around that keyword, inserted a Pinterest board (as discussed in The 2-Minute Pinterest Tip That’ll Boost Blog SEO), made it a list-style blog post, added a bunch of images, told personal stories to make it relatable, threw in external links and statistics/facts, included internal links to other, relevant blog posts, and even made sure that MY blog post contained more USEFUL information than other blog posts trying to target the same keyword.

That blog post gained more and more traffic as Halloween approached, and then I LOST all of that traffic once the big day was over. I knew that would happen, though. I don’t expect it to get any traffic at all until NEXT year, but I do predict that my blog post will be on the first page of Google results.

I think a lot of myself, don’t I? 😉


Will it work? Come back around October 2019 and we’ll find out. I’ve already scheduled the blog post prompt in my diary.


87 – Why Christmas is the Best Holiday

I’ve talked a lot now, so I’m going to stop throwing words at you. Let’s take things back to basics again …

Why is Christmas the best holiday for you?

It *isn’t* the best holiday for you? Why not?


88 – Why Christmas is the Worst

Everyone has something they hate about Christmas, even when they are the most Christmassy person in the world. I want to know what makes Christmas the worst time of year for you. Is it the surge of slow consumers? The cold weather? Not being able to find what you want? Feeling the pressure to beat the gifts you gave out last year? By writing own your concerns, you are allowing people to put forward suggestions on how to get around them. This is engagement. It also makes you human. We all have stuff that we find difficult to deal with. Sometimes, just talking about it can make all the difference!


89 – My Favourite Christmas Snacks (And How to Make them Low-Fat/Gluten-Free/etc.)

Do you have a specific dietary need? I’m not assuming you do, but if you do, you can help others that also have that specific dietary need.


Keywords to target:

  • Christmas Snacks for vegans
  • … for vegetarians
  • … for toddlers
  • … for office parties
  • … diabetics
  • Gluten-free Christmas snacks
  • Dairy-free Christmas dinner
  • Vegetarian Christmas dinner ideas
  • Meat-free Christmas dishes


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 2


90 – Christmas Wrapping: My Choices for 2018

Wrapping paper has become a bigger and bigger business over recent years and Pinterest is awash with Christmas wrapping ideas. I always say I’m going to create my own, using the many DIY Pinterest wrapping paper ideas I pin, but I never quite get around to it. I think I buy the stuff far too late; I’m always left with the dregs that no one else wants.

Have you gone for a colour scheme this year? Are you still considering your options? Maybe you could list a few of them, with disclosed affiliate links, ranging from the wonderfully cheap to the ridiculously expensive.


Title suggestions:

  • Top 10 Budget-Busting Wrapping Papers I’d Buy If Money Was No Object
  • My Favourite Christmas Wrapping Paper Picks For 2018
  • DIY Wrapping Paper for Christmas You Can Totally Create Yourself


91 – A Very Christmas Menu: Local Restaurant Christmas Meal Review

Do you eat out a lot? Has a local restaurant got a Christmas-themed menu that you can’t wait to get stuck into? Maybe you’re just visiting a new restaurant this weekend?

Talk about it!


So what if you’re not a food blogger or restaurant critic; there’s nothing to stop you from having your say on that utterly delicious meal you thoroughly enjoyed … or that vile, mouse-infested pit that you daren’t even call a restaurant. (Let’s hope it’s not the latter, eh?)

People read reviews, especially reviews of restaurants. They want to know what other people’s experiences of that restaurant are. Why not add your thoughts to the man that are already out there? You are one of their customers after all. You may also spread the word about a fabulous Christmas treat that other people aren’t yet aware of.


92 – Christmas Gifts for the Partner Who Loves … (Whatever your partner loves)

This one works for a whole range of different people in your life. Think of someone, such as your partner, who loves something rather specific. For example, my dad loves motorbikes and Ducati, so I could write a list of things to buy the bike-lover in your life for Christmas or the Ducati-lover. There are a lot of Ducati fans out there … Just saying. Getting niche is a GOOD idea. (I know I keep saying it, and I will continue to keep saying it.)


My significant other likes horror movies, rock music, and tattoos. I could write list-style blog posts such as:

  • Top 15 Christmas Gifts for the Horror Movie Lover in Your Life (remember those keywords I mentioned in suggestion #85)
  • Christmas Gifts For Lovers of Rock Music
  • 15 Top Gifts For Tattoo Fanatics


You get the idea, right?


93 – 5 Christmas Makeup Looks Without Glitter

Do you have makeup looks on your Instagram feed that aren’t featured in your blog? Remember that roundup blog post I told you about? You can create a brand new piece of content — a roundup blog post — rounding up Instagram looks, rather than blog posts. And, even better than that, you can do this with videos as well as just images.

I list 6 ways to add both Instagram videos and photos to your blog posts below, giving you a great way to add footage to your blog that readers may not have seen. If they don’t follow you on Instagram, how would they know that you’d posted those looks there?



94 – Volunteering at Christmas: 3 Things You Can Do in (Your town)

Have you seen through the social media grapevine that there’s a bunch of volunteer opportunities in your local area? 

Shout about them. 


Maybe you’ve decided to work together/pair up with a charitable organisation to lend a hand this festive period? 

Shout about it. 


Know a way that you can make a difference to the homeless people on the streets of your town? 

Let’s ALL talk about it. 


Everyone feels that little bit more charitable at Christmas, so let’s make the most of it. Let’s help people that really need it. 


95 – Practical Christmas Gifts for Bloggers

You’re a blogger/influencer, right? What kind of blogger/influencer are you? An all-around blogger, covering lots of topics? A beauty blogger? Fashion blogger? Lifestyle blogger?

What gifts do YOU want for Christmas, as a blogger/niche blogger?


Title suggestions:

  • 15 Christmas Gifts Every Beauty Blogger Really Wants
  • 10 Ways You Can Help Your Favourite Fashion Blogger This Christmas
  • Top 15 Practical Gifts for Lifestyle Bloggers


96 – Shopping Locally for Christmas in (Your Town)

How important is shopping locally to you? Are you bothered about helping out small businesses? I like to think that I throw a decent proportion of my money towards small and local businesses, although I am guilty of not always do the best job I can.

Shout about the goodies you find in small, boutique shops and businesses, and talk about great customer service if you received it. Sometimes, just sometimes, shouting about hat business is enough to help them get through what would otherwise be a difficult festive period. Too many businesses are failing, and if we all start shopping from them every once in a while, the world would be a much happier place!


97 – Christmas Day Menu Ideas for Gluten-Free Eaters/Vegans/Vegetarians/etc.

I’ve only briefly discussed the blog post ideas you could come up with if you’re interested in food or call yourself a foodie/food blogger, so I felt it was important to bring it up again. What is Christmas without good food, anyway?

Do you have recipes that have been passed down to you from your grandparents? Why not share them?

Have you got an interesting twist on an otherwise traditional classic? An ex-boyfriend of mine would put cinnamon in his shepherds pie, which isn’t a festive tweak, admittedly, but still used to puzzle me. It tasted pretty good, but I always wondered whether anyone else did the same.

Share your Christmas food stories, whether its tips on making cookie easier to tweaking a recipe to make it suitable for vegans/vegetarians/fussy kids/gluten-free/etc.


98 – A Big Christmas Tree Reveal

I love a big reveal. It’s kinda like a mini blog and social media marketing strategy all of its own, allowing you to share a few “sneak peek” looks on social media before the actual big reveal itself — the blog post itself.

You could do this with any aspect of Christmas, from a big reveal of the tree itself or a mini guided tour of the complete decorations within your home. You could even do the same thing with an outfit, a new hair look, or even makeup reveal.

Christmas is meant to be fun, so make it fun. Make it like you’ve got something awesome to show off, with little teaser snippets beforehand, to get people excited.


99 – My Tips to Survive a Festive Hangover

Do you want to know what my top tip is, to survive a Christmas hangover?





Don’t drink.


Not the answer you were waiting to hear, hey?

Unfortunately, I have no tips to offer here. That’s why I’m suggesting YOU write the blog post. What helps you to get through the headaches, nausea, and body-aches? Do you drink lots of water? Down lots of milk? Eat a ton of junk food and then feel bad about it later on?

I gave up drinking because the hangovers literally crippled me every single time. I’m thirty-some years old now. My body can’t handle it. I give up.


100 – 3 Beauty Products That Make Me Beautiful When I’m Hungover

Publishing a blog post every day, as you would during #Blogmas, is great for bringing in lots of traffic, but that’s not all you can do. A social media roundup post, for example, is great for bunching multiple, relevant blog posts together. If you’ve created four different smokey eye makeup looks on your blog, in four different blog posts, you could generate traffic to all four of them by listing them in a Facebook or Twitter post, or even on Instagram using a service like LinkTree.

I talk about this more in > Eight 10-Minute Ways to Boost Blog Traffic.


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 5


101 – The December Bucket List

Make a list of things you absolutely want to do during the month of December, like little goals. It could be to go and see London’s Christmas lights, or a local Christmas market.

Make a list, tick off the list, and feel damn good as you do so! Think of the content possibilities you’ll get out of it!


102 – Christmas Jokes that Make Me Chuckle

Why are Christmas trees so bad at sewing?

They always drop their needles.

It made me chuckle.


103 – Why I’m on Santa’s Naughty List This Year

What did you do in 2018 that could put you on Santa’s naughty list? Did you get a speeding ticket? Accidentally swear at a customer service advisor? Ruin a shirt that you borrow from your sister and never owned up to it?

We all screw up from time to time. It’s what makes us human. Own it.


104 – 3 Things I Did in 2018 to Get on Santa’s Good List

Now that you’ve discussed the bad, you’ll need to counteract that with some good. What better way than to show off your good side?

What have you done this year that’ll put you on Santa’s good list? Did you raise money for charity? Help a homeless man by buying him lunch and a jacket to combat the cold weather? Spend your time helping an elderly woman with her shopping? Tidying up the beach? Recycling? Upcycling?

You shouldn’t do good things with the sole purpose of bragging about them, but bragging about them might be enough to set a good example and encourage someone else to do the same thing.

Plus … it’s totally fine to brag sometimes.


105 – Inexpensive Gifts for Christmas That Are Actually Brilliant

I bought my fella a 99p back scratcher with a bear’s claw on the end of it, from eBay, and it’s the best gift I’ve ever bought. Firstly, it stops him coming up to me and asking me to scratch his back every five minutes. (Not that I mind, of course.) Secondly, he loves it. He actually loves it. He loses his keys, his glasses, even his bank cards, regularly, but he’s never lost his back scratcher.


You can also hit a bunch of keywords with this blog post suggestions:

  • 10 Christmas Gifts Under £20 He’ll Love 
  • Christmas Gifts Under £10 
  • Inexpensive Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for a Boyfriend


106 – Bad Blood at Christmas

I like to think that I’ve kept things pretty positive in my list of 111 Christmas blog post ideas for Blogmas, but sometimes, just sometimes, you gotta throw some rough in with the smooth.

Have YOU had any bad-blood experiences at Christmas? Maybe you experienced a fallout between siblings over a silly Christmas gift? Or a piece of juicy gossip got taken one step too far and started a brand new family rift?

Families at Christmas … As my grandparents still say: they ain’t what they used to be.


But do you agree?


107 – 10 Christmas Getaways to Get Away From the Hassle

Have you ever been away for Christmas? I have, although a few of my places aren’t exactly on everyone’s to-visit list … (Such as Afghanistan!) I’ve lived in Germany for Christmas, and Canada, too. Let me know if you’d like to read all about my travelling Christmas stories in the space below this post.

But if you’ve been away, or you’ve done some research into PERHAPS going somewhere for Christmas, talk about it on your blog! People are going to LOVE sharing their travel experiences with you, and may even direct you to a hotel that you’re 100% going to love.


108 – My Tips For a Stress-Free Christmas Day

Seriously … please share them.


109 – 5 Ways to Diffuse a Family Feud at Christmas

Because we’ve all been there … 


110 – 5 Pointless Christmas Presents I Actually Really Want

You know those gifts you really want to get, but don’t ask for because they’re pointless/not practical/weird/too expensive? I want to know all about those. We all know that you want this perfume or that beauty product, but what we don’t know is that you secretly want an Antworkz ant farm.

Okay, wait, no, that’s me.

I really do want an Antworkz ant farm. I also want a jellyfish tank. Yes, I know they’re weird things for a 32-year-old adult female to want, but I think animals are fascinating … even ants. Also, could you imagine how soothing watching a tank filled with jellyfish would be? With lights?! I want one on my desk to distract me when I’m meant to be working.


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 9


111 – 3 Horrifying Christmas Shopping Experiences

I have so many horrific Christmas shopping stories I could share with you. Like, that one time I went to Bluewater on Christmas Eve and had a panic attack. Or that one time I decided to shoot into Chatham High Street on my lunch break from work and cried in the changing rooms of New Look so much I almost couldn’t face going back to work.

A different breed of shoppers come out around Christmas, and I honestly don’t think they’re like ‘normal’, rest-of-the-year people. They’re scary shoppers. Determined, stubborn, and almost murderous.

Anyway, enough of my Christmas neuroses, tell me your worst Christmas shopping tales. Or the best ones. Or both! (That’s two potential pieces of content right there.)



Once you’re done writing all those lovely #Blogmas posts, you’re going to need to promote them. Thankfully, I’ve come up with a few ways you can do that, that take practically no time at all > 21 Ways You Can Promote Your Blog on the Commute to Work. 


While you’re here, make sure that your blog posts are as super awesome as they can be. I talk about a few things in > Get More Blog Readers by Avoiding These 8 Monumental Mess-Ups that I think you might find useful — how much white space is on your page, whether you’re making the most of Pinterest, title importance, and even how consistent you are … among other things. 


I hope I’ve given you all the inspiration you could ever need for #Blogmas, but I’d love to know if you have any different/better suggestions! I’d also love it if you could let me know of any blog posts you write as a result of reading my suggestions. In fact, if you give me permission to, I’d quite like to link to your blog post. That would make my heart happy!


For more tips n’ tricks, sign up to my Blogging 101 email list, where you’ll also find access to my FREE resource centre. There are lists of keywords to target, hashtags to use to gain maximum exposure, and all the hacks you could ever need to make blogging a much easier process. Don’t forget to follow me on social media, too!


Thanks so much for reading today. 

Happy Christmas! 🎄


111 Christmas Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas 14


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